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I Love To Hate You

Chapter One: Revenge

Edward's POV

So I woke up nude, not quite sure why. All my clothes were gone and I had nothing to cover myself up with. Then she came in and cuffed me to my bed and brought out a camera. I knew she would get revenge I just didn't think it would be this bad.

I guess I should fill you in with what the hell was going on. Well if you hadn't already figured, I was naked. Why was I naked you may ask? Well I'll explain.

Two days ago I decided to help out my best friend Jasper. He was on the student council at our school and part of his roll there was to pick up journals and bring them to the school. Recently there was a fire and part of the library was burnt down. Many books were lost and the librarian cried for weeks blah blah blah.

Therefore the parents on the education board in our town decided that people in the community should help the school out. Not like we needed it. It's a private school and some of the students are stinking rich. If it were that important they would donate money for new books. But no the education board though this was better.

So they were collecting journals. Now Jasper was meant to pick these journals up but since he decided to have an impromptu date he asked me to help him out. Me being the decent guy that I am, agreed.

Everything was fine until I stopped by Bella Swan's house. Bella and I were what you could only describe as friends who hated each other. Our friends liked the others so we were kind of stuck. Things used to be different, very different. Bella, Alice and I all grew up together as great friends but with age we seemed to fall apart. Bella and I stayed friends with Alice but we weren't friends with each other.

Anyway, her father had a bunch of journals and wanted to clear room in the house so decided to donate them. Her house was the last house I had to visit then I was to go back to the school, drop them off and everything would be done.

But no, God just had to make things difficult for me. Bella's father, Charlie told me that there were some other journals in Bella's room so I traipsed upstairs. On her desk was a pile of leather bound books which looked like journals so I put them in the box. I then scanned the room to see if there were anymore and saw one other, by her bed so I put that in the box too.

I left her bedroom and thanked Charlie before loading up my Volvo and driving back to school to drop them off. That was meant to be it, no hassle, a simple friend helping out another. But it didn't quite work like that.

When I arrived the next day a student council member named Eric was handing out some sort of book. Curiosity sparked me when I saw a load of other students reading it so I went over to see what it was and the title read 'Bella Swan's Diary Unleashed- The Truth Behind The Mask'.

Turned out the book I grabbed next to her bed was her diary. The student council read it, printed it and made it into a book that they were now handing out, meaning I had screwed up big time.

Everyone saw it and everyone read it. Majority of the girls were outraged by it and majority of the guys thought it was hilarious. Bella got hold of a copy eventually and went straight to the student council president asking who picked up the journals at her house. He told her it was Jasper since they had him down for it so Bella went to yell at him. Jasper being the best friend that he is ratted me out and told her it was me who handed her diary in.

Great friends I have.

Last night she came round to my house and screamed bloody murder at me. To be honest I was a little scared. I've seen Bella angry before but not that angry. When she threatened to castrate me with a pencil I actually believed her. She is definitely not one to be crossed.

Her last words to me were: 'I promise you I'm going to get you back for this. You are going to be just as embarrassed as I am right now.'

It doesn't sound scary but at the time I was petrified. I know, I'm a wimp. But when Bella wants revenge she usually gets it and ends up humiliating you in the process. So that was what I had to look forward to.

I actually didn't think she would get me back but seeing as I woke up in my room naked I was beginning to think she was sticking to her threat.

When I first opened my eyes I scanned the room to see the clothes I took off yesterday were gone from the chair, majority of my belongings were gone, the sheets and pillows on my bed were also gone and I was naked. I definitely remembered wearing clothes when I went to sleep so I didn't know what the hell was going on.

I didn't have time to think of a reasonable excuse as someone opened the door to my bedroom. Automatically I moved my hand to cover myself up. The light from the hall was blinding me in the eyes so I lifted my other hand to block it and see who had come in.

Before I had even registered what was going on my left arm had been cuffed to my bedpost and Bella was standing over me smirking. Oh damn her and her vengeful ways. Her smile grew when she pulled out a Polaroid camera. No this can't be getting worse.

"Smile!" she chimed from the bottom of my bed. How was this even possible? There I was in my birthday suit when I happen to have one of the hottest girls at our school staring over me.

Even though I had never dated Bella I always had that schoolboy crush for her. She was an angel to me, and probably to most of the guys in our year. Her dark innocent brown eyes would have me doing anything she asked and I would always listen eagerly to the words falling out between her plump lush lips that I so badly wanted to kiss.

Knowing my thoughts were very dangerous in my current situation I immediately thought of my mother and all lustful thoughts died instantly. If I had become excited there would be no hiding it and that would have been ever worse than the predicament I was already in.

Bella snapped another picture of me as I readjusted a bit; trying to ensure every bit of me down there was covered.

"Bella what the hell! Where are my clothes? Why am I naked? And why the hell are you giggling?" I protested angrily at her causing her to giggle once more.

"Your clothes are hidden. You're naked because I told you I would get revenge and this was the best I could come up with in such short notice. And I'm giggling because this is actually pretty funny. Who knew I would have our resident hottie naked in front of me?" Her eyes roamed from mine down to my chest then made quick perusal of my legs. She blushed slightly when she looked at where my right hand was.

"You like?" I asked, smirking at her in my casual cocky manner.

I knew the effect I had on girls, and even some guys, so it wasn't a surprise when the pink tinge on her cheeks made its presence known. Bella blushed a lot and mainly when she was flustered. It became almost like a daily mission for me to get her to blush at least once.

Instead of the response I wanted she scoffed at me as though I had just said something completely ridiculous then flashed the camera again.

"I've seen better…and bigger." She winked, trying to act bravado but the increasing blush gave her away. She did not just say that. No. No. No. Bella looked at her watch then giggled again. I didn't know what was going to happen but I did know I wasn't going to like it.

The phone on my right bedside table started ringing. Please someone else get it. Please someone else get it, I chanted in my mind. Then my younger brother, Masen, called through.

"Edward can you get that I'm about to go in the shower. It's probably mom or dad. We can't miss it so answer the phone."

I laid my head back in defeat. I then knew why she had cuffed my left arm to the bed. Oh she was evil. She giggled again after my brother had finished and smirked at me.

"Bella I get your point I embarrassed you but now you've got me back so do me favour and please hit the loudspeaker button on the phone?" she pondered thinking about it.

"Em…no I think you can get it." No this is pure evil. I exhaled loudly and shut my eyes. I didn't want to see her face when I reached over for the phone. Here we go.

I quickly moved my right hand over and hit the loudspeaker button. I heard the noise from her camera going off again, telling me she had just snapped three photos. I then brought my hand back and waited for the person on the other end to speak.


By this point Bella was practically pissing herself on the floor. There was no one on the end of the line. Oh for Christ sake!

She walked over and hit the end call button.

"Well thank you Cullen. I'm sure everyone at school is just going to love these." With that she bent down and kissed me on the cheek, sending my heart beat all over the place. Before she walked away she snapped one more picture then placed a small key on my chest.

"Love ya." She pranced out my room then stuck her head round the door a few seconds later. "Your belongings are in the spare bedroom down the hall. See ya at school." Then she was gone.

I felt like a fool. What the hell was she going to do with those photos?

I was completely dreading school today.