Chapter 1

It was a quite night, too quite. The moon rose high above the tops of the houses that went on for miles. Row on row everyone looked the same, all like a square with red bricks and a black roof. Still every now and then there was a tree or a rock in the front yard, but that didn't make a difference. In the front yard of one of these clone houses a small figure darted up into the sky and then back into the willow tree it came from. This figure, was no bird, or anything normal. It had thin large wings, thin as cardboard. It had long feet with hooked small claws at the tips. It had long arms to match the legs, followed by two smooth and also clawed paws. Its snout wasn't too long, or too short, but to the point and sharp. It's ears were bigger then normal, but not too large as to cover it's eyes. It's eyes, like every of it's kind were violet, still it's were different, soft and sweet. This creature had scales, a shade of dark green, it was a dragon.

Still in the tree something waited for it to return, a little girl, only about the age of 12, she was small for her age, wearing jeans and a dark green t-shirt. She had long brown hair and eyes the color of deep forest green. She smiled when the little creature returned to the branch next to her, in a soft rasping voice like a hrrr she spoke, "is there any one out there Garren?" The little creature folded his wings in and looked at his master.

In the same way she spoke he did, "all clear." With that he kicked off beating the air, rising higher and higher until he was out of the tree. He then turned dropping fast, but in control. He met the girl climbing out of the tree at it's trunk. He turned his light violet gaze to the door of the house with a grunt. "Your mother wont be happy." He hrrred and smiled moving slowly.

"Ha ha, very funny." She walked slow until she was standing at the door, her nuckles inches away from the wood. Pulling them back she turned around only to see Garren right in her face, "do I have to go in?" She pleeded trying her best to get past him. Still he wouldn't move and blew a smoke ring in her face, sending her backwards into the door, making enough of a bang to bring her mother out to see the two of them.

"Mya, what do you think you are doing?" He mother stood in the door way tapping her foot with her arms crossed. She was tall, different from her daughter, and she had wavey long brown hair. Her eyes were the same green as her daughters, still a little of a lighter shade. She was there in her bunny pjs with fuzzy pink slippers on. "I thought you were in bed?" She held a hard stare, like saying you better start talking, now.

"Um, well," she stuttered and looked back at Garren, he stayed in the air, back out of the light so he wouldn't get in trouble as well. "Me and Garren wanted to go for a walk." She looked down at her feet and sighed, it was a bad idea going out, and now she knew it.

"A walk?" He voice rose a little at her daughters carelessness, her and her dragon going for a walk, in the town, at night! She turned and looked out further, seeing the floating green shape. In the same hrrring language voice that the daughter had used to talk to him before she spoke, "don't think you are off the hook," turning and leaving room for someone to enter the house she narrowed her eyes, "both of you inside now!" Mya jumped up and ran inside, Garren bolted after her, they knew what to do and headed up stairs into her room, closing the door, in the morning they would get it.

Once inside she threw herself at her bed and screamed intot the pillow. It was stupid to have jumped out the window, when she knew she couldn't climb back in. She lifted her head pulling her knees to her chest sobbing slightly as she turned to look at Garren, he looked upset too, but let out a soft gental hrrrr. She smiled and hugged him to her chest, in a soft tone she spoke in the same hrrred kind of way, "thank you Garren." She put him on the bedside table and pulled the blanket up to her neck and let out a sigh, maybe things would change.

In the morning Mya debated going downstairs or not, still Garren won and the two of them started down the stairs slowly, looking around the corner at the bottom. In the kitchen at the table her mother sat. There was a cup of tea in her hands and she was reading a book, not looking up she frowned, "come here Mya, I can see you, and you too Garren." She sighed and turned the page waiting for her daughter the sit and the dragon to land on the table. "Alright, start talking." He rmother sighed and lifted her gaze to match her daughters.

"We didn't mean to get locked out, and we were going to be back before midnight, but," she looked away from her mothers gaze, the guilt built up inside her. "This is all my fault, Garren had nothing to do with it." She looked at her dragon with sweet eyes, she didn't want him in trouble. Still Garren stomped a foot and hrrred, saying it was as much his fault as hers.

"Fine then, I don't need to hear the story now, but you are both in the house for the next week." She looked from one to the other as they hung their heads in shame. Then sighed, "don't be like that, come on get up, Garren you can help Gyne clean and you missy can help me in the garden." She smiled sweetly and gave her daughter a big hug. They walked out into the garden and so her duty began. Weeding, planting, trimming and cleaning. She hated gardening but had not choice now.