The tears rolled freely now. She didn't want to leave, she didn't want to go. Her mom had explained that she had to go, to help Reou with something but wouldn't say anymore. Mya stuffed one more shirt into her backpack before she zipped it up. She lifted her arm and wiped away the stray tears. With one final look around she headed down the stairs. At the bottom they both stood, her mother and the boy. The boy she had come to hate, the one who was taking her away from her mother. "I'm ready." Her voice broke as she spoke.

"Oh Mya, I will miss you so much." Her mother pulled her into a tight embrace, crying as she did. When her mom finally let her go she turned to Reou, she tried to make her face hard so he could see how mad she really was.

"Shall we go?" His voice was still sweet and he kept his own gaze on the floor, as if he didn't want to make the situation any worse. All she did was nod and moved toward the front door. "Oh no, we need to go into the forest." With that he turned and walked right out the back door.

"Goodbye mom." She took in a gulp of air and followed. After a few moments of walking they ended back in the place she found him. Reou turned to face her and spoke in a quick low voice.

"I will change again and you will need to get on my back, hold on tight and relax it will be a long flight." Reou closed his eyes and a shimmer went through his body. The light came back and began to shift his shape. It grew and faded leaving the white dragon from before. Mya didn't hesitate as she climbed on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck. The next second the white beast kicked off from the ground. His wings beat hard at first until they were level with the clouds. Mya's stomach kept flipping the whole way up. As they glided she got up the nerve to look over the side, below she could hardly pick out the houses as they flashed by. She lost the count of time as she watched the ground change. Though she did start to panic when all she could see was pure crystal blue water. She turned her gaze ahead, letting out a sigh of relief when she could see land on the horizon. When they got closer Mya began to pick out shapes on the coast, one stood out. It was a dragon, similar to Reou but much larger. His scales were back and gleamed in the sunlight. His eyes were a hard amber colour. She was so focused on the giant beast that she wasn't prepared for the down ward spiral as they moved toward the ground. The other dragon changed when they touched the ground. He was tall, with short black hair, he had broad shoulders and strong limbs. He looked to be in his 20's.

"Greetings Mya, welcome to our homeland." He walked over and offered a hand to help her down. She took it, and realized that she needed it. Her legs had become stiff from sitting for so long.

"Thank you, but I still don't know why I am here." There was a flash behind her as Reou changed back also.

"All in good time Mya. By the way my name is Ares, I am Reou's older brother." He dipped his head in greeting. "Now if you would follow me, I will show you where you may rest and eat." He turned and moved back into the trees. Reou walked beside her as she followed his brother through the dense undergrowth. "So, I know I shouldn't ask, but can all of your people turn into dragons?"

Ares laughed and turned to face her. "No, only the first born of the leader can. Reou hear was the exception, and we still don't know why." He furrowed his brow in confusion. "Well, I believe my father does, but he has not chosen to share that with me yet." With that he turned and continued the walk.

The next thing she knew Mya was standing in the middle of a village. It was in the center of the forest, surrounded by tall leafy trees. The houses were built up off the ground to keep creatures out. There was the smell of fire and fresh meat in the air. All around were people who had turned to look at her. Finally she was about to realize her destiny...