"Just get in the red car before I kill both of you!" the woman screamed.

That's when I heard a loud noise or crack. Then what looked like a rock the fell off the ceiling and hit the woman's head.

She turned around frantically.

"Which one of you idiots hit me with that rock?" She said.

"We didn't throw anything," I said.

That's when I heard something really familiar. Ape like sound came from the hole in the ceiling that we fell through.

It was the cavemen.

"What the hell is that? Alex I say we shoot up towards the ceiling to get rid of em." The man said.

The woman called Alex and the man shot at the ceiling. Which made more dust and sand come from it. They stop shooting and stood there and waited to hear movement. I figured that the cavemen were okay. They were already dead after all. This time I heard something that sounded like a thump. Then a squeak, creak, and crack. Suddenly almost the whole ceiling fell in on the man and Alex. Me and Joe moved farther away to avoid debris and other pieces of ceiling.

There were only three of the cavemen. The leader and his two guards. They all looked to at the ground to see Alex and the man unconscious on the floor under all the debris. Then the all hit there chest like apes and cheered in victory.

"Thanks guys you saved our butts," Quan said.

Soon as i said that I heard siren and the sound of a bunch of cars riding in.

"Just like cops, to come in after you took out the enemy. Alright everyone I need for you to go back to your spots. That way we won't have to explain the secret," Quan said.

All of the historians left the room and did as Quan said.

"Quan what if they think we were helping rob the museum," Joe said.

"Don't worry about that now. All the cops need to know is that we call them and show them the big gigantic hole that they broke in the wall," Quan said.

"How are we going to explain Mr. Rolle hanging in the air by t-rex?" Joe asked.

"You know, you're making this way more difficult," Quan said.

"Just pointing out the facts, my brother," Joe said.

"Okay, lets get Rex to drop him and that way I can make it look like i tackled him and took him down," Quan said.

"Why can't I be the one who did that?" Joe asked.

"Cause I got his gun ans you were not even there. You can tell them that you made the ceilling fall on these two," Quan said looking at Alex and the other man.

Quan ran back to the lobby and got T-rex to drop to the floor. Joe and Quan tied the stout man's hand and feet. Joe put tape on his mouth cause he was sick of hearing the man curse them.

police were already inside now, running from area to area with their guns out.

"Put your hands up," the police said running into the lobby.

So this was not long. Sorry. We're getting to the last chapter next. It will be longer. :)