"No way in HELL Auntie Alice!" I said as sternly as I could manage while I pushed away her cool tiny hands, even though I knew at any moment she could easily subdue me.

"You're as stubborn as your mother!" I smiled to myself remembering all the stories of when Alice used my mother as a Ginny pig.

"I swear, I will…" I let my voice trail off angrily while Auntie Alice zoned out having one of her visions. I smirked in victory. I knew what she was seeing. My hair was different than I usually had it and all her doing. So I did what any over dramatic teen would do. She saw be grab the electric shaver and buzz off my locks.

Alice gasped and released the scissors letting them fall to the ground while she was still straddling my waist.

"YOU WOULDN'T!" I raised my eyebrow at her, of course I would, and she knew I would. Stubbornness was in my blood. Finally she shrieked and got off me stomping onto the couch beside Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmet.

"I told you, now hand it over." Emmet said holding his hand out to Jasper who sighed giving him a hundred dollar bill.

I sat up so I was propped back on my Elbows and smiled triumphantly.

"He wouldn't even let me take him shopping!" Alice whined to Jasper, who rubbed her back soothingly.

"Well I am my mother's son." I stated standing and smoothing my now wrinkled shirt. I didn't understand Alice's obsession with shopping. I liked my style. I liked the jeans I wore, not tight but not baggy, my layered shirts with the arms always pushed up over my forearm, my vintage bracelet that Grandpa gave me when I turned ten. I had to keep getting it sized though. It was thick and black with our Cullen family crest. Our whole family had it.

My hair, Alice had been bugging me about it lately, as soon as it was decided that I wasn't going to be homeschooled anymore. My hair was dark brown like mom's, and glinted a strange auburn color in the sun like dads. It was wavy and shaggy and fell over my forehead and into my eyes, so I had a habit of flipping my head to get it out of my face; but that didn't mean that it irritated me. Alice always chided me saying I was merely human I was going to get whiplash.

Human, that sounded so… labeled. But everything was in the Cullen household. Of course being the only human in a house full of Vampires was bound to give you labels, and grounds to be teased on. Like with human minutes and 'hunting'. I tried to imagine what it was like for Uncle Rider and Mom when they were humans in the Cullen household. I can't imagine them getting razzed about it as much as me, but still, I am the Son, the nephew, and the Grandson; shouldn't that mean that they baby me and stuff? No, instead I get taunted and teased, not that I mind, most of the time. Playing tag with Uncle Emmett as a kid had its drawback's, same with arm wrestling and sports. It's not that I didn't win, or wasn't good at running, or wrestling or sports, it was just that I wasn't as good as I would be if I had vampire abilities like my family. I knew they all let me win at games, sure they made it tough for me still so I wasn't sheltered, but I knew that they let me win, so when I did win, I couldn't brag or boast because I didn't actually win.

Yet, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not even regular human friends could entertain me like my family could. Humans were actually quite boring, they couldn't run fast, they couldn't lift things that are the size of a house, they had to waste time sleeping, and eating, and they weren't inhumanly good looking. They could get sick and hurt, and they were mortal. I was sometimes embarrassed that I was human, so fragile, so blah. But I was told that when I graduated I would be given the choice. Mom and Dad didn't like, or dislike this, they wanted me to grow up, be normal, but at the same time, the thought of one day having to bury their baby hurt them. I had already made up my mind to be a vampire long before they said I would have a choice. Auntie Rose tried many times to talk me out of it, She told me all the hatful things about 'my kind' and all I could think of, was 'My kind too.'

I lived in a large house with ten people. Well, 9 vamps and a person that is. I lived with my Grandpa Carlisle, and Grandma Esme; my Auntie, Alice, and Rosalie; my Uncle, Jasper, Emmett, and Raiden; and my Mom and Dad, Bella and Edward. Us all being together wasn't the strange thing though; the strange part was that the youngest of my family, my mom, my dad, were 16, like me. Well technically they were 16, that's the age they were when they were changed, but in reality they were 32. Strange I know. how you cope with parents that look like your siblings? Well for any normal human it would probably strange.

We moved around a lot. I knew that it was because of some bad vampires that were after Mom. They didn't give me details but they were being over protective, especially now that mom was infallible and I was fragile, they suspected that if the 'bad guys' came back then I would be the best target to break the family.

But now, at 16 I was to be starting high school, late yes, it was Mom's decision. It was her feeble attempt to make me graduate later. So I had a feeling today would be weird, My first day of High school/school ever! My first day of being around human's, like conversing with them; and to top it off, my aunt's and uncles and parents would be coming to school with me posing as my brother's and sisters, while I had to pretend that my grandparents were mom and dad. Lucky for me, I would be in grade 10 while they were all in grade 11 and 12.

"Did you eat breakfast?" I heard mom chide as she brought down my knapsack.

"Yes, I started with a mountain lion since I wanted bear for lunch."

"Don't be smart with me Jett Carme Cullen." I rolled my eyes. I hated my middle name… it sounded like Carmen with out the n. I appreciated Mom's… need to show her appreciation for the Cullen side of my family, but at my expense; well it didn't seem too fair.

"I had cereal mom, now I know it's been along time since you were human but when humans get hungry, their stomach does this little gurgling thing; yea you can't really ignore it." At human speed and strength mom moved her hand to swat me on the arm but I moved just as she flinched forward. When you were so used to vampire speed, human movement seemed slow. I chuckled and grabbed my bag from her.

"Are we ready?" Dad asked coming down the stairs to wrap his arms around my mom. I heard that human's usually felt sickened when their parents showed affection around them, but to me, it was just another day. My whole family was paired off and extremely mushy except for Uncle Raiden; thank God.

"Yea, lets go." I said eagerly. I had to admit I was a little excited. We said goodbye to Esme who was redecorating our new house. We had just moved from Alaska. We lived with the Denali clan for quite some time, other vampires with our diet, and now we were living in Abbotsford BC in Canada. The Rainiest place in Canada, we needed that for cover.

I rode with Mom, Dad and Uncle Raiden in my Dad's Volvo. He let me drive which was great, but when I tried to drive fast like they did, they got mad. My reflexes weren't as good as theirs.

"Ready; honey?" Mom asked.

"Yea, Bella." I winked and chuckled. It wasn't normal for a kid to get to call his parents by their names.

We stepped out of our car, and everyone was already waiting there for us. We joined them to walk into the building but I was highly aware that we were being watched by everyone around us. Now I wasn't awkward or anything because I knew they weren't looking at me, they were looking at my family, they didn't even notice me I'm sure.

"We are the Cullen's and the Hales." Raiden said to the principle that was waiting to meet us with wide unbelieving eyes. We got our schedules and locker assignments which were scattered, and headed off to our own directions.

I didn't understand why my family didn't just stay inside or something, well in a way I understood. Grandpa said that it was so we could stay in one place longer, if we pretended to be younger. But you could also stay in one place forever if you stayed inside; not that it mattered either way. I didn't have friends to miss when I moved so it was no big how much we went or stayed.

"See you at lunch." Mom said, reaching out to give me a hug.

"You're supposed to think of me as your brother, remember?"

"Siblings hug!" she assured me, her eyes wide and convincing. I looked to Dad for help but all he did was laugh. I gave in and let her hug me.

"Okay let go now." I whispered harshly as I noticed looks from random humans in the hall.

"Bella, he has to get to class." Dad decided to step in. he took a step forward hands extended to try and form manacles around mom's wrists when suddenly he hit a wall and bounced backwards slightly. He shook his wild auburn hair and stared at mom in disbelief that she had used her gift against him.

"Don't mess with me Edward. It's our bab- brother's first day of school." She mumbled into my chest. I rolled my eyes and tried to push her back; she let me.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine." I figured that was why normal people started children in school at a young age, so their mothers reluctance to detach themselves from you was less traumatizing and least likely to be remembered.

My first class was gym, which I was glad for and scared of. Glad, because I liked sports, and to play against humans who were just as fallible as me was a blessing. But then I thought about partners and picking teams and I shuddered. I didn't want to have to go through that.

The Gym was fairly empty, but I could hear echo's of voices in the change rooms. I walked to a door that said office and knocked on the door.

"Yea?" a very tiny blond woman with big brown eyes and a bulging belly turned to me.

"Oh you are the new student right, uh which…" she mumbled looking though her memos

"Jett Cullen." I answered for her putting my hands deep into my pockets. She nodded and started talking about gym class off campus while she shuffled through boxes.

"Medium for both?" she asked holding up a gym uniform.

"Sure." Whatever she thought was right. When she was done talking to me and giving me a bunch of forms I went to the change room which was pretty empty now. I changed quickly and went to join everyone. They were all sitting on the ground in front of the teacher.

"Alright so; Lacrosse," She stated after attendance. I could feel people's eyes on my back while I rose to grab a lacrosse stick. Lucky for me, the teacher who I over heard was called Mrs. Libel, split us off into teams. The teams were groups of 6 and there were 7 groups. The group I was put into had 2 girls that looked like they would rather be doing their hair than playing lacrosse, and 2 out of 3 guys looked like they would rather be designing computer programs.

"Hey I'm Kaden." I turned to see the face that matched the voice. He was probably 5'11 not much shorter than me, and was pretty built. His hair was short, blonde and spiked, but didn't look preppy.

"Jett." I said shaking his hand when he offered.

"Where did you move from?" he asked while our team got to go sit on the bench with 4 other's waiting for our turn.

"Alaska." His eyes nearly fell out of his head.

"Alaska? Like up north, cold; Eskimos?" I nodded watching the game.

"I didn't live in an igloo, in case you're wondering." Kaden laughed out loud leaning back and crossing his arms over his chest.

"It may have crossed my mind. What was your old school like?" I leaned forward with my elbows on my knees.

"Just like home."

"You were homeschooled? That's insane man, I don't know seeing my family 24/7 and not getting to see my friend's or girls everyday..." he shook his head, the spikes didn't even move.

"It all depends on your family I guess." He nodded and then turned to me, his eyes interested.

"Hey are you with that large family that I heard transferred in?" that surprised me, that word traveled this fast, I mean, living with a family of vampires had the same effect, there were no secrets, with an aunt that can see the future, a dad that can read any mind but my mom's and could only hear mine faintly, but all have super sonic senses, it was hard to keep a secret. I wasn't accustomed to gossip.


"But your coupled off." I looked at him confused. "Your sister's are hot man, no offence, but guys scooped them up the second they got out of their cars, lots of disappointed guys here. But you're family and dating?"

"None taken; But yea, Carlisle and Esme adopted us, My sister Bella and brother Emmet were kind of a package, Same with Edward Alice and Raiden. Jasper and Rosalie are Carlisle and Esme's niece and nephew, also adopted."

"Jesus; wanted one and had to take the rest."

"Esme was happy with us all, so…" I was proud that this was going so easily. I had practiced this speech a million times not wanting to mess it up.

"You're up,"

We went onto the floor with the two girls handing by the net, the 2 guys scattered just ahead of them, and Kaden and I center against the other team. Kaden was dead center and managed to get the ball I sprinted forward a bit and looked back to see Kaden looking confused.

"Kaden!" I called. He turned and saw how far I was and looked pleasantly surprised, he tossed the ball to get to me but he over shot it and I had to jump. I jumped 3 feet and was turning in the air so I landed able to sprint towards the net. One of the other team's sticks knocked mine and the ball went flying upwards. I ducked and caught it again sprinting forward and pivoting 360 degrees around some big guy who came out of no where. There were 2 girls at the net like ours but they squealed and left when they saw me comming. i wouldnt have thrown it hard if they were there, it was just a game after all. I launched the ball lightly and then turned to go back to my side after i saw it go in.

"DUDE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Kaden yelled coming up to me holding out his fist. I punched and he slung his arm around my neck bringing me down to his size. "You have to join football man you would be a wicked receiver!" Kaden was jumping excitedly now while we set up for our next play. I could hear the same hum of appreciation from the other guy's in the gym.

"We'll see."

"No man, you have to." I let the corner of my mouth turn up into one of the famous smirks I got from my dad and nodded feeling happy at once that I was better at something, feeling happy that my own abilities were what let me win.