I sat on the window sill, my back against the pane with my leg against the window propped up while the other dangled beside me. I rested my elbow on my knee and my chin on my fist while I looked out into the darkness. I could feel Leighton's eyes on me as soon as she entered my room. I could see her slightly distorted reflection in the window. She was wearing a pair of Alice's pyjamas, simple pink shorts with a punk wife beater.

"You know, I can sleep on the couch. I don't mind, or one of your families beds, they don't need sleep like you." I smiled lightly at her concern but kept my face turned towards the window.

"I don't think I'll be sleeping much tonight…" I could hear the light patter of her feet while she walked over to me placing her hands on the free space under my propped op leg. I decided I was going to distract her. "You sure your dad won't freak for you staying over? Maybe you should check in at least." She raised her eyebrow at me and I had to chuckle lightly. She turned so she was leaning back against the window sill with her hands between her and the cool wood.

"You going to talk to me willingly, or do I have to beat it out of you?" She didn't look at me; it was like she was attempting to make this as painless for me as possible. I studied her for a moment. Her black hair was braided to the side and hung over her bare shoulder, wisps of hair was falling out of her pony framing her face. Her jaw line was very pronounced and flawlessly smooth, and the contrast between her lips and skin was incredible. Her thick eyelashes stretched out unbelievably far and her eyes sparkled in the light of the room. My eyes fell from her face and I could see her collar bone pronounced with a small silver key with diamonds and blue stones resting in between.

"Where did you get that?" She looked at me and then followed my eyes before her hand lifted it off of her chest.

"It was my mothers." She dropped it and pushed back the hair from her face. "She uh, she gave it to me, just before she died." I reached forward and stopped just before touching it. She didn't move or say anything so I picked it up gingerly while getting off of the sill to lean beside her. She tilted her body so I didn't have to pull it far to see the inscription on the back side.

"Il vostro cuore può vedere che cosa i vostri occhi non possono. " She quoted in perfect Italian. "Your heart can see what eyes cant. She ever did anything that her heart wasn't into, she never looked at the facts, and she just went for how she felt." Her smile went bitter, "That's why she didn't see that my dad was cheating on her, she didn't believe the perfume on the shirt, or the fact that he didn't come down because she loved him, her heart was 100 percent his." Her gaze was far off like she forgot I was here and was telling herself the story, reliving it. Her eyes seemed to focus and she shook her head clear, more hair falling into her face. "Your turn for show and tell." She said smiling up at me.

"I'm sorry, about your family." I said tucking some stray hair behind her ears.

"Stop changing the subject!" I laughed lightly before leaning back again, hands in my pockets.

"You know… It's like finding out Santa clause isn't real. There was this whole life my parents had that I didn't know about. I knew they were together since they were 15, and obviously they could have had relationships before each other, but to think that my dad was doing some other girl after my mother While she was still in love with him-"

"He lost his memory."

"That's no excuse! It's like your mom said, 'Your heart can see what eyes can't'. He should have always felt it. Always; my mom didn't deserve all that." She pushed off the wall to stand in front of me looking up at me, concern in her eyes.

"They are together now, and more in love then I have ever seen anyone." I looked away scoffing and Leighton reached out putting her hands on my shoulder, and one side of my keeping me turned to her. "That's all that matters." I spun my head while making manacles around her wrists and pinned them at her sides.

"No it's not. If he really truly loved her, he should have always felt it."

"How do you know he didn't? You just know he had a relationship with this Ember chick; but you have no idea how he felt." I was looking away again and Leighton stepped forward. I could feel her warmth against my chest and when I looked back she was so close. "Talk to him." She urged me. Her wrists were still in my hands but my hold loosened sliding downwards while I looked into her eyes, swirls of multiple shades of blue looking like a clear summer's day. "Talk to him." She repeated. I realized then that her hands were in mine, her body, almost flush against me, my stare penetrating hers; it must have been intense because her gaze faltered and her eyes looked down but not away from my face. It looked like she was staring at my lips. That caused my eyes too look down at hers, pink, even compared to the slight tan of her skin. I tried to distract myself and looked back up to her eyes just as she looked back up at me, and then back down. I have no idea who started to lean in first, no idea of anything at all in that moment. I felt… magnetized.

"Hey Leighton!" it was so quick, suddenly Leighton and I were back to leaning on the windowsill only about 3 feet away from each other. "You look amazing in those pajamas!"


"its okay, Leighton and I are going to be great friends." I rolled my eyes.

"See you tomorrow." I said to Leighton walking over to Alice.

"Night." I shut the door and Alice had a smug smile on her face while she looked up at me.

"Great timing." I commented while she fell into step with me, hands behind her back while she skipped gracefully.

"I'm not ready to be a Great aunt."

"You're over a hundred years old!" The glare she gave me was menacing, my eyes widened in fear. "But you don't look at day over 16!" I tried while she huffed and took off down the hall ahead of me.

… … … … … … …

"Ugh… I thought we were over the whole human thing with you." I heard Rosalie complain while I came down the stairs.

"Have you failed to realize that I'm a human?" Rosalie rolled her eyes. While my mother chuckled giving me a look that clearly said 'my baby's growing up,' while stirring something, and Grandma chopped things.

"She means the romance between you and Leighton." Emmett said raising his eyebrows suggestively at me. I felt my face burn and silently cursed my mother's human tendencies.

"ALICE!" I shouted while she looked at me with innocent doe eyes.

"What?" I felt a wave of calm hit me as I turned to glare at Jasper.

"Don't defend her!" he just smirked looking past me.

"Mornin'." He said, his slightly southern twang showing through. I turned around while the rest of my family greeted Leighton. She was still in her pajamas, wet black hair cascading down her back starting to form 2 centimeter ringlets.

"Good Morning." She said sounding slightly awkward.

"We're making Eggs, bacon, and hash browns for you. I hope you're hungry."

"Yea, very." She said taking a seat at the island.

"OOO!" Alice shouted causing Leighton to jump. "I know the exact outfit to go with that hair!" Mom laughed out loud while Alice disappeared in a white and black blur.

"It's about time she found a new guinea pig. With you refusing all the time she was using me as her Barbie again!" Mom directed the last part at me.

"Lucky you." I winked at Leighton who giggled looking over at the stove.

"Can I help with anything Mrs. Cullen?"

"Call me BeRoEllsaalime…" they chided together before laughing.

"Please, just call us Bella, Esme, and Rosalie." Esme said. I chuckled grabbing a half cooked potato out of the skillet.

"Alright Esme, Bella." Esme swatted at me while mom glared.

"When we're not in school, its mom and grandma to you."

"Where's Edward and Carlisle?" Leighton spoke up noticing the absence. I surveyed the faces of the family and could see the flicker of deception in their eyes.

"They went to get food." Mom said trying to keep her words casual as to not frighten Leighton.

"Bull, you all went hunting three days ago." I saw Leighton stiffen at the word hunt.

"They wanted to be over cautious. You know your father," I laughed without humor shoving my hands into my pockets.

"No actually. I don't." I replied curtly before walking back upstairs ignoring my family's protests.

I felt a hand clamp down on my shoulder and the hardness of pressure made me sure it wasn't my family. They would be gentler. Rain was pelting down, my hair already dripping.

"Leighton go back inside."

"Alone? With them?" I felt a little anger, I thought she was more comfortable now.

"Why not? They didn't attack you last night, you should be safe." Her hand just tightened around my shoulder, I could feel the nails of her finger slightly biting my skin. I turned sighing. Her hair was stuck down her back and the shirt drenched, glued to her slim figure. "You're going to get sick."

"Your pissed at your dad and hurting your mom, that makes no sense!"

"Just let go, go get changed, and I'll wait in the car for you." Her eyes narrowed on me.

"Your mom is a good... person. If you won't, I'll tell her because she doesn't deserve this." Leighton turned quickly and stalked back towards the door before pausing with her hand on the door knob.

"The heart can see what the eyes can't, so stop looking at your parents past and just concentrate on how they feel about each other now." She stated before hurrying into the house slamming the door a little more than necessary. Rolling my eyes I walked to the Volvo unlocking it and sliding onto the leather seats. My chest was heaving with angry breath. It took me all of ten seconds before I snapped growling I hurried back inside slamming all the doors I could in my wake.

"Mom!" I cried while my eyes landed on Leighton who was sitting on the stairs looking at me without any surprise. Her chin was propped up on her fits. I glared at her, seeing now that she knew she was going to be able to guilt trip me.


"We need to talk." I said to her while Alice pranced down the stairs.

"Please, please, please?" Alice begged holding up a skirt. Leighton stood taking it from her with a tired expression.

"You didn't even have to ask, but it was a nice touch." Alice beamed at her leaning over Leighton's shoulder peering at us.

"I like her! She's smart!" she cried before yanking her up the stairs. I chuckled lightly before sitting on the couch. Mom sat down beside me and waited patiently, but her hands were balled in tiny fists, the muscles of her arms tight.

"I'm sorry." I said while I leaned over onto her shoulder. Her arms wrapped around me as she stroked my hair holding me a little too tight, but I didn't bother to tell her.

"What was that all about baby." I groaned pulling back.

"I just, I can't believe that Dad was with someone else. How he could hurt you like that." Mom's face dropped and then brightened with love.


"No mom, if he loved you he wouldn't have forgotten."

"His change was traumatic,"

"So was yours! So was Rose's, so was everyone's." Mom shook her head.

"You can't hate him for this." She said sternly.

"Just watch me." I knew I was being stubborn, but I couldn't believe that he could have ever forgotten, and I couldn't forgive him hurting her. He had to have known, I mean he knew they had a past, if he was selfish enough to continue to be with Ember in front of her… it was evil and heartless.

"You're going to talk to him when he gets home." Her voice was full of authority, but there was underlying hurt. I knew how much dad meant to her and my anger with him upset her, but I couldn't stop.

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