So, Kuroshitsuji needs moar fanfictions.
Well anyways, this is the shortest story I've ever written.
About 400 words I think.
Short drabble, nothing special.

Characters: Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis
Prompt: Hide & Seek
P.O.V. of: Ciel Phantomhive
Warning: Mild swearing from Ciel. Major failage in my writing.
Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji, but I'm sure you knew that, AMIRIGHT?!
Eh, enjoy :)

I ran.
He chased.
It's kinda hard to play Hide-and-seek when the man who's chasing you knows where you always go.

Maybe I should find harder spots?
But I've tried everywhere, it's impossible to find a decent hiding spot.
Well, one that he won't find you in less then two minutes.
Which is why I ran.
He can't find me if I'm always moving, right?
Wrong. Obviously. Soon enough, I'll have no where to run.
Then he'll find me.
Unless I hide.
But I'm tired of hiding, I like the chase.
Especially when he's the one chasing me.
I never openly admit it,
but I like having him around.
Not just as a butler,
but as a playmate too.
Because unlike the rest,
he actually gives me a challenge.
And I like a good challenge.
Fuck, I've got no where else to run.
I've hit a dead end.
Damn it, now the fun stops.
Or does it?
Is he still following me?
I don't hear footsteps.
Oh shi-

"It's really not hide-and-seek if you're running, you know?" Sebastian stated, tapping Ciel on the head, showing no signs of being tired from chasing Ciel.

"It's really not fun if you keep finding me in less then two minutes, now is it?"

"Ahh, that is true, but if you picked good hiding spots maybe I wouldn't find you as easily!" Sebastian smirked, playfully teasing Ciel.

"But if you want some fun, find me."

Ciel stopped in thought when he heard that.

Find me.

Find him?

It has always been Sebastian chasing Ciel, Ciel never wanted to be seeker, he always wanted to hide, to find a spot that Sebastian would never find. It seemed impossible. Never did the thought of being seeker enter his mind. Once Ciel's mind is set on something, he would follow through.
"Me, seeker?" Ciel asked, questioning why Sebastian would bring that up.

Sebastian smiled, looking at Ciel. "I'm sure you'll get a challenge out of it, It's not easy to find me you know, and I just know how much you love a good challenge."

A challenge?
Damn, he knows me too well.
I gave him ten seconds.
Maybe being seeker once won't be so bad.
He might not be much of a challenge.
But knowing him, he'll find a spot so hard it'll take me forever to find him.
But when I do, the fun will be over.
Of course, that's assuming he won't run.
But you know, I've always loved the chase.
But for know, I'll stop running.
And I'll search.
I'll find him less then two minutes.
Like he'd find me.
I'll win for sure this time.
So as I searched.
He hid.