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Second Chance: Prologue

Ryuk had warned him. Once a human uses a Death Note, they cannot go to heaven or hell. All that awaits them is nothing. Light could not see, hear, feel, smell, taste, or even think properly. The only thing that he could sense was emptiness.

Yet even in this empty void, Light managed to cling to one image. L.

Yes, he remembered his most worthy adversary and his best friend. L was the last thing he saw when he was lying on the stairs in that warehouse. Of course, it was only an illusion because Light had killed L years before his own death. But Light didn't mind that it was only a hallucination. At least he got to see L one last time.

Ironically, the same man who had imprisoned him and set up his mock execution was now the only thing that kept Light sane. Besides that image of L, Light truly had nothing. He could still visualize L staring down at him with his pitch black eyes. The detective's black hair would stick out unruly in the back and he'd still wear the same white shirt along with those baggy pants. Then he would crouch down in a chair in front of him and his mouth would move- What the hell?

Light could feel himself blink. Once he opened his eyes, he immediately recognized where he was. Light was in the same workroom where L had fallen from his chair and died. Light took in deep breaths, savoring the air as he gazed down at his hands.


He glanced up and spotted L who was sitting across from him at the work table. Light froze for second as he gaped at the crouching detective, "L…how?"

L smiled at him, "I'm glad that you remember. There was a 67.3 percent chance that you would've forgotten everything while in the void."

"What's going on?" Light quickly asked, "I can't be in heaven or hell so where are we?"

Now L seemed even more at ease, "And your mind is intact as well." Then L held out his hand and suddenly a plate of strawberry cheesecake appeared on it. The lanky detective grinned childishly as a fork appeared in his other hand.

While L began eating his cheesecake, Light deduced, "You created this room. We're actually still in the void."

"That is correct, Light-kun." L took another bite before explaining, "I had to create this scenario because it is that all you understand since you haven't gone to heaven."

"And you did go to heaven?"

"I've told Light-kun before on several occasions that my justice was right way."

Light angrily crossed his arms, "Did you come here just to gloat? Because if that's your only intention, I rather go back into the void."

L sighed, "Light-kun thinks so poorly of me."

"Then why are you here?" Light impatiently snapped at him.

"I've come with a proposition for you," L calmly chewed on his cheesecake as he added, "If it works, you could go heaven."

Light instantly inquired, "How? What do I have to do?"

After L finished the cheesecake, he placed his hands on top of his knees, "You have to pass a test. But it's a test on morals which Light-kun is unfortunately lacking."

"My morals are fine."

"No, they are not," L strictly affirmed in a way that would allow no objections, "If your morals were fine then you would be the one in heaven and not me."

Light quickly stood up and slammed his hands down on the table as he hatefully glared at L, "This doesn't make any sense. Even if there's a way for me to get out of the void, why are you the one telling me this? I killed you."

L coldly met his gaze as he venomously spat, "I'm well aware of how I died, Kira-kun. Hasn't it ever occurred to you that the only one considering helping you right now is me? Everyone else you knew wants nothing to do with you."

Light froze then slowly sank back down to his chair while the detective continued, "I had to pull a lot of strings just to see you and even though you don't realize it, one-hundred years have already passed on earth since you died. For all the good deeds that I've managed to pull, I was granted this opportunity to help you."

"I'm sorry." Light quietly stated.

"No, you're not. Kira is never sorry."

Light opened his mouth to retort but then he just sighed, "I don't understand why you're doing this. You know that I'm-was Kira… You have no logical reason to help me."

"That is true. But this is one of my selfish decisions."

"What?" Light paused before daring to ask, "Why?"

L laced his hands together on top of his knees as he bluntly announced, "My heaven was incomplete because you weren't there."

Light's eyes widened in shock. Then he chuckled nervously, "Of course, L. Are you sure that it wasn't your hell that was incomplete?"

That serious expression was still on L's face, "Light-kun is my first ever friend. My heaven is incomplete without him. That's really the only reason why you're being given a second chance at life."

Within a second, Light's mind began rushing through possibilities, marvelous possibilities. I could use this to finally become a God. If L helps me come back to life, all I have to do is get my hands on a Death Note again and-

A fork unexpectedly zoomed through the air and hit Light's head. "Ow," Light winced before giving the crouching assailant across the table a murderous glare, "What the hell, L?!"

"I did not like Light-kun's expression," L bit on the end of his thumb, "When Kira becomes excited, his eyes narrow. And before you beginning plotting to use me for your gain, you need to know the rules of your reincarnation."

Light confidently folded his arms and leaned back against his chair, "Okay, what are they?"

L just smirked, "This new life will be much harder than your old one, Light-kun. You will not have the same family and you won't be spoiled. Yet your soul, your personality, and even your appearance will be exactly the same because you have not progressed at all like other spirits do. And, of course, you won't remember your previous life or anything about the Death Notes. But in some point in your life, you will come across another Death Note. If you use a Death Note this time, Light-kun, you'll die tragically again and your soul will completely disappear."

"But if I'm basically the same then I'll use it again."

"There will be one difference. You'll meet me first," L's bitch black eyes bore into him, "I've been granted permission to be reincarnated with mostly identical characteristics as well. And I'll do everything in my power to keep you from making the same mistakes."

"Using the Death Note wasn't a mistake," Light stubbornly claimed.

L's eyes lowered as he sighed, "I'm sure that Light-kun still believes that but after we are reincarnated I hope to change his mind."

It won't work. My resolve is final. As soon as I can get my hands on a Death Note, I'll kill you again, L. Light merely gazed back at the doomed detective, "What would you say is the chance of outcome you want?"

"There is approximately a 2.4 percent chance that you will go to heaven, Light-kun."

"Then why bother?" Light scoffed.

"Because it is a 2.4 more percent chance than doing nothing."

Light simply stared back at L for a moment. It was official…L genuinely cared. Light broke eye contact with the fool. But unfortunately he had turned his head away to face the large screen and the computer chair that L had fallen from. Light scowled at the damn mocking chair. Out of all of the places that L could have created, he had to choose this one.

L's voice sounded as cool and collected as ever, "Light-kun is frustrated because he does not understand my actions."

"I killed you," Light muttered with no pride.

"Yes, and I've always wondered if Light-kun was truly happy after my demise."

Light turned back in his chair to face L again, "…Kira was."

"And Light-kun is Kira."

Light merely nodded in agreement. If they were both still alive, Light would be lying about now and auguring with L for not believing him. But at this time, he could only nod nonchalantly.

L suddenly announced, "Also Light-kun should know that everyone else who has ever used a Death Note is going through the same test. In order to grant you a second chance, I was forced to take fairness into account so you will most likely meet them all again."

"Will my family be alive again at the same time as me?"

A look of faint surprise was evident on L's face, "Yes, but they won't be your relatives. Light-kun has never shown real interest in his family before-"

"I was just wondering," Light cut him off, "So when is this test taking place?"

L stood up while tilting his head towards the door, "As soon as we leave this room."

Light turned to gaze at the exit as he stood up. The tall metal door appeared quite ordinary yet Light couldn't remember that exit ever being there before. With his back hunched over, L casually walked towards the mysterious door. "Once we leave, our memories will be erased and our new lives will begin."

Filled with anticipation, Light headed towards the exit as his mind raced. I'm finally leaving the void. L can call my new life all he wants but nothing will change. Eventually I'll come across a Death Note again. This is nothing more than my second chance of saving the world as Kira. Light stopped in front of the exit where he stood beside L. Neither of them moved to open the door. Light glanced over at the lanky man next to him. It was ironic; Light had worked so hard to bring about L's death while L had been working to bring Light back to life. It would've been easier to call L a fool for doing this. But L was no fool; he was a genius and the only man who had Light's respect.

L had stretched out his pale hand towards the door when Light suddenly asked, "Don't you hate me?"

The dark-haired detective froze with his hand around the door's handle. Light mentally scolded himself for asking such a pointless question. Neither of them were going to remember this conversation so what did it matter. It was just a thoughtless impulse to ask that question because…Light wanted to know. He really wanted to know. And he wanted to hear the answer straight from L. Yet the strangest part was that Light didn't even know what answer he was looking for.

"I hate the crimes that Kira has committed. But, no, I don't hate you, Light-kun." L unexpectedly smiled as he turned the handle on the door, "It's true that you are my first ever friend but for me to accept you regardless of that…I think my affections for Light-kun is more profound than a simple friendship."

Light watched L in disbelief, focusing all of his attention on the odd detective instead of the exit. Suddenly L pulled on the handle causing the door swing open. A blinding white light shone through the doorway as everything around them began to fade out.

But Light didn't wince from the overwhelming white glow. He stood still facing L in shock. Because it wasn't the bright light that amazed him, it was the last words that L had mouthed.

"I love you."

Everything disappeared into nothing.

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