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Epilogue: 9 months later- February 27th

It was 10:38 pm. L obsessively checked the digital clock at the bottom of his computer screen. Only 82 minutes until midnight. He restlessly chewed on the edge of his thumb. L wasn't sure he could wait that long. He had already waited for over 3 years. The anticipation was killing him.

Light would be a legal adult tomorrow. Legal.

"L, are you feeling okay? You're kind of twitchy tonight." Light gave him a worried look.

"I am fine, Light-kun." L quickly started typing again.

The unfortunately-still-17-year-old was sitting next to L in the workroom. After the Kira case was finished, L decided to stay in Japan. He had contemplated taking the teen with him back to the Wammy house. But Light didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay in Japan, where he could try to win over Mr. Yagami's good favor. Light was very determined to earn back his adopted father's trust. After a couple of months, he had successfully manipulated his way back into the Yagami family. Well, Light refused to call it manipulation. But L knew that it was.

And L was glad for him. Light was ecstatic when Mr. Yagami finally forgave him. It wasn't an easy thing for the old police chief to do. But Mr. Yagami truly did care about Light in a way that only a father could.

Also Light's involvement in the Kira case was kept secret from everyone else. Mrs. Yagami and Sayu still had no idea that Light was Kira. So they had no trouble accepting him back. There were only a few select people that knew of Light's crimes. And L made sure that none of them talked.

L glanced at the digital clock once again. It was only 10:43. The detective barely suppressed a sigh. Why was time going by so slowly?

"Hey, L. I solved the serial killer case from Germany." Light turned his computer screen to the side so L could see.

He gazed at the screen which showed a picture of a suspect along with a list of evidence. "That's very good, Light-kun. I'll notify the German police immediately."

"Already did it." Light leaned back in his chair with a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Did you…pose as me?"


L felt slightly irritated but he didn't feel like fighting with the teen. He simply continued working on his computer. "You better be correct then."

"Of course, I am." Light cockily replied.

They both continued working in silence. By 10:51 pm, Light had started yawning. L knew from experience what this meant. The teen would stubbornly continue to work for approximately 20 more minutes until he'd begin dozing off. At that time, Light would finally get up and stumble off to bed…which would be perfect. L could allow Light to have a short nap until midnight and then-

"L, you're getting all twitchy again."

"I'm fine. You, on the other hand, look exhausted, Light-kun. You're always free to rest in my bed."

"Yeah, I know." Light yawned again.

Then Watari entered the workroom with a plate of cheesecake. The old man set the dessert down next to L's computer before he announced. "It's time to go home, Light. Mr. Yagami is waiting outside."

Light simply nodded and stood up to leave.

L gave Watari a dirty look. "I told you to inform Mr. Yagami that Light-kun was welcome to stay here for the night."

Watari returned the glare. "Yes, I did tell him that. But tomorrow is still a weekday. Personally, I don't blame Mr. Yagami for wanting to take his son home."

L was about to complain but Light interrupted him. "It's okay. I'll just see you tomorrow after school." The teen already started to walk away. "Bye, L."

The detective watched Light exit the room. Then he turned to face his computer screen once again. According to the digital clock, it was now 11:00 pm. Midnight was only an hour away! L allowed his head to dramatically fall down on top of his keyboard.

"Uh, L?"

L spoke in English. "It's your fault, Watari."

"What? No, it's not-"

"I blame you."

"Oh, quit whining and eat your bloody cheesecake."

"I'm not interested."

"Really? Then I'll just take it back." Watari reached out to grab the plate.

"No, it's mine." L immediately raised his head and snatched the plate of cheesecake. Then he shoved a spoonful of cheesecake in his mouth while he stayed perched in his chair.

Watari crossed his arms as he accusingly stated. "I know why you wanted Light-kun to stay. In about an hour, he'll be a legal adult."

"I had no impure intentions. I merely wanted Light-kun to continue working."

"So it that why you invited him to rest in your bed?"

"…It is rude to eavesdrop, Watari."

The old man laughed heartily.

Light was sitting at his desk in a boring classroom. The calculus teacher was busily writing different equations on the chalkboard while most students took notes. Light wasn't even paying attention as he continued staring out a window. The teacher's voice was putting him to sleep.

He dozed off for a second then he saw a black notebook fall out of the sky. Light violently jerked in his seat as his heart raced. He looked out the window, scanning the ground for a Death Note. But nothing was there.

Light took in a shaky breath. It was only a memory. He leaned back in his seat, still trying to calm himself down.

Every now and then, Light would remember something. His memories were still haunting him. Light glanced across the room at the only empty desk. That was where Takada used to sit every day. It was a grim reminder of her death.

Light sighed. He was the only survivor of their group, the only one who passed the test... And he knew that he had L to thank for that.

When the teacher started handing out quizzes to everyone, Light was glad for the distraction. He received a paper then he wrote down his name at the top. After all these years, he finally had his original name back.

He was Yagami Light again.

Once school was over, Light walked with Sayu back toward their house. Even though he was adopted, she insisted on calling him her brother now. Mrs. Yagami was the same way; she referred to Light as her son.

As they headed through the neighborhood, Sayu excitedly talked to him. "What do you want to do for your birthday, Nii-chan?"

"I'm supposed to meet with Ryuzaki."

"Again? You sure spend a lot time with him."

Light glared at her. "Is there something wrong with that?"

"No, not at all!" She quickly replied. "You should spend time with your boyfriend, Nii-chan."

He almost tripped and fell on his face. "My what?"

"Your boyfriend."

Light defensively claimed. "Ryuzaki is not my boyfriend."

"Then why do you usually come home with hickeys on your neck right after visiting him?"

His eyes widened in shock as he felt his face heating up.

She grinned wilily. "Aw. Nii-chan is blushing."

"Shut up, Sayu." Light quickened his pace, walking ahead of her. They were close to the house now and he wanted to escape up to his room.

She hurried after him. "Hey, that's not nice. And you shouldn't lie about your boyfriend anyway."

"He's not my boyfriend."

"Okay, fine. Your lover." She made obnoxious kissy noises.

Once they reached the house, Light was about to storm through the front door. But then he heard his adopted mother's voice coming from the driveway.

Mrs. Yagami was standing next to the car with a bag of groceries in her arms. She looked extremely confused. "Light has a lover?"

Sayu happily answered. "Yeah. Ryu-"

Light rushed toward her and slapped his hand over her mouth. Then he nervously turned towards Mrs. Yagami. "Oh, Sayu is such a kidder." He let a fake laugh before dragging his sister into the house.

After shutting the door, he released Sayu and scowled at her. "Yes, I'm in that kind of relationship with Ryuzaki. And, no, you can't tell anyone or I will make your life a living hell."

Instead of cowering in fear, Sayu squealed in delight and tightly hugged her adopted brother. "Oh, I'm so happy for you, Nii-chan!"

Then Mrs. Yagami opened the front door and came inside. "Happy birthday, Light." She headed into the kitchen area and set down the bag of groceries.

Light pried himself out Sayu's hug. "Thanks Mom."

Suddenly, Mrs. Yagami smirked. She had that same inquisitive glint in her eyes that Sayu had. "So who is this lover you've been hiding?"

"It's Ryuzaki!" Sayu immediately blurted out.

Light could feel his eye twitching as he glared at the girl.

His adopted mother had an unreadable expression on her face. "Is this true, Light?"

He let out a defeated sigh. "I suppose."

"Oh, this is great!" Mrs. Yagami hurried towards Light and hugged him. "I've seen the way Ryuzaki stares at you. It's about time you admit it."

Then she released him and gave him a serious look. "Do we need to have a talk about, you know, protection?"

"I'm going to my room now." Light fled towards the stairs.

"Okay, Light. But remember you can always talk to me about anything." Mrs. Yagami called out while Sayu snickered loudly.

"I know, Mom." Light rushed into his room and shut the door.

Then he threw his backpack to the ground as he headed towards his bed. Light collapsed on his bed with a sigh. He loved his adopted mother and sister. But, damn, they could be annoying sometimes.

Light rolled over onto his side. His bedroom was dark. The curtains were blocking most of the sunlight coming in through the window. He laid there in silence for a moment then he noticed his curtains were being blown by a gust of wind. The window is open! Light immediately jumped off the bed and scanned the room. That window was closed when he left for school.

Since the room was so dark, he didn't even notice it before but there was a notebook on his desk. Light gasped in shock. Then he stumbled back.

"No…" He couldn't believe it. He didn't want to believe it!

There was a Death Note laying on his desk. Whoever placed it there must have entered his room through the window. Light knew that this wasn't a memory. He was awake. This was really happening!

Light staggered towards his desk and gazed down at the Death Note.

"Do you like the present I left for you, Light?" Ryuk had flown through the window and he was hovering above the teen.

Light angrily turned to face the shinigami. "Take your Death Note and get the hell out."

"You won't even pick it up?"

"I don't want it."

"Oh, come on, Light." The shinigami tempted him. "It'll be fun. You know L's name now, don't you? And you know about L's successors too. You could win this time."

"Get out!" Light lost control and shouted.

Then he heard Mrs. Yagami called out from downstairs. "Light, is everything okay up there?"

"Yeah, Mom! It's fine!" He answered her in fake calm voice. Then he snarled at Ryuk. "I'm not Kira anymore."

The shinigami laughed. "We both know that's not true. You'll always want to punish criminals, Light."

"There is a difference between wanting to kill and actually doing it."

Ryuk picked up the Death Note with his long bony hand. Then he held up the notebook towards Light. "Are you sure?"

The teen turned his head away as he stepped back nervously. "Get that out of my face."

"You're no fun anymore. L made you boring." Ryuk complained before he hovered over to the TV and turned it on. Then he laid on Light's bed.

Light warily watched the shinigami. "What are you doing?"

"If you're not going to kill anyone then I want to play Mario Golf again."

Light sighed. This was the third time Ryuk came to bother him this month. Usually, the shinigami only wanted to play video games and eat a few apples. This was the first time he offered Light a Death Note as a present.

He turned off the TV. "You can't stay for very long. L is coming here to see me."

Ryuk grinned. "You still haven't told him about my visits?"

"It would just worry him." Light walked over to his backpack and took out one of his emergency apples. "Here," Light threw the apple to Ryuk. "This is what you came for, right? Now get out."

The shinigami bit into the apple. "If you don't want me around, why do you always feed me?"

"It's a habit, I guess. Also your withdrawal symptoms are annoying." Light sat down in front of his desk and crossed his arms.

Ryuk finished eating the apple then he flew off the bed and headed towards Light. His bulging red eyes focused on the area above Light's head. "Do you want to know how many birthdays you have left?"

"No." He answered resolutely. "You can keep my date of my death to yourself."

The shinigami was still hovering close to him. "I'll keep coming back, Light. Every year I'm going to offer you the same present. And one of these days you will accept it."

"We'll see about that."

"Until next time, Light." Ryuk laughed before he finally flew away.

Once the shinigami was gone, Light tiredly leaned back in his chair. Ryuk really needed to find more hobbies. Light didn't mind giving Ryuk apples or letting him play with his video games. But he would never entertain the shinigami by using a Death Note again. Never again…

Even if Ryuk kept offering a Death Note every year, he would refuse every time, right? Light wished he could be more sure. Ryuk is right though. I could win if I- NO!

He smacked himself in the head. Then he angrily stood up and paced around the room. Just stop thinking about it! Light laid down on his bed and stayed completely motionless for awhile. It was true that he would always want to rid the world of criminals. He would always be Kira-like in that way. But he was determined to keep his promise to L. Light didn't want to separate himself from the detective ever again.

L didn't want him to murder anyone, even criminals who deserved it. That was the only reason why he couldn't be Kira anymore. And it was a damn good reason too. L was worth it.

Suddenly, he heard Sayu's voice calling from downstairs. "Nii-chan, Ryuzaki is here!"

Already? Light quickly stood up and grabbed his backpack off the floor. Then he snatched his tennis racket off of a dresser and threw it in his bag. L usually came earlier on days when he wanted to play. They would probably head straight to the tennis court.

After leaving his room, Light hurried down the stairs. L was perched on a chair in the living room next to Sayu and her mom. The mother and daughter both had the same goofy grin on their face like they might burst into girlish laughter. Light was anxious to get the hell out of there.

"Come on, Ryuzaki. Let's go." Light immediately headed toward the door.

L studied the two ladies' expressions then he followed the teen outside. "They seem awfully cheerful today. Do you know why?"

"Don't even ask." Light stood by the street and scanned the area. "So where did Watari park? I don't see his car anywhere."

"Watari will not be our chauffer for the day."

Light gave him a confused look. "So we're taking a taxi?"

"No." L smiled as he pointed to a sleek, shiny, dark red sports car. "We can take your new car."

Light's eyes widened in shock. "My what?"

"Your car."

The teen's jaw dropped. Then he excitedly rushed over to the nearby sports car. "This is mine?" He practically shouted as he gawked at the machine in awe.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it!" Light could see his own smiling face reflecting off the shiny surface of the vehicle. "I can't believe you bought it."

"Oh, I didn't buy it."

Light turned around to face L. "What? Then how did you get this?"

"After the serial killer was arrested in Germany, a father of one of the victims sent that car to me as a gift. Since you solved the case under my name, the car is technically mine. But I will allow Light-kun to have it."

"How cheap." Light grumbled. "I'm the one who earned the car."

"Happy Birthday, Light-kun." L handed him the keys to the vehicle and he perched himself in the passenger's seat. "Now drive me to the tennis court."

"Just because I have a car doesn't mean I'm your new chauffer." Light griped at the detective. Then he sat in the driver's seat and his irritation instantly disappeared. He really liked his new car.

L had rented out an entire gym. They had the tennis courts and the locker room all to themselves. The ride over there in the new car had put Light in a good mood. Then the birthday boy had won their tennis match so he was ecstatic now. So far everything has gone according to L's plan.

After they finished playing, they headed into the locker room. Light was currently in the shower stall, alone. But L was planning to join him very shortly. L had just finished undressing and he had a towel around his waist. He shoved his clothes into a random locker with an eager grin on his face.

Then he turned around and spotted Light's tennis racquet that had fallen on the floor. Without a second thought, L picked it up and stepped toward Light's backpack which was resting on top of a bench. As L opened the bag, he noticed something unmistakably red.

His breath caught in his throat. The racquet slipped out of his grasp and fell to the floor with a loud clang. L stayed frozen for a moment, hoping that his eyes had deceived him. But the offensive red object was not going to disappear. L would have to face this.

He reached down into Light's backpack and held up the apple. It would be easy to say it was only a coincidence and ignore it. But L did not believe in coincidences…

Light was carrying around this apple for a reason. And L needed to figure out why. He had an idea but he really didn't want to believe it. If Light had been in contact with Ryuk, that meant he has also been in contact with a Death Note.

L furiously tightened his grip on the apple until his nails dug into the skin of the he crouched down on the bench next the backpack. He glared down at the apple.

Light-kun… If you betray me now, I honestly don't know what I will do.

After his shower, Light dried himself off and quickly threw on some clothes. He was feeling slightly anxious. When L suggested the shower, Light recognized the hungry look in the detective's eyes. Light knew what that look meant. And yet…L didn't try anything perverted at all. Something was wrong.

Light hurried out of the shower stall and walked down the hall to the main area of the locker room. L was perched on a bench next to Light's backpack. He was dressed in his usual baggy outfit and his hair was dry so it was safe to assume that he had skipped the shower all together. As Light walked closer to the older man, he noticed the apple in L's grasp.

Shit. So that's why. Light mentally kicked himself. I should've taken that out of my bag before I left.

Instead of bracing the subject, the teen greeted him casually. "Hey, L. Are you ready to go?"

L cut straight to the chase. "Light-kun, why was this apple in your possession?"

"Oh, that. Well, obviously I was going to eat it." Light snatched the apple away and took a bite out of it. Then he faked a smile like this was no big deal. "Mmm, delicious and healthy."

L gave him a skeptical glare.

"Oh, come on, it's just an apple."

"We both know it's not just an apple, Light-kun." L had a very serious expression on his face. "I'm going to ask you one last time and I expect an honest answer. Why were you carrying around that apple?"

Light paused for a moment. His first instinct was to lie again. But lying to L has never really worked for him in the long run. It was probably a better idea to just tell him everything straight up. Besides, it's not like Light did anything wrong this time.

He tossed the apple in a nearby trashcan. Then he crossed his arms and faced L. "Fine. You want complete honesty?"


"If I tell you, you have to promise not to overreact."

"I guarantee that I will act appropriately depending on the situation."

"That's not very reassuring."

L angrily snapped at him. "I'm losing patience, Light-kun. Tell me the truth."

Light uncrossed his arms as he nervously stared at the floor. "Ryuk has visited me a few times."

"Did he bring his Death Note?"

"Yes, but-"

L suddenly stood up and yelled in the teen's face. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

Light flinched initially but then shouted back. "Because I knew you'd react like this!"

"How else could I possibly react? I can't act blasé in a dire situation like this!"

"It's not that bad!"

"Does Ryuk want you to be Kira again?" L sternly asked.

Light let out a sigh.

"It's a yes or no question, Light-kun!"

"Yes." He reluctantly answered. "Ryuk has already tried giving me a Death Note. But I didn't take it, I swear!"

L sadly lowered his gaze and turned away from him. "You were in close contact with a Death Note…"

Light desperately grabbed the detective's arm. "Didn't you hear me? I said I didn't take the Death Note! So it doesn't matter!"

L fiercely jerked his arm away. "Of course, it matters, Light-kun!" He met the teen's gaze with his black eyes filled with distrust. "Did you order Ryuk to give the Death Note to someone else?"

"What? No!"

"Did you order him to hide it somewhere?"

L's offensive questions cut into him like a knife. It was so painful. Light bitterly turned away while blinking the moisture from his eyes. "Is your trust in me really that weak?"

"I don't recall ever installing a great deal of trust in Light-kun's words."

He glared at L then started to walk away. "I'm leaving."

"You're not going anywhere until I have properly arrested you."

Light turned around as he yelled. "But I didn't do anything!"

Suddenly L kicked the teen into a tall locker and slammed the door shut. Then he quickly leaned against the locker with all of his weight. Light's head banged on the metal wall when he first crashed into the locker. The jolt of pain had stunned him for a moment. But now his blood was boiling with rage as he furiously punched and kicked the inside of the tall locker.

"Dammit, L! Let me out!"

The detective struggled to keep the locker closed while he pulled out a cell phone. He held up the phone between his thumb and index finger. "Watari, come here immediately. I acquire your assistance."

Light used all his strength to push on the locker door. The locker opened slightly causing L to slide forward. Then he forcefully stepped back, ramming the locker shut.

"Bring some handcuffs too. And possibly even a sedative." L added before he hung up the phone.

In the workroom, L was perched in his usual chair in front of the large screen. The chair next to him was empty. Light was currently in a cell. L gazed up at the screen, which showed a live video of the teen behind bars. They have been in this kind of situation many times. L had hoped that he would never have to go through this again. But…Light has been in contact with a Death Note recently. L had to do this.

He watched Light on the main screen. The teen was pacing back and forth angrily with his fists clenched like he wanted to hit something. And that something was probably L. The detective sighed. This was not how he wanted to spend Light's eighteenth birthday.

Then Light stopped pacing and glared straight at the video camera. L instinctively turned up the volume and zoomed in the video on the teen's face. He knew Light was ready to talk.

"You know, most people are arrested for possession of drugs or illegal weapons. But what have I been arrested for?" Light indignantly shouted. "Possession of an apple! This can't be legal! You had no right to arrest me!"

L spoke through the intercom. "Light-kun is incarcerated because he has confessed to being in close proximity with a Death Note."

"Confessed?" Light scoffed. "You make it sound like I did something wrong."

"So you think it's perfectly acceptable to see a Death Note without informing me immediately?"

"I would've told you earlier if I didn't think you'd freak out! And, look, you proved me right! You have completely overreacted!"

"I have acted accordingly. It is always an extremely dangerous situation whenever you're close to a Death Note." L replied harshly.

Light looked like someone had just slapped him in the face. The teen sulkily turned his head away from the video camera as he tightly gripped one of the metal bars. "That's not fair, L… I have never once used the Death Note in this life! And I passed your test, didn't I? I'm not Kira anymore! You've said so yourself!"

"I know that Light-kun would not write in the Death Note himself and I know he would not kill me. But…you still hate criminals, correct? If you are given the chance to punish criminals for the sake of your own twisted justice, it is highly probable that you'll take that chance."

"You have no faith in me at all." Light's voice sounded so bitter and angry. "You're going to act like I'm Kira no matter what I do." He gazed up at the video camera with tears in his eyes. "The next time I see Ryuk, I may as well take the damn Death Note! Since I'll be treated the same either way!"

"Light-kun, that is not what I-"

"Don't talk to me!"

Light stormed over to his cot and sat down, purposely facing away from the video camera. L chewed on the edge of his thumb as he silently watched the screen. Light seemed innocent. But the teen was very talented at seeming innocent even when he wasn't. L knew that from experience. Yet, isn't it possible that Light has truly changed…

If Light-kun was really planning to become Kira again, he probably wouldn't confess to seeing Ryuk. He'd usually lie. However, this could all be an elaborate scheme. Maybe he wants to trick me into believing his innocence before he strikes. L felt the paranoia consuming his thoughts.

The detective didn't even notice Watari enter the room. The old man set a plate of cheesecake next to L's computer. Then he just stood there, giving L a disappointed glance. Watari looked like he was ready to scold him.

L defended himself. "My actions were necessary. He had access to a Death Note."

The old man was still giving him the same look.

Before L could continue their one-sided conversation, there was an incoming transmission from the Yagami house. On the smaller computer screen, there was a video of Mr. Yagami and Matsuda.

Mr. Yagami spoke gravely. "L, we set up the video cameras again. And we searched all over Light's room. We even broke open his desk like you suggested."

Matsuda eagerly interrupted him. "And there's no Death Note here! I think Light was telling the truth!"

"It is too early to make such a statement. Light-kun could have hidden the Death Note in a different location." L explained seriously.

Mr. Yagami was silent for a moment until he asked. "L, you give percentages all the time. Can you honestly tell me the probability of Light's innocence?" There was a glimmer of hope in the father's eyes.

L gave an uncommitted answer. "Anything is possible at this point."

Matsuda avidly claimed. "Well, I still say that Light is innocent! He actually admitted to seeing the shinigami and the Death Note, right? He didn't try to hide anything!"

"You can't say that for sure." L reminded him jadedly.

"Sure I can!" Matsuda determinedly turned toward the police chief. "Don't worry, Mr. Yagami. I'll go set things straight myself." Then he stood up and hurried out of the camera's view.

"Matsuda, wait!" Mr. Yagami called out before there was a sound of a door closing. He sighed and gazed back at the video camera. "I'm sorry about that."

"It's fine."

The police chief looked extremely tired. "If you really have any percentages, I'd like to hear them. I know anything is possible but how likely is-?"

"Mr. Yagami, once I decide whether or not Light-kun is innocent, you will be the first one I contact." L guaranteed.

"Thank you." Light's father picked up the video camera and placed it up on the wall so L could see the entire room.

Light's bedroom looked completely wrecked. Random objects were scattered across the floor and pieces of the broken desk were stacked in a corner. Then L noticed Light's computer, which was flipped upside down and tangled in loose wires. The teen would not be happy about this.

On the screen, he watched Mr. Yagami exit his son's bedroom. Then he gazed back up at the large main screen, which showed Light in the cell. The birthday boy was currently sitting on the hard floor with his head tilted down, looking like the perfect picture of misery. L winced slightly. He never enjoyed seeing the teen this upset.

Watari was still standing next to him and the untouched cheesecake. "What is Light to you?"

"Light-kun…" L sighed. "Well, Light-kun is…everything to me."

"L, you have two choices. You can either search the earth for a Death Note that Light may or may not have hidden. Or you can trust him."

"He was Kira. It's not that easy to trust-"

"I know." The old man wisely explained. "But if you really love him and you want to spend your life with him, then trust is a necessity."

"You're telling me to trust the one who was Kira. He has literally lied to my face over a hundred times."

"I never said it would be easy."

L silently continued to watch the main screen.

"Just think about what I said. You know that I'm right." Watari patted L on the shoulder before he turned and walked away.

L sat alone in complete silence for quite some time. He never once moved from his chair and he didn't even touch the cheesecake. His mind was preoccupied with what Watari had said. Yes, he knew the old man was right. But that didn't make this any less difficult.

Sure, L believed that Light would never try to kill him. He believed that Light loved him. Yet, those ideals of Kira's justice were probably still dwelling inside of Light. And L doubted that would ever change. Even though Light would never break his promise to L, he could always find more minions. He could get someone else to do the actual killing for him.

L anxiously gnawed on the side of his thumb. He didn't want to fight Light again. He didn't want another war with Kira. Just the thought of it was terrifying.

A drop of blood slid down L's thumb. He didn't want to be tricked by Light. Trusting the teen was easier said than done.

On the main screen, Light was still sitting on the floor as he gazed up at the video camera with wide innocent eyes. Then he finally spoke again. "L, I didn't mean what I said earlier. No matter how you treat me, I won't be Kira again. I promise."

L quietly watched him.

"You can monitor me all you want." Light offered desperately. "You can video tape my every move or even chain yourself to me again. If you really think I already took the Death Note, then drug me with truth serum, use a lie detector, do whatever you need to do!

"Just believe me…" The teen sadly lowered his head while his shoulders trembled slightly. "I'll be your captive for the rest of my life if that's what you want."

L turned away from the screen, unable to watch it anymore. No. This isn't what I want at all. He didn't want Light as a captive. L wanted him as an ally, a partner, a lover. But in order to have that…there was something L had to do. He immediately stood and left the workroom.

"L?" Light gazed through the bars of cell toward the video camera. "L, are you listening?"

There still wasn't any answer. It was unbearably silent. Light shakily stood up as he called out. "L!"

He desperately wanted to see the detective. He'd willingly give in to any unreasonable demands. He would do anything to gain L's trust. Anything! After all they've been through, Light couldn't lose L now. He had to fix this.

"Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it!" Light shouted frantically. "L!"

Suddenly he heard a door open. L rushed into the room and stood in front of the cell. Light stared at him in shock. Then L pulled out a key and unlocked the cell door.

"L, listen, I-" Light was interrupted when L quickly walked into the cell and embraced him. He was stunned as L wrapped his arms around him.

Then the detective held on to both his shoulders and looked straight into Light's eyes. "I swear that this is the last time I will ever ask you this. Light-kun, did you take the Death Note?"

"No." He answered instantly and honestly. "No, I didn't."

L nodded his head like that's what he expected. "If that is what Light-kun says, then…that is good enough for me."

Light's breath hitched. Then he asked unsteadily. "You mean that? Are you sure?"

"I am 99.9 percent positive, Light-kun." L smiled. "Because I have decided to trust you. And I apologize for arresting you. It was too hasty of me to-"

Light flung his arms around the detective's neck and pulled him into a kiss. There was nothing else L needed to say. Light already heard what was most important. L trusted him. Light's word was enough evidence for him. There was no way to describe the sheer bliss Light felt at that moment. It was like his heart was going to burst.

Then Light broke the kiss and leaned against the detective as he promised. "Whenever I see Ryuk again, I'll tell you everything right away."

"Good." L wrapped his arms around Light again and tightly held him.

They stayed like this for awhile, in each other's embrace. Once they finally released each other, they still stood extremely close. Light met L's gaze with a smile. L smiled back at him briefly and cupped the side of Light's face.

Even after resolving their fight, L did not look completely satisfied. There was an unmistakably hungry glint in his black eyes. Light recognized that gaze.

"Do it."

L's eyes widened.

"Whatever you're thinking of doing. Do it."

L smirked mischievously. "Here?"

"Anywhere." He spoke breathlessly. "I don't want to wait anymore."

"My sentiments exactly, Light-kun." The detective's hand glided from Light's cheek to his chin. L's grip on him tightened suddenly as he pulled the teen's face closer to his own.

Light's heart fluttered excitedly. L looked practically feral right now. He was only staring at Light yet the teen could feel his knees buckle from the sheer power of the man's gaze. The fact L had the ability to do this to him was remarkable and frightening all at the same time.

He asked nervously. "Why aren't you doing anything?"

"I am savoring this moment, Light-kun. After all, I've waited for years and across two lifetimes."

"You had these feelings in our past life too?"

"Yes. I've been enamored with you since the very beginning. I have even regained memories of longing for you." L slid his hand down along the curvature of Light's neck, causing the teen to shiver slightly.

Then he firmly gripped the first button on Light's shirt. There was an intense look in L's black eyes. "And now I shall finally have you."

He snapped off the first button on Light's shirt. "I apologize in advance in case I take things too far."

Apologize in advance? Take things too far? What the hell? The detective's choice of words worried Light somewhat. "W-Wait a second. What exactly are you planning to-?"

"Whatever I want. Just as you so generously offered."

Suddenly, L pushed him down onto the cot. Then he straddled the teen and devoured his mouth with a deep passionate kiss as he continued to rip open Light's shirt. Light was starting to feel light-headed and dizzy from the rapturous kiss. Their tongues twisted and rolled together several times. He didn't even notice L unzipping his pants until they finally broke away their kiss.

Light took in deep breaths of air as he stared up at L. Those black eyes were gazing back at him, filled with lust. Without warning, L quickly yanked off the teen's pants, along with his underwear. Now Light's body was completely exposed and L was just drinking it all in. Light's face flushed with irritation. Why was he the only one naked?

Light immediately sat up and grabbed onto L's shirt. He pulled the shirt off of the detective and flung it to the ground. But before Light could finish undressing him, L pushed him back down. Then he slid a hand down the Light's chest towards his manhood. Light gasped when L started to caress his erect member.

Embarrassing sounds escaped the teen's mouth as L continued touching and stroking him harder and harder. Light covered his mouth with his hand, trying to quiet himself. But then L firmly snatched Light's wrist and pinned it down.

"Don't muffle yourself."

"But it's embarrassing-"

L leaned down and spoke in his ear. "I want to hear every gasp, every sigh, and every whimper. Do you understand, Light-kun?" He started touching Light again, making him emit those sounds.

"Y-Yes." Light's back arched as his body subconsciously moved up towards L's hand.

"L, I'm about to-"

"I know." He pumped the teen's cock one last time causing Light to orgasm.

Waves of pleasure coursed throughout Light's body and he laid still in daze for a moment. Meanwhile L moved his semen-covered hand towards Light's hole. He inserted a finger with Light barely noticing. But then he put in a second. Now it was starting to get uncomfortable.

Light bit his bottom lip and clenched the bed sheets. When L tried to insert a third finger, Light cried out in pain. "Dammit, ow!"

"You need to relax, Light-kun."

"I'm trying." He replied through gritted teeth.

Then L leaned forward and kissed Light as he continued to pry at the hole. Trying to forget the pain, Light eagerly lost himself in the kiss. But he was still very aware of L's fingers inside him, stretching and preparing him.

When L finally broke the kiss, he pulled his fingers out. Next he unzipped his baggy pants, revealing his swollen member. The teen was holding up his head, nervously watching L. Then the detective grabbed Light's thighs and spread them apart while positioning Light's backside for his entrance.

"Are you ready?" The question hung in the air.

Light let his head fall backwards onto the cot. He started up at the ceiling then closed his eyes while his hands firmly gripped the sheets on the bed.

"Do it."

L entered him. Light's eyes popped open and he let out a sharp gasp.

It felt so strange to be filled for the first time. L plunged deeper and deeper inside him. But it still hurt. Despite his efforts to withstand it, he could feel his eyes watering. His body was being stretched like it never has before.

Once L began to thrust in and out with a rocking motion, Light could feel his body slowly adapting to it. The L suddenly hit his prostate. Light cried out in pleasure before he quickly covered his mouth with his hands. His face was flushed with embarrassment.

L grinned slyly as he snatched both of the teen's wrists and pinned him. Then he thrust directly at the same glorious spot over and over. Light's head tilted back while his body shuddered again and again in ecstasy. He couldn't think straight and he kept making incoherent sounds. Everything was jumbled up. All he could feel was the pounding of his heart and the rhythmic thrusting into his body's center of pleasure.

Light was close to release. He writhed underneath L, panting and moaning. He would climax any second now.

Then L unexpectedly slowed down his pace until it's painfully slow. It was like he was taunting Light. His member is still inside of the teen but he was purposely not hitting the prostate.

Light stared up at him in confusion. And then he saw a smirk on L's face. Light realized quickly. L wants me to beg for it! The bastard…

"Fucking sadist." He growled at the cruel man on top of him.

"What's wrong, Light-kun?" L used a finger to torturously trace the outline Light's throbbing cock.

"Dammit." Light turned his head to the side as he shuddered.

L leaned toward his face and spoke into his ear. "Tell me what you want. What can I do for you, my Light-kun?"

Light stubbornly refused to answer. Then L continued to tease the teen's member mercilessly. "Say it, Light-kun."

He whispered. "L-Let me come."

"What was that?" L plunged in and out of him ever so slowly. It was too much for Light to handle.

The teen's will power snapped. "Please, L! Let me come."

L thrust deep inside him with tremendous force. Light climaxed as waves of pleasure surged throughout his body. His back arched as he cried out L's name. L came as well, dispensing his seed inside the teen.

The detective exited Light and laid down next him. For awhile they both laid there, panting in silence. L had an arm wrapped around Light and the teen was filled a great sense of peace. He felt so content, lying there with his naked body tangled up with L's. But then he remembered L's little sadistic maneuver.

He whacked L on the head before rolling to the edge of the cot and sitting up. "I can't believe you made me say that."

L perched himself next to Light. "But I already apologized in advance."

"I don't care! It's still embarrassing." Light glared at him. Then he noticed that L was staring at the surveillance camera right outside of the cell.

"What is it?"

L smiled guiltily. "I think I may have done something to embarrass Light-kun again."

Light glanced at the camera then back at the detective. His eyes twitched slightly. "Don't tell me you left the camera on."

"It seems that we have a sex tape now, Light-kun."

The teen blushed with a look of horror. He quickly stood up and started throwing his clothes back on. "No one else was in the workroom, right? We have to hurry up and destroy the evidence!"

L calmly remained in his crouching position. "Don't worry, Light-kun. No one should see the tape unless…"

"Unless-what?" Light frantically turned to face him.

L reluctantly informed him. "Matsuda did mention coming over."

Light gaped at him. "Mat. Su. Da."

Ten minutes earlier….

Matsuda marched down the hallway towards the workroom. He was a man on a mission. Light was obviously innocent and Matsuda would not rest until L understood that. The detective needed to release Light as soon as possible for poor Mr. Yagami's sake!

When Matsuda reached the door, he barged into the workroom. "Listen here, L-"

On the large screen, there was a video playing of Light and L in a cell. They were both naked and L was on top of Light, thrusting inside of him.

The teen panted. "Please, L! Let me come."

This was all too much Matsuda's little brain to handle. He fell to the ground, screaming in terror. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

The End.

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