Welcome to Bosnia.

He wasn't breathing, and he damn well knew it.

Whether or not it was on purpose wasn't something he could fathom right now.

All he knew was that the pain in his lungs was latching itself within his throat and crawling up, digging its icy fingers deep into his skin. It continued on upwards, into his, and pushed against his teeth until he finally gasped for air. When he couldn't suck any more of the dirt saturated atmosphere, he clamped his cracked lips shut and attempted to ignore the dull ache pounding where the pain had just, seconds ago, leeched itself.

Tears ran like multiple rivers on his heavily dirt streaked face, dripping off his stubble chin like miniature droplets of rain. He didn't attempt to swipe at them anymore, deeming it a useless way to use up his dwindling energy.

His bright blue eyes, no longer twinkled like they once did. He gazed upon the equally dirty ground with a renowned blank serenity that many men and women wore in this damned place.

He lifted his head slightly; a minor shift of movement that indicated that he was indeed alive physically.

A red headed man stalked up to the young man… this barely breathing, stock-still man and clasped a heavy hand on his broad shoulder. He leaned down and whispered, "Welcome to Bosnia, Private."

The man didn't acknowledge him, except for a brief flicker of something within his matching blue orbs. The red headed man grunted and stood back up, his weapon secure in his strong arms, ready to attack.

The young man glanced down at his weapon; an oily killing machine that sat in his arms heavily, resting in his lap. The man tilted his head to the side, inspecting the weapon subtly before blinking away a single tear. He ran a hand over his shaven head. Standing up swiftly, gun sheltered in his arms, he emitted a small grunt.

Private Alan James, welcome to Bosnia.

Welcome to Hell.


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Pvt. Alan James was played by Matthew Macfadyen in Warriors.