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Part V: You and Me Babe, how bout it?

Juliet when we made love you used to cry
You said I love you like the stars above and I'll love you till I die
There's a place for us you know the movie song
When you gonna realise it was just that the time was wrong Juliet?

"Hey," Dean walked over to where Julie was sitting on a bench, where she'd instructed him to meet her, he sat down and kissed her.

"Dean, don't," She pushed him away. He looked at her.

"What's wrong?" He asked, "This is why you wanted to meet right?"

"Not exactly," She shook her head. She looked up and saw Adam coming.

"Um," Adam said, seeing them sitting, "What's going on?"

"Sit down," Julie stood up and looked at them sitting together. "So, I need to talk to you, both of you."

"OK," Dean said, "At the same time?"

"Yes," She nodded, "Because, when I'm with either one of you alone, my head gets clouded and I can't articulate what I actually want," They both stared at her. "Dean," She looked at him, "I love you, what we had together, I'll always cherish it. But it was such a long time ago, and we're not the people that we were then. And honestly, I think I was afraid, of what's coming next, so I came to you, because I knew that you'd bring me back to a time when the future didn't matter." She closed her eyes, "And Adam, I love you too, and I love that you have these plans for us, and you want us to have this amazing future together," She sighed, "But it's what I want." Adam went to say something, "Don't say anything. I know that I have to make a choice, and I'm choosing my own future." They looked at her. "I'm not going to be with either of you." She sighed, "And this hurts me, because I love you both so much. But I need to figure out who I am, because if I knew, this wouldn't have happened, and I wouldn't have hurt either of you like this." She said. "OK, now that I've gotten that out, I'm going to walk away, because I don't want either of you to talk me out of this." She turned around and walked away.

"That was unexpected," Dean said.

"I thought she was going to choose you, to be honest," Adam said.

"Nah," Dean shook his head, "She's right, we're not the same people we were two years ago."

"You were right," Adam said, "She didn't want that life. She tried to tell me."

"So I guess this is good bye," Julie looked up into her doorway and saw Dean standing, months later as she packed up, after graduation.

"I guess so," She whispered. She walked over and hugged him.

"I proud of you," He said.

"I'm going to miss you," She whispered clinging to the smell of him.

"Nah," He looked at her, "You'll get to Providence, you'll meet some brilliant guy who'll make you forget all about me."

"Don't," She shook her head, "Don't even kid about it. I could never forget you." He kissed her gently. "Dean."

"That's all it is," He whispered, "Just saying goodbye." She nodded, "Have a good life, Julie."

"You too," She whispered and hugged him, not quite ready to let go.

"Am I interrupting?" She looked up and saw Adam.

"No," Dean shook his head, "Just saying goodbye." He walked away.

"I didn't expect you to come by," She said simply, putting some things from her desk into a box.

"It's been a tough year," He sighed, "I didn't know how to be around you."

"I'm sorry," She whispered, "About, everything Adam." He nodded. "You didn't deserve any of what I did."

"So um," He looked down, "Brown? In the fall?"

"Yeah," She nodded.

"What about this summer?"

"I'll probably just go to the lake," She shrugged, "Be by myself." She looked at him, "First summer since I was fourteen that I don't have a boyfriend so," He smiled. "I can't apologize enough." She shook her head, "It was so horrible."

"You were confused," He shrugged, "And sad, and kind of a bitch," She laughed and looked down. "I'm sorry too, for not listening, or assuming things about us."

"I let you assume them," She shook her head. "There was a part of me that wanted all of that, you should know, I wanted to go to college with you, and spend my life with you," She looked at him.

"But?" He said, stepping closer.

"But the scared little girl won," She laughed. "The part of me that wanted that lost to the scared little girl who just wanted things to be the way they were when she was fifteen."

"Did he kiss you goodbye?" He asked. She nodded. "Can I?" She smiled feeling him take her waist. She closed her eyes and savored her last kiss ever with Adam Banks. "Goodbye Julie."

"Goodbye Adam," She whispered. "I love you."

"I love you too," He said softly.

A year later Julie walked out of a final laughing with one of the new friends she'd made, a girl named Carol, who she'd agreed to live with the next year.

"So anyway," Carol said, "My parents said I could bring someone, and I thought you'd want to come."

"To Paris?" Julie said, "For a week?" Carol nodded, "Huh, sure."

"You could be more excited," She laughed.

"No," Julie shook her head, "I'm excited, it just reminded me of something."

"Adam or Dean?" Carol said. Julie rolled her eyes. "Anytime you get all distracted and thinky it's either because of Adam or Dean."

"Adam," Julie said, "He was going to take me to Paris, after graduation. He was probably going to propose."

"You're such a freak when it comes to guys," Carol shook her head, "Drew's in love with you, you know."

"I want to meet someone," Julie said, with a groan, "Who isn't in love with me. Just once, a guy, who maybe sorta likes me and wants to like eat pizza and maybe make out and see a movie."

"Whatever," Carol shrugged, "A bunch of us are going to the bar, are you coming?"

"Yeah, definitely," Julie nodded and stopped, doing a double take, "Listen, I'll meet you OK?"

"Sure," Carol smiled. "I'll see you later." Julie took a deep breath and walked over to a tree.

"It's you," She whispered.

"Yeah," He smiled. "It's me."

A lovestruck Romeo sings the streets a serenade
Laying everybody low with a lovesong that he made
Finds a convenient streetlight steps out of the shade
Says something like you and me babe how about it?

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