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I stood on the sidewalk, impatiently tapping my foot to the same rhythm as the cars that flashed past continuously. I felt like everything was moving in slow motion, that all the cars were speeding up, just to get in front of me and then slowing down as they drove past me. I starred hopelessly at the stoplight, willing it to change red. The ground was so icy that I didn't stand a prayer crossing the road at any speed more then the sluggish one that I had been moving at the whole time from the library to the grocery store. Now I was seriously wishing I had just drove there as my body temperature dropped a few degrees. I sighed out my impatience as the stoplight took its sweet time going from green to yellow, where it delayed and blinked a free times to warn the sliming crowd of cars.

Thwack! I groaned, just my luck. All of the books I'd been carrying, all six to be exact, slipped from my hands and scattered all around me. How I wished that Edward was with me right now. He would have been able to get us across faster then I was able to. In fact, he could get me across so fast that no other human would see it happen. I sighed, bending down to pick up the books. Edward had to go on his hunting trips, no matter how much it hurt me to say so. No matter how much the times without him hurt me, brought back the abandonment dreams and bottomless pit feelings, I'd be tough and tell him to get out there and have fun.

It took longer for me to gather up my books then most people would have taken, I slipped and landed on my butt once, the books flying out of my hands again. I cussed and gathered them up a second time. The stoplight was red now and the few cars were stopped as cars from the other direction sped by. I began moving at a pace that would make snails feel fast as I realized that the stoplight was turning yellow for the other cars. That hardly seemed fair, it had taken ages for this one to change . . . I dropped my books, right. My skin flushed with frustration as I slid forward, trying my hardest not to slip and fall when the light turned green. Horns honked impatiently at me and I gave up on walking slowly and tried to walk at a normal pace.

I had taken three normal sized steps and suddenly the ground was gone beneath my feet, I felt as if I was flying in midair, floating on my back as if I was floating on water. I saw my life, ever since I'd moved to Forks and it had really started that is, flash before my eyes. Then it all turned black.