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I stood at the curb tapping my foot impatiently, my arms crossed tightly across my chest trying to hold in what little heat hadn't yet escaped into the rain. In my haste I'd forgotten my rain jacket and I now regretted my carelessness, but there was no way I was going to risk going back inside to get it. Alice– judging by my memory on how the Cullens drive– would be here in seconds. I only hoped that that would be fast enough.

I slowly detached my hands from the death grip they had on my sides and stretched them forward, welcoming the cold rain onto the palms of my hands. I slowly rose my arms from in front of me to over my head. I paused, letting the rain engulf what was left dry on my sleeves. I shivered but didn't move my arms. I gradually tilted my head back so that I could keep my eyes open without getting a bucket of water poured into them. It was beautiful. The sky was full of purplish clouds and crystal, tennis balls came splashing down onto me. It felt absolutely indescribable how great it was to look up and remember everything. Especially that part that I loved it here.

I felt my body beginning send shivers racking through my body as the rain quickly soaked me to the bone. I wasn't going to put my arms down, to let go of this beautiful feeling of memory with a giant bubble clouding up my mid-section. Besides, after what I'd done, how many people I'd hurt, I deserved a little pain myself. After what I'd put Edward through.

The sound of an engine running at a speed that was far too fast for this road broke me out of my reverie. I lowered my arms and wrapped them around my chest as a shiny, silver Volvo pulled against the curb in front of me, the passengers side facing me. I recognized this car, Edward's car! I beamed proudly. My memory really was he to stay. The door swung open.

"Get in!" A luring soprano voice sang angrily from inside the car. The voice sounded like a finely tuned flute playing an angry part in a song. I smiled as I recognized who was speaking to me.

"Alice!" I crooned happily, leaping– or falling– into the seat. I hoped Edward wouldn't mind that I was getting the car seat wet. I looked up at Alice as I pulled the door close. "He won't mind . . ." I voiced, letting my voice fade as she threw me an exasperated look.

"Of all the things to worry about right now!" She snapped, turning her head back to the front. I couldn't tell if she was really watching the road or just using it as an excuse not to look at me.

I sighed. "Alice, where is he?" I asked, trying my hardest to reign in a state of authority and calmness in my voice. All I could manage was to keep the desperate plead from overriding everything else. She inhaled deeply, a thing that I knew she didn't need to do. Oh no. Did he change his mind? Did he go with the decision of . . . no I wouldn't, couldn't, allow myself to think that. To even consider that.

"He's at the meadow." she responded slowly through clenched teeth as her eyes glazed over. I waited as patiently as I could for her to finish whatever she was seeing. I needed to know why this was such a bad thing.

"He's doing it some serious damage," she explained as her eyes regained their focus on the road in front of her. Her teeth unclenched and she continued. "We have a grand total of roughly ten minutes before he books it. He knows I'll have seen him by now and he wants to be clear of here before I come looking for him." Her head whipped to face me so fast there was no motion. "I can only take you so far Bella. Once he hears me he's out."

I nodded after each syllable, slowly letting the words register to my newly recovered mind. I felt something chewing at my heart. How could I have done this to Edward? How could I have doubted him! Well, okay if I hadn't remembered him and I'd been told he was my boyfriend I would never believe that. But Charlie, Carlisle, Esme! Why didn't they tell me?! Did they really dislike us together that much that they wouldn't tell us that we were meant to be together? I couldn't focus too hard on that, something about what Alice said was bothering me.

"Where's he going, Alice?" I demanded quietly, not quite positive I wanted to know. I looked over to Alice when she didn't respond. She kept her face forward and expressionless.

"He's a little prone to overreacting." She whispered in response. I started hyperventilating.

"He, no he wouldn't!" I felt like I should have been screaming in outrage but I could manage no more then a weak plead. I fell forward and slammed my head into my knees as breathing became a hassle.

"Bella!" Alice exclaimed as I dropped my head to my knees. A cold hand reached over and gently rattled my shoulder. My teeth shook, but I failed to move. "Bella, we can stop him. Don't worry, please."

My head snapped up and I narrowed my eyes at her. "You're telling me not to worry when Edward is going to destroy our meadow and then possibly kill himself because of what I did!" I snapped, my voice breaking over into hysterics. I raised my eyebrows expectantly, daring her to tell me yes.

Alice sighed and inhaled deeply as the car jolted to a stop. She leapt out without a word and was over at my door in an instant, throwing it open. "Come on." she demanded holding out her arms for me. I would have protested, but I knew how little time we had. I slid out of my seat and into her hard, cold arms without a word. She broke into a sprint into the woods I knew so well.

"I'm taking you about half a mile away." she informed me as the trees flashed by. I would never have guessed we were running if it wasn't for the breeze that brushed my air away from my face. I remembered that this was how it had always been, that I'd once been scared of this. "He can hear me though, but he's in no condition to move right away." I winced at the sound of how much pain I'd put him in. I would never forgive myself. "Can you please try to run there and not trip. Bella, do you think you can do that?"

I groaned quietly to myself. I hated how I was such a klutz and most likely was going to end up tripping over some pebble. I took a deep breath and nodded, trying to muster up some confidence. "I'll try." I whispered.

She nodded as her eyes glazed over and she started to slow to a walk. "You should get there fine, if you just go straight." she informed me as she placed me upright. "Edward's so undecided, I can't tell you much about what he's going to do." Her eyes refocused and she looked down at me, her eyes anxious. "Well go!"

I instantly took off, nodding slightly as I started to run in the direction she'd pointed me in. I felt like I was racing against some time bomb that was edging just seconds away from exploding and killing not only me, but someone who's life was just so much more important. I was well aware of the roots and leaves and small growth that was surrounding my feet like a mime field and I was shocked that I wasn't so much as tripping over them as I sprinted at a speed I'd never ran before. I was breathless, my lungs burning as they longed for air, but I wasn't stopping. I wasn't allowing the tiredness in my legs to grow noticeable, all I was paying attention to was the gray light that I could see in front of me. It drew closer as my feet sped me towards the clearing.

A loud crash echoed through the trees, receding from the clearing in front of me. I winced, remembering how Alice said he was doing some serious damage to our meadow. I continued to sprint, throwing the green growth aside as I made my way towards the source of the noise, the light and Edward. I knew that the noise was all because of the pain I'd caused him. I was never going to forgive myself.

I burst through the final trees . . . and ducked! A tree twice the size of me was flung over my head to where I'd just broken through. I couldn't get up, I was breathing too hard, my lungs on fire and my legs numb from overexertion. I looked up pathetically to locate the man that had just thrown the tree at me and met the black eyes of someone who I hadn't seen in too long a time.

"Edward!" I cried weakly, my whisper barely audible. No one else could have heard it, of course Edward did. He paused, a tree above his head. He looked at me, his eyes widening and his eyebrows rising in disbelief. He dropped the tree to his side and froze, indecision in his eyes. He took a step towards me and I would have closed the distance myself had I been able to move. He paused again and looked around, I allowed my eyes to wander too.

The meadow was completely destroyed. All the wildflowers were unearthed and there was only dirt in the spots where they'd once been. All the trees that had surrounded the meadow in a perfect circle were torn from the ground and thrown around random places in the meadow, some had even been thrown at other trees and caused them to fall into the meadow. I doubted that, even if it wasn't pouring out, that I'd be able to even hear the brook anymore. This had once been so beautiful, now it was a mere reflection of Edward's pain. I looked down in shame. It stung.

Suddenly a growl was emitted from Edward, I looked up in surprise. He had conflict raging in his eyes and he looked down at me with the same disbelief as before. He stood one more minute before he turned and squatted like he was ready to take off in the fastest sprint he'd ever run. Did he not believe it was really me?

"Edward, no!" I yelled as loudly as I could. I didn't hesitate when he did, I began rambling everything I remembered that would prove that I remembered. "You're a vampire, so is Alice and Jasper and Carlisle and Emmett and Rosalie and Esme." I said the first thing I could think of. Edward straightened up but did not turn, so I continued. "You read minds, and Alice, she can see the future. Jasper can control people's emotions." He still didn't turn around so I kept to my rambling. "Your last name was Masen and you had green eyes before you were changed when you were seventeen." I sighed in relief as he slowly turned now. He looked at me, his eyes still echoing disbelief. "I came to Forks because I didn't want to keep Renee from Phil and I hated it here. . . until I met you."

Edward's eyes softened a little, along with the rest of his expression. He took a small step towards me and then stopped. I could still see the conflict in his eyes that were battling on whether I was really here or not. I gulped and worked to locate some authority along with my voice.

"And I love you Edward Cullen."

It happened so fast I'm not sure I couldn't recall any movement that occurred before I was resting in the cold stone arms of the vampire that I loved. He raised me from the ground and pulled me into his chest, his face exploding with emotion, the kind of emotion that had been locked away in my bubble. I'm sure that if he could cry then he would be, I was. He held me so close that I was only inches away from his beautiful face. I stared into his black eyes, feeling worse then before.

"I'm so sorry Edward." I whispered. He raised a finger to delicately wipe away a tear that had escaped my eye. That only made them come faster and I fought back the sobs that threatened to overtake my body. I didn't need to cry right now, I needed to apologize, to make up for how I managed to forget the one thing that mattered. The tears came out as fast as the rain now, Edward bent his head and kissed them away.

"Don't cry love." he crooned gently, pulling back a little to look me full in the face. "You're back now, that's all that matters." He placed his lips on mine and I realized how much I had truly missed him. I allowed my lips to form to his and felt my willpower melt away as I threw my arms around his neck, preparing to never let go again. My heart sped up, my lungs burned for oxygen, almost as if I were running again. He chuckled against my lips and pulled back.

"And I promise you I'm never leaving you again." I vowed, my whisper full of authority. I looked him full in the eyes, for once holding my own in the battle of who could melt the others will simply by looking into their eyes. Edward always won. A breathtaking smile spread across his face and he pressed his lips to mine yet again.

He pulled away and his smile grew.


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