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To say that Petunia Dursley was disturbed by the child who looked at her with need was an understatement. The woman was downright terrified. She did not want her nephew here at all, and to find him and the letter, scared her more than she would care to admit. Vernon wanted to ignore it, but knowing of her sister and her freakish ways...

Well, Vernon left for work in a bit of a temper and most likely would be coming back in a mood; a mood that could potentially hurt this little boy in such a way that could leave her alone and her husband in jail. She couldn't have that, but the letter insists that it must be Evans blood to make the little boy, not mention her and her family, safe from those who would seek vengeance.

That's when it hit her.

Running to the phone, she first made a call to Vernon. He was already in a temper, but when his wife told him what she intended to do, it lightened his mood considerably. He was willing to tolerate the child for however long it took the other man to get there and collect the boy.

Once she had gotten off the phone, the woman called the operator...

"Long distance please."

Hold on...

Waiting a couple of minutes, Petunia was rewarded by the voice of another.

How can I help you?

"I need to make an international call."


Jack Burton was stunned as he disconnected the call from his cousin Petunia. It was lucky that he had given her and Lily Grace's number last time he had seen them both. His lawyer girlfriend had been able to track him down on one of his many truck routes that he did to earn extra money.

He didn't mind how she always wanted to try and save more Chinese girls from being used as slaves. It was how they kind of met anyway, right before the incident with the cursed Chinese Wizard/Sorcerer Lo Pan.

Killing the wizard and saving her, and his best friend's wife Miao Yin, was not easy. Killing his three main minions was a feat in itself too. But both women were apparently part of a prophecy that had the potential to bring that man back from his inhuman life.

Luckily, Wang Chi, Jack's buddy, had asked him in desperation to help save her. And according to Egg Shen, the old fart who still asked him time to time to help him with something or other, Jack was lucky too.

That was how he got involved with helping the old man. Egg Shen had hinted that Jack had a part to play in something else as well, involving another wizard who is very much like Lo Pan, but he had yet to show his face.

Either way, it was bringing Jack into contact with the Far Eastern magical world, and hence he had more money and a few more conveniences for his truck and for Gracie. She and Wang Chi owned a restaurant together that had become a safe haven for magical users, and after getting a law degree, Gracie even found more work to so that she kept occupied during the weeks he was away.

To hear Lily was a western version of the Lo Pan incident, dead along with her husband and leaving their one year old son, and Petunia wanting Jack to take the child...well, that was different.

Ashamed to call this woman his relative at the moment, Jack told Petunia he would get back to her as soon as he spoke to Gracie and the others back in Chinatown. Until then, the woman agreed to keep the little boy and await Jack's call.


Gracie nodded her head as she listened to Jack speak. Gracie was grateful that he had returned to her and the others after he had left not too long ago. Things between them had only gotten better.

Sure he could still be a boorish moronic idiot at times and make her so mad, but other times, his odd sayings and his strong heart would make her love him even more.

He had grown in spirit and in strength, making her love him even more.

As Gracie repeated the words to the others who would be involved in this, she smiled at Egg Shen's thoughtful look. She knew he was thinking how interesting it would be to teach a western-born baby the magic of the east as he grew. Gracie also knew the elderly Chinese man would be a good babysitter for when she worked.

Wang Chi and Miao Yin already have their hands full with their son Takedo, who, based on what they understand, is a year older at the most than Jack's little relative who needs a home.

There were many people here who could help a baby boy who had lost his parents to have a normal and happy life...well, as normal as it gets around Chinatown anyway.

"Jack if you don't call her back and tell her right now, then I am finding the first flight out to collect your baby cousin..."

Are you and the others sure, Gracie?

"Of course we are Jack!" Wang Chi exclaimed loudly as he was greeting people coming in to eat at that moment. "I still owe you for saving Miau Yin!"

All right, I will let Petunia know, you have the number right? Jack replied as he chuckled. His further response was something that made the others laugh as Gracie groans.



I will let her know to expect a call from you concerning your arrival and what time you can expect to come and get him.

"All right..."

And Gracie? I love you.

"I love you to Jack." She replied as she also said her goodbyes. Her own emerald eyes flashed with love at the thought of the dark haired man who had won her heart. Despite his brashness, and bad lines when they first met, he was courageous and would not quit helping others out.

After all, he helped Egg Shen hold everyone together that day in Lo Pan's palace.


A week later


Wang Chi had been thoughtful and mentioned the fact that his family's kin, the Changs, live somewhere north of Surrey. Considering it would be easier on the pocketbook, Gracie met with them and their daughter, a two- going on three-year-old named Cho, before going to the Dursley's.

Adorable to a tee, Cho was a curious and yet smart bundle as she quizzed Gracie on what she had brought with her. When the family met Gracie at the airport, they seemed to be a little bit odd - staring at things with wide eyed wonder...but it mattered not, with them she had a place to stay for a few days while she went and retrieved Jack's cousin.

While out and about, Gracie came across a toy store, and bought some toys to help Jack's little relative grow accustomed to his new situation. Among them was a toy stuffed dog that she found absolutely adorable and a little push truck.

Upon arrival, she had contacted the Dursley's, but instead of reaching Petunia, Gracie reached Petunia's husband. That vile man's air of superiority made her skin crawl, and his complaints about her being a bloody Yank didn't help either. As Gracie tried to resist the urge to deck something, Petunia came on the line and promptly gave Gracie directions to her home.

Arriving in a simple rental car, Gracie gathered her wits and the simple toy dog in her hand and approached the door with caution. After knocking a few times, the door was opened by an extremely rotund man, who made her sick with his leering gaze.

"Can I speak to Petunia Dursley please? Her cousin Jack asked me to come and get Harry and take him back to the states with us."

The man's face turned a dark purple as he yelled rather loudly, "Petunia Darling, they're here about the freak!"

An outraged look crossed Gracie's features at the man's rudeness. She was soon greeted by Petunia Dursley. Tall and blonde, Petunia was as supernaturally thin as her husband was fat. Petunia shoved a basket of things, including a single stuffed animal, toward Gracie at the same time she was roughly pulling a little boy from behind her.

"Here, take him! We want nothing to do with him." Petunia stated as she all but pushed the little boy into Gracie, who bent down quickly to keep him from falling down the short steps. Gracie's eyes blazed angrily in rage at the treatment of the child. Gently she bent down to find a crying little boy with raven black hair and dark green eyes that shine.

"There, there..."

Placing the toy dog momentarily in the basket, Gracie glares with pure anger as she sees the obvious bruises on the little boy's tender skin. Wanting to simply get him out of there, she picks him up carefully cringing a bit at his cries. With the basket in hand, Gracie gently carried Harry to the rental car, which included a child safety seat that the rental company had been thoughtful enough to provide for her.

Settling Harry in his safety seat, Gracie noted that, while he was no longer crying, he still continued to sniffle and seemed confused and upset at the strange woman who was not his mummy. As the basket came from behind her, his eyes lit up at the two toys he saw within.


Startled by his outburst, Gracie was confused for a moment at the gestures he was making. Realizing he was attempting to reach for the stuffed toys, Gracie handed them to him. Gracie could not help but smile as he grinned at the toys.

"T'nk yu"

Smiling, she ruffled his hair noting with confusion at the scar upon his forehead. "You are most welcome Harry. My name is Gracie."


Seeing his attempts to say her name, Gracie got down on her knees outside the open car door. Harry looked at her in puzzlement from his place in the safety seat. "How would you like to come home with me, Harry?"

"H'me? Mummy? Da-da?"

A sad look crossed Gracie's face. Jack had told her that, according to Petunia, Harry's parents were murdered by someone very much like Lo Pan. "No sweetheart." She said softly. "They're gone to a better place..."

Somehow, despite not even being two years old, Harry understood the gentle words and hugged the two toys tightly. Gracie can tell that he understands. "Let's go home to your cousin Jack. For as he always claims he says little one, home is where the heart is. And my home is next door to your soon to be Uncle Wang Chi and Aunt Miao Yin."

Closing the door and driving away, Gracie does not notice the two relieved faces peering at her from a haze of wind. Both barely transparent, James and Lily Potter gave a sigh of pure happiness...Harry was safe.