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But yet as Sirius looks at him, the blonde teen can not help but think about
it. Being as smart as he is, he should be at the head of the class for his
year. Yet that Granger girl was...

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Chapter 32

Two Meetings 2

Having followed the black haired man who was his second cousin through his mother, and not to mention the head of her side of the family, Draco knew he had to be on his best behavior. Sirius Black could do a lot of things to him right now and no one would care, because of the time he had spent in Azkaban.

The Ministry and others would definitely not want to put him back in there, as according to his father. They had been literally swamped with the hundreds of howlers from papers and people all over the world. The man had sat in the infamous jail for nearly 11 years.

The fact that he was sane at all was still the talk of many wizards even now.

Arriving now at the quidditch pitch which was thankfully empty, the blonde sat next to him as they overlooked the field. Silence being shared between them for a few minutes, it was finally broken when Draco spoke up.


A curious expression passing through the older man's features for a second, he realizes what the blonde youth was referring to and Sirius can not help but smile. "I don't really know kid. But from Remus and even Harry tell me. Essentially your father is having doubts now that his former Master is going to win. Especially if it involves Egg Shen and the Chang Sings. "

"But how...Harry hasn't done anything to cause my dad any doubt and neither have those...people."

"Maybe that's why." Sirius said quietly. "Those people defeated a wizard Draco. A wizard who had succeeded for 1000 years in what Voldemort wants to do."

"What? How come we never heard of it?"

"Probably for a variety of reasons." Sirius replied. "But to answer your question, Draco, it is probably because they were muggles. Not much of what happened made the Prophet, probably because the Ministry didn't want it to knowing that idiot Fudge. After all it would cause panic if people knew what a muggle could do. He probably didn't want the harassment of having to explain what happened unlike the Americans."

"The Americans know?"

"Happened in their turf Draco." Sirius stated simply. "Chinatown, apparently took out a lot of buildings when LoPan died, the power release was incredibly phenomenal." Shivering in rememberance of the power Egg Shen and his stones was holding back. Even now despite having met Jack, Wang Chi, and the others, a part of him still finds it hard to believe they defeated this man.

The blonde's eyes widening, he looks doubtful at Sirius who was deep in thought. When the older man met his eyes, the black haired wizard just laughed in amusement. "Cousin, don't underestimate the muggles because they can not do magic. Ask any muggleborn, about the atomic bomb... Because since they invented that, they may not be as quick on the draw as we wizards are. But then they don't need to be. They have weapons that can knock out whole cities in one shot. And we won't know they are coming until it is too late."

"That can't be true! I mean surely someone would have done something."

"Draco..." Sirius sighed as he muttered a few things that sounded like he was talking about sounding like someone named Remus. "Draco... Think about it. Before now, how sure are you that your magic was better then anything a muggle can do?"

Startled by the question, Draco is about to answer when he realizes what Sirius was stating. That their belief that his family and the families of many of his friends, was so sure that they were better then the muggles and muggleborns, was a part of their nature.

Their heritage!

But yet as Sirius looks at him, the blonde teen can not help but think about it. Being as smart as he is, he should be at the head of the class for his year. Yet that Ravenclaw Patil girl was...

He should be more powerful then Harry because he was a pure blood and yet...

Harry is more so and he was a half blood!

Maybe...shaking his head as he tried to clear the doubts from his mind, the blonde teen couldn't help but sigh as nothing happened to clear it. Checking everything he knew from the way he was raised since...well since as far back as he can remember. The blonde now understood what the man was speaking about.

"I see....I see what you are saying."

"Your father I think has finally seen the light as well." Sirius reluctantly admitted. "When we met to discuss things with him Draco, he never noticed how Akiko and Dewu blended with the shadows. I could tell Lucius was surprised they were there when they appeared. They could have taken him out at any time, and they did not. If they and the other Chang Sings were to enter the war with Egg Shen, they would not choose any side but one."

"Harry's..." Draco whispered.

"Indeed they would." Sirius replied. "They all love and care for Harry and his family. For you see without Harry's parents as well as Wang Chi and his wife Miao Yin. If Voldemort is stupid enough to try and get to Harry through them... He would be in for a rude awakening."

Telling him what was shared by Harry and the others in Chinatown, concerning the prophecy that involved both green eyed women and the men who fell in love with them. The blonde listening intently, he also learned more of the skills of the Chang Sings, the feisty and yet strange and wise power of Egg Shen who was teaching Harry everything he knew.

When done, the blonde was silent, his gray eyes thoughtful and deep... "So...why come to you guys then. Why not the Headmaster?"

Chuckling, Sirius smiled. "I honestly don't know, but I think it's because of Egg Shen. The old man not only did something to your Dad in the Great Hall the other day Draco. But if you think about it was he who had hidden Harry from the Wizarding world for 11 years. Dumbledore could not find him... Voldemort, your father and none of the others could find him." The man replied with amusement. "Perhaps he feels that with us, you will be safer Draco. Even now by speaking with us, you know it will be an automatic death sentence for him and your mother, should he be found out."

"Then we have to do something to protect them!"

Sighing Sirius shook his head. "Harry said the same thing when we told him what Lucius asked of us. But Remus made a valid point Draco. Would you be really willing to risk all that your father is trying to do to protect you? You and I both know that if he and your mother both try to go now, the Dark Lord and others will kill them. Give them one less worry Draco..."

That said, the blonde and the former convict were pounced upon by an irate Harry who looked at Sirius with a purpose. The teen looking at Draco with a grin for a split second, the features turned back to the scowl they were before. "We are going to London and we are going shopping Uncle Padfoot." The 13 year old stated with a determined look. Li Lei just wrapped around his neck like a choker, the snake was hissing in amusement at the situation.

"We are?"

"Yes we are...it's a sacrilege I tell you! I mean it's Michael Jackson! Who has not heard of Beat it! Billie Jean! Bad! Heck what person in their right mind has not heard of THILLER!"

Puzzlement on the features of both the blonde and the older man, the dark haired teen looked at them both of them and scowled as he realized neither his godfather nor his friend like the others know who he is talking about. Grabbing onto the black haired man and starts pulling him down, the blonde finds himself scrambling to catch up as they head for the main gates.


Said teen puzzled, he pauses and turns for a moment to stare as said youth with a curious expression. "What?"

Thinking of Sirius's words from before and of what his father had sent him in the letter. Draco finally knew what he must do. "Can I...can I come with you?"

Looking at one another for but a moment, the two smiled and nodded their head. "You have to learn that not all muggles are bad anyhow." Harry chirped. "I mean seriously some of the beliefs that you guys have over them being less then you. Is kind of messed up don't you think?"

"I don't know...I've never thought anything else but that. But yet...Sirius telling me things...is it true. Can they really abolish whole cities?"

The black haired teen looking away quietly, he nodded his head. "Yeah it's true. Heh, perhaps while we are out, we should take you to the Natural History museum. But then that might bore him to tears."


"Well it's true!" Harry quipped as he looked at his Godfather. "Uncle Moony says repeatedly that when it came to learning things, you kind of had this one ear and out the other mentality."

The Black head looking insulted at the mere thought of it, he couldn't help as moments later he chuckled. "Yeah well I've changed since then! I mean I do have to be smart some time."

"Some time?"

Taking a playful swat at his godson who ducked, the two ran for a few moments. Lighting the mood considerably, it was once again though doused as Draco looks up thoughtful. The normally proud Slytherin who knew what he only needed to at that time was lost and confused.


"So you can see the images for yourself." Harry replied quietly as he tilted his head. "Just because I or anyone else says something, doesn't necessarily mean it is true."

Those words surprised Draco, the blonde found Harry latching onto his arm before he could even blink. Said youth glaring at his Godfather to balk at what he wanted, the Black head just sighed in irritation.

"You know you guys are lucky it's the holidays." He muttered as he got out a mirror. The older man saying something for a moment, Draco and Harry both were startled as Professor Lupin emerges. "Remus, it seems I am taking Harry and Draco Malfoy to do some shopping London. Let Snape know his godson is with me."

Chuckling the man nodded his head in amusement. "Surprised to hear about Draco but not about Harry... Just who is Michael Jackson?"

Harry was grumbling about sacrilege and the not concerning the knowledge of said individual as he overheard the comment. Remus chuckling, Sirius couldn't help but smile in amusement as he closed the connection.

Linking arms, the older man concentrated as they stepped outside the wards and vanished.

As they vanished, neither of noticed the angry visage of a dark haired girl who had been watching them. Unable to hear what was being talked about thanks to the snake wrapped around that blasted golden boy's neck. Pansy did what she could to follow Draco and the man who was his cousin as well as the would be Gryffindor's godfather.

Despite the hat not sorting him, he might as well have been a no good lion with as much as he hangs around them.

But to have the nerve to seduce her Draco away from the proper path....she won't stand for it!

Flouncing away, the determined girl went to go and right a letter to her Daddy. Surely he would come up with something to keep the blonde with the right person. Mainly her...