The Princess of Las Noches

By Belletiber Bt


Summary: What if Ichigo was born as a girl? What if she was taken away by Aizen's men when she was a baby and raised up as his daughter the princess of Las noches? Au. Fem!Ichigo.


Isshin felt he was the luckiest man in the world. Beside of having a beautiful and a wonderful wife, he has now a beautiful baby daughter. She was just as beautiful as her mother. Masaki couldn't help, but smiling at the goofy way that Isshin was looking at their first born baby.

"Waah Masaki, we really have so pretty daughter, she has everything on you, your face, you nose, your eyes and especially your beautiful smile." Grimmied Isshim goofily. Masaki couldn't help, but giggling at his silly act as Isshin returned the baby to the mother's arm.

"Ah dear, I think our little Ichigo has more your face than mine." Said Masaki smiling.

"Really?" asked Isshin , with his eyes shining like a child in the Christmas morning. Masaki nooded to him as she stared to breast-feed her first born.

"Yes," said Masaki in a sweet tune in her voice . "The first daughters always look more than their fathers than their mothers. I am sure she will have your energy as well."

Isshin had a big smile in his face. He was happy to hear that from his wife. Then, he heard someone knocking the door. The door opened and it revealed it was Urahara. Urahara was holding a package in his hand and he had a big smile in his face.

"Good evening, Masaki-san, Isshin –kun." Then, he looked at little Ichigo as Masaki just finished feeding her. "Ah, that would be our little Ichigo Hime-chan, right? Is she kawai!"

Urahara smiled when the baby looked at him with curious eyes. The blond man just grimed as he took Ichigo in his arms. He opened the package and it was revealed to be a plushie- a plushie of himself. Masaki sweet dropped at Urahara's present.

"Just a thing that will make her remember who's her best godfather." Said Urahara smiling as the Nurse come in the room.

"Sorry but the visitors hours are over. And I have to take this little one back to the nursery."

"Wahh, but already?" whinnied both Urahara and Isshin. The nurse just glared both at the childish attitude. She took the baby from Urahara's arm and told him he can visit them tomorrow. Urahara nodded as he said goodbye to the kurosaki couple.


It was already late of night. Except for a few doctors and nurses, everyone in the maternity wing was sleeping.

There was a shadow looking at the newborns through the window of the nursery. The shadow was looking at each infant. The shadow was looking at the potential child for his master. Then, his eyes focused on a newborn girl, with orange hair and with the name of Kurozaki in her crib. He already found the one that his masker seeks.

He entered in the nursery and he gently picked the child in his arms. He could feel the child's spirit energy; it was high than any normal newborn could have. He had no doubts that his master will be happy with his choice.

"W-Who are you?"

The shadow turned around and he saw the nurse. The nurse looked very nervous. The shadow was surprised that nurse could see him because most of the humans can't see him. Before the nurse could do anything, the shadow drew out his sword and stabbed the nurse's heart. The shadow left the hospital, leaving the nurse's corpse behind.


In another place, there was a main sitting in a throne as he was waiting for his subordinate's return.

"Aizen-sama." An emotionless voice called him out.

The shadow figure was revealed to be a young man with green eyes, very paled skin with two lines in his check. He had a raven jet-hair, with a half that looked a helmet in his head. And he was dressed all white.

"Here is the child you asked for. This one has a high level of spirit energy."

The man named Aizen got closer to his subordinate and he took the infant to his arm. He smirked as he also felt the baby's energy. She was perfet.

"You choose a good one, Ulquiorra." Said Aizen.

"May I ask why you wanted I took a newborn with high level spirit energy, sir?" asked Ulquiorra.

"That's simple," Aizen Smirked. "I need an heir, and I wanted an especial child to be my heir."

Aizen looked at the sleeping child in his arms. Then, he released there was a golden chain with a medal around the child's beck. Aizen checked the medal and saw something written in it.

"Ichigo, hum? Well I guess I can keep that name. You will be the princess of Las Noches. My daughter and my heir.

To be contined.

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