Princess of Las Noches

Chapter 11- The Miracle

Almost 8 months since the great battle in Karakura Town and things were returning to normal. But some scars were too deep to heal. Mizuho moved away, since staying in Karakura is too painful for her because everything in there reminded her Keigo. She knew her brother is alive as a vampire, but she would never see him again since he was sucked into Makai. Ikkaku can't really blame her. Tatsuki decide to train with Shinji and the others to use better all her hollow abilities, and make sure not loose the control. Urahara and Isshin were still sad for having Ichigo being taken away again when they were so close to her.

It was already December, at Karakura town is snowing softly. Urahara was staring at the window from his shop. With the snow coming, that meant the Christmas was coming. He sighted softly.

"Are you still thinking about her?"

Urahara turned around and saw Yoruichi in there. He smiled softly as he walked towards to the living room. "You know me very well, Yoruichi-san." Urahara opened a closed as he got a plushie of himself from it. He looked at the plushie softly as he continued; "You know, after we found Ichigo I thought I could finally give her this plushie and say 'I am your godfather, Ichigo. And that's my first present for you.' But there's a fact I have to come to accept."

Yoruichi just looked at him softly. She knew what fact he was talking about. But she still has to ask him. "And what is it?"

"Ichigo will always see that bastard Aizen as her father. And she will only see Isshin and Masaki as strangers. I just…." Then, Urahara held the plushie closer to him. "…I just want give the Kurosaki their little girl back. The place where she belongs. Am I that selfish?"

"No, you're not." Yoruichi said.


At Las Noches, Ichigo was sleeping in her bed. Months passed and Ichigo's belly had become bigger with the pregnancy. Stark was staring at Ichigo sleeping before sighing heavily and closing the door of her room. Thought Ichigo was showing to be strong outside, Stark knew his little sister was depressed and alone inside. Beside him was Halibel the 3rd Espada.

"How is she?" She asked.

"She's sleeping now." Stark said as he and the female Espada were walking down to the corridor. "But I still worried about her, Halibel."

"I know same here."

Eight months had passed, though the loss of Aizen, Tousen, Gin and the most of Arrancar, the things in the palace of Las Noches were returning to normal. Ichigo showed to be strong for their sake, even returning the Shinigami at Menos Forest to Soul society to avoid more problems in there. Even Ichigo's best friends; Apache, Sun-Sun and Mila-Rose had noticed Ichigo's changes and that made them worried about her.

"Don't you think we better returning her to her family?" Stark asked suddenly.

Halibel stopped as she looked at the 1st Espada. Stark saw anger in the eyes of the only female Espada. After all, Halibel was a mother to Ichigo, just like Stark was a brother to the princess.

"We are her family." Halibel said in a calm voice, but anger was showed in her eyes.

"I know, but I mean giving her to her biologic family." Stark said as he continued. "Remember, Ulquiorra stole her from her real family by Aizen's orders. I never agreed with stealing a child from a family. Neither did Tousen. But both of us become too much attracted as we all raised her up. I know you got attracted to her too, after all you were used as a wet-nurse to feed Ichigo-chan and becoming her mother figure."

Halibel said nothing, but every thing Stark had said was true. The ones who were close to Ichigo, were the ones who got too attracted to her. Unlike Aizen, Ichigo always treated them as a part of the family and not as tools. Because of her caring and love for them, some Arrancar were only loyal to Ichigo. Halibel was loyal to Aizen and Ichigo, but she viewed Ichigo more like a daughter than her mistress.

"I just want Ichigo be happy again, that's all." Halibel said to Stark.

"I know, Halibel. Me too."

As they walked down to the corridor, both the 1st and the 3rd Espada never had noticed Ichigo was in the doorway, and listening to everything they said.


At the Soul Society, Yamamoto was seeing the snowing falling in his garden. Ever since the defeat of Tiamat by that girl, the elder Shinigami had to think a lot. Because of his pride had blind him for many years, he never noticed he had hurt the people he cared about, even his most precious students Ukitake Jushiro and Kyoraku Shunsui who treated them like his own sons. And because of finding out he was a half-breed, Sajin Komamura left Seireitei for a journey of self-knowledge, which the elder Shinigami couldn't blame.

"Still awake, sensei?"

Yamamoto turned around and he saw Ukitake. Ukitake sat beside of his old teacher as they watch together the snow falling in the garden.

"Any news from Komamura-kun?" Ukitake asked to his older teacher.

"I got his letter a few days ago. He's staying with a family somewhere in Rukongai before returning from his journey. I could feel he's a bit happy with them." Yamamoto said as he drank some green tea. He looked at his student with curious eyes. "It seems you're very healthy, Jushiro. It's rare to see you out of the bed in this time of season."

"I know." Ukitake smiled softly. "Somehow that girl's healing power not only healed my wounds, but also my tuberculoses. I am not coughing blood anymore and I finally can do my duties as a captain. I want thank her for saving my life."

Yamamoto said nothing. But he also wanted to thank Ichigo for saving them all, and also for opening his eyes. He just hoped he could have an opportunity to talk to her.


Back to Las Noches, Ilforte was humming as he was bringing a tray of food for Ichigo. Ever since the deaths of Aizen, Gin, Tousen, Grimmjow and most of the Arrancar, Ilforte took the responsibility to keep a close eye on Ichigo, especially in her condition. The blonde knocked Ichigo's door.

"Ichigo- sama, I bought your food." Ilforte said as he entered to her bed chambers. When he entered in her bedchambers, there was no sight of Ichigo. "Ichigo-sama?" Ilforte looked a little confused before he saw a letter in her bed. The blond Arranacar picked the letter and read it.

I went to the human world to think. Please don't go after me. I will be alright.

"Ah man! Stark and Halibel will not like this, not a bit!"


Ichigo walked around of the streets of Karakura. She saw the kids playing snowball fights. She smiled softly at them. She saw the entire city prepared for the Christmas season. She had studied about Christmas; it was the time of the year where family got together. She really liked the holiday because she felt such harmony in there. Even the hollows around the city seemed to be affected by the holiday. Ichigo saw a woman with her 5 year old child. The child was holding her hand with her mother as they walked down to the street. Ichigo looked at them a little bit sad as she looked her pregnant belly. Would she be a good mother?


Ichigo was sitting in a cafe shop. It was warn in there. She was drinking a warm cup of tea. She smiled softly as she remembered the times when she and Aizen drank tea and eating some cookies at the tea time. It was one of the rare moments where they stayed together and talk about how their day was. Ichigo hoped to give to her child the same good moments that Aizen gave her in her childhood. Ichigo blinked when the waitress placed a piece of cake on her table. She didn't order that. The waitress smiled at her.

"Miss, this cake was the offer from that gentleman on the table over there." Said the waitress as she appointed who was the gentleman. Ichigo's eyes widened in surprise when she saw it was Urahara. "He asked if you're up for a little chat with him."

Ichigo got up from her table with the cake and tea cup as she went where Urahara was. The shop owner smiled at the young girl as he was surprised to see Ichigo was pregnant. He wondered if the child's father is that blue haired Arrancar.

"How did you know I was here?" Ichigo asked

"Well…" Urahara stared as he removed his hat. "I felt your reiatsu and here I am. I am surprised to see you here, after what happened. I take it you already know the truth."

Ichigo said nothing, she only looked at her tea cup with sadness in her eyes. Urahara understood that Ichigo would always see Aizen as her father, but he also told her to give a chance to her real family; the family who was waiting for her return.

"I met the Kurosaki family once." Ichigo said as Urahara blinked confused. Then, he remembered that Isshin told him that Ichigo had a lunch with them once, without having any idea she was his lost daughter. "They were very good people. Even if Kurosaki Isshin a bit crazy, I could see they are a happy family."

"Isshin and Masaki never were truly happy after you were stolen from them." Urahara said in a soft voice to Ichigo. "Try to give them a chance. If not for them, for your own child."

"I don't know." Ichigo whispered. In truth she wanted to know her real family better but she couldn't find courage to face them.

"Your child's father is that blue haired Arrancar, isn't he?" asked Urahara to Ichigo. Ichigo nodded to him.

"Yes. Grimmjow was always by my side, ever since I was six and he was an Adjuchas when we met. After years we kinda fall in love with each other. We hid this from father because we thought he never would accept our relationship. And we were right. After he found out I was pregnant, Grimmjow was banished from Las Noches and my anger allowed Tiamat to possess my body. I only found out I was pregnant after we returned to the palace."

"I see." Urahara started. He never imagined their relationship were this deep, thought he saw Grimmjow sacrificing himself to save Ichigo from Tiamat. "Do you have a place to stay? You're welcome to pass the nights in my shop until you talk to your family."

"I don't want be a burden to anyone." Ichigo said quickly. Urahara only laughed as he held her hand and leaving the money on the table.

"No way, more the merrier. And we're decorating the house for Christmas and you can help in the decoration."

Everyone at the café shop sweatdropped at the scene. Some of them thought it was a kidnapping, other think the man was effected by the Christmas spirit.


Ichigo was helping Jinta and Ururu decorating the house with the Christmas ornaments. Urahara was smiling while he was talking to Isshin in the telephone. "Yeah, she's here Isshin. She will stay here for a while."

"I see, that's good to hear." Isshin said to Urahara. Urahara could see Isshin was happy to know Ichigo was with him and not in Hueco Mundo.

"She will come to you Isshin. Just give her time. Ichigo being here is already a big step."

"I know." Isshin said "I waited 16 years Kisuke. I can wait for a few more days."

"Just one thing Isshin; she's pregnant." Then Urahara heard a crash as he heard Masaki's voice in the background. The shop owner thought Isshin might had fainted from the news. Well, any father would faint if they heard their teenager daughter is pregnant. Urahara quickly turn off the phone before Masaki could have any chances to yell at him. Then Urahara felt a presence outside of his house. Ichigo opened the front door and looked at the shop owner with a serious look.

"Stay here. I can deal with it."

Outside was Ulquiorra and Stark. The young girl went towards then and started to talk. Urahara watched them closely, ready to draw out Benihime if needed. The 3 of them were talking about something, which Urahara couldn't hear. Then, he saw the brunette just smiled at her as he hugged her before he and the pale Arrancar left, returning to Hueco Mundo. Ichigo turned to the shop owner.

"Don't worry. They just wanted to see if I was ok." Ichigo explained to Urahara. "They will not attack the city, but I promised to call them when the baby is born..." Ichigo's hand settled on her stomach.


Two weeks had passed since Ichigo was living in Urahara's shop. She and Yoruichi soon became good friends as Ichigo started to open up around them. She even called Renji to apologize for fooling him since the beginning. The red haired Shinigami forgive her as they re-started their friendship. Today was December 24th, Christmas Eve. Ichigo, Urahara and Renji reached their destination, pausing just long enough to read the description of the building before them with the sign that displayed 'Kurosaki Clinic'. Ichigo was nervous, very nervous.

"I can't do it!" Ichigo exclaimed as she tried to run off, but Urahara and Renji stopped her from running away.

"Ichigo-chan, we just came here. You can't leave now." Renji said to Ichigo.

"Listen to Abarai, Ichigo-san." Urahara said agreeing with Renji. "Your parents have waited for this moment for many years Ichigo."

"But…" started Ichigo. " What if they don't like me? Especially my biologic father since he's a Shinigami and I was raised by hollows at Las Noches"

Urahara couldn't help, but chuckle.

"Ichigo-san, they will adore you. Especially your father. You're their dearest first born and they will be happy to know they will be grandparents."

"What's going on there?"

Urahara and Renji turned around and they saw Isshin opening the clinic door. Both the Shinigami smiled as they stepped back unblocking Ichigo from Isshin's sight. Isshin gasped in surprise as he slowly walked to them. Ichigo walked towards to Isshin. Both of them were quiet before Ichigo breaks the silent.

"H-Hello F- fath…I mean Isshin-san…. Well… I …"

Isshin only smiled softly as he hugged her, tears of happiness rolled down on his face. For the first time in years he could hug his daughter.

"Its ok, you don't need to call me father yet. Being here is enough." Isshin whispered to Isshin. Ichigo hugged Isshin back, thanking the man's understanding.

Masaki gasped in surprise when she saw Isshin hugging Ichigo. The woman cried out Ichigo's name as she also hugged her, tears of happiness rolled down from her face. Masaki was happy to see her daughter, back to her arms after 16 years. Karin and Yuzu only watched the scene from the doorway. The twins already knew about having an older sister that was stole when she was a newborn, but they never had imagined it was Ichigo- the nice girl who helped Karin to deal with those bullies at the soccer field. Urahara smiled. A part of his promised is already done; giving Ichigo back to her true family. Now all he needs do now is giving the plushie to her now. Renji's was also crying from the scene.

"Abarai-san? Are you crying?" Urahara asked to Renji.

"No! Something got in my eyes."

Urahara couldn't help, but chuckle. That was typical of Renji, trying to hide his emotions. Then, Ichigo collapsed in her parents' arms.


"Ichigo, what's wrong?" Isshin asked worried. Urahara, Renji and the twins went over there to see what was happening to Ichigo.

. "Ohhhh God…What?" She felt a flood of fluids drain themselves down her legs and they looked at the puddle with horror.

"Ah shit…." That's all Isshin could say in that situation.


Ichigo screamed at the worst pain she'd ever felt. They could slice her up all they wanted, stab her with their various needles, or even fighting the 10 Espadas in their hollow forms she didn't care. This pain was unbearable; it scared her to her core as he endured the seeming endless hours.

"Just calm down Ichigo. Everything will be alright." Isshin said trying to calm his daughter down.

"Just get this….owwwww…..damn thing out of me!!" Snapped Ichigo, giving to Isshin a killing intent aura "If Grimmjow wasn't dead, I would have killed him myself! Agghh!!."

And of course failing miserably since Ichigo is in labor for 6 hours.

In the living room Urahara and Renji were a bit nervous when they heard Ichigo's murderous screaming. They wondered if Isshin would be alright. The twins were also a bit nervous. It was rare they performed a childbirth in their clinic. Masaki prepared some tea for them to help them to calm down. Then, the window of the living room opened and it revealed a very nervous Stark.

"Where's Ichigo-chan!!" Stark shouted in panic.

Urahara and Renji gasped in surprise when they say not only Stark was there, but also Ulquiorra, Halibel, Mila-Rose, Apache, Sun-Sun , Ilforte and Coolhorn in there.

"Who are they?" asked Karin, since she was able to see them without any problem.

"What's going on here?" asked Masaki confused.

"It's Ichigo's adoptive family." Explained Urahara since Yuzu and Masaki couldn't see the Arrancar yet. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"We could feel Ichigo-sama's reaitsu going crazy." Ilforte explained to them. "We all got worried and we followed her energy. What happened to her?"

"She's in labor. Isshin, her father is helping her in the childbirth." Renji explained to the, not sure what to do with a bunch of Arrancar in the clinic. He just hoped the Soul Society don't come out and start a fight since they are the family that raised Ichigo.

"What?!" exclaimed Coolhorn in horror. "But, it's two weeks early! Is our baby is alright?!" Coolhorn whined as a pair of waterfall tears were coming out from his eyes. Evevryone sweatdropped.

"Control yourself, Coolhorn." Ulquiorra said with his usual emotionless voice.

"How come you can say that?!" exclaimed Coolhorn. "You don't sound worried about Ichigo-chan!"

"Of course I am worried about our queen. Can't you see my worried face?" Ulquiorra asked.

"No, he doesn't look worried at all." That was the thought of everyone in the room minus Masaki and Yuzu since they can't see the arrancar.

Then, they heard some more screams from clinic room. The arrancar looked a little worried.

"Push!" Isshin urged Ichigo,

"I am pushing! You think this is easy?!" Ichigo yelled, her face was bright red as she forced the babe from inside her. "I want to see you doing this!" Her panting grunts were full of pain and elbow grease.

"One more Ichigo, I can see the baby's head." Isshin smiled.

"Aggghhh. Just get this thing out!!!'" Ichigo bellowed as the last contraction waved in agony over her. She bore down till his breath snorted loudly from her mouth and opened into a wail of pain as the baby's ripped her walls.

"That's it. The baby almost there!" Isshin checked the neck for any signs of the cord.

One more grunt and the baby slithered out into the ready arms of his grandfather.

"It's a boy!" He cried out.

Isshin laughed loudly at the healthy lungs and wrapped the infant in a blanket, happily realizing the Apgar score showed a healthy little might.

"Welcome to the world little one." He said lifting the boy up and looking over at the wide eyes of his mother. "Here. Come meet a really nice person I know." He laid the child on Ichigo's chest and he smiled at her. "Congratulations."

Ichigo was stunned by the mop of bright orange hair and stared open mouthed with tears welling in her eyes. This was just a miracle, she had a child. A real child. One of her own. She was a real mother. Ichigo, smiled and leaned in to kiss her child. It was the most powerful rush of feelings she had ever experienced.

When Isshin opened the curtain and he saw everyone was there. He was even surprised to see the arrancar was there as well (he didn't know they arrived a while ago). Apache pushed Isshin way ( making him hitting the wall because of her strength) as she, Mila-Rose and Sun-Sun went over to Ichigo to see how she and the baby were doing.

"Ichigo, we're happy you're alright." Apache said to her friend.

"And look at this little darling." Mila-Rose smiled to the baby. "Hey look, he has Grimmjow's eyes."

Ichigo looked at her baby's eyes. It was true. Her little baby had blue eyes, just like Grimmjow's. Ichigo had no doubt that Grimmjow would feel like a proud father if he was there.

"Yeah, that's our little prince." Sun-Sun said. She had to admit, the baby was very cute.

"Waah! So cute!" exclaimed Coolhorn. "I can't wait to make the cutest clothes to our little prince of Las Noches!"

"OK Ok! That's enough girls." Stark said as the big brother complex took him over. "Let's go back to Las Noches and let Ichigo-chan rest."

Stark, Ulquiorra and Halibel had to take Coolhorn, Mila-Rose and Apache before they have other ideas for Ichigo and her baby. Ichigo was thanking they were leaving, that way she wouldn't feel so suffocate. Ilforte patted Ichigo hair and smiled at her, promising he will visit later. They opened a Garganta and returned to Hueco Mundo, leaving the Kurosaki family behind. Urahara and Renji already decided to leave as well, but not before congratulating Ichigo for the child.

It was the night, Masaki and the twins went to sleep after the rushing day. It pass of midnight which means it's already Christmas.

Ichigo held the tiny baby against her chest, putting him to sleep. The tiny creature only a few hours old was the apple of his grandfather's eye.

"You should get some sleep Ichigo. I'll watch this little one for a while." Isshin reached to take the small infant away. He cradled her in his arms and Ichigo laid her head back admitting to her how tired she was. She could certainly do with some pain relief as her lower back was aching beyond her pain threshold. No wonder after all she was in labor for several hours.

Isshin looked at his grandchild in his arms. He had to admit, he looked like a lot Ichigo.

"You also look tired, Isshin. You should rest." Ichigo said to Isshin.

"I am not tired."

In the true, Isshin was afraid someone get in the house and stealing his grandchild while they were sleeping, just like how had happened to Ichigo years ago. He could let the history repeating itself again. He doesn't want his family being broken again.

"Did you already choose a name for this little guy?" Isshin asked, trying to change the subject.

"His name will be Sousuke." Needless to say Isshin didn't like this. Naming his first grandchild after his daughter's kidnapper. Ichigo knew that Isshin might not like her choice for her baby's name. "I know you don't like my choice, but Aizen Sousuke always will be my father. You have understand, he raised me like I was his real daughter. I plan to keep his surname Aizen, so will my child." Ichigo explained to Isshin.

In truth, Isshin was a bit disappointed. He had hoped to Ichigo be called Kurosaki and not Aizen. But Isshin knew he was asking too much. Then, Ichigo contined.

"But, that doesn't mean I don't want you to be in my life." Ichigo smiled as Isshin looked at her surprised. "I want keep the name of the man who raised me up, and also be in your life. Sounds good, doesn't it Daddy Isshin?"

Tears of joy rolled down in his face. He was really happy to have Ichigo back to his family and more a grandchild. That was the best Christmas present anyone could have asked.


At the Christmas day, the Kurosaki were having their best Christmas ever. Not only was their missing first born back with them but they also got a grandchild. The Kurosaki house was filled with happiness. Ichigo couldn't leave the bed yet since she was still recovering from the labor.

Ichigo was sleeping while Masaki and Isshin were taking care of their new born grandchild while the mother was resting. She was having a dream.

*Dream scene*

Ichigo looked around and she noticed she was in the deserts of Hueco Mundo. She recognized that place; it was the very same place where she and Grimmjow had first met. Ichigo gasped in surprise when she saw Grimmjow sitting in a rock looking at her with a smile in his lips.

"Hello, my princess."


Ichigo rushed to him as she hugged him. She kissed him in the lips. Ichigo missed him so much. She wanted to stay with him forever.

"I missed you so much…" Ichigo whispered as Grimmjow caressed her head.

"I know, I also missed you too, my beloved princess, but…." Grimmjow stared as Ichigo looked at him confused. "This will be the last time together."

"I know…" Ichigo said in disappointed. She knew that was the last time she would see and feel Grimmjow. Grimmjow just smiled to her.

"Hey, don't make this face. Thought that will be our last time together, that doesn't mean we will never see each other again." Grimmjow said as he continued. "We will see each other again someday in our next life. True love is immortal."

Ichigo blinked in surprise from Grimmjow's words. Then, she smirked. She knew she shouldn't tease him, but she couldn't resist. Grimmjow was being so romantic that she had to tease him.

"You know Grimmjow, I never thought you were this romantic. After all, you were a bit hopeless in romance stuff."

Ichigo giggled as Grimmjow glared at her as his face was in a deep shade of red which Ichigo knew he was embarrassed since romance wasn't exactly Grimmjow's forte. He complained.

"Hey! You're being unfair, Hime-sama. Can't a guy like myself be romantic sometimes? I might not be that vampire who shines in the sunlight, but I always try, ok?" Muttered Grimmjow darkly as he crossed his arms. "And I even asked Coolhorn for advice."

"Wait wait! You read my Twilight book?" Ichigo asked surprised as Grimmjow sweatdropped "And you asked Coolhorn…. our Coolhorn about romance

advice?" Ichigo stared at her lover, trying to figure out if he was lying or not. Find no trace of deceit, she burst out into laughter, grasping her stomach as tears formed in her eyes. "As...Asking... romance... advice... from Coolhorn!"

Grimmjow growled in anger. He feel like an idiot as his lover was still laughing at him like there was no tomorrow. That wasn't supposed to happen! When she finally calmed down, Ichigo stared at Grimmjow.

"So, this is not a goodbye…" Ichigo started.

"Nope, this is a 'see you soon'." Grimmjow finished for her.

Then, the lovers shared their last kiss together.

Dream end.

Ichigo woke up as she saw her baby sleeping in the crib. She smiled at her sleeping baby. Then, she saw Isshin smiling at her.

"Sleep well?"

"Yeah, sure I did."Ichigo smiled as she still could feel Grimmjow's lips touching hers. Then, Ichigo blinked confused as she saw in the night table beside there was a package. Isshin said it was a present from Urahara. When Ichigo opened, she couldn't help but sweatdrop when she saw it was an Urahara plushie.

"A plushie… of Uharaha-san?"

Isshin laughed a little. She had the same reaction as Masaki did when she first saw the plushie.

"Hehehe, you had the same reaction as your mother did when she first saw the plushie." Isshin said to Ichigo. "You might don't know, but Urahara Kisuke is your godfather, Ichigo. When he learned he would be your godfather, you can say he was very happy. Happy enough to do a plushie of himself, that way you would remember that he's your godfather."

Ichigo couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. It's not like she didn't like the gift, but getting a plushie of her own godfather was very weird. Well, then again her father Aizen always told her that Urahara was a weirdo, though being a genius.

"And also he made a plushie of your boyfriend to your little boy." Isshin smiled as he got out of nowhere a plushie of Grimmjow. Ichigo sweatdropped. What next? A plushie of all 10 Espadas? How many plushies did that man have anyway?

"Does Uharaha-san plan to make plushies of the 10 espadas?" Ichigo asked still looking at Grimmjow plushie in her hand.

"Well, you have to ask him about it. Isshin grimed.

Ichigo stared to think that Isshin and Coolhorn would become very good friends. Ichigo passed with this possibility. Coolhorn already is scared with his sight about beauty and with Isshin they would be a very scary duo.

"Something wrong?" Isshin asked worried.

"Oh, its nothing. I just tired that's all." Ichigo quickly lied. The berry haired girl soon promised herself to make sure that Isshin and Coolhon never become buddies. Not only for the save of everyone around but for her son's sake as well. Then, she smiled at her sleeping son. Future looks very bright to her right now.

The end.

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