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Rating: G-ish in this chapter. Rating might go up, but Saya isn't so sure.

1. Prophesy of Death


Lavi's head shot off of his desk when he heard someone call his name. He'd never heard that voice before; it sounded distant and faded, almost as though whoever was saying it wasn't really there. He looked around the classroom curiously, trying to match that voice to a face there. It was free period at the moment, and just about everyone was talking animatedly, but it didn't seem like any of the chattering kids were talking to him. Even his two friends who sat next to him, Lenalee and Daisya, weren't talking to him at the moment, because he was tired from studying and needed some sleep.

"Hey guys," Lavi said, getting his two friends' attention. They immediately stopped their current conversation and gave him curious looks. "Did you hear someone call me just now? 'Cause I could've sworn someone did."

Lenalee gave Lavi a worried look. "No one called your name, everyone's just letting you sleep," she said, her expression showing worry.

"I didn't hear a thing either," Daisya said, though he seemed much less worried than Lenalee. "You've been studying your butt off for midterms, you're tired, and you were almost asleep just a second ago. You probably just dreamt it up."

Lavi thought that over for a moment before deciding that Daisya was probably right. He always studied hard when midterms and finals came around, because he needed to stay within the top three of his grade in order to keep his scholarship to this school. He was a senior student living alone, and he hardly had enough money to pay his rent, never mind pay for the tuition of this expensive school. So he'd been staying up a bit late the past week or so studying, and maybe he'd skipped a couple of meals; he supposed he could understand hearing things that weren't there.

"Right, right, I just need some sleep or something…" Lavi said, with an embarrassed laugh. Then he felt something very cold go down his spine which made him yelp. Today was turning out to be a very strange day for the redhead.

"Oi…" All three teenagers felt death breathing down their necks now; it was amazing how that one syllable could inspire so much fear in anyone who heard it. Slowly the three looked over to the source of the sound. Kanda Yuu, the most irritable person in the building, had his head down on his desk, his arm folded under it to act as a pillow. He turned his head just enough for the trio to see one of his glaring, piercing eyes. Another shiver went down their spines.

"I'm trying to sleep. So you'd best be good little kids now and use your inside voices or I'll personally make sure that you can never speak again." The three nodded and their voices dropped to a whisper.

"Damn…Lavi, I don't know how you managed to live to be a senior; you've known Kanda-kun since you were kids, right?" Daisya said, looking somewhat frightened. Lenalee looked to be in agreement.

"It's not really that amazing, Yuu-chan is m' friend, of course he wouldn't kill me!" Lavi said, as though Kanda really had the grace to spare someone out of friendship.

"I'm sort of amazed that you could put up with him for so long," Lenalee said, looking a bit guilty for talking badly of someone else. "He tests even my patience sometimes…"

"Yeah, but I'll never run out of patience when it comes to Yuu-chan, 'cause I love him!" Lavi said, just loud enough for the irate boy himself to hear. Kanda's response was to stand up from his seat with enough force to push his chair back into the next desk with a bang. He stormed quickly towards the door, hitting Lavi on the way out.

Lenalee and Daisya sighed together as Lavi pouted over the pain in his head.

"That's what you get for teasing Kanda-kun, of all people," Daisya said, shaking his head.

"You should know better than that…this has happened at least once a week since first year, when will you learn?" Lenalee said, giving Lavi a look of sympathy. It was then that he heard all of the sympathetic "poor Lavi-kuns" and the little "awe..." sounds the girls of the class were making. Half of the girls in class liked him, and the other half were hopeless fujyoshi, who seemed to fancy him part of an unrequited love.

Lavi, never one to deny the class a bit of fanservice, looked around with a thankful and still somewhat wounded look. He knew he looked cute right now, he didn't need a mirror to tell him that, and well… If Yuu-chan was going to be so adamant about not loving him, then the girls would just have to do for now.

"Thanks for the sympathy girls, you're all so sweet," he said, looking very much like a cute and wounded rabbit as he rubbed at his head injury. The "awes" and other fangirl-ish sounds that came after were like music to his ears. He was pretty sure that shy girl in the back of the class had just fainted a bit. Damn, he was good.

Lenalee, the only girl who was oblivious to his charms, sighed exasperatedly. "Shameless, the lot of you," She muttered as she shook her head.


"Hey, baka usagi," Kanda said as he met up with Lavi in the hall.

"You know I love that lil' pet name you've given me Yuu-chan, but every once in a while I'd love to hear ya say my name," Lavi said in reply to the "greeting" he'd gotten. Kanda huffed and blew off his comment.

"Whatever. Leave the door unlocked tonight, okaa-san thinks it's about time for you to pass out from exhaustion today and plans to send me over with leftovers," Kanda said, acting as though his own worry had nothing to do with running that particular errand for his mother. Lavi was very close with all of Yuu's family, and they tended to take care of him as if he were their own family.

"Lost your key, did ya, Yuu-chan?" Lavi asked jokingly.

"You never gave me one, asshole."

"I definitely should sometime," Lavi mumbled; he got the feeling that if he did, Kanda would throw it off the roof of the school though. Yuu rolled his eyes to this, and started walking down the hall.

"The rabbit kid is really stupid, hm… He should realize by now that it's because he's never serious with that pretty boy, that the kid won't go out with him. Really, he should just earnestly ask him out, that's all pretty boy is waiting for…"

Lavi looked around for the source of that voice. Again, it was here! That strange voice he'd heard before! It wasn't as far-away as before, but it was definitely that same voice.

After a moment of searching, Lavi found the person. There, sitting on the windowsill, was a kid who looked to be a few years younger than himself; a first year, maybe. But this kid wasn't in a uniform, he was dressed in loose white pants and a button up shirt of the same. Everything about the boy was white really; his hair was a silvery white like platinum, and his skin was pale as porcelain. The only colorful feature on the kid was a red star on his forehead that ran down the left side of his face.

As the child turned his head to look directly into Lavi's eyes, the redhead saw that even his eyes were a pale, stormy gray. It was strange, the way the boy stared. It was obvious that the kid was looking directly at him, and yet it seemed as if the boy didn't expect Lavi to be able to see him.

The white child was looking directly into his eyes as he sighed and said, "Well, it's not his fault he's taking his time. It's not like he knows that he's going to die soon."

Lavi's visible eye widened, the other was hidden under the eyepatch he'd worn ever since he was blinded in that eye. That kid had just said he was going to die soon. What the heck? He was a perfectly healthy 18-year-old boy, no way he was dying any time soon. Lavi walked up to the child at the window, giving him a strange look.

"Are you talking to me, kid?" Lavi asked, just to be sure that it was his death this kid was prophesying, and that he wasn't mistaken. The boy's eyes widened in surprise, as though he hadn't expected anyone to talk to him. The kid pointed to himself, asking "Me?" Lavi poked his forehead and replied "You." The child looked thoroughly freaked out, before he turned and promptly jumped out of the window.

For a moment, Lavi was just annoyed that he hadn't gotten an answer to his question. And then he started feeling a little off about what had just happened.

Weren't they on the fourth floor?

"HOLY SHIT!" Lavi yelled, and backed away from the window. He'd just seen someone jump out of a fourth story window! That was not normal. He hadn't even said anything to the kid to make him want to do that!

Everyone in the hall stopped what they were doing to look down at Lavi with worry and confusion. It only took a moment for Kanda to make his way back down the hall to him.

"Why are you making such a scene, rabbit?" He asked, though his annoyed tone couldn't cover up the worry in his eyes. Lavi pointed to the window.

"Some kid just jumped outta the window!" Lavi explained, looking shaken. Kanda's eyes widened and he leaned out of the window to check the grounds below. His brows furrowed as he searched and found nothing.

"There's no one out there, baka."

"What? But that kid definitely jumped!" Kanda shook his head, grabbing Lavi's arm and dragging him to the window.

"Look! There's no one down there. No one fell, now stop saying that and tell me what's going on," Kanda demanded. Lavi scanned the grounds and found that indeed, there was no one outside at the moment.

"There really is no one there…" Lavi said quietly, as though he couldn't believe it. Kanda sighed and pulled Lavi back from the window.

"You really are ready to pass out, aren't you? You haven't slept in days, and you look like the dead walking. You probably just fell asleep on your feet and imagined it," Kanda rationalized. Lavi gave him a strange look.

"D' ya really think I could fall asleep standing up?"

"You've done it before."

"Right," Lavi said, shaking his head. Maybe he was just seriously tired and stressed, and he was seeing things? "Sorry for the trouble then, I'm just gonna go take a nap in the infirmary. Tell Nyne-sensei that I won't be in class for me?" Lavi asked, and Kanda nodded, before pushing Lavi in the direction of the nurse's office.


Lavi sighed wearily when he entered his apartment. It was a mess, as always, but Lavi hardly cared, because the only area that mattered was perfectly clean: the kitchen. Lavi put some water on the stove and got out a bowl of ramen; he lived off of those cheap little bowls of noodles.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Lavi got out his homework and the test prep books he'd gotten from the used book store he worked at on weekends. Even though he'd already reached the point of seeing things because of stress and lack of sleep, he still had to study; midterms were in a week. At least he'd gotten a nice nap while he was in the nurse's office. Komui-sensei was pretty nice about letting him crash there every once in a while. Sure, he'd missed all of his afternoon classes, but Kanda was coming over to bring him dinner, and Lavi knew that the man would bring his notes for Lavi to copy, too.

Just as Lavi got ready to dig into his Japanese lit. homework, it happened again. That boy just…materialized out of thin air in the only other seat in his kitchen. Once again, the boy seemed obvious to the fact that Lavi could see him, and instead of saying anything or acknowledging Lavi's existence at all, he rested his chin on his entwined hands, leaned over, and stared interestedly at his homework.

Lavi stared at the kid incredulously. He must've been a ghost, if he could just pop out of nowhere like that, and jump out of a window without hitting the ground and getting hurt. But since when did Japanese ghosts have feet? Then again, this kid definitely didn't look Japanese…So it was a foreign ghost? Was Lavi being haunted by the ghost of a foreigner? He faintly wondered if it spoke Japanese.

"Hey kid, are you lost? This is my apartment, not the afterlife," Lavi said, heaving a sigh. What else could he do? This ghost didn't seem to want to hurt him (even though he did say that wonderfully disturbing thing about his death), so Lavi didn't want to be too rude to him, lest he decide to push up the expiration date on Lavi's life…

"Of course this isn't the afterlife; it's way too messy to be," the boy replied. All Lavi noticed was that his Japanese was perfect.

"Hey! You try bein' a poor scholarship student, you'll quickly see that there is no time for keeping house!" Lavi huffed out, feeling indignant. How dare this ghost come into his house uninvited and say it's messy? It wasn't his fault that he had received no prior notice about the kid's visiting.

After a moment of fuming, Lavi regained control of himself. He was talking to a ghost, he should be afraid, he should not be chatting him up.

"So what are you doing in my apartment, anyway? Are you following me for some reason? And what was that crap about me dying earlier?" Lavi asked, scrutinizing the boy. For a moment, the ghost contemplated whether or not he should say anything to Lavi. As the redhead continued to inspect the ghost, he noticed something: for a dead person, he was incredibly cute, what with those pretty round eyes and those adorable little expressions he was making.

Finally the kid came to a decision about telling Lavi what he wanted to know.

"I'm here because I've been charged with monitoring you for the next month or so. That's also why I'm following you, and earlier I was saying you should ask that pretty boy out soon if you ever plan to at all, because you're going to die a month from now," the boy said nonchalantly, though he did look a tad bit apologetic near the end of his explanation.

Lavi's jaw dropped. This had to be a joke; there was no way that this kid was going to haunt him until he died. There was no way that this kid could be haunting him because he was going to die. Who was this person, and why did he know this?

"You've got to be shitting me," Lavi said, shaking his head in disbelief, "There's no way I'm dying in a month kid, and how would you know anyway?"

"I would know because it's my job to make sure you do," the colorless boy said, as though it were nothing. Lavi blinked, he just couldn't imagine this was true. If it was then he'd spent his high school years slaving away for nothing, he wouldn't even graduate! And worse than that, he really would never get a chance with Yuu! Lavi just couldn't stand to think that he was going to die so young.

Lavi's moment of disbelief was interrupted when he heard a cell phone ring; it wasn't his, he couldn't afford one. The ghost pulled his cell phone out of his front pocket, flipped it open, and began talking with the person on the other line; since when did ghosts have cells? A moment later, the boy flipped the phone shut.

"I'm only telling you this because you can see me; you know that girl who had to drop out of your class because she got pregnant? She's going into labor tonight, and both she and the baby will die. I'm the one who's going to take them. Believe me if you want, or don't, your choice. Either way, it wouldn't hurt your chances any to ask that boy out," the ghost said, before heading for the only window in Lavi's apartment.

Before he could think, Lavi grabbed the kid's arm. That was strange when he thought about it; he shouldn't be able to touch a ghost, but he had earlier too, hadn't he?

"Wait, ghost-san!" Lavi pleaded, the fact that he was going to die soon was only just starting to settle in on him, and he needed an explanation.

"I'm not a ghost, Lavi-san," the kid said, "and you're hurting me." Lavi quickly let go of the kid and stepped back. So… This child wasn't a ghost, wasn't human, and was here to make sure he died in a month. Not only that, but he was going off to "take" his ex-classmate and her child after they died…

Did that mean that this kid was…? But those didn't exist.

"I'm a death god, and I'll be back; you can ask questions then."

Oh goodness. Lavi had a death god after him, a shinigami was going to leave through his window, and was planning to come back! As the shinigami left through his window, Lavi couldn't help but think about how insane this was. When the kid disappeared, Lavi slowly made his way back to his kitchen before plopping down in a chair. He put his head down on the table carefully, and let himself drift off into sleep. Surely he would wake back up and find that the whole day had been a dream.


Lavi woke to the smell of food that seemed much more appetizing and healthy than the ramen he'd forgotten about before he went to sleep. He lifted his groggy head and blearily looked around. Standing by the stove, pouring some wonderful-smelling tea into a mug was Kanda, who had yet to notice he was awake. The food he was smelling was the dinner that Kanda had brought over.

'Crap, if Yuu is here then it must be really late…' Lavi thought, as she shook the tiredness from his head and stretched. He let out a wide yawn that caught Yuu's attention.

"If you're so tired, you should sleep more. Studying won't help if you fall asleep during the test," Kanda scolded, before placing the finished cup of tea down in front of Lavi. Lavi thanked him before wondering why he had fallen asleep in the first place; it wasn't like him to take a nap while studying.

Then he remembered. That kid, the shinigami, his death… Lavi wanted to scream in frustration, but he didn't want to startle Kanda. Besides, how uncool would it be to lose his head in front of the guy he liked? Not that Kanda hadn't seen him explode before, they'd known each other since preschool, of course Kanda had seen him get angry and upset.

"You're right… I'll just have to cut down on the studying for a bit. If I just stayed awake in class, I'm sure I'd learn just as much anyway."

"Damn straight you would, so get your act together. Why the hell did you choose that stuck-up school anyway? It would've been easier on you to go to a cheaper school, that way you wouldn't have to study yourself to death to keep a scholarship," Kanda said, sitting across from Lavi with his own cup of tea.

"But you go to that school…" Lavi mumbled, and he sort of hoped that Kanda wouldn't hear him. It seemed like such a foolish thing to do, choosing that school just because the kid he liked went there. It had been worth it though; they'd been in the same class all through high school.

Kanda quietly placed the cup back on the table's surface, giving Lavi an incredulous look. Lavi winced; apparently, Kanda had heard him. Damnit.

"Did you really just say what I think you just said?"

"U-uh…I'm clearly still half-asleep, so just disregard that," Lavi said nervously. "So anyway, can I borrow your notes from out afternoon classes?" Lavi wasn't ready to just openly confess anything to Kanda yet, he didn't know if he ever would be. Sure, he said he loved Kanda all the time, but that was usually in jest and Lavi's was a horrid flirt besides. Kanda wouldn't believe him if he said that like this, would he? Even if he did believe Lavi, that didn't mean Kanda would accept him or start going out with him.

But then again, even that shinigami had said that Yuu would probably say yes to him if he asked him out seriously… Goodness, a death god had given him love advice… How odd. Now wasn't the time for such thoughts though, Lavi had notes to copy. Why bother though? He was going to die in a month, he'd heard his death sentence from the god of death himself, what reason was there to go on acting as he always did?

In the end, Lavi decided not to say anything. Yuu was simply here to bring him food and lend Lavi his notes, all confessing would do is make Kanda uncomfortable. The last thing Lavi wanted was to make Yuu so uncomfortable that he didn't visit the apartment again.

Just as Lavi decided this though, that kid was back, standing behind Kanda. Lavi realized from the way a little shiver went down Kanda's spine that he sensed the shinigami's presence somewhat.

"God, it's cold in here. Don't you have a damn space heater or something?" Kanda asked when he found he couldn't stop himself from shivering. The shinigami seemed to find picking on poor Yuu-chan entertaining, and smirked the slightest bit.

"So this is pretty boy, hm? From what I've seen he's a real asshole. What was it you called him…? Yuu-chan, right?"

"Kanda!" Lavi corrected the shinigami; he didn't want anyone, not even a death god, calling Kanda by his given name except for him.

Of course, when Kanda gave him a confused and mildly surprised look (after all, Lavi didn't usually just say his family name on a whim), Lavi realized that he had indeed just said Kanda's name out loud for what must've seemed like no reason.

"Uh…Yuu-chan, you're cold, so I'll just go get a blanket or two… I'm feeling a bit chilly myself. Hehe, maybe I should get that ol' quilt out and we can sit on the floor and do our homework together like we used to in middle school?" Lavi joked, as the uncertain wavering in his voice slowly tapered out. Kanda was too embarrassed by having their old study habits brought to light to question Lavi's awkwardness.

"Awe, what a cute thought…This guy seems like a prick, it's amazing he'd ever do something like that," the shinigami said to Lavi as he went into his room to get the old quilt he still had stored in his closet.

"Yuu-chan used to be adorable, but high school knocked the cute right outta him, so now I can only get him to be nice when he's here. And could you please not talk t' me when other people are in the room? I'm compelled to answer you, but I don't enjoy soundin' crazy." Lavi sighed and sneezed a little as he pulled the thick blanket from his closet; it was a bit dusty, he hadn't used it in so long.

Lavi walked back into the kitchen with his prize, and was greeted by a curious look from Kanda.

"Is there someone here? You were talking." To Kanda, it was inconceivable that he would've missed it if there was someone else in the apartment. It only had two rooms, the kitchen and the main room. There was the closet too but who would Lavi hide in there?

"Nope, just…talking to myself…" Lavi sighed and let his shoulder sag; so much for not seeming crazy.


"G' morning Dai-kun!" Lavi greeted his friend, using a nickname that he only used when he wanted something. The fact that he only waved at Lenalee that morning also made the fact that he wanted a favor obvious.

"Sorry Lavi, I didn't bring extra lunch money today…" Daisya said before Lavi could ask; that was the request Lavi usually made.

"Geez, I'm not always after money here…" Lavi grumbled. He didn't like to borrow from people, it made him actually feel as poor as he was, and he always paid people back the next day.

"Then what is it you need today?" Lenalee asked; she'd dived for her purse when Lavi had called out to Daisya, also assuming that Lavi needed lunch money.

"Uh…Daisya…your family is tight with some of the priests at that nearby church, right…?" Lavi asked. Both of his friends gave him odd looks.

"Yeah… You need t' make a confession or something?" Daisya asked, looking mildly amused by the idea.

"Um…actually….I need something a bit stranger than that…" Lavi said as he took his seat. He rubbed the back of his head nervously and looked to the ceiling. "I've…sort've got a god of death followin' me around…"

Lenalee and Daisya exchanged worried glances before they started whispering loudly to each other behind their hands.

"Do you think too many sleepless nights have caused him to start hallucinating?"

"I think he's finally started going crazy… I knew too much studying was bad for your mental health…"

"Hey! Don't ship me off to the loony bin just yet! Seriously guys, I'm not crazy! Some kid who looked like a first year started showin' up everywhere yesterday! He even managed to get into my apartment without me noticing it! He was all like 'I'm a death god,' and 'you will die in a month.'"

"Not seven days?"

"No, not seven days, Dai."

"A right shame. Sheesh, ghosts don't know how to make a good reference these days." Daisya shook his head as though the shinigami's disuse of movie quotes was more upsetting than news of Lavi's impending doom.

"I'm serious guys!" Lavi said, already feeling exasperated. "This kid showed up and told me I was gonna die in a month. And then, just to prove to me that he was really a shinigami, he told me that Asako-san died in labor last night and so did her child. Either of you know if that's true or not?" Lavi asked, and both he and Daisya looked at Lenalee. Her brother, the school nurse Komui-sensei, was really just moonlighting at the school, his real job was at the local hospital. If anyone would know about a death at the hospital, it was her. Lenalee's eyes were wide and her mouth agape.

"Ho-how did you know…? I only found out a few hours ago from nii-san, and he was so upset when he came home… No one knows about it yet though, outside of the hospital…"

"My lil' death god buddy was the one that off-ed her, that's why! He told me he was going to "take" her and her baby, and then left my apartment through the window. And now that I know it was true…oh God, I'm gonna die…" Lavi slumped over in his chair. He felt exhausted. He'd just spent his youth working his ass off to succeed in school so that hopefully he'd be able to make something of his orphaned self, and now it was all for nothing. Sure, he'd pulled his pranks and had his fun, but now he just wished he hadn't spent so much of his time working… Oh, his dear, irretrievable youth…

Daisya and Lenalee could tell that at the moment, their friend just needed to be left alone, and so they left him to his thoughts.

He just couldn't believe it. He was going to die. But how? He was perfectly healthy, maybe he'd die in an accident? Or maybe some random, fast-working disease would descend on him, and take him away? Would anyone miss him when he died? His parents had died when he was in junior high, so maybe he'd see them? He hoped Lenalee and Daisya would miss him, because he knew he'd miss them. Would Yuu miss him? Would Yuu cry or be upset? So many questions… Lavi had never wondered about death before, he'd been too focused on the future that he'd never even considered not having one.

So many people he wouldn't see again, so many things that would be left undone… He wanted to live! He didn't want to leave everything behind, he didn't want to never see his friends again. He didn't want to leave Yuu…

That was right, he wouldn't be with Kanda anymore, either.

Abruptly, Lavi stood from his chair. Everyone in the class had looked to him curiously; class had started while he was brooding.

"Sensei, I need to see the nurse," he said, and left the room before his teacher could give him permission to. Daisya and Lenalee watched their friend leave with worried faces, but oddly enough it was Kanda who went ahead and told the teacher that he was going to make sure that Lavi actually got to the nurse's office. Naturally, he didn't bother to ask for permission to leave, and the teacher was quite used to that by now. It was one of the few instances where Kanda showed that he cared in such an obvious way that anyone could see it.

For someone in the throws of despair, Lavi walked pretty fast; Kanda didn't catch up with him until they reached the nurse's office. Lavi had already crawled under the sheets of a free bed by the time Kanda had entered the office.

"Ah…if Yuu-chan's here, who's going to take notes for me?" Lavi asked, though his voice only held a weak imitation of his usual cheer.

"You've got other friends to lend you their notes," Kanda said, dismissing the topic.

"Yeah, but Daisya's hand-writing is chicken scratch at best, hieroglyphics at worst… And Lenalee's got that loopy girly hand-writing that I can't read for the life of me..."

"So I heard you're being haunted," Kanda said, cutting straight to the point.

"Eavesdropping is a bad habit to have, Yuu-chan."

"You talk so loud it was impossible not to hear you."

"Damn, and here I thought I was being quiet."

"You failed." Kanda sighed and shook his head, this was hardly the time to be talking about whether or not Lavi could actually speak quietly. "You've been acting strangely since yesterday afternoon, is it that ghost's fault?"

"He's a shinigami, and yeah… I know it looked like I was talking to myself a lot last night, but really, that kid just wouldn't stop asking questions, and answering when people talk to me is sort of a compulsive habit." Lavi brought the sheets over his head, he didn't want to see the incredulous, annoyed look on Yuu's face; there was no way Kanda would believe him, he hardly believed it himself.

"Are you sure that it's real?" Kanda asked; the new depression that formed on the cot Lavi's was occupying hinted to him that Kanda had taken a seat next to him. Lavi felt it as Yuu slowly pulled the sheet down and away from his face.

"It proved that it was real, yeah… I could even touch it, Yuu. He was there… And he proved that when he says someone's gonna die, they're gonna die so it looks like I've got all of one month left to live…"

"Just one month?" Kanda didn't like the sound of that. Even though he would never publicly admit it, Kanda did care about Lavi. He didn't want the redhead to die so quickly, especially not after watching Lavi work towards some bright future or other for so many years. Lavi had too much to do, he couldn't die in a month.

"Yeah…a month. Yuu, I don't wanna die, I don't want to die…" Lavi said, and he definitely sounded like he believed he was going to die. Kanda was so shocked by the news and the tone Lavi was using that he didn't try to stop the redhead from slowly wrapping his arms around his middle, as though Kanda would anchor him to life. Kanda wasn't really sure what to do to help Lavi, he felt useless in this situation, and he hated it. The only thing he felt he could do was not push Lavi away from him. Awkwardly, Kanda placed his hand on the top of Lavi's head, and smoothed back his hair. Just Kanda's solid presence was enough to comfort Lavi, but it made him feel even better knowing that the older boy wanted him to feel better. His visible eye that had until that moment, been staring off into space, was now slowly shutting.

They were almost shut when he caught a glimpse of the shinigami, peaking around the curtain that surrounded the bed. Lavi shot up from his position on the cot, startling Kanda.

"What is it?" Kanda asked, feeling a bit embarrassed now for trying to help Lavi, when he was clearly not cut out for such things.

"He's right there!" Lavi exclaimed, pointing to the shinigami, who decided to walk into the closed off area. The spirit waved as though Kanda could actually see him. Kanda looked in the direction Lavi pointed to, but saw nothing.

"I think only you can see it Lavi, because I can't see a damn thing over there, except the curtain," Kanda answered truthfully.

"How do ya not see that bizarre lookin' kid? He's white from head-to-toe, with a red pentacle on his forehead. He's the reason why you were so cold yesterday, he seemed to enjoy picking on ya like that. He's waving at you now and…. God, I must sound crazy…" Lavi shook his head, bringing his hands up to his face. Kanda nodded truthfully, because Lavi did sound s bit crazy at the moment.

"You sound crazy, but if you say it's there, I'll believe you…"

"Wow, what a guy," the shinigami said, looking a mite impressed. "He must really trust you if he can believe you without seeing me. I think you just might be making progress, Lavi-san. You've still got 29 days, use them wisely," the death god said, and then he vanished just as quickly as he had appeared. A cold shiver ran down Lavi's spine as he was reminded of just how little time he had left.

"29 days…huh.."

Yeah, this is starting out sort of sad, but it'll end happy, really... er...bittersweet? No special notes for this one, except the whole shinigami means death god, for anyone who didn't pick up on that…So yeah…Thanks for reading, and Saya hopes you can put up with the OOC…