Yo guys, I know I'm supposed to be updating and continuing my other fics, but I just couldn't get this idea out of my head. This is an entirely new fic that I've created for another dimension, though I've already written for this filter before it's based more on another character.

I will try my best to NOT have any OC's in here, but I can't promise anything.

Now for the plot: Gohan is sent back in time to the beginning of DBZ, only this time he's not a kid anymore (except in appearance). He changes some things for the better so he won't have so many regrets later in life.

Reason: I saw the Utube video of Gohan's first transformation to Super Saiyan 1 and I got to thinking: (Why not try and help him get rid of some of those regrets so he wouldn't loathe himself so much.)

Well, enough of my blabbering, time to get started on the fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything other than what I've mentioned before and this idea, and maybe not even that.

(Story Begin)

No one thought it would be done, or even thought the wish could be made, but it was. Gohan himself was the most surprised since the wish affected him the most. The wish: send Gohan back in time to before Raditz came to Earth. Be it someone who thought Gohan deserved another shot at his childhood, or the Kais themselves thought it best for this to happen, but it did and Gohan has to live with it now, but that doesn't mean he had to suffer alone. Due to the fact that it was the first wish, someone made the second wish to join him in the past so that he could have some help and not be so alone; however the Dragon could not send the second person to the exact time as Gohan, but could send this fighter to a close enough time for Gohan to receive immediate help.

Enough of the present, time to head to the past!

(Time Change)

It was a few days before the first reunion that Gohan was sent to. As a kid in this time he had just finished his homework and went out to play in the nearby woods, being careful not to go too far.

Gohan was having fun when something hit him from above, causing him to blackout for a few moments. When he came to, he looked at his surroundings as if for the first time in many years. (oh wait, that's right! It HAS been many years.)

"How did I get here?" asked the kid-sized Gohan, though it really was an adult Gohan who had gone through many years of training and battling to get where he had been before the wish was made. He quickly rushed back to his house to find it just as it was all those years ago. He quickly rushed back into the forest to find a quiet spot and started to meditate. He looked for the power within him, but found something else.


Gohan found himself within his own mind, back in his grownup body to boot. He didn't realize it at first, but Piccolo told him about one time he meditated to find such a place, and realized that this is what he was talking about. He was fused with Nail at the time, but that's a different matter. Gohan walked along the plane, only to find his younger self sitting in the middle of a field with his legs wrapped around himself, tears were silently falling down his cheeks.

"Uh… Hello?" called out Gohan, only to find his younger self to look up with anger in his eyes.

"What are you doing here!?" demanded Y. Gohan.

"Come again?" came the ever so wise reply from the scholar. He didn't think his younger self would know who he was.

"This is MY timeline, not yours!" shouted the young kid shoving his right pointer finger towards Gohan's face, "Why did you come here!!"

"HEY!! Let's get one thing straight – I didn't come here on purpose, someone made an insane wish of sending me back here!" replied an angry Gohan.

Y. Gohan's look of anger slid ever so slowly into confusion, "Wish?? What are you talking about? No one can make a wish come true, especially not one such as that."

Gohan sighed, of course, he didn't learn about the Dragonballs until after his dad died the first time. Thankfully Piccolo mentioned this too, so he knew what to do.

"Hold out your hand and I'll be able to transfer what I know to you," said Gohan, carefully omitting the fact that he was only transferring the knowledge of the Dragonballs on earth at the current time. This was so Y. Gohan's mind didn't explode or go crazy from the insane amount of memories Gohan had.

Y. Gohan was a bit hesitant, who wouldn't be, but he knew he could trust himself.

(If you can't trust yourself, then you got problems. Lack of self-esteem is different than not trusting yourself; you have to find the difference.)

Y. Gohan reached out his hand and Gohan grasped onto it, instantly transferring the memories from Gohan to Y. Gohan.

(AN: Gohan still has the memories, just that Y. Gohan now has them as well.)

"Okay, now what?" asked Y. Gohan.

"How long until we head to the reunion?" asked Gohan, for verification.

"I heard daddy say 3 days," replied Y. Gohan.

"Well, let me take over for now, I've got something to do while we're out here."

"Okay, just make sure that I take over when we head back. We don't want to make them suspicious."

"Right," said Gohan, before being returned to the real world.

(Mindscape Exit)

Gohan opened his eyes and quickly looked for the hidden power within him. All of it was there, but he couldn't access it due to the size and age of his body.

(AN: This is similar to Goku while he tried to get to SSJ3 and couldn't hold it against Baby Vegeta.)

Gohan decided to start training on his own since neither Goku nor Chichi would let him train with Goku right now. He started with some quick sprints and followed up with pushups, sit-ups, and chin-ups. He started incredibly light – about 30 for each, since he was only 5½ at that time.

(I found the first episodes in English, after many trial and errors, to find this out. I'll try to watch as many videos as I can to get a better sense of dialogue to make the necessary changes. Also, since he's not in his own timeline, he'll call Y. Gohan's parents by their names at first, since that's kinda what Mirai Trunks did with Bulma and Vegeta when he first met them.)

After he looked up to see the sun start to set, he quickly went by the river to wash the smell off of him so they wouldn't suspect anything. As he ran, he contacted Y. Gohan to take over as soon as he got into view of the house.

"Gohan! Time to come in!" called out Chichi, Y. Gohan's mother.

Y. Gohan was in sight, so he just ran up to the house to greet her, instead of shouting out from the forest.

"Mom, is it time for dinner? I'm really hungry," said Y. Gohan, holding his stomach.

"Dinner's ready, go wash up and join your father and me in the kitchen."

"Okay, Mom," said Y. Gohan as he ran to the restroom.

When Y. Gohan got to the restroom and got in front of the mirror, he saw Gohan looking back at him.

"Whoa, how'd you do that?" asked Y. Gohan, looking at his counterpart.

"I don't know really," replied the Gohan in the mirror, "I was trying to think of a way to talk to you outside our mindscape and BAM, here I am."

"So, how many years in the future did you come from, Gohan?" asked Y. Gohan.

'Try thinking your questions, Gohan, because dad can hear us even if you're whispering,' said Gohan in his mind.

(AN: Okay, just so I don't confuse ya'll from now on, "This" or 'This' is Gohan, and "That" or 'That' is Y. Gohan.

'How come?'

'I'll tell you soon enough. Think you can wait 3 days for that information?'

'Yeah, but you better tell me, otherwise you're out of here,' countered Y. Gohan.

'Alright, alright, now, any more questions?'

'Yeah, back to my original question – How many years from the future did you come from?'

'I'm not sure I can tell you that, your head just might explode,' shrugged off Gohan.

'Alright, but we're continuing this after dinner,' finished Y. Gohan, before washing his hands and ran down to have dinner with his parents.


While Y. Gohan was enjoying dinner with his folks, Gohan was trying to figure out how to release his hidden power. He knew exactly how many years from the future he came from, and what he was going to do here. He searched around the mindscape to try and find the hidden power within his body, though it was added to the hidden power already inside this body, doubling the full potential of Gohan Son's full power. Gohan found it locked up behind many gates with guards protecting it.

"What's this?" asked Gohan, slightly confused as to why there would be guards protecting the hidden power within him.

"Master Gohan, I know you wish to access your hidden power, but you can't just yet," answered one of the guards, moving from his post to confront Gohan.

"And why is that?" asked a slightly angry and still confused Gohan.

"Your body is not yet read to handle it. Since you have traveled to the past, you will be able to access more than you did last time at each stage, but until you are ready, you will not receive the power," explained the guard, before returning to his post.

"Guess that's what you get for ending up in a kid's body again," sighed Gohan, before returning to the plane where he entered the mindscape the first time. He found Y. Gohan waiting there for him like he expected to meet with him or something.

'Oh, right. Y. Gohan has more questions that I have to gloss over to protect the future and my sanity' realized the Time Traveler.

Gohan walked over to Y. Gohan, thinking of a way to keep Y. Gohan from knowing the truth.

Y. Gohan finished up dinner and was getting ready for bed. He checked to see if Gohan was still in his reflection, but this time was his own. He went to bed, not knowing that a full moon was out tonight.

Luckily enough, Saiyans don't transform in their sleep, or the Earth would be destroyed by now. As he slept, he had some more questions to ask Gohan, and ended up in the mindscape.

(AN: I don't know when the full moon is for this part of the story, and it really doesn't matter. I'm just putting it down now for Gohan's sake, not anyone else's at this time.)


Y. Gohan didn't have to wait for long for Gohan to show up, as Gohan was just returning from where the body's hidden power was.

(Gohan's POV)

All night long, my younger self asked questions which I had to outright say 'I can't answer that without messing up the future' or 'I'll tell you this much: our lives will be changing for good or ill in a few days'. This really got on my nerves and told him to just be patient and that I'll tell him more about the future as certain events happen.

(Time Change)

The next two days passed without incidence. Gohan trained in Y. Gohan's body for about 4 hours each of those days, which made Y. Gohan's body much stronger for the times to come. On the morning Goku was to take Gohan to the reunion on Roshi's Island, Gohan went to check with the guards just how much power could be accessed when it came time for his attack on Raditz. The answer the guard gave him wasn't exactly satisfying, but it was better than the first time around.

Gohan checked with Y. Gohan to see where they were, to which he was answered, 'over the ocean'.

Gohan could already feel his uncle's power level reach Earth. He didn't even bother hiding it, and could be read to about 900.

'Pathetic. I can hardly believe we were afraid of powers less than one thousand, when there are powers of over 1 million out there,' thought Gohan quietly to himself, as to not alert his younger self.

Goku arrived fairly quickly with the flying nimbus carrying him and Y. Gohan to Master Roshi's island. He greeted everyone and they greeted back, before they noticed Y. Gohan in Goku's arms.

'Hey Y. Gohan, let me take over for now,' suggested Gohan.

'Go right ahead, you know these people better than I do, so until I can get used to them, you're in charge, Gohan,' replied Y. Gohan.

"Gohan, say hello," encouraged Goku.

"It's nice to meet everyone. I hope we can be friends," greeted Gohan to his friends from long ago.

"Wow, he's adorable, and he can already speak clearly," said Bulma, amazed that the young child could already speak clearly.

"Yeah, Chi Chi's really been making him hit the books while he's not out playing," replied Goku.

Then they noticed Y. Gohan's tail, and backed up a couple of steps in fear.

"He has a tail!?" asked a slightly bewildered Roshi, who had to destroy the moon years ago as Jackie Chun for Goku to return to normal in their official martial arts battle.

"Yep, Kami decided that mine should be removed permanently, but Gohan's always had his. It was tough putting up with Chi Chi during those months. She could really put ME through the ringer, but Ox King was there to help," informed Goku.

Thankfully Y. Gohan didn't hear this, otherwise Gohan would have to explain something ELSE that Y. Gohan wasn't ready for. Heck, he STILL felt a bit nervous with Videl, deciding to wait until after marriage before that happened, and they already had a kid by the time he was sent back.

(AN: Any kids under 13 reading this, wait until you're about 15 before asking this to your parents.)

"Did he ever look at the moon when it was full?" asked the courageous Bulma, since the boys were too scared to do so.

"No, we go to bed pretty early," replied Goku, oblivious as to why that would be a bad thing.

The others sighed in relief; they didn't want another big ape to contend with.

(Monkey/Ape/Oozaru. Same difference. Basically a giant primate.)

Piccolo sighed in relief and self-loathing. He just got out of a deadly encounter with Raditz, who was looking for Kakarot. Relief was because he escaped death for the moment. Self-loathing was for the fact that he didn't play it cool, even under that amount of pressure. This didn't last long, as a beam of light descended down upon him, causing him to blackout.


Piccolo looked around his mindscape to see someone who looked just like him.

(Same as before, just different prefixes at the moment: "This" or 'This' is F. Piccolo and "This" or 'This' for Piccolo.)

"Yeah, I know. I'm not supposed to be here, and blah, blah, blah," started out F. Piccolo, "But I need to take over, for someone else's sake."

"Yeah, I know as well. Just let me kill Raditz and take Gohan away, and then you can talk with him. I'll even fuse with you if you wish."

"That would make things easier. I'll just watch, and even take over if I have to."

"Sure, just don't interfere before then, otherwise you're out!"

(Mindscape Exit)

Piccolo rocketed off to find Kame House.

Raditz floated down, and while Y. Gohan was terrified within his body, Gohan looked angry. Good thing everyone was focused on Raditz, otherwise they would've noticed the look on Y. Gohan's face that Gohan was putting on it.

"Well, well, I've finally found you Kakarot. Now, why haven't you killed everyone on this planet and reported back to us, dear brother," greeted Raditz, revealing that he was Goku's brother in a flash.

Krillin didn't believe Raditz and tried scare him off the island. Raditz's Scouter read his power level to be a measly 130, even though that's stronger than the general average on the planet, and pawned him into Kame house with his tail.

"Okay that's far enough! JUST WHO ARE YOU!" shouted Goku, noticing his tail at the same time.

"I can't believe you forgot!? Did you suffer a serious blow to the head when you were young?" asked Kakarot's bother.

"Vaguely, but yeah. I still have a scar there," replied Goku/Kakarot.

"Goku, there's something I need to tell you, and now seems like the perfect time, since there wouldn't be time later. Your Grandpa Gohan found you in a space pod. You had been the wildest child imaginable until you fell down a ravine and hit your head. When you woke up weeks later, you were as happy as could be. The child you had become when Bulma found you up near your Grandpa's house," explained Roshi, revealing something that he didn't want to reveal.

Gohan was just holding on to Bulma, waiting for the right time.

"Well, I think I'll skip trying to convince you, and go straight for your son," said Raditz, before disappearing.

He reappeared less then a yard from Goku, only to knee him into the water. Gohan got mad, and rushed at Raditz with speed faster than even Raditz expected. Unfortunately, Raditz was still faster and was able to dodge out of the attack and nabbed him from behind.

"Well, well, Kakarot. It seems your son has more fight in him than you do. I'll just take him to give you some… Incentive. Kill 100 people on this planet and report to me in 15 hours if you want to see your son again," said Raditz, slightly confusing Gohan.

Gohan then thought about it and decided that 15 hours and tomorrow would be in the same time frame, so just mentally shrugged his shoulders as he continued to squirm his way out of Y. Gohan's Uncle's grip.

"Remember, Kakarot, 100 people, 15 hours," said Raditz, before flying off with Y. Gohan, not knowing the torment he was in for.

A few minutes later, Piccolo found them while they were discussing plans and offered an alliance to defeat Raditz, but not a moment afterwards. Goku agreed, albeit a bit reluctantly, and they headed off.

Raditz was beginning to regret taking Y. Gohan. He just wouldn't stop talking.

"And another thing, I'm from the future and I know what's going to happen within the next hour," finished up Gohan. He had been driving his younger self's Uncle up the wall, and he had almost been put into the spaceship, before Raditz realized what he said.

"What!? You, from the future?" asked Raditz.

"Yeah, didn't you know? I'm pretty sure your Scouter would've picked it up, if you checked," taunted Gohan.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm pretty sure Vegeta's Scouter would've picked it up, for he surely would've checked."

"How do you know of Prince Vegeta?"

"Vegeta? He's actually a softie once you get to know him. I won't go into detail, but Goku kicks his butt when he comes here."

"Excuse me, Kakarot, your father, is weaker than I am. He's not even a treat to Prince Vegeta."

"Yeah, but a lot can change in one year."

"BE QUIET BRAT! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!" shouted Raditz, before throwing him into his pod and shutting his door.

"Well, that's rude. Hey, Y. Gohan?"


"Your Uncle's the same as mine was, before he died."

'Wow, I've got ONE dysfunctional family, huh?'

"That you do, kid, that you do. Let's shake him up a bit," said Gohan, before going into a meditative position and raising his power level higher than what was before.

Raditz was leaving the ship, thinking about what Gohan said, when his Scouter went off.

"What the? Power level: 780? That can't be! Unless," started Raditz, before turning around to his ship. His Scouter was pinpointing the power level right at his nephew, "Maybe he WAS telling the truth," until he thought about what he was saying, "Heh, that's it, this must be broken. Prince Vegeta, a softie? As if!"

Raditz found a wild bear nearby and killed it and ate it, raw. After he was done, he checked back at the ship, only for his Scouter to read something else.

"Power level: 820, no 840! Just who is this kid? According to Prince Vegeta and Nappa, full-blooded Saiyans have a power level of less than 10 when born, unless their destined for the elites, and that's only at 50, and rise only to about 500 in their first 5 years, before being trained by a veteran to get even stronger. This kid's something else, or my Scouter's going crazy. I didn't even think to bring the manual, so I can't check it."

He turned it off, only for it to turn back on and register other power levels heading straight for him.

"Power levels: 330 and 320? Kakarot's coming here, is he? Thinks he can save his son if he has a little back up? Well, I'll just have to shut him down, just long enough to try and restore the Saiyan heritage inside of him."

Goku and Piccolo landed a few moments later.

"Well, here to save your son, aren't you Kakarot?" Raditz asked his brother.

"That's right! You may be my brother, but only by blood and that's not enough for me to trust your word. Give me back my son and you can leave in peace," replied Goku.

"Goku, you gonna have to learn not everyone is a peaceful as you are," said Gohan, "Now, let's see, if I can focus enough of my power, I should be able to break this pod."

'Should be?'

"Yeah, you can never be too certain, even if you travel back in time, if you not in a form familiar to you that you can access more of your power from, you got to work with what you've got."

Gohan began to meditate once more and raised his power level even higher to break free from the ship.

Piccolo threw off his weights, as he knew he couldn't defeat Raditz with them on. He would just be too slow.

"Power level: 450?" Raditz read of the Scouter, before Goku did the same with his weights and his power shot up as well, "Power level: 510? What? Do you think I'm supposed to be intimidated? Now, if your powers were up about another 200, then I might have something to worry about, but as it stands…"

Raditz proceeded with his initial attack and knocked with wind out of them for a few seconds.

"Seriously brother, if you want to take me down, it'll take a lot more than 510 power reading," taunted Raditz.

"Brother, huh? I don't think your mom gave him enough spankings as a kid," trash-talked Piccolo.

"Yeah, what a creep," agreed Goku, "Ya think he'd want to do a little brotherly bonding. I mean he hasn't even taken me to a ball game yet."

"Well, if I'm such a bad brother, let me show how to REALLY fight, and not what the earthlings here call fighting. That's just weak," countered Raditz.

"Where's my son!" shouted Goku.

"I haven't hidden him, if that's what you think. He's right behind you, in my ship. The brat wouldn't shut up, but he had some useful information for me. He told me about your wife, his mother, and I'm gonna have fun after I beat you."

"YOU MONSTER! Don't you DARE lay a hand on Chi Chi. She hasn't got a thing to do with this!"

"Well, I was only kidding, but you confirmed it for me. I was just saying that to get a rise out of you, so you wouldn't be so pathetic when fighting me!"

"Gohan, I'll be there as soon as I defeat this guy!" Goku shouted down to his son.

"YOU CAN DO IT DAD! I'M COUNTING ON YOU!!" shouted Gohan through the pod; he did it as to not get Goku distracted when fighting Raditz from what he really wanted to say.

"Well, are we going to fight, or are you going to join us," said Raditz.

Raditz then proceeded to pawning them into next week with his assault. Taking out Piccolo's left arm in the process.

"Can you still fight?" asked Goku.

"Don't worry, this is just a scratch compared to what WOULD'VE happened if that actually hit," replied the Namekian.

"Well, let's show him everything we got. It should be enough to finish him," said Goku.

"Let's get started, you distract him while I power up."

Goku charged only to get knocked away, but he recovered and jumped into the air, forming a Kamehameha Wave. Piccolo charged his Special Beam Cannon as well.

"What!? Power levels: 1020 and 1145!? So, they can concentrate their energy into focal point and raise their overall strength beyond their normal max. Well, let's see if that's gonna pierce my armor."

He blocked the Kamehameha without a scratch by raising his power level to that of 1200, but that didn't mean that he didn't feel the shockwaves going through he body in the meantime. He quickly blasted his brother down to the ground and rushed over to pummel him some more, before he realized his mistake.

"Power level: 1450!? I can't block that!" said Raditz, after reading the power level off of his Scouter.

Piccolo fired, only for Raditz's shoulder to take the brunt of the blast. He could still use it, but it was no longer at full strength because of that.

"Wow, if that hit, I'd be a goner," stated Raditz.

Raditz tried powering up for an attack; only to have his tail grabbed by his little brother.

Raditz pleaded with his brother, all the while hiding his face from him, yet showing Piccolo his smirk through his pain. Despite Piccolo's outbursts for Goku NOT to let Raditz go, Goku still did anyways as he was an optimist that people could change if you give them a chance. Once Goku let go, Raditz pounded him to the ground and started crushing his stomach.

"Okay, that's about enough. Let's go, Y. Gohan."

"Let's teach him not to mess with my daddy!"

Gohan powered up and broke through the ship and landed just outside the crater, hatred and loathing in his eyes. Every eye was on him, even F. Piccolo's.

'Well, well, looks like Gohan already started training. I like that. It saves time later for our fight against Vegeta and Nappa,' thought F. Piccolo.

"What the? Power level: 1595!? Impossible! No child could ever be that strong! And yet, it still rises!" exclaimed Raditz, who started to back off in fear.

"You get off my daddy!" shouted Y. Gohan.

"You shouldn't underestimate others! It will be your DOWNFALL!!" shouted Gohan, charging in with a Headbutt.

(Or a Skull Bash, just a powerful hit with the head.)

Raditz's armor had cracks in it, the center point from where Gohan crashed into him. Small pieces of armor were falling off, revealing more of his skin.

"No one has ever pierced my armor before," said Raditz, in pain.

"Well, you want another dose? I'd be happy to oblige," replied Gohan, startling Goku a bit at his son.

'When did Gohan get like this? It's like he's not himself anymore," thought a worried father.

"What happened to that power before? It's back to 600," taunted 'Uncle' Raditz.

'Oh crap; they won't let me access the power again. Oh well, doesn't mean I can't try and defend myself,' thought Gohan, before trying to block Raditz's attacks.

'If I let this kid live, then even Prince Vegeta could fall at his hands if he ever got control of that power and mad enough to access it all,' thought Raditz, before walking over to try a finishing blow. This gave Goku time to put Raditz into a full nelson.

Piccolo, while this was going on, was charging is Special Beam Cannon at F. Piccolo's urging. This reduced the time it took to fully charge his attack and let loose at a power level of 1540. The attack was true and straight, which killed both Raditz and Goku. Piccolo didn't complain, as he was able to kill Goku anyways, and F. Piccolo wasn't as concerned because the Dragonballs were on standby to be used.

Piccolo told Raditz of the Dragonballs as he was departing into the next world, and consequently Vegeta and Nappa as well. Raditz in turn told them of Vegeta and Nappa arriving in about 1 earth year. Piccolo blasted his body into the next world, where King Yemma sent him into HFIL, yet leaving his Scouter behind on some sort of whim. Bulma, Krillin, and Roshi arrived, only to be horrified by Goku's state.

"Don't worry, Kami's gonna take care of everything. You'll be able to keep your body in otherworld until we wish you back," informed Piccolo, to everyone present as Goku's body started to disappear.

"Looks like we got some new players arriving," said F. Piccolo, as he took over the body, and Piccolo fused with him to let him have full control, "Goku, try and find someplace to train for the next year. I'll take care of your son. He will be a fighter, because there's no other choice. I'll see you in a year, or maybe longer."

With these words, Goku's body fully disappeared and Kami escorted him to otherworld where he convinced King Yemma to allow him to train with King Kai of the North Quadrant for the next year.

Back on Earth, Piccolo put back on his weights, regenerated his arm, and took Gohan before anyone could do anything about it. When he landed, Gohan landed on his feet when Piccolo let him down.

"Well, I see you've changed, considering you of all people decided to follow me into the past," said Gohan, recognizing Piccolo's energy signature from the future.

"Yes, then I don't need to explain anything. Shall we start now, or in 6 months like originally?" asked Piccolo, not bothering to hide anything.

"In 6 months, so Y. Gohan can learn to survive on his own. He needs this before I can fuse with him, like you have, so we can become stronger as a whole," answered Gohan, wanting Y. Gohan to realize the dangers they will be facing before getting to the serious training.

Piccolo left off to see to his own training, while Gohan and Y. Gohan were facing the dangers in the wild alone. When night came, and the full moon appeared, Y. Gohan couldn't handle the transformation, but Gohan was able to take enough control of the Oozaru body to prevent most of the damage, as well as keeping the Oozaru from any nearby cities.

Piccolo decided that Gohan keeping his tail could help with accessing his hidden power, and keeping his balance. Gohan watched over Y. Gohan as he steadily grew stronger and only intervening when Y. Gohan had no other options. Gohan himself, trained in the mindscape and was able to access more power himself, but still had a long ways to go before he could even beat Vegeta.

(Time Change)

Six months went by and Y. Gohan was getting pretty strong for his age. He could now access his power and maxed out at about 3 thousand. Gohan himself could access up to 10 thousand, enough to keep up with Nappa by himself, but not a match for Vegeta's full power. Y. Gohan wanted to see his mother, but Gohan reminded him what was at stake if he didn't complete his training.

'Fine, let's go see Piccolo, wherever he is,' thought Y. Gohan to Gohan, who took over the body and ran towards the meeting point agreed by him a Piccolo before they parted ways.

'Okay, you got two choices here. One: we stay separate and you go through torturous training while I'm training in the mindscape. Two: we fuse together and I take over from here on out,' suggested Gohan as they ran to the spot.

'Fine, we'll fuse. But let's do it tonight, after we get back to training area,' answered Y. Gohan as they reached the meeting point.

"Gohan, what is your mission?" asked Piccolo from his position on a nearby rock.

"To train and defeat the Saiyans that will be here in half a year! To fight and protect those I care about!" shouted Y. Gohan in response.

"Good, let's head back," said Piccolo.

They flew off back to the training area they'll be staying in for the next 6 months.


Gohan and Y. Gohan met up in the mindscape and, after transferring the knowledge of the Fusion Dance to Y. Gohan, they fused together. Gohan stayed in control, but found himself in his teenaged body after the fusion was done with, exactly the age at which he ascended to Super Saiyan 2.

"Whoa, didn't expect this to be the result. Time for the REAL deal now," said Gohan as he left the mindscape and returned to his body

(Mindscape Exit)

Gohan and Piccolo slept through the night before getting their INTENSE training started the next day. With Gohan able to fly and control his energy, he was able to give Piccolo a good fight each day, causing them both to get that much stronger as a result.

(Time Change)

With the exception of one incident with Goku's space ship he used to arrive here over 3 Saiyan years ago, everything was alright. Gohan was able to tap into more of his power and was at about 7 thousand normally and about 14,750 when maxed out. If you got him angry, his power would shoot up to about 22,490 before returning to the original 7 thousand.

Piccolo was able to hold a normal strength of 10 thousand, while at max he would be at 17,500. Get HIM mad and his power would shoot up to 21,980. They were ready for the Saiyans this time, but would hold back as to not show off in front of their allies.

They felt the Saiyans power reach Earth and suppressed their power level to a few hundred above the other Z Fighters.

Krillin was the only one who got there before the Saiyans, but the others were on their way.

"Well, let's see what were up against," said Nappa, activating his Scouter.


Gohan: 1,500

Piccolo: 2,200

Krillin: 1,750

"Nappa, don't trust the Scouters, these guys can fool them into reading lower than their TRUE strength. Why not have the Saibamen take care of these guys, there ARE 6 of them left, after all," suggested Prince Vegeta.

Shortly after the Saibamen were grown, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha showed up, making an even 6 on 6, enough for a mini-tournament. Tien was able to defeat his Saibaman opponent, only for Vegeta to blast it when it tried to get up. Another Saibaman, using its Kamikaze attack, killed Yamcha. Gohan stood there with an emotionless face, for he knew the sacrifices that must be made, and it was 1-on-1 with no interference. Krillin decided to attack directly at Nappa and Vegeta, while his Saibaman opponent tried to sneak attack Gohan. Gohan disappeared from the attack, only to reappear under it and send it flying. This allowed Piccolo to destroy it with no problem. Nappa was getting impatient and wanted to fight himself; Vegeta didn't stop him. Nappa survived Chiaotzu's sacrifice and was about to kill Tien next. If he had his Scouter on, he would have been able to detect Piccolo's sneak attack; however, that wasn't the case and after Piccolo attacked, Krillin added his own attack to send Nappa flying towards Gohan.

'Okay Gohan, this is it. Time to ATTACK!!' thought Gohan before letting loose a Ki Blast. Piccolo and Krillin joined in, but Nappa still survived, but with more cracks in his armor this time. Piccolo and Krillin split into three each to help even things out, while Gohan felt out the 3 remaining Saibamen and decided to take them out to kill time. Tien fired one last shot, with his life force boosting the attack, before falling dead to the ground. Gohan returned to see Tien's dead body and shed one tear for the courageous warrior. The result of the blast left Nappa with just the chest armor, along with his arm guards and boots.

(Plus the obvious to prevent nudity.)

Gohan smirked as Nappa made himself look like a fool when Vegeta forced himself to stop in midair twice, in a ridiculous position. Piccolo decided on sweatdropping instead in disappointment that he wouldn't be able to show off more power for the time being. Vegeta wanted to give 3 hours for Goku/Kakarot to show up for a more interesting fight, all the while ignoring Gohan for being a kid.

(Time Change)

After an hour passed, Nappa decided to occupy himself by having some fun by pawning the armed forces that dared to intrude on the battlefield. He then followed by attacking some nearby cities to kill even more time, but was sure to make it back before the 3 hours were up.

After Nappa got back, he decided to take off his chest armor, raising his power from about 4,500 back up to 7,500.

"Here's the plan, Krillin: get his attention. I'll grab his tail. Gohan: hit him with full force."

"Right!" agreed Gohan, before starting to concentrate his energy.

"Gotcha!" said Krillin before starting his attack.

Piccolo was able to grab onto Nappa's tail, but Nappa, and Vegeta, didn't have that same weakness; however, this didn't stop Gohan from charging. He did stop when Nappa threw Piccolo right to him, but he laid Piccolo on the ground before charging with more power.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!!" shouted Gohan, raising his power level to 7,000.

Nappa didn't expect this and had to jump back into the air, only to find Gohan right above him.

"Sorry, wrong place!" said Gohan, before using after-image to get behind him.

Nappa turned around only to receive a punch in the stomach. Nappa recovered his bearings enough to battle Gohan on equal ground, but Gohan was slowly but steadily increasing his power with every blow. This gave Krillin enough time to charge a Destructo Disk and throw it at Nappa. Vegeta warned Nappa at the last second, causing the disk to nick his cheek before slicing off a mountain behind him.


"If THAT'S what you call beautiful, Nappa, then you make Vegeta look like a Princess!" taunted Gohan, slamming into him, knocking his attack off target, "Oh wait he's halfway there by being a Prince!"

"WHY YOU! DON'T YOU DARE MOCK THE GREAT PRINCE VEGETA YOU LITTLE HALF-BREED PUNK!!" shouted Nappa, leaving his guard down for an attack by Piccolo on his back.

"Was that your back? My apologies. THAT was aimed for your FACE!!" taunted Piccolo from behind Nappa.

"Aside from the insult from the brat, YOU'RE taking quite a beating from these weaklings Nappa," said Vegeta, laughing his butt off from the embarrassment Nappa is suffering.

"If you think THAT is strong, then you obviously haven't heard of the story of David and Goliath," trash-talked Piccolo, before sensing Goku's Energy heading towards them, "Well, looks like Goku's gonna make it after all, in time to see us wipe the floor with you."

"HOW CAN YOU DETECT POWER LEVELS WITHOUT A SCOUTER OR SOME OTHER DETECTION DEVICE!" shouted Nappa out of anger, and a little fear as well.

"That's something we've picked up over the years," answered Piccolo.

"They may be telling the truth, Nappa," said Vegeta, picking up his Scouter and activating it. He read a power level of 5,000 heading here with great speed, "Finish these guys off, Nappa! We don't want them joining Kakarot, it's too big a risk to take!"

Nappa charged at Gohan, only to be PAWNED by him into yet another giant rock. Nappa was REALLY angry, charging his power to the max of 12,000, before aiming it directly at Gohan.

Gohan was ready for the attack, but before he could react, Piccolo got in the way.

"PICCOLO! YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS! I CAN TAKE THIS HIT!" shouted/pleaded Gohan to his fellow time traveler.

"This HAS to be done Gohan, I leave the rest to you until we meet on Namek. Goodbye, Gohan, my friend," said Piccolo before taking the FULL brunt of the blast and dying shortly afterwards.

"You shouldn't have done that," said Gohan in a quiet voice to Nappa.

"What was that, brat? You want to be next!" said Nappa, itching for another round.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" shouted Gohan, raising his power once more, "THAT WAS MY FRIEND! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!!"

"Power level: 17,000, and rising. This can't be, he's stronger than I am at this point," said Vegeta to himself, not wanting anyone to hear his fear.


Goku: 5,000

Krillin: 620

Gohan: (try this) 25,670

"Nappa's dead," Vegeta said quietly, not wanting to face that power himself. He didn't really care about Nappa dying, he just didn't want to be fighting a kid whose power level trumps his own by a good amount.

"TAKE THIS! MASENKO! HA!" shouted Gohan, unleashing his most powerful attack (at the moment) at Nappa.

"Ah, (beep)" cursed Nappa, before being sent into the next world by a half-blooded Saiyan child.

Gohan fell down exhausted after that attack; he didn't hold back and his power level was suffering because of it. It had dropped down to a measly 250.

"Wow, you sent everything into one shot, doing an overkill to the extreme; however, you've let yourself get exhausted in the process. I'll put you out of your misery," said Vegeta, before charging his Ki-blast.

Before he could even throw it, Goku landed in front of Gohan, in a blocking position that screamed 'try me on!'

"Well, well, Kakarot," said Vegeta, powering down his Ki, "I was beginning to wonder if you were gonna show at all. You should be proud of your son. He's had the strongest Power I've seen in quite a while, except for my own."

This was to cover for his fear beforehand, more to reassure himself than anything else.

"Give me a few minutes, then we'll be able to fight with no distractions," said Goku, before giving Gohan half a senzu bean and rushing over to Krillin to give him the other half.

"Alright, I'll let you settle everything before we tango," answered Vegeta, before sitting on the rock once more.

"Thank goodness you got here dad," said Gohan, relieved that Goku brought a senzu bean with him, thus saving him a hospital trip.

"It's a good thing I did. I don't think Chi Chi would be happy if I got here just to have you die because I didn't have a senzu bean on me," said Goku, with a half-grin on his face.

"Yeah, mom is probably the only fighter in the universe that you couldn't stand up to, no matter how strong you are," agreed Gohan.

"I'm ready for round 2, what about you Gohan?" asked Krillin, who had been stretching his muscles.

"I think I'd like a turn with this guy," interjected Goku, "besides, I'm the reason they came here. At least let me be the one that sends them back with at least SOME pride."

Goku then charged up his power to 12,000.

"Well, I guess I don't need this thing anymore," said Vegeta, before crushing his Scouter to pieces.

Goku and Vegeta faced off, while Gohan and Krillin waited on the sidelines. One knew the outcome of the battle, the other just hoped for it.

(Chapter End)

I know that's a little sudden of a cliffhanger, but I've already covered about 20 or so episodes, mainly sticking with Gohan though. I'll have to pick it up next time, but I won't leave you hanging that soon.

Here's an Omake that should either be really funny, which you would want me to make more of. Or, it would be really stupid and boring and stuff, which would make you want to give a bad review. Oh well, I'll find out anyways.


Goku just powered up in front of Nappa and Vegeta.

"Vegeta, what does the Scouter say about his Power Level?" asked Nappa in an eager voice.

"It's over 1-," said Vegeta, before a plane flying by overlapped his voice. He crushed his Scouter as well.

"WHAT THE (beep)!?" shouted a bewildered Nappa, turning on Vegeta, "YOU DESTROY THE SCOUTER FOR A POWER LEVEL OVER 1!! EVEN THE SHRIMP HAS A POWER LEVEL OVER 1,000! WHY YOU LITTLE (beep). I'M GONNA-!"

The words following those last to was a long string of curse words that I would have to change this fic to M for even writing them. This lasted about 30 seconds before Nappa charged Vegeta, only for him to be PAWNED and killed by Vegeta.

(Omake End)

Yeah, I know, stupid. Two things: One, Vegeta will never be defeated by Nappa, not even in the video games. And two, I just thought it would be at least a little funny that Nappa would cuss Vegeta out, after being SO obedient to him for so many years.

Ah well, I hope you guys can at least give me your thoughts on this chapter, so I can see what I'm doing wrong to fix up next time.