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Spotlight pans to a mysterious man in the shadows. As the light hits him, it reveals a VERY familiar mustache and hairstyle. The figure extends his hands out in opposite directions, both in the form of peace signs.

Hercule: AWW YEAH!! The Champ is in the HOUSE!!!

RDF1: Not so loud, Hercule. You'll wake up the dead at this rate.

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Gohan: Thank goodness. Enduring that in ONE lifetime was enough.

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Gohan/Piccolo/Vegeta/Hercule rush back to altered Dragonball Z Timeline.

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(Chapter Begin)


Soon they heard a Limo pull up, and a butler stepped out.

"Miss Satan!" called out the butler, "You're expected at home. Your father wishes to speak with you!"

"Alright!" called back Videl, "I'll be right there!"

Videl turned back to Gohan.

"Sorry, Gohan," said Videl, "Maybe we could see each other again sometime. It was great meeting you."

"I'm sure we'll see each other again, real soon," said Gohan, "Goodbye!"

Videl went to the limo, and Gohan went to the outskirts of the city where no one was and flew off back to the Lookout. Goku and Chi Chi wanted the last two days alone, for something, or someone, Gohan could only imagine.

The next day had Gohan2 staying at the Lookout while Gohan headed back to Satan City. He searched for hours all over the City, but never found Videl. He eventually found the Satan Manor, but couldn't be allowed in since Hercule Satan asked for no visitors. Gohan could only sigh as he went back to the Lookout. He slapped himself a bit.

"Gohan," said Gohan to himself, "Now's not the time to be worried about Videl. She's safe in Satan City. Right now, concentrate on the fight with Cell tomorrow."

(Recap End)

While Gohan was trying to concentrate on the battle tomorrow with Cell, Videl was speaking with her father, or who claimed to be her father that came from the future. Videl let him tell his story as Gohan, the mysterious boy she met yesterday, gave her a vibe that told her that he knew more than he let on. That he had another purpose of going out of his way to actually meet her. As she listened to her 'father', she was surprised by the detailed account she was hearing and knew that no one, not even her embellishing father, could make up, at least not easily.

Hercule finished his tale with Goku's departure with Uub and the following days after that. His entire tale to his daughter was edited enough as to not tell Videl about the Saiyans and other happenings such as Super Saiyan Transformations and Dragonballs.


"Well, dad," said Videl, after what seemed like ten minutes of silence, "That certainly IS quite a tale. And I normally wouldn't believe it, except for one thing…"

"You have to believe me, it's the truth," pleaded Hercule, "I'm not making this…. Wait, except for what?"

"Yesterday, a boy that looked like he didn't even live near Satan City asked me where to find me and joked about getting an autograph," explained Videl, "He apologized shortly after I got onto his case about it and said he wanted to be friends. That he had lost a parental figure before and understood how I felt.

"I don't know why, but I feel as if he was hiding something from me," she finished with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Unfortunately, he is," replied Hercule, "You see, at this time, he hasn't technically lost his father yet, but he will, if everything goes the way it did. He knows how it's like growing up without parents though, so in a way, he understands the loss of a parent like you did with your mother. I'm truly sorry Videl, but there's nothing I can do to bring her back."

"It's okay, dad," sighed Videl, " I understand why mom passed on, and no matter how much I miss her, she wouldn't want me to spend all my time sulking over her."

"That's my girl," said Hercule, giving his daughter a hug, "Now, I want you to stay here and not leave the house no matter what you see on Television tomorrow."

"I won't," promised Videl.

After dinner, the Satan father and daughter turned in early that night, for Hercule it was to have a good sleep before tomorrow's fiasco of a battle. Videl, however, received a visitor of the worst kind in the middle of the night. The intruder quickly knocked her out as soon as she woke up and took her with him as he flew out the window he entered just seconds before.

When Gohan awoke the next morning on top of the lookout, he felt a chill for some reason; a chill that wasn't explained by the altitude he was in. As hard as he thought about it, he couldn't put his finger on it, but it wasn't something that he would like upon finding out. He got ready for the day and waited outside with Krillin and Piccolo for when Goku arrived.

Indeed, Goku arrived in the hour, after saying 'goodbye' to Chi Chi at the Son residence. They all grabbed onto Goku as he used Instant Transmission to teleport them to Capsule Corp., where the others had decided to meet before heading to the Tournament.

When they arrived at the Tournament site, Gohan's chill turned into a feeling of dread as he saw Cell's undeniable smirk, as if he was already victorious, even more so than last time. Gohan turned his sights of Hercule's group and saw that Hercule was looking pale, even for him. A small Ki search later and Gohan's eyes widened as he realized Hercule's energy signature felt like the Hercule from his time.

'Piccolo, do you feel that?' mentally asked Gohan to his Time Travel Partner.

'I do Gohan; this Hercule seems to have the same energy signature that our Hercule had. I also feel as if I'm missing something that would explain a feeling of dread that won't leave my mind.'

'I felt it too,' replied Gohan, 'I don't know why, but Cell seems even more confident that last time we fought him.'

Goku's official meeting with 16 cut their conversation short. The only thing that made them seem like friends was the common feeling of protecting nature and life, as Goku's life had been dedicating to protecting those he care about. Gohan walked over to Hercule and those who were brave/stupid enough to come with him.

"Hello," greeted Gohan, "If I'm not mistaken, you're Hercule Satan, right?"

Hercule extended his hand out to Gohan and, with a knowing look on his face, said, "Kid, unless you're here to fight seriously, then there's no reason for you to be here."

Gohan realized what Hercule meant and extended his own and shook hands with the World Champ, "I promise not to hold back when the time comes, Mr. Satan."
This confused the press, but Hercule had asked/demanded them to not ask questions about the other guys there, particularly the kid. He told them that they had decided to participate for the same reasons he did: to stop Cell's threat to the Earth.


Goku walked over to officially meet Hercule Satan as well.

"Hi there," said Goku, "I hear you're the current World Champ."

"Well, that's because no one that showed up was that much of a challenge, but I'm pretty sure you would know all about that, right?"

Goku gave the infamous Son Grin while rubbing the back of his head.

"Alright," said Cell, his smirk fading a bit, "That's enough chit chat. I have a world to destroy and I don't want to have to wait another day if I have to. Will the first challenger step into the ring?"

And so, Hercule's two students were defeated easily. When Hercule stepped into the ring, he walked right up to cell.

"Hey, Cell," said Hercule in a quiet voice so nobody notices his plan, "Could you just knock me out of the ring already so you can fight Goku? I know I'm a waste of your time…"

Cell complied with Hercule's request and sent him flying out of the ring and into a nearby rock formation. Luckily, Hercule survived with nothing more than a headache and some minor bruising that would only need days to heal.

"Alright," said Cell, in a bored voice that begged to be 'whiny', "Will the next fighter step into the ring?"

"I guess that's my cue," said Goku, before leaping into the ring.

Gohan focused his Ki into his eyes and got ready to follow his dad and Cell's movements to the letter.

Cell and Goku started out slow, just to warm-up, before getting serious. After Goku beat Cell's Multiform Technique, Cell decided to delve into his bag of tricks and bring out a purple disk and throw it at Goku.

"Is that, my technique?" asked Krillin in fear.

"No," said Gohan, getting the other fighters attention on him, " I think that might just be Frieza's. He never used that technique against me, but that attack has his Ki behind it, as well as Cell's."

"Then, Goku's in trouble!" exclaimed Yamcha.

Indeed, Cell's use of Frieza's attack was of greater control than Frieza's was. Cell summoned two more disks and had them follow Goku around. Goku, upon realizing he could out speed the disks, allowed them to pass through his after-image technique while he super-speeded to a different area around the ring.

Cell decided to give up on Frieza's attack and changed to Goku's signature attack.

"KA! ME! HA! ME!" started Cell.

"NO!" warned Goku, "You can't put that much behind the Kamehameha! It'll blow up the Earth!"

"HA!!" shouted Cell, releasing the beam at Goku.

Thinking quickly, Goku led the beam up into the sky and used Instant Transmission to dodge the Wave and reappeared behind Cell to knock him across the stage.

"What was that strange technique?" asked the announcer with Hercule's group. He turned to Hercule, who had returned to his group after his 'match' with Cell, "What are your thoughts, Mr. Satan?"

"I'm not completely sure," said Hercule in a serious, yet pained voice from his injuries, "but I remember reading about this in the World Martial Arts Record Book. This Technique is called the Kamehameha Wave and was developed by a Turtle Hermit named Roshi about 80 years ago. It took him 50 years to master that technique, but I guess these guys have found a way to master in under half that time."

Back in the ring, Goku was explaining the Instant Transmission to Cell, before Cell started to move at super-speed to gain the upper hand in the fight. Gohan focused a bit more Ki into his eyes to follow Cell's movements easily while Goku was slowing up bit by bit. Soon, they both disappeared. Gohan and Piccolo moved their attention upward in time to see Goku and Cell reappeared.

Shortly afterwards Goku and Cell moved their fight back down in the ring and came close to knocking each other out of the ring. They moved back into the air before Cell charged up a Ki Blast to destroy the ring with.

"GUYS! GET OUT OF THERE!!" shouted Goku, with concern.

Gohan used his super-speed along with Android 16 to get Hercule and the other fighters to a safe distance while the Z-Fighters speeded out the immediate area. Soon Goku and Cell landed and moved to the next part of their match. After a furious exchange of Ki Blasts and Physical blows, Goku retreat to the sky and his Ki skyrocketed.

"KA! ME! HA! ME!" started Goku, before disappearing.

"This is it," said Gohan, moving his eyes towards Cell.

Goku reappeared underneath Cell.

"HAAAA!!" shouted Goku with all his might, releasing the Kamehameha at point blank on Cell, taking out his upper-half and letting the lower half fall to the ground.

Gohan feelings of foreboding only increased as Goku and Cell's fight was winding down. Vegeta talked Mirai down about helping Goku by reminding of Saiyan Honor and how much Goku's legend meant to him. But his next statement surprised almost everyone.

"I give up," spoke Goku.

Gohan just sighed as he realized what was next: HIS fight against Cell. He took a few calming breaths as Goku told everyone that Gohan would be the next one to battle Cell. After giving Cell a Senzu Bean, Gohan took off his weighted shoulder garment and jumped down in front of Cell, his anger quickly returning to the surface, but not enough to make him lower his guard.

"Hey Cell," greeted Gohan, "I hope that Senzu Bean is filling, because it's your last meal."

Gohan then reached through the depths of his power and raised his Power Level to that of Goku max. With renewed strength, Cell powered up even more, matching Gohan's power level, for now.

"Shall we dance?" queried Gohan, before he and Cell disappeared.

With speeds only matched at super-speed before, Gohan and Cell collided in a fury of punches, but not one made connection. Gohan his smaller body's greater agility to weave out of Cell's punches and get behind him, sending a kick to Cell's back and knocking him to the ground. Gohan quickly charged a few Ki Blasts and sent them directly at Cell. Cell deflected them and charged back up at Gohan. Gohan used the after-image technique to dodge and counter Cell's movements, but Cell soon used after-image as well and all that could be seen was Gohan and Cell striking each other's after-image before disappearing into an after-image themselves to dodge the next blow. After 20 seconds of this, Cell moved back from Gohan.

"Well, well," said Cell, "Not bad for kid who's not supposed to be this strong in a world where Goku died of a deadly heart virus."

"Well," said Gohan, "believe it or not, I have you to thank for that. You arriving here in Mirai's Time Capsule allowed each of us to grow stronger and survive the onslaught of the Androids."

"Only to die at my hands," finished Cell, upping the ante by moving at the newly achieved super-speed increase.

This caught Gohan off guard for a few seconds as Cell pummeled him before he regained his focus and used his super-speed get out of Cell's range. He then brought forth more power and started exchanging blows again. Cell stopped attacking long enough to grab Gohan's arms and sent a twin kick-at his face, sending him to the ground. Gohan managed to stop himself from hitting another rock formation when a Ki Blast surprised him, sending him the rest of the way. As the rock formation crumbled, Gohan fell down to the ground, luckily nothing too big fell on him and he started to get up again. Gohan's mouth reshaped itself into a smirk as he prepared for the next barrage.

Cell started the next round with Ki Blasts, forcing Gohan on the defensive for the moment. Gohan moved out of the Ki Blast range with little difficultly before blocking Cell's next attacks. Gohan focused more power into his super-speed to stay ahead of Cell, but Cell was quick to match pace and Gohan once again was back on the defensive. After getting knocked back to the ground, Gohan looked up to see Cell charging a stronger Ki Blast than before.

"Good fight kid," appraised Cell, slightly OOC, "but it's sad to say that like all good things, it must come to an end."

Gohan barely had time to bring his arms in front of him as he took the full onslaught of Cell's Ki Blast, blasting him back into another rock formation.

'Man, I'm really going too easy on Cell this time. I even let him get a solid hit on me,' thought Gohan as he rose up from the rubble, 'guess it's time to show him why I'm the strongest Z-Fighter now.'

Gohan then reached into the depths of his energy reserve and called out more power than ever. He raised his energy over 600 million, and that was no easy task. Gohan calmly walked out and stopped in front of Cell.

"You're right, its time the good fight ended," said Gohan, a smirk reappearing on his face, "And time for the REAL fight to begin. Ya'know, you still have time to back out now and live. Just promise to return the Androids and never harm anyone again."

Cell chuckled a bit, "Either you making a joke, or your just as naïve as your father. But I show know better, as I know you."

Gohan's eyes widened a bit.

"Yes, Gohan," gloated Cell, "I know for a fact that a power like yours can only be awakened through great loss."

Gohan's face brought about a look of anger, "You don't want to push me."

"Oh I want to push you," said Cell, as he started pummeling away Gohan and knocking back into another rock formation.

"I've decided to shake things up a bit," continued Cell, "I DID invite everyone to compete. So that's what I'm gonna do."

Cell quickly moved to where Krillin was and stole the Senzu Beans from him before returning to the playing field.

"Don't do it Cell," warned Gohan.

"Oh I will, and unless you transform right now, I'm gonna kill off your friends one by one by one until you do."

Before Cell could bring about his next attack, Android 16 stepped in and grabbed Cell, pulling him into the air.

Gohan's eyes widened again as 16 started to charge up his power to self-destruct.

'NO! 16! It doesn't have to be this way!' thought Gohan, 'WHY!?!?!?'

Gohan couldn't move as he and the others watched as 16 failed to destroy Cell and was blasted into several parts. After scattering the parts across the field, Cell turned back to Gohan with an evil gleam in his eyes.

"Now, where were we," said Cell evilly as his tail opened up.

Cell release seven kid Cells and told them to attack his friends. Gohan started running towards his friends but suddenly stopped as he felt someone hold him back.


Gohan was being held back by Gohan2 and wasn't letting go.

"Let go!" demanded Gohan.

"I won't," replied Gohan, "I'm not letting you make any mistakes this time and this would be one of them."

"I've got to help my friends, Gohan2! You can't stop me from helping them," said Gohan, struggling to get free.

"I can't NOT stop you, Gohan," said Gohan2, "If you go now, you'll die!"

"I'd rather die than watch my friends suffer through this again! I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULD CHANGE THINGS AND NOT LET THEM SUFFER MORE THAN NECESSARY!!"

"Look Gohan," said Gohan2 in a quiet but serious tone, "I know how much you want to help them, but this isn't the way. They can survive this beating; you know that more than anything."

"Oh Gohan?" said a voice that quickly interrupted the conversation.

(Mindscape Exit)

Gohan's eyes focused on Cell again and his eyes widened in shock and fear.

"Since you're friends agony doesn't seem to be working as fast as I'd hope, I'd thought I bring out my insurance policy," said Cell.

While Cell was holding the Senzu Beans in one hand, his other was holding Videl Satan in the other.


"Gohan?" wondered Videl, "What's going on? Where am I?"

"Videl, not you!" said Gohan quietly in fear and anger, "Cell! She has nothing to do with us! Leave her out of it!"

"I'm sorry, but once I learned of your 'connection' with this girl, I knew that I had to have her here to make sure you release your power," said Cell calmly, all the while smirking like he had won the lottery ten times over in a single night.

While Gohan2 was holding Gohan back from helping the Z-Fighters, 16 asked Hercule to throw him towards Gohan.

"I've got it covered, 16," said Hercule, picking up 16's head and started running towards Gohan and Cell, keeping to the cover of the rocks. As he got closer, he recognized his daughter Videl was in Cell's grasp.

"NO! Not my daughter!" said Hercule in shock and fear, "16, you better make sure Gohan saves Videl. She's the last of my family."

"I'll do what I must to help Gohan save the life of this world, this includes your daughter, Mr. Satan," said 16.

Hercule prepared to throw 16 towards Gohan, Videl, and Cell.

"Know that your actions today have helped to save the world," finished 16.


"Thank you," said a teary-eyed Hercule as he threw 16 as far as he could.

The Z-Fighters and the kid Cells turned toward Gohan, Videl, and Cell when Android 16's head was thrown right in between them.

"Oh crap," said Piccolo, before turning to the others, "Guys, prepare yourselves! Gohan's power is about to become stronger than you've ever witnessed before!!"

Goku's eyes widened as he remembered this same situation played out when he was a kid. His first Android Friend, Android 8, nicknamed Eighter, sacrificed himself as well for Goku to unleash the power necessary to defeat the Red Ribbon Army from taking the life of Planet Earth.

'Eighter,' thought Goku, 'I understand now why you let yourself be destroyed all those years ago. I believe in your descendent. He will do the right thing.'

Indeed, Android 16 did what he set out to do. As his head landed between Gohan and Cell, holding Videl, he made eye contact with Gohan.

"Gohan, you must let it all go," said Android 16, "In a fight for the sake of life, nothing must be held back. You have the power to protect the life I've grown to love since being reactivated. Please, protect it with everything you have, otherwise beings such as Cell will destroy it and it can never come back. Just: let it all go."

Cell was fed up with Androids 16's speech and stepped on the head, destroying what was left of Android 16's life.

"Yet another fighter," said Cell, "you could have saved."


Gohan2 was stunned that 16 made the very same sacrifice for Gohan once more, but now that Videl's life was at stake too, he knew what must be done. He released Gohan and together, their force of will broke many barriers surrounding their power.

(Mindscape Exit)

Videl, upon seeing such a horrible killing, fell unconscious in Cell's arm. Gohan, whose eyes had gone blank for a few seconds before the look of anger returned 100 fold, all of his focus was concentrated on Cell.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" shouted Gohan, releasing all his rage, his sadness, and his desperation.

His Aura flared around him as he powered up, reaching new depths of his power that had yet to be accessed in this timeline. This was different than in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; this time, Gohan released everything he had that his pre-teen body could handle.

"So, that's it, huh?" said Cell, oddly disappointed, "You are making the same mistake Trunks did, boy. Don't think you can win by simply powering up, it's too foolish of a move to make."

"That's where you'd be wrong Cell," said Gohan, his loathing for Cell increasing all the more, "There are two very different things about Trunks and myself."

"Oh really," said Cell, "And what would those two things be?"

"One: He hasn't reached that level of focusing his anger, he was just maxing out his Super Saiyan Powers," said Gohan, still raising his power level, "And two: Trunks's body is already full grown! I'm still in a younger, shorter body! So, let's see how that compares when I TRANSFORM!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Gohan's already spiky hair flew straight up, leaving only one bang down. His body increased in height by 2-3 inches and his muscles doubled in size.

"He's done it," said Cell in amazement.

Gohan's mighty power surge echoed throughout the desert, taking out the camera and knocking back Hercule's group even further from the battle.

Cell began to show fear on his face as he began to back away from Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

"I wouldn't come to close if I was you," said Cell, trying to regain his bearings, attempted a threatening voice; "I still have your little girlfriend in my clutches. One wrong move and I'll kill her."

Gohan's look of anger never disappeared from his face. With a movement that could only be described as a blur, Gohan quickly grabbed the Senzu Beans and Videl, resting her in his arms bridal style.

"I'll deal with you in a minute," said Gohan, before using Instant Transmission to get Videl to her father.

When Gohan appeared right in front of Hercule's group, everyone but Hercule backed away in fear.

"How is she?" asked Hercule, fearful that his daughter could be dead.

"She's fine," said Gohan in a calm voice, "She just fainted from seeing 16's head get smashed. Keep her safe while I finish off the monster responsible for putting her this close to harm."

Gohan used Instant Transmission again to appear in the midst of the Z-Fighters fighting the kid Cells.

"I looking for seven spawns of evil that have received death wishes. Any spawns of evil wishing to fulfill said wish, approach me now," said Gohan, humor hidden from his voice, but one could tell the joke that was made, even though it wasn't really a joke.


All seven kid Cells didn't take too kindly at the mockery that they had just been made targets of. All seven kid Cells rushed at Gohan, only for Gohan to disappear before seven simultaneous explosions rang out from where the kid Cells were. As the smoke cleared, Gohan was standing there as if he was bored with the kids and decided to take on the father in hopes of a slight challenge. All the Z-Fighters then noticed that Gohan's Tail had become unwrapped form around his waist after going SS2.

"No way," said Vegeta, "He's had his tail the entire time. No wonder his power keeps getting stronger during this fight. His tail's never been cut."


Gohan tossed the Senzu Bean Bag to Trunks before using Instant Transmission once more to confront Cell on the battlefield.

Cell's anger returned at seeing Gohan's power destroying his kid Cells in seconds.

"Now, if I'm not mistaken, you wanted to fight me at my best. Let's see how you handle a Super Saiyan 2," said Gohan, wanting to finish this as soon as he could, after initiating his plan that is.

"Fine then, let's get started," said Cell.

Gohan made the first move by charging directly at cell. Cell made for a counter swipe, but Gohan used his newfound speed to move out of the way, leaving behind an after image to fly through cell. Cell flew up, with Gohan counterattacking, but Cell used after image as well.

Gohan turned to where Cell reappeared and began smirking.

"If that's all you got Cell, then I should kill you right now," said Gohan, knowing that he had to push the right buttons for his plan to work.

"I'll kill you, boy!" said Cell, charging in for his next assault.

Gohan was quick to counter him move for move, but was able to get in an extra hit every five punches Cell launched at him. So, after about thirty exchanges of this, Cell looked like a punching bag that's been used several times over. Gohan quickly increased his speed and continued to pummel Cell across the skies of the desert arena. He charged up a Ki Blast at close range and sent him to the ground.

Cell quickly recovered and sped up to the sky while Gohan landed softly on the ground. Cell began charging a stronger Kamehameha Wave than ever before.

"KA! ME! HA! ME HA!!" shouted Cell, releasing the wave.

As it closed in on Gohan, he smirked and repeated Cells' phrase back at him.

"KA! ME! HA! ME! HA!" shouted Gohan, getting into position at the second 'me' and releasing the blast on 'HA'.

With a tremendous force, Gohan's Kamehameha Waved, despite being smaller in size, was more than powerful enough to send Cell's Kamehameha Wave right back at him, destroying over half his body.

As the smoke cleared, everyone could see the damage that was inflicted.


Gohan was still and quiet.

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??" demanded his father.

"The right time, father," replied Gohan finally, "He's almost in position for my plan to work. I just have to wait for the right moment."

Cell took only a few seconds before he started to regenerate. His power recovered with his healed state, but it didn't matter. Cell was beyond ticked at the brat for doing this to him and muscle-maxed out in an attempt to stop him by power alone.

Gohan smirked as Cell landed in front of him.

"You miserable little half-breed! I am the Perfect Being! You are a mere insect to me!" declared Cell.

"Now who's making Trunks's mistake," said Gohan, as he focused his power into his right fist and punched Cell in the gut, but the pain it inflicted went right to the core of Cell's body. Cell's pain was enough for him to cough out Android 18 and return to his second stage.

'That's it,' thought Gohan with a smirk, returning his tail back around his waist, 'Krillin better thank me for this.'

Gohan then proceeded to beating the tar and feathers out of the Imperfect Cell as he sent Cell flying around the desert floor. Gohan walked towards the fearful Cell, before he remembered his final technique, planetary explosion. Gohan's eyes widened as he realized that he had wasted a second too long in trying to get 17 out of Cell as well.

"You've played around with me for too long," gloated Cell, "And thus gave me more than enough time to reveal my final technique. I shall blow myself up and the planet I happen to be on."

'Not again,' thought Gohan, falling to his knees, 'I tried to rescue 17 and failed. I had forgotten how much control I'm supposed to have over this form.'

Goku realized that this was when he stepped in to save his son. He was ready to die anyways and before he did so, he turned around to say goodbye to his friends before using instant transmission to appear in front of Gohan.

Gohan's eyes widened even further when he saw his dad appear before him.

"Gohan, I'm proud of you," said Goku, "You've pushed yourself to the limit and saved the life that 16 loved. Not Eighteen, but Earth itself. I knew from the moment I saw Cell ten days ago that it would come to this. I have no regrets with what I'm about to do. Please don't stop me."

Gohan couldn't move even if Gohan2 let him, as he was too frozen by the way things turned out. It was no different than before. All the power, all the training, everything that was changed before couldn't change things now.

"Goodbye, dad," said Gohan, tears flowing, "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too son," said Goku, "But remember, I'm always with you, in your heart."

Goku then used Instant Transmission to transport Cell and himself to King Kai's Planet.

King Kai was certainly surprised when Goku and Cell showed up on his planet.

"GOKU!!" exclaimed King Kai, "Are you out of your Saiyan mind!?"

"Sorry, King Kai, but this was the first place I could think of," replied Goku.

"I wouldn't've minded if you called first," said King Kai, before Cell, and the North Kai planet was destroyed, breaking the seal of Bojack and his minions.

Back at the Son House, Chi Chi felt her heart shatter as she felt Goku's life force leave this world. She fainted back into her dad's arms, unconscious until Gohan returned.

Back in the desert, Gohan let his Super Saiyan 2 form die back down into his Super Saiyan form. He was exhausted from the adrenaline rush that flowed through his veins as a Super Saiyan 2.

"I let it happen again," said Gohan, tears still streaming down his face.

Piccolo sighed as he walked towards Gohan and instantly pounded Gohan on the head. This was enough for Gohan to stop his tears and looked towards his friend and mentor.

"Gohan," said Piccolo, "Goku made that decision himself. There was nothing you could've done, despite what you may think otherwise."

"But…" started Gohan.

"But nothing," countered Piccolo, "Don't let yourself fall into that hole of darkness again, not after all we've worked for. Goku would've wanted you to live, grow stronger, and continue to protect the Earth as he's done for so many years."

Gohan took a few deep breaths, trying to take in everything Piccolo had said. After a few moments Gohan began to realize that Piccolo was right. Goku would have wanted him to get over his loss and become stronger to protect Goku's friends and the people of Earth. He got up and walked over to where Vegeta and Krillin were arguing over Android 18.

"Vegeta," said Gohan, "That's enough. 18's my friend as well as Krillin's and I won't let you destroy her over some misguided grudge. Sure, she beat you, but that was before the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Besides, without Cell, she's safe from being used to destroy this planet, including Bulma and Trunks."

Vegeta couldn't really argue with Gohan, so he just scoffed and turned away from Krillin and 18 to brood.

Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, an explosion of energy reappeared about 50 yards away from everyone gathered. They turned and saw Cell, in his complete form once more, laughing up a storm, as if he'd been duped by a cosmic joke that turned into his favor.

The first thing he did was killing Mirai without any interference from anyone else. This sent Vegeta into a shocked state that he never entered before.

'No way,' thought Vegeta, 'not Mirai. He can't be…'

Gohan turned back into Super Saiyan 2 with little difficulty in preparation of killing Cell twice over.

"Gohan," said Vegeta, in awe of his raw courage.

"Cell, you're worst than a monster," said Gohan, with full confidence and no cockiness, "You're a demon that's pure evil. I will make you beg for death when I'm through with you, that is IF I give you enough time to beg! If there's one thing my father taught me is that to protect life, you must give it your all no matter what the circumstances. I plan on sending you to HFIL myself."

Mirai summoned enough strength to remain alive, for now, but was bleeding enough to cough out blood.

'I won't let Cell get away with this,' thought Vegeta as he turned his sights on the monster in front of them, 'Mirai Trunks is STILL my son by blood and I won't let him die if I have anything to say about!'

Vegeta cried out to the heavens, summoning more power than he ever did before and rushed at Cell with everything he had. He turned Super Saiyan halfway into his charge and put the majority of his energy into a single blast, launching when he got 10 yards from cell. Except, Vegeta wasn't done yet. He called forth even more power and blasted Cell with everything he had. He needed retribution for what Cell did to Mirai and by HFIL he was going to get it.

But when the smoke cleared, Cell just sped behind Vegeta and knocked him to the ground hard, nearly making him pass out. Cell charged one final Ki Blast meant for Vegeta and sent it towards him. Gohan acted instinctively and super speeded towards Vegeta. He managed to protect the Saiyan Prince, but the blast dislocated his shoulder in the process.

'OW,' thought Gohan, 'I forgot how painful dislocation was.'

"I thought I told you not to make a habit of this, brat," complained Vegeta, trying to get up along with Gohan, who only had one hand to use.


"I'm sorry, but I'm not letting you die as well," said Gohan as he was finally able to stand up.

Vegeta was in too much pain from that one blow to fully stand up.

Cell landed with that annoying squeak in his footsteps (AN8). The finale of the Cell Games was coming to a close.

"Let's end this with one final showdown, Gohan," suggested Cell, getting into the Kamehameha position, "One final shot to end the Cell Games in a BANG!!"

"You want a bang?" asked Gohan, charging up his power once more, "I'll give you the BIGGEST bang of a Kamehameha Wave you'll ever see."

Since Gohan only had one working arm, he moved it into the Kamehameha position as well, ready to focus his power.

"Gohan," said Vegeta from behind him, "I'm sorry for letting the Saiyan race down."

"You stood up for your son, and that was enough," replied Gohan, revealing his tail once more, "Leave the rest to me."

'But unless I unleash all my life force in a single shot, Cell will still survive and become that much stronger,' thought Gohan, 'I guess it all comes down to this, my final Kamehameha Wave…'

'I wouldn't say to use ALL your life force Gohan,' interrupted Goku mentally to Gohan.

'What are you saying, dad?' replied Gohan.

'You have more power than even you realize, and it's only increased since you merged with my Gohan in this timeline,' informed Goku, 'I know that we both get stronger in the future, but it's now that I'm talking about. I've sensed that change in you ever since my brother Raditz arrived on Earth. And every time I saw you after that, I began to realize more and more the extent your powers have grown. Android 16 said to let it all go and you've yet to do that. Show the world, the universe, the TRUE power of a Super Saiyan 2!!'

'Right dad,' finished Gohan, before returning his focus on Cell.

"Alright Cell!" said Gohan, "Let's see who's Kamehameha is stronger: You're stolen version or the Son Family's signature style."

"KA! ME! HA! ME!" shouted Gohan and Cell at the same time, their powers continually rising.


Both Cell and Gohan's Kamehameha Waves collided in the middle, forcing both combatants back, along with the Saiyan Prince.

Vegeta got his bearings back in time to strategically retreat to a safer location to recover his strength. He let himself return to normal state to speed up the process.

The others made it out of there as well, if only to watch the battle from afar as Gohan faced off against Cell for the final time.

Goku in Other World was watching Gohan stand up to Cell in the most devastating way possible. He could still sense that Gohan was holding back, as if waiting for something. He contacted Gohan again to find out what it was.

If it was possible, Cell focused more power into his Wave and started overpowering Gohan's. Gohan summoned more energy, if only to slow down Cell's progress. He was holding steady with keeping Cell's Wave from overpowering his without letting it all out yet.

'Gohan! What are you waiting for? You have more than enough power to defeat Cell, so why won't you use it?' demanded Goku's voice.

'It's not enough to beat Cell, dad,' countered Gohan, 'Unless I can completely annihilate every last one of Cell's cells, he'll just keep coming back stronger. I need to catch him so off guard that he'll never be able to summon enough power to protect even one cell of his body. I'm waiting for the right time, not before, not after.'

Vegeta stood watching Gohan stand up to Cell's Kamehameha Wave with his own. As much as he respected Gohan, he had a debt to pay and he wouldn't let his respect get in the way of his honor. He started powering up for one final assault against Cell.

Sensing Gohan's plan, and remembering how Gohan beat Cell last time, Piccolo powered up.

"Guys, if Gohan can't defeat Cell one-on-one, then we've got to distract him long enough for Gohan to target Cell directly," Piccolo said before heading out to help Gohan.

"He's right," said Krillin, "If we can get Cell's attention on us, Gohan can finish it."

Krillin powered up as well as flew off right behind Piccolo. Tien and Yamcha were quick to act in following them as well.

Piccolo and Krillin were the first to arrive and tried to blast Cell from behind, but were knocked back by Cell's Energy alone. Yamcha and Tien landed and started firing their Ki Blasts as well. Piccolo and Krillin recovered and rejoined the other two in blasting Cell.

"This is getting bothersome," said Cell, before releasing even more energy behind him sending the four warriors out of the fight once more.

Unfortunately, this left Cell completely oblivious to Vegeta's final attack.


Vegeta's attack hit its mark, catching Cell completely off guard, and got him to turn his attention on Vegeta.

"AND PARISH!!" shouted Gohan, "ME! HAAAAAAAAAA!!"

With the right moment arriving, Gohan pulled out all the stops, unleashing everything he could ever give, at the time, into one final burst. He started his trek towards Cell, the Wave around him making him look even more demonic like to Cell than Cell did to Gohan when he first returned.

"NO!!" shouted Cell in fear, feeling his cells being obliterated one by one, "THIS CAN'T BE!! I'M THE PERFECT CREATION!!"

"You're no creation, Cell," said Gohan, his demonic looks not disappearing in the slightest, "You're a monstrosity. One that must DIE!!"

Gohan's final cry completely overpowered Cell's Kamehameha Wave and extinguished every single cell left in Cell's body.

Gohan finally let al his power die, returning to normal, and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Everyone gathered around Gohan, waiting for him to wake up. He regained consciousness less than a minute later to see everyone, minus Vegeta, standing over him.

"Thanks guys," said Gohan, a smile coming to his face, "You all did great. I couldn't ask for any more out of you."

"What are you talking about, Gohan? It was you that defeated Cell," countered Yamcha.

Gohan sat up slowly, "But I wouldn't have been able to do so without everyone's help, including Vegeta's."

"I was just repaying a debt I owed," said Vegeta form his spot away from the group, "Besides, it's what he deserved for killing Mirai."

"Hey, Gohan?" asked Krillin, "You didn't hold back that power to show off, did ya?"

"I was waiting for Vegeta to get Cell's attention so I could target Cell's cells to destroy them," replied Gohan with a chuckle.

Vegeta then moved to get his son while Krillin went to get 18. Piccolo helped Gohan up and everyone made their way to Kami's, err Dende's Lookout.

After the Z-Fighters left, Hercule, Videl, and the others were recovering from what just happened.

"Hercule," said the announcer for ZTV, "What happened here? Can you explain what happened and why everyone else is now gone?"
Hercule got nervous from being put on the spot like that, but since he was used to making up lies on the spot, he was able to recover his composure easily.

"What just happened was my beating Cell!" said Hercule, lying through his teeth to the media and his students, "Cell was all flash and show and tricks and I was getting tired of it. So I went over there and beat the stuffing out of Cell before he fell on his own bomb and exploded."

"Really?" said the others, minus Videl, in awe, "That's what happened?"

"Yeah, that's what happened!" said Hercule in a tone that quieted the group, "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to spend some time with my daughter alone. She's been through enough today and I don't want anyone else near her until I know she's alright."

The group quickly complied with Hercule's request/demand and retreated to a safe distance, waiting on their champ. Hercule turned to his daughter and knelt down to hug her. Videl hugged her dad with all her might, not wanting him to leave her as well.

"Videl," said Hercule softly, after pulling Videl back to arm's length, "I know you saw that kid, Gohan, beat Cell, not me, but please don't tell anyone, okay?"

"Why?" asked Videl, "Shouldn't he be honored for saving the world?"

"Gohan, the boy you met two days ago, is apart of a group that battles threats to Earth quietly so the people won't go into a panic every other week."

"I saw Gohan's dad die, is this what he meant by saying that he understands the loss of a parent?"

"Yes. Gohan's father has been fighting threats like the Red Ribbon Army since he was a kid. He withdrew into hiding to protect his family from those that would harm them. He's Earth's unknown and unsung hero, but it has to be that way for the sake of the Earth."

"Alright," said Videl, "I won't tell anyone."

Hercule and Videl rejoined the others and headed to the nearest TV station to get the word out that Hercule had 'beaten' Cell.

As the Z-Fighters landed on Dende's Lookout, Vegeta set his son down before turning to the others.

"Inform me of everything that happens up here," he said, "I need to check on my family."
Vegeta powered up and made his way towards Capsule Corp.

Piccolo set down Gohan in front of Dende, who healed him in a matter of seconds. Gohan opened up his eyes.

"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes, Dende," quipped Gohan, "Even if my eyes are the only thing about body that's NOT sore."

This got a chuckle out of the group for a few seconds before getting serious again.

"I'm sorry about Goku, Gohan," said Dende, "I know how much you wanted him to live."

Gohan stood up, "Don't be. He told me himself that he didn't regret his decision in the slightest. I know he's dead now, but I'm sure we'll see him again someday."

"Well, Gohan, I for one must say you've grown immensely since first arriving in this time," said Piccolo, "Understand now that things from here on out are our own making. It's up to you to protect your family now."

"That includes you too, Piccolo," replied Gohan, "You were the first one that understood me, and I never forgot it."

Meanwhile, Dende had moved to heal Android 18, who was quite surprised to find herself on Dende's Lookout.

"DENDE!" shouted Yamcha, from 50 feet away, "Watch out! She'll punch a hole straight through you!"

"I think that's enough out of you, Yamcha," said Gohan, "Eighteen's not like that anymore. There's no reason to be scared of her."

"But Gohan…" started Yamcha.

"I know that Gero punched a hole through your body, but don't try to take it out on Eighteen."

"You should thank Krillin, 18," said Piccolo, "He made sure you were safe after Gohan made Cell spit you out. He never left your side until it was necessary."

Krillin blushed at 18 being told this news and tried to make an excuse out of it.

"Krillin," said a smirking Gohan, "Don't try to deny what's in your heart."

Krillin quickly moved over to his best friend's son and whapped him over the head.

"She doesn't have to know that."

"Krillin," said Tien and Yamcha in shock.

"I know she's an Android, but that shouldn't matter," replied Krillin.

"I'm not gonna fall into your arms like some princess being rescued by her prince if that's what you're expecting," said 18, "I guess what Gohan told me was wrong about you."

18 flew off over the edge of the Lookout, but keeping a close distance to overhear what's next.

"Gohan?" asked Krillin, turning with a glare to the Half-Blooded Saiyan.

"Don't mind her, she's just trying to take in her new freedom," explained Gohan, with the infamous Son Grin.

"Okay," said Piccolo, "It's time to summon the Dragon. We need to wish all of Cell's victims back to life, remember?"

"Right," said Gohan, turning to Dende with a nod.

The new Guardian of Earth went to pick up the gathered Dragonballs and returned outside. After putting them in place, Dende called out the password.

"Eternal Dragon," said Dende, "By your name, I summon you forth: SHENRON!!"

A bright glow exploded out of the Dragonballs and shaped itself in the form of a Dragon. Shenron, after months of inactiveness, was summoned once again to grant wishes.


"Here's our first wish," said Yamcha, "Revive all the people on Earth that were killed by Cell in this Timeline!"


Shenron's eyes glowed as revived the humans that were killed or absorbed by Cell. Unfortunately, this didn't include 16 as he was built as an Android, and thus wasn't human.

Trunks woke up from his death and joined the others at the Dragon.


"Can you use our entire second wish to revive Goku Son to this Dimension?" pleaded Yamcha.


'Well, that leaves you guys in a pickle, huh?' came Goku's voice as if over a loud speaker.

"Goku?" wondered Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha.

'That's me,' responded Goku, 'King Kai is letting me speak to you from Other World. To make it clear, I'm not coming back. Gohan is Earth's protector now. Besides, King Kai's pulled some strings so I can train here in Other World. I'll miss you guys, but I look forward to seeing you again.'

"Goku," joked Piccolo, "Make sure that don't do anything too reckless over there."

'Hey, Kamicolo, this IS me we're talking about,' said Goku in mock-hurt.

"I know! That's what worries me," replied a smirking Piccolo, "And its 'Piccolo'!"

Goku's presence faded into nothing as the connection broke. The others returned their attention back to Shenron.

"NOW THAT THAT'S SETTLED, NAME YOUR NEXT WISH THAT I CAN GRANT!" said Shenron, his patience wearing thin.

Everyone remained quiet while thinking of a wish. Krillin then stepped forward.

"I have a wish," he said confidently.

"Go for it," said Gohan, the others agreeing with him.

"I wish for the Androids to be returned to their original human forms before Dr. Gero changed them into Androids," said Krillin.


"Aww man," said Krillin.

"Hey," said Yamcha, "That was better than any wish I could've come up with."

"Krillin," said Gohan, "There is something else that can be done about the Androids. I know you can find the right words."

"Thanks Gohan," said Krillin, knowing what to wish for now. He looked back up at Shenron before speaking, "I wish for the explosives inside of the Androids to be removed with being set off. That should work, right?"


"Way to go, Krillin," said Gohan, "I'm sure wherever 18 is right now, she'll come to appreciate what you've done in time."

Shenron's eyes glowed once again and Android 18 felt the bomb inside of her body being removed without a trace.

"Thank you," said Krillin.


The Dragon disappeared and the Dragonballs returned to the Earth for the next year. Soon 18 made her presence known again.

"I didn't ask for your help, Krillin," said 18, "Nor did you think of asking me if I wanted it."

Krillin got downhearted listening to his concern being shot down like it was nothing.

She turned around to hide her small blush, "But still," she continued, getting Krillin's attention once more, "It was nice of you to do that for me and my brother. I'm sure 17 will thank you, even if he won't ever say it."

"Wait, Brother?" said Krillin, totally shocked by this news.

"Yeah, 17 and I are fraternal twins, not a couple, just so you know" replied 18, looking back on Krillin one more time, "I'm pretty sure we'll meet again. Someday…"

And with that, 18 really made her way off of Dende's lookout and went on a search for her brother. There was a LOT to tell him.

After everything calmed down on the lookout, Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Trunks, and Gohan decided to head back home. Piccolo decided to remain on Dende's Lookout. Tien was going away on a training journey with Chiaotzu in a few months, but he promised that they would be there if they were needed.

Gohan arrived home in the evening. When he first went in, he saw his mom unconscious and immediately went to her. When she opened her eyes, she hugged her son, not wanting to let go in fear of losing him too. Gohan comforted his mom, telling her that he wasn't planning on leaving for a long time.

After calming Chi Chi down, she was relatively okay with the news of Goku's death, but it would take awhile for her heart to hear. They had a quiet dinner and spent the rest of the evening with each other before heading off to bed. Gohan told them that Mirai was going to leave tomorrow, so they would have to make a trip to Capsule Corp. in the morning.

The next morning at Capsule Corp., everyone was gathered to see Mirai off to the future, even Gohan2 made an appearance, saying goodbye as well. With all the training he had in the past would be greatly benefited in his time. Mirai turned to his father, who smiled at him and gave him a hand sign, showing that he had come to terms with his son from the future. Mirai returned the symbol with a smile as well, before getting in his time machine and returned to the future.

Soon enough, everyone started making their way back to their house, promising to keep in touch.

As the days since the Cell Games came to a close moved along, things were relatively peaceful. Gohan was given a few weeks off of actually studying while he recovered from what happened as well.

Vegeta was watching from afar as he watch his son Trunks take his first steps. He smiled as he began to understand why Goku was so carefree; it was the little things in life that make it worth living. His smile turned into a smirk as Bulma joked around asking Trunks to become a Super Saiyan. It would take some time before Trunks would turn into a Super Saiyan, but he didn't doubt his boy one bit. He had seen it with his own eyes how powerful his son would become.

As the month was winding down, Gohan got back to studying, but of a different sort. Sure he would still learn from the textbooks, but he would also be given time in the day to train. Chi Chi wanted a smart son, but she wasn't gonna let him sacrifice his Saiyan heritage on the way. She would let him set his own destiny from now on.

Soon, two months had passed since the Cell Games, and Hercule was told that he would be a special guest fighter in the upcoming Galactic Martial Arts Tournament. When news reached the Son House, Gohan smirked as he remembered Bojack's attempt at destroying Earth through the Tournament.

"Hey mom?" asked Gohan.

"Yeah, Gohan," replied Chi Chi.

"Would it be possible if I entered the Galactic Martial Arts Tournament?"

"I don't see why not," replied Chi Chi, "I heard from Bulma that Mirai has returned here for a visit. She even said that he said that he had defeated Cell and the Androids from the future."

"Good," said Gohan, "I'm sure the others will be there as well. Let's make a day trip out of it."

"Alright. We'll head to Capsule Corp. to pick up Bulma, Trunks, and Mirai."

It wasn't just Mirai that was participating, but Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin were fighting as well. As they headed for the rings, Chi Chi and Bulma, who was carrying 1-year-old Trunks, headed to their seats to watch the Z-Fighters, particularly their sons, in action.

Soon the Preliminaries were on their way and each Z-Fighter was handling their opponents easily and soon they, along with a few other fighters, made their way to the finals.

While the battles were going on, Chi Chi and Bulma were sitting together to watch their sons in action. Chi Chi then brought up an important question.

"What about Vegeta?" asked Chi Chi, "Didn't he want to enter as well?"

"Oh please," said Bulma, "Vegeta isn't going to enter a boring martial arts tournament where the only challenge is Gohan and Mirai. He's actually cut back on training, not that I'm complaining. He's actually spending more time with Trunks and me at home, which I wouldn't trade for the world."

"I wish Goku could be here to see HIS second son being born," said Chi Chi, "The little guy's due in about 7 months. I hope you can make it."

"Of course I'll make it," said Bulma, "I'm not gonna skip out on a crucial point in one of my best friend's lives."

"Thanks," said Chi Chi.

"Hey, no problem," finished Bulma as they returned their attention to the fights to see who else made it to the finals.

Videl was watching the Galactic Tournament from home, smiling as she saw the fighters from the Cell Games participating for the fun of it. Hercule, her dad, explained that these guys liked to spar every once in awhile and the Martial Arts Tournament gave a great excuse to do so. She was sad that Gohan didn't participate, she would've been happy to see her new blond friend fight as well.


She continued to watch, hoping that the fights would get more interesting in the next round.

As the preliminaries were drawing to a close, the fighters were announced, as the last competitors were defeated. Gohan, Trunks, Tien, Piccolo, Krillin, Duskoi, Budo, and Sky Dragon qualified for the next round.

Hercule was doing his best to keep in character as he mentally prepared himself for how he would next help Gohan and the others in the finals.

Gohan defeated Budo in one shot; Piccolo forfeited to Krillin, stating that he would return when the action picked up; Trunks battled Tien and won, though putting on a show in doing so; And Duskoi managed to defeat Sky Dragon.

Vegeta turned off the TV with a sigh. While he hadn't given up on training totally, he was using some of the time he wasn't training to spend time with his family. Almost losing Mirai once was enough to make him realize that he needed to spend time with the family he had found, so he would know whom to protect when he was fighting.

As the finalists were getting prepared to head to the battle zone to face their opponents, Gohan felt a chill descend through the air. He knew he would have to be careful when he faced his opponent. He smirked as he awaited the countdown that would take him to his next challenge.

Krillin and Duskoi were taken down quickly by Zangya and Bido respectively and Krillin was taken captive to Bojack. Mirai manage to kill Kugo, knowing he had no other choice, before being beaten by Bojack.

Vegeta felt a chill enter the room he was in and turned his attention to the sword owned by Mirai.

"I hope I can get there in time," said Vegeta, as he got up, grabbed the sword and flew off toward Battle Island 2.

Meanwhile, Gohan was having his own problems handling Bujin.

"Ya'know," taunted Gohan, "Coming to Earth was a BIG mistake for your master, Bojack. He's just begging to sign a death wish, which I'll be happy to fulfill for him."

"I wouldn't take us so lightly, as our strength is far stronger than you think," replied Bujin.

"Show me this power, I'm pretty sure that I can handle it."

Gohan managed to battle Bujin to a draw before noticing his friends in danger. He flew off in the general direction of his friends' weakened Ki Signatures. When he found them, he landed and rushed over immediately to their side.

"Come on guys," said Gohan, "Don't tell me you let yourselves get defeated by these guys."

"Ah, at last, some 'conscious' company," said Bojack, letting his presence be known, "I'm so happy that you're here. It's been too long since I've snapped someone's neck."
Gohan's eyes hardened as he fixed a glare on Bojack.

"You might just be a challenge for me," said Gohan, smirking a bit.

Tien and Yamcha dropped in and demanded that they tell them who they are. They answered, more particularly in praising Bojack as the number one fighter in the universe.

"Master Bojack has no equal," boasted Bido, the fighter that had taken out Duskoi.

"The universe is littered with the bones of those that thought otherwise," added Zangya.

"Master is not known for his patience, so it would be wise to stand down and die swiftly so you won't have to suffer," finished Bujin.

"Well, not to disagree with you, but Bojack having no equal must mean I'm stronger than him," said Gohan, his smirk growing a bit.


Tien and Yamcha were the first to move into the battle, but couldn't handle Bojack's henchmen and were quickly defeated.

Gohan took one look at each of his defeated friends before transforming into a Super Saiyan.

"Well," said Gohan, "Shall we dance?"

Gohan, using his super speed, attacked Bujin first, before taking on the other two. As all three of them attack Gohan, they forced him into another battle zone. Gohan was quick to raise the stakes and hold his own against all three of them, before getting caught off guard by Bido's Ki Blast. He struggled to get up only to be blasted back by a triple Ki Blast. He summoned his power to block the next attacks, but the stress forced him out of Super Saiyan. Bojack attacked him with his own Ki Blast, sending Gohan across town. Piccolo's well-timed Special Beam Cannon deflected Bojack's next Ki Blast from killing Gohan.

"About time," said Gohan, "I was wondering when you'd find the action."

"Sorry about that," replied Piccolo, taking off his weighted clothing, "I had to find the right dome before interfering. Let's heat things up."

Piccolo powered up and charged directly at Bojack and their battle ensued, but soon Bojack was able to even overpower the Super Namek. Before Bojack could finish Piccolo off, a recovered Mirai stepped in, Super Saiyan again, and blocked his path. Mirai tried his hand at blasting Bojack, but was unsuccessful. He tried charging Bojack, but got trapped in an energy-absorbing field by Bujin, forcing him out of Super Saiyan form. Bido sent a makeshift spear at him, only for it to be deflected by a precise sword throw by Vegeta.

"I thought I told you, boy," said Vegeta, powering up to Super Saiyan, "Don't get in over your head unless you know what you're doing. I'll take over from here."


Vegeta turned his attention to Bojack.

"So, you're Bojack," said Vegeta, "I've heard about you from Frieza. Let's see if you live up to your reputation."


Soon, Vegeta began battling Bojack himself, giving time for Gohan to get Piccolo to a safe spot.

"Gohan," said Piccolo, "I'm out of this fight, but you need to finish it. Don't make a repeat of the Cell Games."

"I understand."

Meanwhile, Mirai was trying to help Vegeta out, but Vegeta wasn't taking all too kindly.

"I can handle myself, Mirai," said Vegeta, "Keep Bojack's goons busy if you need something to do."

Soon, Mirai and Vegeta were getting overwhelmed. Gohan tried to help them, but Bido stood in his way, forcing Gohan to battle him instead.

Hercule, although nervous as HFIL, put on a calm face as he prepared to head to the battle zone to help out. He only hoped that the trajectory would be the same.

Upon seeing Mirai knocked out of Super Saiyan again, Gohan charged at Bojack himself, turning Super Saiyan again, only to be thrown back easily. He recovered quickly and began trading blows with Bojack. He managed to keep a good distance from Bojack and prepared his next attack when he got captured in a three-way energy-absorbing field. He felt his energy being sapped away as he continued to struggle until he fell out of Super Saiyan once more. He did his best not to show pain while being pummeled by Bojack until Hercule came flying in, breaking the field around Gohan before bouncing off the walls of the other buildings. Gohan quickly looked up at the capsule to see it explode and Hercule falling to the ground. He used his Instant Transmission to save Hercule from hitting the ground.

"Hercule," said Gohan, "Thanks, but I've got to end this on my own. So find someplace safe to watch me take these goons out."

"I won't argue with you there, Gohan," said Hercule, before racing off to find a good place to hide.

Gohan returned his attention to Bojack's crew as he returned to face them himself.

"That had better not been your Calvary, boy, otherwise you need some serious help," gloated Bojack.

"He did enough," said Gohan, "Now, I'm the one you'll have to face."

Gohan powered up and began taking on all four of them. He split with Gohan2, who also turned Super Saiyan, to make it 4-on-2. But, even with Gohan2's help, Bojack's crew forced Gohan2 back into Gohan and made him return to normal state once again.

'I'm tired of going back and forth between normal and Super Saiyan so much,' thought Gohan, 'I think it's time for these guys to see what their dealing with.'

Unfortunately, before Gohan could act, Bojack began crushing his ribcage, sending enormous pain throughout his body. Gohan fought for consciousness for as long as he could until he couldn't hold it any longer. He then felt Goku's Ki Signature enter this world once more, attacking Bojack directly, and caught Gohan as he lowered them down to the ground.

'Gohan,' said Goku, 'I thought I told you to stop holding back when protecting the life we hold so precious. Remember 16, Gohan, do it for him, for me, and for our friends.'

"Thanks father," said Gohan, "I won't let you down, not again."

'I know,' finished Goku, before returning to Other World.

"Goku?" wondered Bojack as he recovered from the Saiyan's punch.

Gohan got back up, tapping into his hidden power once again, and stood up.

"Thank you father," said Gohan, "You came back once more when I needed you. Now it's my turn. Our family and friends need us and I'm not going to let them down. That I promise you, Goku."

Gohan then transformed into a Super Saiyan once more, before crying out, accessing his full power once more and ascending to a Super Saiyan 2.

He turned around to see Bojack and his crew giving shocked faces. He smirked once more.

"You did it now," said Gohan, "You've gone too far and I'm not going to stand by any longer and let you get away with it. You've officially ticked me off and I'm someone who shouldn't be ticked off. Also, you forgot one other thing."

"What's that?" questioned Bojack.

"I'm Gohan Son, son of Goku Son," announced Gohan, "Goku is my father, so that makes me MY FATHER'S SON!!"

Gohan released a powerful surge of energy, sending fear to the crowds in the stands, including Chi Chi, Bulma, and Trunks. Gohan walked slowly towards Bojack.

"Bido, Bujin," commanded Bojack.

Bido and Bujin got on either side of Gohan and wrapped another field around Gohan; however, to Gohan, it felt like mosquito bites, annoying more than painful. Gohan just sent out another wave of Ki, breaking the connection. Gohan took a few more steps forward before stopping and releasing a larger Ki wave, effectively obliterating the field of its use. Moving at super speed, he quickly killed Bido, then Bujin, sending them into HFIL. He turned to Bojack and made his way towards him and Zangya.

Sensing Zangya's fear, Bojack sped behind her and blasted her to HFIL with his Ki Blast continuing towards Gohan, hoping to catch him off guard. Gohan saw this and quickly dodged the blast before landing before facing a large Ki Blast from Bojack.

He let the blast explode around him, not affecting him in the slightest, ticking Bojack off. In a blind fury, Bojack charged at Gohan, only to be punched through the stomach by the Super Saiyan 2.

Gohan knew that wasn't going to be enough to defeat Bojack, and so focused his energy into a Kamehameha Wave.

"Any last words before you die?" asked Bojack, coughing up blood before summoning his energy for one final attack.

"Yeah," said Gohan, getting into the Kamehameha Wave stance, "I do believe I have one word to say before you die.


In the ensuing explosion, both Bojack and Gohan charged at each other, but where as Gohan was able to dodge Bojack's attack, Bojack wasn't so lucky and was killed instantly and being sent to HFIL by King Yemma, brother to King Kai of the North Quadrant.

After everything died down, Gohan returned to his normal state, smiled, and promptly fell on his back, wanting to rest for at least a week.

The next day at a nearby hospital, Krillin, Gohan, and Mirai were resting in bed, being watched over by Chi Chi and Bulma so they won't try and sneak out.

"I don't believe it," said Krillin, "Hercule makes front page while we sit in a hospital."

"Hey, all things aside, Hercule did save me. If he hadn't of done that, Bojack would've won," replied Gohan.

"Yeah, when it comes to freak accidents," said Oolong, who was visiting along with Puar, "Hercule's a pro."

Gohan gave one final 'thank you' to his dad for being there for him, even when he wasn't right there next to him.

Then Oolong mentioned being as big as Hercule, if he had a big enough wig, which spiraled into a good laughter from the room about what's real and what's fake about Hercule.

Meanwhile, Piccolo and Vegeta were on the roof, not wanting to deal with the hospital personal, healing on their own paces.

Gohan, after resting for another week at the Son House, received an invite from Baba, sister to Roshi. The invite asked him to bring Vegeta and one other friend of his choosing to visit her at her house. Wondering what was up, he told his mom that Baba invited him for a visit and headed towards Satan City.

When Gohan landed outside of Satan City, he went Super Saiyan before making his way through the city to the Satan Manor. Upon arrival, he told the doorman that he was there to see Videl. Hercule happened to be passing by and told the doorman to allow Gohan inside.

"So, Gohan," says the Known World Champ, "How have you been? I have seen you since that incident with Bojack last week."

"I like to keep to myself or hang out with the other Z-Fighters mostly, just trying to stay out of the public eye," responded Gohan.

"Any particular reason you're a Super Saiyan right now?"

"Well, I haven't exactly greeted Videl in my normal state in this Timeline, so I'm trying not to freak her out too much," said Gohan, before sighing, "There's just so much I want to tell her, but can't. At least I can try to inform Videl little by little over the next 7 years rather than having her dive in cold turkey."

"I'll admit that's a good strategy, as Videl is still a bit young for all that information; however, she does know about me and what I've told her about the future. I didn't mention anything about you guys being married or anything, just simple stuff, like telling her about your family and friends, mainly. She knows about Yamcha and Tien the most, since there isn't too much to hide about their backgrounds."

"I see," said Gohan, as they approached Videl's room, "Well, I got an invite from Baba and I decided to take Videl there to meet her. Vegeta's joining us, on account of Baba asking me to bring him along as well."

Hercule knocked on his daughter's door and waited for a reply.

"Who is it?" came Videl's voice from the other side.

"Videl, sweetie," said Hercule, "It's me, and Gohan's here to visit you."

The door opened to reveal Videl. She was dressed in her martial arts Gi, preparing for her workout that day.

"Hey Gohan," said Videl, "I didn't see you participate in the Galactic Tournament and I was worried, but then I saw you take on those creepy Space Aliens after the other fighters were taken down and defeated them all. I can't believe someone would want to wreck a Tournament like that."

"Well," said Gohan, sweatdropping at the fact that Videl had yet to see him out of Super Saiyan form, "I was there, I was just waiting for those Aliens to make their move before I stepped in. I'm kind of a watcher that way. Not interfering unless it's necessary."

Videl chuckled at that, "So, what do I owe this visit?"

"Actually, there's someone I'd like you to meet," replied Gohan, "She's an old friend of my dad's and Master Roshi's sister. Her name's Baba and she asked me to bring two friends along to visit her."

"Really?" said Videl, her eyes beginning to shine at the prospect of meeting someone like Baba, who held fame in the world as a Witch who could use her Crystal Ball to help people.

"Yeah, but we gotta leave soon, otherwise we won't be able to stay long."

"Okay," said Videl, "Just let me change."

"Actually," cut off Gohan, "I think Baba prefers visitors in fighting Gi, so you're perfect they way you are."

Gohan mentally kicked himself while blushing at that last statement.

'Wow, Gohan,' said Gohan2 from within Gohan, 'You're moving fast.'

'Shut up,' replied Gohan.

Videl, who was oblivious to the blush, went back inside her room to put on her shoes that matched the Gi she was wearing before returning to her door.

"Let's go," said Gohan, shrugging a shoulder for her to hold onto.

Videl, although hesitant, grabbed onto Gohan's shoulder before Gohan used Instant Transmission to teleport them to Capsule Corp.

Mrs. Briefs was watering the plants outside the building when Gohan popped in with a new friend of his, as far as she knew.

"Oh, hi Gohan," greeted Bulma's mother, "How are you doing today? Who's your friend?"

"I'm doing fine. This is Videl, Mrs. Briefs," replied Gohan, "Do you know where Vegeta is?"

"Why yes," responded Mrs. Briefs, "I think he was watching over Trunks while Bulma's working on a project with her father. He's in Trunks room, I think."

"Thanks," said Gohan, heading inside with Videl behind him.

"I didn't know you knew the family that owned Capsule Corp., Gohan," said Videl.

"Well, my dad knew Bulma since she was about 16, so he and Bulma have been friends for many years," replied Gohan as they headed up to Trunks's room.

When they got there, Vegeta opened the door, as if he was waiting on them.

"Gohan, what're you doing here? Our next spar isn't until Saturday," greeted Vegeta, before turning his attention to Videl, "Greetings, I'm Vegeta. Who might you be?"


"I'm Videl Satan," replied Videl, "Gohan's friend."

"Nice to meet you," said Vegeta with a small smile on his face, something that Gohan was still getting used to, "So, what's up, Gohan?"

"Well, I've been asked to take you to Baba's place," informed Gohan, "She wants to see us for some reason."

"Alright," replied Vegeta, "Just let me tell Bulma where we're heading and we'll be off."

Vegeta made to move down the hall before turning back, "Oh, do you mind packing Trunks's bag? Bulma will lock me out of the GR for a month if I left our son here."

While Vegeta went to inform Bulma where he was heading, with Trunks, Gohan and Videl packed Trunks's baby bag for travel and were ready with Trunks by the time Vegeta returned. Videl and Vegeta each grabbed a shoulder and Gohan used Instant Transmission to transport all four of them to Baba's place.

Baba was waiting for her guests to arrive while her 'other' guests were enjoying her hospitality. She went to the store merely hours before picking up her 'other' visitors to make sure she had enough food for the day they were visiting.

All three of her 'other' visitors perked up when they felt the energy signatures of Baba's invited guests and together, they headed out to greet them.

When Gohan, Videl, Vegeta, and Trunks arrived at Baba's place, it wasn't long before Baba floated out on her crystal ball to greet them.

"Why, hello friends. So glad that you could make it here," greeted Baba, before noticing Videl, "It's so nice to meet new friends, dear. My name is Baba, what's your name?"

"I'm Videl Satan," replied Videl, giving a short bow to Baba, "It's an honor to meet you, Baba. I've always wanted to meet you in person."

"Well, I'm glad we got to meet now," said Baba, before turning towards the other two, "I've pulled some strings to set aside this day so you two can meet some very important people."

At this introduction, Baba's 'other' guests walked out into the light, surprising all three of the living visitors, but none more so than the Prince of Saiyans.

"Father, Bardock?" said Vegeta, in shock and amazement.

"Hello, son," said King Vegeta, Vegeta's father and former king of the Saiyan race, "It's been too long since I've seen you. You've grown strong, I'm proud of you."

"Thank you, father," replied Vegeta, actually getting a bit teary-eyed, before wiping them away quickly.

"Why hello Gohan," greeted Gohan Son, adoptive Grandfather of Goku Son, "I'm so glad to meet you in person after all these years."

"Great-Grandpa Gohan?" asked Gohan, fearing that this wasn't real, "I thought I'd never meet you until I got to Other World."

"Times change," said the Elder Gohan, "I see you've grown strong, just like your father."

"Speaking of his father," interrupted Bardock, "I'm Kakarot's father, Gohan, and that makes me your grandfather. I'm glad to meet you as well."

Gohan exchanged handshakes with Elder Gohan and Bardock, before giving a short bow to King Vegeta, who returned it with the same respect. Gohan then noticed Videl looking on confused in the back, so he turned to Baba.

"Do you mind explaining things to Videl, Baba?" asked Gohan, "I think she's a bit overwhelmed right now."

"Of course," said Baba, before floating over to Videl to explain a simplified version about the otherworld.

"So," said Vegeta, who had taken Trunks from Gohan for the time being, "I suspect this isn't just a friendly visit, father, you were never one for just family time."

"You guessed it," said Bardock, "Vegeta and I decided to see how strong our sons have become since living on Earth, but since Kakarot's dead, I think Gohan would have to do."

"So, I guess that leaves me and Miss Videl to fight," said Elder Gohan, "I'm sure she'll put up a good fight."

"Well, I AM the Junior Martial Arts Champion," said Videl, who joined the group with Baba, "If I can't give you a challenge, Gohan, then I need to do some more training."

Elder Gohan chuckled good-naturedly.

"Well, as good as it is getting to know one another," said Baba, "King Vegeta, Bardock, and Gohan only have about 5 more hours before I must take them back to Other World. So I suggest we get started with this 'mini-tournament' let's say."

The others agreed and Videl and the Elder Gohan stepped up onto the arena.

"Good luck Videl," cheered Gohan, "Same to you, Great Grandpa."

Both fighters nodded as they settle into their stance. Baba rang a gong and Videl and Elder Gohan started their match.

Videl moved first and charged her opponent, who dodged out of the way and sent a counter-strike. Videl blocked it and brought her left leg up for a kick. Elder Gohan jumped out of the way and moved to the other side of the ring. Videl regained her footing, took a deep breath, and charged again. Gohan was quick to block Videl's attacks. Gohan started attacking back, but Videl started blocking Elder Gohan's attacks as well. Both fighters moved around the arena while trying to find an advantage. Gohan soon found one and dodged one of Videl's punches and swept her legs with a low sliding kick. Videl used her hands to prevent from hitting the floor and brought up her legs in an attempt to kick Gohan while she cartwheeled. Gohan moved back away from the kicks and caught one of her legs as she brought the other one down. She twisted her body to pull off a roundhouse kick and caused Gohan to let her leg go. She jumped back to a safer distance to recover her breath.

"Not bad, Videl," praised Elder Gohan, "You have much natural talent that will go far. I've seen enough, so I'll forfeit."

Videl was put off by this sudden surrender, but didn't question it as she stepped down to join Gohan, who was holding Trunks again as King Vegeta and Prince Vegeta stepped up onto the arena.

"It's about time I tested your strength for myself, son," said King Vegeta.

"Know this, father," replied Prince Vegeta, "I've become stronger than even Frieza, so don't think this will be easy."

"You think that just because I'm a King, I haven't been training myself?"

"Well, let's see who's the stronger of the Royal Family of the Saiyan Race!"

Both King and Prince of the Saiyan Race powered up for their battle before charging at each other to begin their fight.

While Goku's Father, Adoptive Grandfather, and King Vegeta were visiting Earth, Goku was participating in the Other World Martial Arts Tournament where he met Pikkon, the other Kais, and basically making friends with many fighters from all quadrants.


Both father and son Vegeta were battling like wild animals over the last piece of meat. Videl could hardly keep up with their speeds while Bardock, both Gohans, and Baba followed them with ease. Soon Prince Vegeta gained an advantage when he super speeded behind his father and kicked him into the air.

"HEY POPS!" said Prince Vegeta, "Take this: GALICK GUN!!"

Prince Vegeta charged his family's signature technique and launched it at his father. King Vegeta was able to recover before the Galick Gun hit.

"Not hungry son," replied King Vegeta, smirking, "Why don't you try it? GALICK GUN!!"

King Vegeta fired his own Galick Gun at his son's. They collided in mid-air and caused a great explosion. King Vegeta landed on the arena and charged at his son. Prince Vegeta saw this and moved into a defense stance. They soon started trading blows to each other before Prince Vegeta used the After Image Technique to retreat back into the air.

"Try out my new technique, Father!" shouted Prince Vegeta, charging his Energy, "BIG BANG ATTACK!!"

King Vegeta saw this attack and powered up his energy before sending a beam of energy right at it. Like the attack suggested, a HUGE explosion occurred and Prince Vegeta landed back on the arena.

"Not too bad Father," said Prince Vegeta, smirking, "Time's certainly made you stronger since your last encounter with Frieza. Let's see how you handle this?"

Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan before focusing his energy into another attack.

"FINAL FLASH!!" shouted Prince Vegeta, unleashed his attack on his father.

King Vegeta just smirked, before turning Super Saiyan himself, surprising the group at large, minus Bardock and Elder Gohan. He then surprised them further by releasing his own 'Final Flash'. An enormous explosion ensued.

When the smoke cleared, both King and Prince of the Saiyan race were back to normal, looking exhausted.

"You've certainly grown strong enough to earn my respect, my son," said King Vegeta, who looked a bit more winded than Prince Vegeta.

"Don't sell yourself short, Father," replied Prince Vegeta, who was breathing heavily as well, "I certainly didn't expect this much improvement from you."

"Good match to both of you," said Baba, who looked quite excited at the powers displayed before her, "Now, unfortunately, you must get down so our last two competitors can have their round."

Both Vegetas jumped down off the arena and allowed Gohan and Bardock to enter the ring, after giving Trunks back to Prince Vegeta.

"So, grandfather?" asked Gohan, "Just to be clear, you can transform as well, right?"

"I don't think we need to warm up if you're already starting out like that," replied Bardock, turning Super Saiyan as well, looking strikingly like his son as a Super Saiyan, "Show me your best!"

Bardock then disappeared in super speed, forcing Gohan to already move at super speeds to counter his grandfather's initial attack. Gohan immediately moved the battle to the air and Bardock was happy to comply by following him up there. Soon they started exchanging a fury of Ki Blasts, canceling each other out before moving to physical attacks again. Gohan moved to the defensive to lure Bardock into a false sense of security before using Instant Transmission to get behind him and blast him in the back with a Masenko HA!

Bardock recovered before hitting the ground and, after lightly touching the arena, flew back up in the air at super speeds, catching Gohan off guard. Bardock took the advantage and pummeled his grandson across the sky, before Gohan smirked and disappeared in an after image. Bardock turned around to see two Gohan's, both Super Saiyans.

"Looks like you've gotten some tricks your father hasn't," commented Bardock, before powering up further to defend against the two Gohans. Gohan and Gohan2 started moving around at super speeds, one moving in with a few quick strikes before moving back out and letting the other go in for a few attacks, before leaving and repeating the cycle. Bardock took the split second brake between attacks to pulse out an energy burst, knocking both Gohans flying down to the ground. Gohan2 quickly remerged with Gohan and Gohan recovered before hitting the ground. He landed back on the arena, as did Bardock.

"I think it's time to show a technique I've learned, in a similar manner King Vegeta learned a new trick," said Bardock smirking, before moving into a familiar position.

Gohan's eyes widened for a second before narrowing again.

"Why is it that I've started using Kamehameha in every fight since the Cell games?" pondered Gohan, moving into the stance as well.

"KA! ME! HA! ME!" started Gohan and Bardock, before disappearing.

"HAAAAAA!!" came the Super Saiyans' voices from about a mile up. The crowd looked up as a HUGE explosion ensued. When the smoke cleared, Bardock and Gohan were exchanging blows before they both crashed on the arena. When the smoked cleared from the impact, Gohan and Bardock were separated: Bardock falling out of Super Saiyan while Gohan2 prevented Gohan from doing the same. Videl jumped up onto the stage and ran to her blonde friend.

"You alright, Gohan?" asked Videl.

"Yeah," said Gohan2, in pain, allowing Gohan to recover before taking over, "I think I might have pulled something though. I haven't had a fight like that since Cell."

"Well," said Bardock, getting up slowly as well, "Not for nothing, but even in a 'dead' body, I shouldn't be hurting this much. You put more into that fight than you intended, didn't you?"

"I guess so," said Gohan, who could handle the pain now, "I'll have to do better at that during spars."

"Well," said Baba, "I'd say this was a constructive day, wouldn't you guys?"
The Saiyans nodded while Videl and Elder Gohan agreed verbally. The Saiyans were able to experience a family reunion and get a good spar out of it; Elder Gohan was able to meet his Great Grandson; and Videl learned more about Gohan.

Soon, after King Vegeta, Bardock, and Elder Gohan returned to Other World, Gohan returned Vegeta and Trunks back to Capsule Corp and Videl back to the Satan Manor. After Gohan left using Instant Transmission, Videl went inside and told her father all about her adventure. Hercule was proud that his daughter got praised from one of the Great Martial Arts Masters of old. After dinner, they spent the next few hours together, watching a movie of Videl's choice before going to bed.

Gohan reappeared at his front door, before collapsing out of Super Saiyan. It was a long day and he needed some rest while he could get it. He got up and headed inside, joined his mother and Grandpa Ox King for dinner before heading upstairs for some well deserved rest.

A few months passed without much action for Gohan, except for the occasional spar with Vegeta and Piccolo. Chi Chi began developing strange cravings that came with her pregnancy and Gohan often found himself making weekly trips to and from the store just to satisfy her cravings. Gohan would head out to Satan Manor about once a week to hang out with Videl and basically spend time with her, all the while holding himself back from going too far or acting too strangely around her.

Soon it came time for Chi Chi to have the baby and Gohan quickly called the others before calling the Hospital to let them know a pregnant woman was ready to deliver.

When Bulma got off the phone, she called out to Vegeta and told him the news. Vegeta went to get Trunks's bag ready before heading out with his family to the hospital the Son Family was at.

Hercule Satan hung up the phone with a happy smile on his face. He asked a servant to get a Limo ready while he got his daughter. Soon, the World Champ and his daughter, the Junior World Champ, were seen traveling across Satan City to see some good friends at the Hospital.

After hours of waiting, Gohan was asked to see his mother. When he entered, he saw his mom resting contently on her bed, a smile on her face.

"Gohan, come and meet your new brother," said Chi Chi, waving her free hand at her son to come over.

Gohan walked to his mother's side and looked upon his little brother for the first time again. He smiled as he tickled his brother's face, causing a giggle to erupt from his brother's mouth.

"What's his name, mom?" asked Gohan.

"I decided to let you choose, son," replied Chi Chi, "Besides, you should already know all about him, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess I should," chuckled Gohan, giving the famous Son Grin and Head Scratch, "Alright then: his name will be Goten."

"Goten Son," said Chi Chi, "I love it."

Soon, their friends were able to visit in small groups, with Bulma, Vegeta, and Trunks last.

"Look Trunks," said Bulma, "This is Goten. He's your new friend. Say 'hi'."

As soon as Trunks saw Goten's face, Goten's eyes opened and locked with Trunks's. Soon, both started laughing joyously at the thought of someone to play with. Gohan smiled as a tear came to his face. He wiped the tear before anyone noticed, but not fast enough for Vegeta.

"Never thought I'd see you shed a tear over this, Gohan," teased Vegeta.

"Well," said Gohan, "It's just it's been too long since I've seen my brother, Vegeta. I'm happy to see him again after so many years."

Soon, the Briefs family left, leaving the Son family alone. After spending a night in the hospital, the Son family was let go to return home, their lives about to take some interesting turns.

(Chapter End)

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