Rating: Rated T in general, may contain M-rated parts later on.

Warnings: Abuse, Rape, Yaoi.

Healers: Trust-building, Love.

Disclaimer: I still do not own D.N.Angel or its contents. We leave that all to the brilliant Yukiru Sugisaki.

!Things You Need to Know About the Story!

Dark and Krad have their own bodies, and have for a while now. (Don't ask me how, because I haven't figured that out yet. It's a totally different storyline than my previous fanfic. Maybe I'll put it in the EXRAS at the end.)

At the beginning of this story, Dark is in an ally. He has escaped the cops after stealing an art piece (The piece has to meaning in the plot this time, so there is no description or name for it.) You won't know what happened to Krad until you get through the story. All will be revealed with time. (bows very zen-like)

Story Formatting

As in my other fanfic, every chapter will begin with something like this:

...Umteenth Part: Somebody...

Blah blah blah story begins here la di da.

(The 'Somebody' will be the name of whosever point-of-view the chapter is in.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now that you know all that – On with the story! 