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The plane flight back to the SGC was surprisingly short. That might have something to do with the fact that all of SG-1 and Jacob had fallen asleep almost immediately upon sitting down and hadn't woken until the plane hit the Colorado tarmac.

Jack and Sam had opted for the back of the chartered Air Force plane. "Back" meaning four plush butter-leather seats where Jack had insisted Sam stretch out.

With her head in his lap, of course.

Jacob had merely thrown the couple a tired smile before collapsing into a seat near the front and dropping off into a deep sleep to help heal his collarbone. With all the excitement, Selmak hadn't had a true chance to heal the man's wound.

Teal'c was also near the front, kel'no'reeming. The large man would never admit it, but this whole…misadventure had really tired him out as much as his friends. Jonas had hopped onto the plane all grins and excited babble…but the second his butt hit the seat he was out like a light, in true 'kid' fashion.

Hammond was in the cockpit, discussing something with the pilot. He had stayed there for the whole flight.

Jack had vainly promised to stay awake, managing to stay conscious long enough to get Sam settled and thread his fingers through her hair before they fell asleep together.

The sudden jolt of the tires hitting solid ground woke them with a start.

"Five more minutes." Jack groaned, gently tugging and smoothing Sam's hair. She shivered in sleepy pleasure before ducking her head into Jack's thigh.

"We can't possibly be home, yet. Feels like I just went to sleep…" she grumbled before reluctantly sitting up and arching her back painfully. "Ow."

"How's the head?" Jack gingerly ran his fingers over the butterfly sutures on her temple.

Sam flinched, but didn't pull away, instead leaning into his hand. "Twinges a bit. But I'm…better now." She shot him a playful look.

Jack grinned back and opened his mouth to reply when a loud bang interrupted him. The two officers turned towards the noise and gaped at what they saw.

Apparently, Jonas hadn't expected the sudden landing. It appeared that he had jumped up…effectively slamming his head into the overhead luggage compartments…and sending him sprawling into the aisle…

Completely unconscious.

"Uh-oh." Sam stared wide-eyed at the limp form of the young man.

Jack bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing.

It didn't work.

Jack burst out laughing, rousing Jacob and Selmak from sleep, Teal'c from his meditating, and sending General Hammond hurrying into the cabin. Sam buried her head in Jack's shoulder in an effort to stifle her giggling, but it was no use.

Even as they all hurried to help the very confused and now semi-conscious Jonas back onto his feet, they were all wiping their eyes and chuckling with mirth.

As painful as Jonas' headache would be…he had actually done them all a great service.

They had needed a release. A release of all the tension that had built up over the last few days.

It felt good.


SG-1 and Jacob followed Hammond down into the mountain, unanimously deciding to remain relatively close for the next 24 hours. It was cathartic in some ways. A team thing.

"SG-1, briefing is postponed until you all return from a week's downtime. I'm sure it will be a doozie." Hammond gave them all a tired smile.

His statement was met with various affirmative answers. After bidding goodnight to each other Sam, Jack, and Jacob hung back, walking slowly to the elevators.

"Sam…" Jacob laid a hand on his daughter's arm, halting her and Jack. "I talked to Hammond."

Dread iced through Sam, and, by the slightly apprehensive look in Jack's eyes, he was feeling the same thing. "Oh?" Jack questioned tightly when Sam gave no response.

Jacob smiled slightly. "Now, there are no guarantees…but I have a feeling you guys won't be receiving any…hassles…from anyone in regards to your…" he grinned slyly. "Fraternizing."

Sam felt her jaw drop. Blindly, she reached for Jack's hand. He met her halfway, gently pulling her towards him. Sam leaned comfortably against his side, wide eyes still staring at her father.

"Dad…how do you know?" Sam was proud that she had managed to keep her voice steady and nearly free of emotion.

"Gut- feeling?" Jacob tried. When he saw the disbelief on both faces in front of him he sighed. "Take your week's downtime. Don't worry about anything else. We've got it covered."

"Dad--," Sam started, wanting to know what her father had said to get the General to break protocol, but Jack placed a soft hand on the small of her back, pressing gently.

Jack reached out with his free hand, extending it towards Jacob. The older man smiled warmly at Jack before grasping the proffered hand. "Thank you, Jacob. I mean it." Jack squinted slightly, not breaking eye contact with the retired General, driving his sentiment home.

"I know, Jack." Jacob released his hand and hugged his daughter tightly. "Enjoy your time."

"I will, Dad, thank you." Sam's voice wavered and her eyes shone with tears as she kissed her father's cheek.

Jacob nodded to both officers before turning and heading back towards the briefing room. "Oh, and, Jack!" he called, half-turning his head to fix Jack with a glare. "If you hurt my daughter…I'll make sure there is no safe place in the universe where you could hide!"

"You don't have to worry, Jacob." Jack assured the man. "I'll die before I let anything happen to Carter."

Seemingly satisfied, Jacob turned a corner and disappeared from view.

The couple stood in silence for a minute before Jack tugged Sam gently into the elevator. He waited until the lift doors had closed before spinning Sam around to face him, pushing her into a corner, and pressing his body firmly against hers; effectively trapping her between himself and the wall.

"Hey." He growled, face hovering inches above her own.

Sam smiled and fisted her hands in his shirt. "Hey."

"How's your head? No bull." He grinned slyly, waiting for her answer.

Sam narrowed her eyes suspiciously and leaned forward on her toes, leaning against him. "Why?"

"Can't a CO be concerned for his 2IC?" Jack asked innocently.

"Sure…but…if said CO has his 2IC in a compromising position…simple concern goes out the window." Sam breathed against his lips.

"Sam…I may have ulterior motives, but…seriously, are you okay?" Jack's slightly predatory gaze softened into real concern.

Sam smiled and buried her face into his neck, taking a deep breath of that 'pure-Jack' smell. "I'm fine. Better than fine, actually."

"Oh? The healing powers of Jack O'Neill that good, huh?" He felt her smile into his skin. Gently tilting her chin so that her eyes met his, he brought his mouth closer to hers.

"Maybe." She whispered, pulling him closer.

Jack smiled and, unable to stand it any longer, pressed his lips against hers in a slow, searing kiss. Sam felt her knees give out and Jack's arms instinctively tighten around her. Sam leaned forward deepening the kiss, shivering when Jack gave a low growl.

They broke apart as the elevator doors opened. Smiling guiltily at each other, Jack took Sam by the hand and walked her to her private quarters. "Your stop, milady." He drawled, opening the door for her.

"Yours too." Sam said softly, gripping his hands tighter. "If you want to, that is."

"Sam…I don't want you to feel pressured…" Jack trailed feeling like a teenager again.

Sam smiled. "I know. I'm not asking for anything. I just…want…you to be here."

Jack ran his fingers absentmindedly across her collar bone. "There's nowhere else I'd rather be."

Sam smiled and gently pulled him into her room, shutting the door behind her. They kicked off their shoes, and removed their belts and jackets. Jack dropped onto her bed and sighed. "Your bed is so much more comfortable than mine. Hammond favors you."

Sam giggled. "Of course." Snuggling up to him, he wrapped an arm protectively over her waist, pulling her flush against his body.

Jack trailed light kisses down the back of her neck and onto her shoulder. "I love you."

Sam shivered and placed her arm over his. "I love you, too." Sam sighed softly.

"Always." Jack whispered as Sam turned her head slightly. Pressing a soft kiss to her lips, he tightened his hold on her.

They drifted off quickly, enjoying the best sleep either had ever had. They were safe. They were together.

They were in love.


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