Title: Beans, Dogs, Radios, And Dancing...

Rating: K

Fandom: Samurai Girl (2008)

Pairing: Jake/Heaven

Summary:How I think the series should've ended...

Disclaimer:Don't own it, never will. ABC owns it. I'm just like Dark Helmet without his dolls (and the sexual creepiness lol), just playing.

"He's gone."

"Did he say where?"

"No, Heaven, I'm sorry."

"It's OK Otto, I think I know where he might be."

"Really? Where?" Asked Karen, surprised.

"A very special place, a secret place." Looking sternly at her friends while saying the last part of her statement.

"OK, getting the hintage here," Said Otto, hands raised in surrender, "You and lover boy need to be alone."

"Yeah, we'll guard the castle until you guys return." Said Karen.

"Thanks, guys. I really appreciate this," Replied Heaven with a smile, "I'm going to go pack. Could you call a cab for me?"

"I'm on it." Replied Severin.


And with that, Heaven went upstairs to pack.

A/N:I noticed that there wasn't a category for this miniseries, so I thought someone should fix this. So I did, or at least I tried. This is my first fic EVER, after all.

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