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Playing bittersweet songs on a seriously old radio in a mass of iPods while sitting on your homicidal maniac of an ex-fiancé's "baby" in a bleak, rainy, and depressingly gray place you barely recognize but dream of as the best place on the planet after almost being killed not once but twice in the same week by the two girls you've had the strongest feelings for in your entire life kinda sucks. Looking back, I shouldn't have left, at least not until I saw that Heaven and Karen made it back safely, even though I know they did. I just needed to get away, from Heaven and her expectations, because I'm not what she needs. And that statement is whats been keeping me up at night lately.

I shouldn't have kissed her like that.

I hear a door slam behind me and somehow I just know it's her. My dream girl. I turn.

"Hey, Jake." She says.

My Heaven.

Just then, the radio switches to a slow song. I turn around and scoop her up in my arms and we start to sway like we had done it a million times before, her head on my chest and my hands circling her tiny waist.

When you're gone

All the colors fade

When You're gone

No New Year's Day parade

When you're gone

Colors seem to fade

I look around, and suddenly my special place is bright and beautiful and just the way I remember it to be. All because of one girl.

She smiles at me and leans in close to whisper a sentence I thought I'd never but always hoped to hear.

"You're all I'll ever need... Or want."

I sigh with happy contentment.

My Heaven.

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