Missing Pieces

This is a oneshot collection, written by myself and others, which aims to fill in some of the narrative gaps in 'Twilight Princess' and my sequel to it, 'The Fourth Piece,' focusing mostly on the latter. If you haven't read 'The Fourth Piece,' I encourage you to do so, since for one, almost none of the following stories will make sense to you if you haven't. The original story is massive, an epic-length novel that covers a lot of ground and portrays the events from many different points of view. But, despite my best efforts to cover all the bases, some plots just didn't get enough screen time, as it were, and could use a bit of resolution. More on that later.

Firstly, submissions are very welcome, so if you have read my stories and want to tell a story of your own set in their narrative universe, send me a PM summarizing what your story will be and any information you want in order to write it. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can, though it may take a day or two sometimes. Between college classes, writing my own stories, and the rest of my life, I don't have all the free time I'd like.

I personally will be acting as the editor of this collection, making sure everything agrees with canon set both by the game and by my own story, but this still leaves a wide range of subjects. Changes to your story will be made only with your consent, and even then, the only changes I will be suggesting are ones pertaining to grammar, cohesiveness with the other stories and the original source material, and character, to make sure everybody, whether created by me or the geniuses at Nintendo, acts the way they should. Other than that, you're pretty much free to write about whatever you want. The only other restriction is that all subject matter must remain within the bounds of the 'T' rating, so I trust you know what this means. I promise not to be tyrannical with my requests for changes; they're still your stories, after all, and I'll only ask for a change if I think something you wrote disagrees with my prior work or exceeds the rating.

If you are interested in submitting a story to this collection, I advise you to read all entries so that your entry agrees with the others in terms of plot details and the overall timeline, which will be one of my own entries. I will also be observing this rule, and if pertinent, the entries in this collection will have a direct affect on the events of my sequel to 'The Fourth Piece,' 'The Secret War.'

Since submissions will be posted in the order I receive them, the chronological time of the entries will be indicated by citing which chapter of 'The Fourth Piece' the events are occurring in, or, if taking place before the events of 4th Piece, the time will be indicated in months/years before or after 'Twilight Princess.' See Timeline for more details.

Some suggestions for those wishing to participate: Arnak's(the Bearer of Power) journey from his homeland to Hyrule, which covers several months; some of Viserys'(the airship commander) early battles with the Oocca, which covers up to three years; some of Erik's(the Sheikah agent) missions for the Sheikah, as well as stories about Sheikah activity during the war in general; some of Majacen's(the wizard) travels before the story(I'll be doing most of these myself); the Gerudos' experiences during the war, including what they were doing during the events of 'Twilight Princess'; resistance missions, including what everybody in the Kokiri Forest was up to while Link and the others were off traveling around the world; stories about what it's like to be an Oocca under mind control; what the Zoras, Gorons, and other native Hyrulians were up to during the war that isn't covered in 4th Piece, and so on. Like I said, you're free to write about anything you want, so those were just to get you started. If no one else does them, I'll probably be writing several of the entries described above myself, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what other people come up with. Entries concerning 'Hero's Origin' are also welcome, and encouraged.

Multiple-chapter entries are welcome, though I recommend oneshot-length stories, usually within twenty word processor pages or 8000 words. I'll have more information on this kind of thing for authors who ask to submit entries.

Besides writing entries myself, I also have quite a bit of 'Behind the Scenes' material from 4th Piece to share, including several deleted scenes and abandoned plots. Consider these to be like the special features on DVDs, which will hopefully be interesting to those who liked my story.

Another type of entry I will be writing mostly myself(though submissions are welcome) is the 'What if?' category, showing glimpses of how the story would have gone had I chosen to go in a different direction at a few key points. I don't know how many of you are familiar with 'Knights of the Old Republic,' but there were multiple endings to that game, a couple of which showed what would have happened had your character gone evil. Keep an eye out for an entry of this type by me, showing what would have happened if the war had ended differently and a few of the characters made different decisions.

Reviewers, please direct your reviews to the person who wrote the entry. I will be making sure the author's name is prominently displayed, so be sure to give credit where credit is due.

So, in conclusion, I hope you enjoy the following stories, and I recommend you check out the other stories by the authors who contribute to this collection. Hopefully one thing this accomplishes is for everyone to get a little more exposure, increasing the readership of the good stories in this section.

Davin Sunrider