They Loves Him... or Her?

Minami-ke is never mine, although I want Touma to be mine...

Chapter I : The Worst Day for Touma

Chiaki and Touma are sixteen now. They both entered the different high school from they sisters and brothers. Uchida entered a different high school, Yoshino moved out to Germany, and Makoto... he is too stupid too entered the same high school with them. In their second year in high school, they both entered class 2-A.

Chiaki becomes very different, she had a long hair and beautiful face. Many of her senpai admires her. Her boredom and sleepy expression never gone from her beautiful face. On the other hand, Touma still had a boyish hair and handsome face. She was more tomboy than six years ago. Beside that, she wears a boy uniform because something that can't be explained. Of course, most of girl students admires and idolize her because, they didn't know if Touma is a girl.

Touma entered her classroom and sat on her chair. There was a group of a girls comes to her. Someone from them asked, " Minami-kun, do you like chocolates?"

" Chocolates? I love them. Why? "

" Tomorrow is Valentine Day, Minami-kun. Do you forget it? "

" Hmmm... Tomorrow is Valentine, huh? Tomorrow is fourteenth? "

" Yes... Minami-kun. "

Touma saw Chiaki entered the class and sat beside her. Then, she greet Chiaki, " Good morning, Chiaki."

" Huh? Good morning, Touma..." Chiaki replied lazily or sleepily.

The girl gaze at her and said, " Minami-san, you shouldn't replied Touma-kun like that!"

"Hmm? Like what, Horikawa-san...?" Chiaki asked.

" You must reply him politely!" Horikawa said with angry face.

" Horikawa-san, it's fine, it's fine..." Touma said and smiled to her.

Horikawa blushed. Then, she and her group leave Chiaki and Touma.

After school, Touma walked home alone because, Chiaki had a club activity. On her way home, she met Kana. " Hey Kana! Where are you going? " She asked.

" Hey Touma, I wanna go home now. Where's Chiaki? " Kana said.

" She has a club activity right now. So, I walk home alone. " She answered.

" Wanna play to my house? " Kana asked.

" I'd love too but, I must go home now, Kana. " She refused.

" Oh, it's fine, Touma! If you have a time, visit my house! I want to fight you again! "

" Sure!! You never beat me! I'll make you cry later! Bye for now! " She shook her hand on air.

" Bye!! "

When she home, she ran into her room and lock the door. She jumped to her bed. Tomorrow's Valentine! What should I do?? Why the girls ask me am I loves chocolates?? They never realize I'm a girl. If students know I'm a girl, I'll be dropped out. She thought.

The next day...

Touma opened her locker lazily and found many chocolates scattered from her locker. Most of them are heart-shaped. She collected the scattered chocolates with heart-shaped box and brought them to her class. When she entered the class, she found many chocolates on her table. She piled up the chocolates and sat on her chair. Many chocolates for me?! It's heavy... Huh, if only one or two chocolates, it doesn't matter... But, its many!! Many!! Many, guys!! I can't take all home!!. She sighed.

Chiaki sat baside Touma and look at Touma's chocolates. Touma realized and ask to Chiaki, " Chiaki, do you gives a chocolates for someone? "

" Sure... Touma. I give it to Haruka-neesama. "

" She must be happy with that. "

" I don't know, Touma. I can't saw her feeling in her face. "

" I bet all of senpai wants your chocolates, Chiaki. You don't give some chocolates for them? " Touma asked.

" I think not. For what? I don't know them. " Chiaki answered lazily.

" Yeah, you're right... " Touma agreed.

Then, she saw Horikawa, Morishita, and Omiwa walked to him. They ignored Chiaki and started talk to her. " Touma-kun, I made a best chocolate for you. Will you receive it? " Horikawa asked.

" I don't know, Horikawa-san. " She answered but her eyes looked at Chiaki.

" What about me, Minami-kun? " Omiwa asked.

" ... "

" And what about me too, Minami-kun? " Morishita asked.

" Errr... I still don't know, Omiwa-san, Morishita-san... "

" I give my chocolates for you, Touma-kun... just for you... " Horikawa said.

" Umm... give me a little time!! " She stood and grabbed Chiaki's hand then, she pull Chiaki outside.

" What should I do?! " Touma asked.

" ...accepts them... "

" Are you sure? But... "

" You are my brother and a gentleman must appreciate girls feeling towards him!! " Chiaki yelled.

" But, I... "


" But I'm a girl!! "

" That is your fault. " Chiaki stated.

" That's not my fault! That's your fault! "

" You dressed like a boy! "

" I know! But, if that accident never happen, I can wear a normal uniform!! "

" It's girl command!!"

" But, Chiaki..."

" Just accept it!!"

" Right..."

They entered class and met the girls. Chiaki sat lazily on her seat. Touma looked at her once again. Then, she said to the girls, " I thinks I can accepts your chocolates, Horikawa-san, Morishita-san, Omiwa-san. " She smiled to them. Their faces blushed furiously. (They are so stupid...)

Likes Chiaki said, when the girls gives her chocolates, she always accepts their chocolates and smiled to them. Touma wants to refuses all of the chocolates for her but, Chiaki doesn't allowed her. When the school's over, she brought many bag with many boxes of chocolates inside it. Yeah, it's very heavy, and Touma can't eat all of the chocolates...

Yeah, Valentine Day is the worst day for Minami Touma...

To be Continue...

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