They Loves Him or... Her?
Aqua Rain

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Chapter IV: Impatient

Chiaki opened her eyes and found it was already morning. Touma still slept besides her. How boyish she is? She's more handsome than Makoto or Shuuichi, even Fujioka.
"Touma... Touma... wake up... it's already morning..." Chiaki nudged her 'brother'.
"...Five minutes... Five minutes more... Akira-nii..." Touma mumbled in her sleep.
"I'm not your brother, idiot!" Chiaki said angrily while hit Touma's head. Touma expectedly woke up.
"That's hurt! You should take responsibility if I become an idiot!" Touma protested.
"You're already the one," Chiaki said.

Yoshino and Uchida are already in the living room when Chiaki and Touma entered the room. As usual, Uchida stared at them innocently while Yoshino was smiling.
"Haruka-san and Kana-san are going to the supermarket," Yoshino said. Supermarket? Isn't that too early to go to the supermarket? Chiaki took a look at the wall clock. It was not morning anymore, it was already at noon. She was awake in Sunday noon, missed all the nice morning programs, good.
"Haruka-san seems disappointed when she forgot to write the recipe, right Yoshino?" Uchida giggled. Yoshino still in her usual smile, nodded politely.
Touma seems bored. She changed the channels repeatedly, trying to find a worth-watched program.
"Hey, can we do anything? I'm bored to death!" Touma asked the three other girls.
"What do you want Touma...-kun?" Yoshino teased her.
"Stop it Yoshino... I really bored now," Touma stated.
"I know it Touma...-kun," Yoshino said, still trying to tease Touma.
"Why don't we talk about... boys?" Uchida suggested. Yoshino was interested and nodded her head.
"What? Boys? You know that I'm treated as a boy in school, right? No one believed me when I tried to say that I'm a girl... even teachers..." Touma sighed deeply, "that was Natsuki's fault... If only he didn't make a mistake like that..."
"Don't worry, Touma. Your sex won't be written in your diploma," Chiaki said.
"A good point that our school doesn't have many boys since it was used to be an all-girl school..." Touma tried to reassuring herself. She laid down on the carpet.

The girls was talking about their school. Uchida said that Makoto often teased by the boys because of his feminine appearance. Yoshino said that she entered a girl academy in Germany, but not too fond of it, and wanted to stayed back in Japan. Chiaki told the girls that her school only had a few population of boys, none of them are good-looking, with Touma as an exception. Touma explained that she was incredibly popular with the girls and often confessed by the girls, and slightly annoyed.

Haruka and Kana arrived at home around 30 minutes later. The girls started to make their lunch. Chiaki and Touma was making karaage while Yoshino and Uchida prepared the dessert.
"I'll come to your school festival," Yoshino said to Chiaki and Touma.
"What? You... you will come, Yoshino?" Touma asked.
"I want to go too, can I?" Uchida asked.
"Of course the two of you may come to the festival. Everyone will see Touma in her butler uniform," Chiaki said, smirking. Touma only sighed deeply.

After finished their lunch, Yoshino and Uchida excused themeselves. There's only two people in Chiaki's room right then, Touma and herself.
"I don't want to do it..." Touma mumbled.
"What?" Chiaki asked, tilting her head.
"I don't want to be a butler during the festival!" Touma protested.
"Don't say it to me. Why don't you said it to Omiwa and the others?" Chiaki said, still in her usual bored tone.
"You know that I hardly refused..." Touma sounded desperate, her back leaned to the wall. Chiaki didn't respond since she knew how Touma was raised. She also knew that the girls had high expectation on her 'brother' since Touma was more perfect than any other boys.
"You're just too kind and soft, try to be more assertive," Chiaki suggested. She knew that it wasn't the best solution, but she just couldn't think any.
"...Maybe you're right... but it just hard for me... The girls were unusually forceful and I..." again, Touma sighed deeply. She didn't want to finish her sentence.
"Touma, I think at least you should going out with someone..." Chiaki said. A baseless solution.
"Are you kidding me? Going out with a boy is a big no!" Touma gritted her teeth. In this condition, it was impossible.
"I didn't say that you should going out with a boy, going out with a girl is a lot better for you. You can just pick a random girl in our school to become your girl. Take a note that you shouldn't pick anyone from Omiwa's group," Chiaki explained it. There was no way Touma didn't understand what she meant. Chiaki was trying to make her a homosexual, maybe not , but it just seemed like that.
"I don't want to hurt their feelings," Touma defended. She didn't want to date someone she didn't care. Again, she was just too kind and she still a heterosexual.
"But... maybe it's okay if it's you..." Touma added. Chiaki's eyes widened. Her cheeks suddenly felt hot. She was nervous.
"W-why?" Chiaki asked nervously. Touma didn't stare at Chiaki, instead she was looking down.
"I think... you're the one who suggested it, you should take a responsibility. After all, you know the truth of my identity," Touma explained. It was definitely make a sense.
"I-I don't want that! I have my own life! Unlike those girls, I don't have any special feeling for you!" Chiaki defended though her expression had a different idea.
"We will never know until we try it!" Touma grabbed Chiaki's arms and pushed her to the wall. Loud crash occured as the wall decoration fell down. Touma's face was just in front of the girl's nose. Chiaki could hear the tomboy's heavy breathing. She was defenseless, at least for now. Her effort to push Touma with her hands was useless. She could just waiting for Touma's next action.

Touma stared at her best friend's defenseless expression. Her hands tightly held Chiaki's arms. Chiaki didn't make any movements, instead she was looking at Touma, signing that the tomboy should do something to her. Touma hesitated for a bit as her expression grew dark with desperation. She buried her head on Chiaki's chest, and whispered, "Sorry..."
"I couldn't take it anymore... everything goes wrong..." Touma's voice was shaking. Chiaki remained silent. She was trying to breath freely.
"Everything... everything... I don't want everything... I'm at my limit..." Touma continued.

Silence filled up the atmosphere in the room. No one talked after Touma's last sentence. Touma still buried her face in Chiaki's chest. Chiaki's hands moved to Touma's back and lightly embraced her. Both of them remained silent, wanting to enjoy the atmosphere they had. Chiaki tried to bury her face to Touma's hair, smelling the tomboy's scent.
"Help me, Chiaki..." Touma said, heavy desperation hung in her voice.
"I... I can't..." Chiaki apologized, still embracing her friend.
"I don't want anything... I just want your help..." Touma pleaded, her voice was shaking. She never had a normal relationship with anyone beside the three Minami sisters and her elementary school friends. She just wanted a normal friendship with another students. Chiaki breathed deeply in Touma's hair and sighed.
"...Sorry..." She said heartfully.
"...It's alright... I should be more independent, I often rely on someone, especially you..." Touma clenched her fists. Chiaki didn't want to end the embrace, so she hugged her friend tighter.

Another silence filled up the room. Touma was unexpectedly sleeping in Chiaki's embrace. Chiaki knew about this since Yoshino and Uchida told her a long time ago when Touma slept on Atsuko. Winter afternoon wasn't the best time to sleep carelessly, so Chiaki grabbed her blanket then wrapped Touma and herself with it. Chiaki hugged her friend tightly, seeking for different warmth offered by the blanket.

As Chiaki opened her eyes, she couldn't find Touma anymore. The blanket she had used, coating her body warmly. Touma's scent was on the blanket as well. Chiaki buried her head on the blanket, hoping to smell Touma's scent more. As she smelled the blanket, Kana suddenly opened the door.
"Chiaki, it's time for dinner," said Kana. Chiaki didn't respond, instead she was still smelling the blanket.
"You'll catch a cold if you sleep like that," Kana lectured her younger sister. She entered the room and switched the light on. Chiaki unwillingly stood up and put the blanket back on her bed. Cool breeze of winter blew on her. She didn't put the heater on.
"Where's Touma...?" Chiaki asked.
"Hm? She already go home. She said that you fell asleep while playing game and chose not to wake you up since you look very tired," Kana explained. Tired? What a great liar.

Dinner was like usual, nothing special happened. Chiaki washed the dishes, helping Haruka.
"Chiaki, had your class decided the stand for festival?" Kana asked from the living room.
"We had, we decided to make a butler and maid café," Chiaki answered.
"You'll be the maid, right? I want to see it," Haruka joined the conversation.
"Haruka nee-sama, it'll be a pleasure if you come," Chiaki said, blushed for a bit.
"How about me? I'll come with Fujioka. You must be happy!" Kana said.
"Not really. Honestly, it'll be great if Fujioka comes, but you can stay at home, Kana," Chiaki said sarcastically. In the living room, Kana can only grumbled.
"How rude of you, Chiaki."

Chiaki lied back on her bed in her room after clean up the dinner. Next Sunday is the day of the festival. Truthfully, she didn't interested in the festival, but since she was popular in her school, she knew that anyone had a high expectation, exactly like what happened to Touma. She stirred to sleep with her own thoughts.

Chiaki came to school earlier than usual. The one who was already come was Horikawa. The girl was unusually stared at Chiaki. Chiaki ignored her stare and sat on her seat, reviewing last week lesson. Horikawa approached to Chiaki and hit Chiaki's deck.
"What?" Chiaki pulled her notebook, afraid that Horikawa will damage her important notebook.
"I want to… ask something important to you…" Horikawa said. Her voice slightly trembled.
"What is that?" Chiaki asked suspiciously. She knew that this girl was an avid fan of Touma.
"W-why Touma-kun only friendly to you, Minami-san? I-I mean, he unusually cool and calm with the others, but you… he was so close with you…" Horikawa said.
"I know him since elementary school of course I was close to him. We are used to play together. Why you asked something like that? You like him since the first time you saw him, right?" Chiaki said. Annoyance filled her voice. She was really annoyed when someone asked that kind of question.
"You know it, Minami-san? I-I was holding it until now… I really want him to know how I feel…" Horikawa admitted. Her tears fell down.
"D-don't say it to me! Why don't you tell him how you feel?" Chiaki said, trying to give Horikawa a hope.
"I really want to tell him, but he only looking at you, Minami-san. I don't think I have any chance…" Horikawa cried silently.
"Sorry, but I don't have any privileges with this… I only can tell this to you…" Chiaki paused for a bit, pulled her breath, "Touma is kind, so kind to hurt someone. Even he doesn't want something, he'll say 'yes'," Chiaki finished her sentence. For this time, she felt it was a good thing to tell it.

The door opened and a tall figure entered the class, Touma. She saw Chiaki on her desk, and Horikawa was there too, crying.
"What happened?" Touma asked as she approached Chiaki and Horikawa.
"Touma-kun… I-I want to tell you about something… Will you wait for me after school?" Horikawa asked. Chiaki's eyes widened. She never expect that Horikawa would confess her feeling to her 'brother'.
"Sure," Touma agreed. She wasn't know about Chiaki and Horikawa's conversation after all.

Class was boring as usual. Touma was daydreaming while the teacher explained the lesson. As expected from Chiaki, though the class was boring, she was still paying attention to the class. The other students seems bored. Nothing interesting happened until school finished.

As promised, Touma waited for Horikawa after school. Chiaki chosed to shut her mouth about Horikawa's plan to confess her feeling. The class was already quiet since the students were going home.
"I'll go to the toilet," Chiaki said, stood up from her seat, leaving her 'brother' alone in the class.
Touma was patiently waiting for Horikawa when the latter entered the room.

Silence filled the class, as no one of them started a conversation. Touma shut her mouth, belieiving Horikawa would start the conversation.
"...T-Touma-kun... there's something I want to tell you about..." Horikawa really started the conversation.
"What's this?" Touma asked. She really didn't have any idea.
"... Y-you... are really close to Minami-san... right?" Horikawa asked nervously.
"It's not like I close to her or anything, it just I befriended her since elementary school," Touma explained.
" I don't want to talk about it..." Horikawa mumbled.
"Touma-kun, I... I like you!" Horikawa confessed. Touma seems surprised, confessed by a girl was something you must be surprised on if you're a girl.

"I know it's a nonsense, but I like you... I know I'm nothing like Minami-san..." Horikawa started to cry.
"You're nothing like Chiaki," Touma stated firmly. Horikawa skipped a beat, it was kind of harsh.
"You know what, you're you. Of course you're nothing like Chiaki," Touma said smiling to Horikawa.
"Touma-kun..." Horikawa stared on Touma, hoping for the answer.
"Thank you, I really appreciate it," Touma answered. It might not be direct, but it was indeed a rejectment.
"No... I know it... but I just couldn't help to tell it to you..." Horikawa said.
"Really? It was a good thing for you right, to be honest with yourself?" a little bit of dissatisfaction appeared on Touma's heart. She was not satisfied with herself who was unable to be honest with herself.
"Well then... see you later..." Horikawa excused herself while weeping her tears. She left the room.
"See you,"

Chiaki didn't comeback right away. Touma found Chiaki was sitting beside the door.
"What are you doing?" Touma asked.
"You rejected her," Chiaki said.
"That's none of your bussiness," Touma stated, annoyance on her voice.
"Of course that's none of my bussiness," Chiaki stood up and pushed Touma so she could enter the class.
"Are you happy that I was confessed by a girl? You wish that I have a girlfriend, right?" Touma said trembled with anger.
"I may talk about it, but I didn't mean it," Chiaki said, clearly messed up with what she had said earlier.
Touma impatiently grabbed Chiaki's shoulder and pushed her to the nearest wall.
"So I think it must be you," Touma stated.
And then, she kissed Chiaki.

To be Continued

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