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Shuichi sits in an alley. An old, slightly soggy, shredded cardboard box cushions the ground. His clothes are old, wet, and dirty. His shoes are scuffed; the soles beginning to break apart. His jeans are a size too large. The knees are caked with filth. His shirt, probably the cleanest item of clothing he possesses, is black with a Nettle Grasper logo on it. There are a few tears, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a shirt that is nine years old. His jacket is black and warm. There are patches of blood, vomit, and dirt clearly visible. His skin and hair are dirty, and slightly greasy. He has a baby face, amazingly clear of blemishes. His shoulder length hair is bright pink. He can't remember if it was natural or not. His fingernails are long, and like his teeth, oddly clean. His wide, innocent-yet-experienced eyes are a deep, beautiful violet.

He slowly strips himself of his jacket. Goosebumps instantly dace across his skin as the cold night breeze whispers hushes to his exposed skin. He ties a thin rubber hose around the top of his arm tightly. He is tired, hungry, and somewhat out of it. His hands are shaking. He raises the needle up and finds a vain. He had worked so hard for this. He was broke, obviously. He has no family, no friends, no job and no home. Nothing. He had went to the man he'd sold his soul to. His dealer. Tohma Seguchi. Tohma had always been fond of Shuichi. When Shuichi had first come to him and was just experimenting, Tohma Knew. He just waited silently for the boy to lose it all. When that finally happened Shuichi had come to the man. He still held to his ounce of pride; his small shred of dignity. The only thing more exciting to Tohma than knowing he could control this cute little virgin was knowing that he could rip his entire being to pieces.

"Please, I… I can pay you back." Shuichi had asked quietly.

Tohma smiled his fox grin. "You can pay me back now." He said, loving every word.

"But I don't have any money!" The naïve young thing whined.

"No matter," Tohma said as he walked smoothly in front of Shuichi. "There's another way."

His sly, velvety words captured Shuichi and bound him tight.

"Give it to me first." Shuichi said nervously.

Tohma dangled the bag of heroin in front of Shuichi's eyes. Shuichi quickly grabbed it and Tohma smiled. Shuichi then took a deep breath and looked into Tohma's eyes. His confusion was clearly evident.

"On your knees, Shuichi." Tohma said instructionally.

Shuichi nodded and slowly dropped to his knees. The faint sound of Tohma's belt being undone, then his pants unzipped could be heard.

Tohma pulled his already erect member out hissed slightly at the touch.

Shuichi looked up at Tohma uneasily. "How… how do I?" Shuichi stammered out embarrassedly. His face was red. His eyes were scared.

"Take it into your mouth and suck." Tohma said coolly. He was patient with the boy he'd waited so long for.

Shuichi slowly opened his mouth and slowly took as much of Tohma as he could into his mouth. He began to suck and move his tongue. Tohma moaned and grabbed his pink locks.

Ever since then, sex was what Shuichi paid for his drugs. He'd been long since desensitized from his early virginal years.

That had been over a year ago. Shuichi pushes the plunger in and pulls the needle out. He's never been fond of needles. He pulls the tubing off and pulls his coat back on as he began shivering. It was freezing outside. It hadn't yet reached below zero, but he knew that it soon would.

He could probably go to Tohma's place and ask to stay, but that would mean sex and Shuichi's sex drive was non-existent due to the heroin. He lies on his side and curls up. He stares at the gravel next to his face for a few hours before falling asleep.

He's tried to quit, of course. Not many people enjoy being homeless drug-addicted prostitutes. It hadn't worked. It was like being a slave who was married to his master. He hadn't had family before this. Typical broken-home; alcoholic parents, gay-hating family, abusive. He had had only a few friends. Most had left him during his addiction. The only loyal one, Hiro Nakano, had been abandoned by Shuichi. Shuichi just couldn't stand to plague the person he loved the most in the world. To disappoint him everyday. It was for Hiro's own good, Shuichi had said. All he had now was Tohma and heroin. He didn't want anything more and he didn't think of anything more.

In the morning he opens his eyes and smiles. It's something he's done for the last year and a half. Every night was a chance for his life to cease, so every morning was a mini-celebration for him.

"Shuichi?" A soft voice called.

Shuichi looks up and sees a beautiful blond man looking down at him.

Shuichi has never seen this man before. Oh, he would defiantly remember.

The man was wearing a scowl. He has beautiful blond hair that was cut short, but was still free flowing. His eyes are fierce and golden yellow. Looking into them made Shuichi feel like he'd somehow let the man down. He's thin, but healthy. He's tall; far taller than our five foot tall Shuichi. He stood probably at six' two, six' three. He has on black slacks, a red button up shirt that was undone at the top, and a leather jacket. He has sunglasses in his pocket.

"Can I… I h, help y, you?" Shuichi asks, his teeth chattering in the cold.

"Tohma Seguchi sent me to retrieve you." The man says softly and unemotionally.

Shuichi nods and gets up off of his cardboard mansion. He wraps his arms around his shivering body and begins to walk ahead of the man. The blond man drapes his leather jacket over Shuichi's shoulders and watches as Shuichi soon stops shivering.

They rode in the man's car silently. Thy finally reached Tohma's subtle home and walked in without knocking.

"Shuichi, how wonderful it is to see you. Have a seat." Tohma says smiling as he ushers the young man to his couch. Shuichi sits down and looks at the blond beauty that was simply standing in the doorway.

"Shuichi, I'm moving away from here." Tohma says calmly.

Shuichi's eyes widen like a frightened deer. "What?" He asks panicked.

Tohma shushes the cute little thing.

"You will be taken care of. Eiri here will be your dealer." Tohma says smiling at the blond beauty.

"He knows the way we do things, and has no qualms about dealing to you the same way I have."

Shuichi nods his head to Tohma sadly.

"Will you miss me?" Shuichi asks sadly, near tears.

Tohma frowns slightly. "Yes."

Shuichi gets up with his head down and begins to leave. "You're all I have, Tohma. Please don't forget me."

With that the man walks out of Tohma's house and lets his tears fall.

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