Shuichi stays with the priest happily. They cook and clean and read together during the day and sleep together at night.

There are two beds, but Shuichi isn't comfortable sleeping alone. Not here; not now.

He slips into the father's bed and relaxes as he feels arms surround him. He kisses him slowly, softly. Then they go to sleep for the night.

The other fathers in the church are still hesitant. They do not welcome Shuichi easily. They even ask them not to make food for dinner anymore.

Shuichi becomes depressed, though. Depressed by all of the forces and negativity around him. "Father, why do you remain here?" He asks Maurice. He receives a smile in return. "This is all I've ever known, Shuichi. I am an old man."

Slowly, however, they branch out. Instead of staying inside of Maurice's room they go see movies, have fun. He asks Shuichi, despite all the oddities between them, if he will be his.

Shuichi wants to cry. He agrees.

They take this time to become closer. As they have been asked not to cook, they offer to clean the dishes, and are allowed.

It take a few hours each night, but the father scrubs them clean and Shuichi dries them and puts them away. They talk and joke and flirt while performing their tasks. This leads them to going back home each night soaked.

They come into the house and undress from their clothing and hang it to dry. They crawl into bed nude, and depending on their mood either goes to sleep, or spend the night embracing each other and becoming one.

Shuichi is lying in Maurice's bed. The father is in the bathroom and Shuichi is okay with just being lazy. He yawns and cuddles back onto the bed. The front door opens and a different father that Shuichi recognizes comes in.

Shuichi sits up, mindlessly pulling the sheet up to cover his nude body. The father looks at him disgustedly. More of the men come into the house and barge into the bathroom to grab Maurice. Shuichi gets up and begins dressing himself quickly when two of the fathers grab him.

They drag the two men out into the open space between the houses and the church. Maurice and Shuichi exchange terrified glances. They're dragged to twin poles in the yard.

They're both tied to their own poles, though they're struggling. The father that had first entered the room walks in front of them.

"You are both disgusting. Did you know that what you are doing is wrong? Did you know that you're going against God?" He shouts at them.

They look at each other. Shuichi is crying, but Maurice looks strong.

"God does not deny love. Shuichi and I are in love." The priest kicks Maurice; Shuichi screams at him to stop.

"We've decided to punish you accordingly." The priest says. They dump a bottle of disgusting smelling liquid on Maurice and untie Shuichi.

The priest bends him over a piece of furniture that they have outside. "Leave Shuichi alone!" Maurice yells.

"He is just a young man. A lost soul. You were a priest. There was more expected of you." He answers. He lowers his pants and pushes himself into Shuichi. Maurice tries to break free, but can't get out.

Shuichi cries and tries to fight the other man off. He is in too much pain to notice, as Maurice is too worried about Shuichi to notice, that they have brought a torch.

Shuichi watches them step forward and light Maurice on fire. Maurice doesn't scream. He closes his eyes and tries to fight.

Shuichi no longer feels the man inside of him. He watches in agony as Maurice is being burned alive. He hears the the voice screaming in pain that he usually only heard in pleasure.

He closes his eyes and lays his head down. He doesn't want to live. He hopes that he is next. The next thing he sees is that he's on the ground. Maurice is a pile of ash and debris. The other priests have begun cleaning and he is lying alone only feet away from his dead lover.

He is ushered up and dragged to the gate and thrown out. He it on the side walk and stares off. This was all real… This just happened… Maurice was dead…

A car pulls up just a few moments later. Two large men get out and Shuichi looks up at them. They grab him and he does not struggle. They put him in the back of the car. Shuichi see the head priest come out and accept money from them before they get back into the car and leave.

He doesn't know where they are headed. He closes his eyes and lays down in the backseat.

"Why do we have this kid?" One of the men asks. "This was Tohma's lap dog. He'll pay anything to get him back." A different voice responds. Shuichi was Tohma's lap dog?

"What the fuck was he doing with a bunch of priests?" The first man asks. He doesn't hear anything after that. The car stops and he's yanked out of the car.

The man knocks on the door as Shuichi stands hesitantly and is startled when a different man answers. "Can I help you?" He asks vaguely and without opening the door any more than he had to.

"This is Shuichi Shindou." The man looks confused, but then smiles. "Of course. Well, come in dear. I'll show you to your room."

He opens the door, nothing seems out of place. He follows the man back to a room and gasps when he's thrown onto a bed and held down. He fights but the man handcuffs him to the bed by his wrists and ankles. He puts a ball-gag in his mouth and blindfolds him.

"I'll be back every once in a while to check on you. Don't go anywhere, sweetheart." Shuichi cannot breathe through his mouth and is panicking too much to concentrate with his nose. He wriggles and cries desperately. Eventually he becomes light headed and has to space his breathing.

The only thing that he can do is count his breath and listen for any sign of humanity around him. He can see nothing around him, not light or shape, because of the blindfold. The slack of his chains is little.

After hours of laying there his throat is dry and his limbs are sore. He hears someone enter and his body becomes tense. "How long has he been like this?" He hears someone ask. He recognizes the voice as being that of the man from earlier.

"He's been like this for about three hours." Shuichi feels someone sit beside him. The person next to him takes the gag out of his mouth and he gulps in some air. "Do you want some water, Sunshine?" Shuichi nods his head. He doesn't think he can speak like this.

The man drips water into his mouth, but it isn't enough. He pushes a finger that was dipped in water into Shuichi's mouth. Shuichi sucks it to get the water off. The man's skin is salty, but he welcomes the moisture regardless. The man continues this treatment, one finger at a time. Shuichi whines for more, but the man replaces the gag.

"You're completely helpless; another gullible whore." He hears the men walk away and the door closes. He relishes the soft taste of water left in his mouth. It's only a short time later that the door opens again. "How do you want him?" He hears the first man ask. "Can you put him on his stomach?" He asks. Shuichi begins to tremble. "Do you want him dressed or not? You're his first, so it's up to you."

The man smiles. "Dressed. It'll be like receiving a gift." One of the men grabs a hold on Shuichi's face. "Listen to me. I'm going to unchain you and then you're going to be a good boy and lay on your stomach. Maybe, if you can listen, I'll let you have some water when you're done."

Shuichi whimpers and the man unchains him. He springs up, but the man holds him down. The freedom of movement in his arms hurts. He cries out and the man holds him by the neck. "You want to fight me?" He feels the man clip something over his nose. He can't breathe. The man is still holding him down.

"Are you going to obey?" The man asks. Shuichi nods his head. He unclips his nose and Shuichi gets a little air. He slowly rises, but keeps his body near the bed so the man will know he's not trying to escape. He slowly turns onto his belly and raises his arms while spreading his legs.

The man pets Shuichi and chains him up. The man walks away. "You look delicious." A voice he's never heard before says. He wants to shrink, but he's spread wide open. The man runs his hands along Shuichi's body- mapping him.

He listens as the man digs around the room. He hadn't gotten to see the room well, so he didn't know what the man could be finding. The room is completely silent when he feels a sharp sting along his back. He tries to scream, but the gag does not allow it. He feels it again, this time hearing the "whoosh" sound that accompanied it. The man was whipping him.

He tries to move away, knowing that he can't. The man continues to whip him, not slowing down at all. Shuichi has never been in this much pain. The man lifts his shirt. "It tore your shirt so much that I can pull it right off. This truly is like unwrapping a gift."

Shuichi is shaking. He's losing blood- he can feel it. The man's fingers begin to probe the injuries he's just inflicted. Shuichi bites down on the gag and screams to the best of his ability. He feels the man begin to lick his back- his saliva burns.

The man stops and moves away; Shuichi tenses and doesn't know what to expect. He hears the man digging around some more. Shuichi is still crying. The blindfold is rubbing against his wet skin and making it burn.

"This is something I've always wanted to try…" he hears the man say. He removes Shuichi's pants and inserts something very small into him. "You're not a virgin, are you?" He asks, more to himself than to Shuichi. He pulls it out and inserts something much larger.

Shuichi gasps and wants to tighten so that it can't be inserted, but he knows that it will hurt less if he relaxes. The man pulls it out and Shuichi hears him unzip his pants. "I've never went in dry."

The man pushes inside and Shuichi screams. The man rams into him unmercifully. The door opens and he hears another man speaking. "Your turn is over."

He feels the man pull out and just tries to breath. He can't recall anything after that.

He wakes with a gasp. Everything is dark again. He struggles to move, but finds that he's free. He sits up and looks around the room. This was the room Eiri had given him.

He gets up and staggers out of the room. Eiri and Tohma are sitting in the kitchen. They both get up and go to him. "Shuichi, you need to lie back down." Shuichi ignores the pain in his body. He needs something to drink.

"Please…" he asks softly. It hurts to speak. Eiri looks at him questioningly. Tohma gets a glass of water and Shuichi drinks it greedily. Eiri guides him back to bed. "How did you find me?" Shuichi asks weakly. Eiri kisses him softly. "I'll always find you."

Shuichi curls up on his stomach and falls asleep. Eiri looks at his back sadly. He had been tortured. There was no way Shuichi could continue this life.

Eiri grabs a rag and dabs at the wounds softly. They had stopped bleeding after they had gotten back home. His tongue was bleeding; the sides of his mouth were bloody. His lips were chapped and dry.

Tohma comes in and gives Eiri some ointment. "He's going to need to be bandaged." Eiri nods. He feels guilty. This is all his fault.

"When he's healed… "Eiri begins, "I'm going to suggest he move to his friend's house. I'm not going to let him use while he's healing. He'll be detoxed by the time he leaves." Tohma nods. He knows that Shuichi means more to Eiri than just a user. Eiri is in love with him.

What Eiri is unaware of is that Shuichi had already detoxed. That the only drugs in his veins now were the ones forced on him.

Shuichi shivers. His flesh feels frozen. He cannot stand to have anything touch his back, for it hurts now more than when he first received them. But it's better... He assumes... thank the heat that... No, he can't think of it.

The only contact he's been able to handle is Eiri's soft cleaning. The way he drapes warm cloth soothes them. Eiri has been fast asleep in the chair next to his bed for a long time. He had no idea what Shuichi had been wake for the gentle treatment.

He brings the blanket round his sides and huddles close to himself. Eiri wakes when he hears the boy rustling around. He's not sure if it's fever or want that is causing the boy to shake. "Are you awake?" Eiri asks. Shuichi nods, finally becoming frustrated and pulling the blanket atop him. He clenches his teeth and waits for his body to become used to it.

Eiri removes the blanket from his back. "Let me get a rag." Eiri wipes the boy's back softly and watches him relax. "Are you cold? I can get you something warm to drink. We'll find a way for you to get covered up. Tohma says that bandaging you will keep them from hurting when things touch your skin. It will keep infection out too. I couldn't do it earlier because you were so out of it."

Shuichi sniffles. "Eiri… I want to use. It just hurts so much… Please?" Eiri hadn't wanted to let him… but Shuichi was in a lot of pain. He gives Shuichi a baggie continues wrapping his wounds. He watches Shuichi shoot up.

When Shuichi lies back Eiri grabs his hand. "I'm sorry Shuichi. I missed you." Shuichi smiles slightly, for the first time all day. "I've learned forgiveness. I forgive you."

Eiri leaves to let him rest and goes back to sit with Tohma.

He comes to check on Shuichi later but finds that Shuichi isn't moving. He checks Shuichi's breathing and his pulse.

"Shit!" He yells. Tohma runs into the room. Eiri is sobbing. "He's fucking dead Tohma. He's fucking dead!" Tohma looks at the angel. He's pale, thin. There is vomit on his lips.

"He over-dosed. How much did you give him?" Eiri runs his hands through his hair. "He asked for a hit! I gave him as much as I always have."

Tohma kisses the dead angel on the forehead and turns to Eiri. "I think he may have detoxed while he was away… His body… It wasn't as used to it anymore." Eiri stands and pulls Shuichi into an embrace.

"What the hell do we do?" Eiri asks. He's losing it, he can tell. Tohma sighs. He never wanted to lose Shuichi.

"We dump his body somewhere that it will be found." Eiri wipes his face. "His box. That's where he liked to be." Tohma knows what Eiri is talking about.

It was often, in the past, that Tohma would want to see Shuichi. He would put on his favorite hat and take a well-known walk down the alley. There would be a tiny man with pink hair lying atop a box. He would be drooling or daydreaming, always. This man had been his once.

They load Shuichi into the car and lay him on the box. Eiri covers the boy up with a blanket. He looks like he's merely sleeping, but Eiri knew better.

They leave the scene and go back to the house. Tohma has a minion of his go to a pay phone and call 911, just so that he was sure the boy would be found soon and buried. Hiroshi would be informed as next of kin; Eiri had left a note in the pinkette's wallet, guised as Shuichi's own handwriting that included Hiro's phone number and address, along with a simple title of "Best Friend's number".

Eiri looks at Tohma with a deep sorrow in his eyes. "I want to try it. I want what killed him." Tohma sighs softly and hands Eiri a needle.

Eiri looks at the equipment skeptically before looking back at Tohma. "I don't have any money…"

"No matter," Tohma says sadly as he walks slowly in front of Eiri. "There's another way."

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