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Chapter 70 – Postlogue

Tony and Ziva were walking down along the lake behind their hotel, hand in hand. It was just after lunch and Trina was looking after LJ for an hour or two while Tony and Ziva enjoyed a small escape.

"The way Sophia was staring at me it was like she was trying to disintegrate me with her eyes." Grinned Ziva,

"Probably because she hates kids and she's prejudice." Said Tony,

"Your mother too."

"Ahh." Said Tony, "That would relate to Kate."


"Yes." Tony nodded, "Mum was the only one to meet Kate before she died. And she was absolutely smitten with her. The thing mum cares about is religion. She accepted Ali and Jemma because they're catholic, so the fact that Kate was very much American was nothing compared to how high her catholic values were. That is why she bothered to go to my father and his forth wife telling him to do his part in their Tony's Trust Fund arrangement."

Ziva smiled, "I am not looking forward to tonight."

Tony laughed, "Oh Alina will make sure you're welcomed, at least for the party."

She shook her head, "I do not know. I have a bad feeling."

* * *

Kaio Moretti and Sam Johnson walked to Tony's hotel room, they knocked, and Trina answered.

"Hello, I'm Kaio Moretti." He said, "We didn't get introduced earlier."

"Oh." smiled Trina, "Are you the groom?"

"Yes. This is my best man, Sam Johnson."

"Cool. I'm Catryn David-DiNozzo, but call me Trina."

They nodded, "Are your parents here?"

Trina walked into the room and the men followed her, "No. They're by the lake. They went for a walk."

Kaio nodded, "This is your sister?"

Trina nodded, "Lesley Jennifer. Everyone calls her LJ except me, Dad and her God Mother. I call her Leah, Dad calls her Ella and her God Mother calls her Lil."

"She's very pretty."

"Yea. But she cries a lot."

Sam stepped in, "May I hold her?"

Trina thought for a second, "I suppose so."

He grinned.

* * *

Tony and Ziva sat on a pier over the large body of water. Ziva was wishing she'd brought swimmers, she loved lakes.

She just told Tony this and he smirked.

"Who needs swimmers?"

Ziva glared, "I'm not swimmy-dipping with you."

"Skinny-dipping." He corrected,

"Same thing."

Tony laughed, "You don't have your cell in your pocket do you?"


"Pass it here."

Ziva handed it over, and then watched as Tony removed his jacket, placing both their phones in side. He stood.

"Come on." He said,


"Stand up." She did, "Take my hand." She did, "On three, jump." He told her,



"Do you really think this is a good idea?"


"I do not want to-"


Tony jumped and Ziva had no choice but to jump with him. They fell into the water with a huge splash. As they surfaced Ziva laughed with her husband.

"It is freezing in here!" She yelled at him,

"It's beautiful." He grinned, and he splashed her,

"Tony!" He splashed her again, "You will pay for that, Anthony DiNozzo."

Tony smirked, "I hope I do." He said as he propelled backwards closer to the centre of the lake.

Ziva swam over to him and straddled him in the water, his hands wrapped around her, holding her tight.

Their lips met in passion. They clung to each other, and pulled each other as close as possible. It was such a hot kiss Ziva could feel the heat all around her. Tony held her tight and they burned through their kiss.

Then they were surrounded by an echoing bang, and a heat so hot Ziva though the water must be boiling. A wave of water sprang over them, and as the couple moved under water they let go of each other.

Ziva swum up for air, she was extremely confused as to what was happening. When she came up she could feel the air was hot and cloudy. She looked at Tony and frowned.

He had an expression of utmost horror on his face. She turned slowly and saw the hotel was covered in flames and black clouds of smoke. Walls were missing and there was a chunk of the top two floors missing.

Tears immediately filled her eyes.

The hotel had exploded.

There was a bomb.

And she had no idea if her children were still alive.


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