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McGee was sitting in the bullpen finishing a case report. The whole week had been slow for the team but Tim didn't mind since it was the year anniversary of Allison's death. Sarah walked off the elevator holding a chocolate haired twin of Allison. Morgan saw her father and began clapping her hands.

"Yes there is your daddy Morgan." Sarah said as she let Morgan down to walk to her father.

Morgan smiled widely as she clapped walking to her father "Dada!"

Tim stood up from his desk and walked around the desk "Hey baby! What have you been doing with Aunt Sarah today?"

Morgan laughed as Tim picked her up and tossed her into the air. He looked at his sister "I am almost done here. If you need to do something she can stay with me."

"I do need to finish some wedding details but I'll be back in an hour." Sarah said as she handed Tim the diaper tote.

Tim nodded as he said "Thank you Sarah."

She smiled as she stepped forward and kissed her niece. Sarah walked toward the elevator as Ziva and Tony came into the bullpen with dinner.

Ziva smiled as she saw Morgan sitting on her father's lap chewing on a teething ring. Tony rolled his eyes as Ziva laughed "I was right. HA! Good idea buying the applesauce and fries."

Tony shook his head as he put the food down and watched Ziva pick Morgan up and blow kisses on her stomach.

Tim smiled as his teammates began playing with the baby.

After the talk with Gibbs, Tim took two weeks maternity leave that is given to new fathers. Morgan was out of the hospital a month after Allison's death. Gibbs was right that Tim wouldn't have to raise the baby alone. Tim's mom stayed throughout the first two months but went home on the promise to be in on every other weekend. Sarah was there anytime Tim needs something even there when he didn't need anything. Abby took to being the god-mother too heart. She spent the whole two months taking care of Morgan and Tim. She knew when Tim needed spaces as well as when he needed a friend. Ziva and Tony were making bi-weekly movie nights a must for Tim. Every week Abby would watch Morgan while Tim went to Tony's apartment. Gibbs made sure Tim had time to take Morgan to any appointments and was there for Tim when he needed time to talk. Tim was ordered to see a therapist but went to Ducky instead. Ducky was the person who gave Tim the okay to come back to work. Rebecca and Jessica stay in Tim's life as well. Rebecca decided to move in with her aunt and allowed Tim to move into Allison's apartment since it was ready for the baby. They were around to make sure Tim knew he wasn't alone in raising Morgan.

Time left NCIS an hour later with his daughter and sister. Sarah waited in the car as Tim took his daughter to the gravesite.

Allison Morgan Wilder


Beloved Mother, Daughter and Girlfriend.

1980 - 2008

"Say Hi to your Mommy Morgan." Tim said as he held his daughter in front of the grave. "I miss you Allie."

Tim put Morgan on the ground and led her to the grave.

"Lay those flowers on the ground."

Morgan smiled at her father and laid the flowers down on the ground.

"Good job Morgan." said another voice behind them.

Tim turned to see Gibbs standing behind them "Boss, I--uh."

"Sorry, I didn't know you were being here this late McGee." Gibbs stated as he walked closer.

Tim smiled as he picked up his daughter "We just left NCIS."

"I brought her a rose." Gibbs began as he laid the flower down on the grave "I'll be going now."

Gibbs began to walk away until he heard "Ba." come from Morgan.

He turned back to McGee and smiled as he saw Morgan reaching out for him.

"Ba." Morgan said again as Tim and Gibbs looked at her.

"Boss, I think that Morgan wants to you stay." Tim said as he looked at his daughter.

Gibbs smiled as he received Morgan from Tim "Tim, I told you that you wouldn't be raising this child on your own."

Tim smiled as he watched Morgan give kisses to Gibbs.