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Kuu was lounging in his dressing room. He had finished dressing quickly and was now waiting for his manager to tell him when the director was ready to shoot the next scene. The news was on, the volume low, announcing the latest update from the trial of so-and-so before switching to the story of how a family tabby had rescued a little girl. It didn't matter- he wasn't paying attention to it, nor was he focused on reading any of the multitude of newspapers and magazines spread in front of him. No, Kuu was busy thinking about a scene he had just seen acted out. One that kept replaying itself in his head.

In the script, the supporting actress had been playing a down-trodden, yet upbeat part-time college student. In her spare time, the college girl was a waitress at a mom-and-pop diner in the city. While far from a stand out beauty, she was comely enough. Male customers would often hit on her only to be turned down every time. She didn't believe in love: love killed her mother. There was one regular customer who never flirted with her- a detective(played by the lead actor). The detective was highly irritable. When she first started at the diner he came close to having her fired because the coffee was too hot, otherwise known as her attempt to 'poison' him.

According to the script, the detective would fall in love with the waitress, but refuse to admit it. His past had taught him if he loved anyone they might get hurt by him. The waitress would slowly realize how she felt; all the while, breaking down his barriers. The detective's friend, who happened to be the Police Commissioner, was always teasing the detective about love. More-so after he saw the interaction between the waitress and detective. The Police Commissioner 'unintentionally' reveals to the detective's father that his son is interested in someone. Neither father nor son had spoken since the death of the detective's fiancée three years previous. The father decided to go to the diner and inspect the girl. Immediately charmed by her against his better judgment, he forwent his plans to scare her away from his son.

In the scene driving Kuu mad, the detective has barged into the Police Commissioner's office to confront his father. He has just found out from the waitress that his father was there, and he is livid because he recognized his father's attempts to drive her away. The father admits truthfully that he was attempting to get rid of her, because he was afraid the detective would get hurt again. The scene allows the past to come out and the anger between the detective and his father to be settled. The father also lets it be known he approves of the girl and would love for her to be a member of their family.

Kuu could not think for his life why that scene bothered him. Oddly, it reminded him of his trip to Japan three months previous. He had seen his beloved Kuon for the first time in five years, thanks to the help of Boss. Boss had told him about a young actress who could help him speak to Kuon. Kuu only had to make her cry. Desperate to see his only child again, Kuu leapt at the chance to make the girl weep. No matter that a man should never make a girl cry. The actress, Kyoko, had not allowed him to do it though. Her personality challenged him, until he couldn't help but like her. Her cooking was downright sublime. Kyoko had never had a father figure, so he had adopted her, to an extent, by becoming her sensei. He couldn't wait to see the actress she would become. The Boss was right, despite failing to make her cry, she had helped him to see Kuon again. His precious son had even come of his own free will. Kuu had been ecstatic upon returning to the United States; he couldn't wait to watch the tape with his beautiful wife Julie. The memory had stayed with him these last few months.

That's why he couldn't understand why that irritating scene reminded him of his wonderful memory of Japan. The film was a classic cliché- forbidden love overcome through the personalities and interactions of the main characters. Kuu had seen hundreds of variations of this type of plot throughout his acting career. Why was it bothering him now?

The son coming to see the father out of anger and fear of what he said to his sweetheart, whom he had unsuccessfully tried to push away. The father and son overcoming their difficult pasts because of the innocent charm of the girl.

Why did it bother him?...He just couldn't put his finger on it. He twisted around in his chair frustrated. There was a knock at the door.

"Kuu, the director says they'll be ready for you soon, you'd better come out."

"I'll be there in a moment."

Kuu stood up walking to the mirror to make sure his makeup was perfect. He supposed he would have to let go of the thought. It was just…a smiling girl…dark past…distant man…bad relationships…anger…love…

The phone rang. Brrrng…Brrrng…He heard his assistant answer it. She had been told if it was anything less than an emergency, not to let a call through. His love sim game still had him confounded. A click announced the door opening. His assistant came in wearing a belly dancer outfit…she had a phone in her hand.

"I'm sorry President. It's Kuu. He says its an emergency."

Lory grimaced. What was it about that family and crises?

"Fine. I'll take it. No more calls after this."

"BOSS! Are you there?"

Lory rolled his eyes. Why all the melodrama?

"Yes…What's the emergency?...I'm busy."

Lory grumbled still playing the sim game.

"Why Didn't You Tell Me?!"

Kuu screamed. Lory blinked. Now what was this about?"

"Tell you what?"


There was a moment of silence, where only Lory's imported Chinese crickets could be heard chirping.

"You didn't know..."

Lory muttered disbelievingly while sitting up, unintentionally hitting a button on his controller. His character was slapped and left alone- heartbroken.


"You baka! You just made me lose the game I've spent the last two months playing!"

Lory hung up.

"That Baka…I can't believe he didn't realize that until now…No wonder Ren is emotionally stunted."

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False Sourires


Kuu stared at the phone. Boss had hung up on him. He shrugged. Oh well. Kuu walked toward the door grinning broadly. His Kuon was in love. He licked his lips. He couldn't wait until the next time he could taste his future-daughter-in-law's food again.