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"…see? What I meant was-"

"Dustin, I don't think you know what you meant," There was a pause and the thunder ranger saw it coming when the other didn't respond right back, "C'mon, I don't even know what you meant" he tacked on quickly, he'd made Dustin mad before and it wasn't a very pretty sight.

"Oh, why didn't you say so? I'll explain it again…" Maybe a mad Dustin was better than a babbling one? Hunter listened to his teammate as he lifted a box of parts and tools onto the table the also supported his bike. He wasn't quite sure how Dustin's bike got slammed but all he knew was that the younger man was trying to land a 'sweet trick', that's how he put it. He dug in the box and fished out pliers then started picking at the loose plastic that needed to come off. "…so that makes Sensei a Jedi! Get it?"

"Um…yeah, what's a Jedi?"

"Y-you're kidding…r-right?" Hunter looked over his shoulder at the yellow ranger and arched a brow which in turn caused deep brunette brows to come together in disbelief. "Oh my God, dude!" The crimson ranger watched his friend go into an animated fit of sudden word loss. "You…what?...dude!" Dustin grabbed a hand full of crimson and dragged Hunter out of Storm Chargers, not stopping for anyone or anything.

"Hey!...Where are they going?"

"By the looks of it Kel…"


"I have no idea" Kelly looked at her employee and scrunched up her nose before pointing a finger.

"Back on register Blake"

The day had been slow so she had no problem with Hunter and Dustin leaving, she would just like to have a quick heads up before they just up and left.

"Where are those two going?" Tori asked as she walked up to the front counter.

"I don't know"

"Dustin said something about teaching Hunter a lesson."

"I thought that competitive stuff was between Hunter and Shane"

They both shared a sigh then laughed, forgetting about the other two rangers, just for a while.

"I don't know why you've never seen this movie" The whole way to Dustin's house Hunter had to hear him say that at least a million times.

"Dustin, relax, I've probably seen it and just-"

"Forgot? No way man these movies are epic…I mean…the order's messed up but whatever, it's pretty cool dude" He explained as he sat down on the other end of the couch and put a bowl of popcorn amid themselves. When the opening credits started up Hunter's eyes wandered around the home, he hadn't see Dustin's parents since they showed up and at the risk of being 'shushed' he just assumed they were at work or something. He looked back the screen as he felt around for the popcorn, "sorry, dude"

"It's fine, you plan on saving me some?"

"I wasn't gonna" Dustin joked, giving Hunter a grin. Hunter couldn't help but smile; he'd never met anyone that could compare to Dustin. Well, buy that he'd never met anyone whose smile could make the room light up (or maybe that was the sun outside the window) and make his worst day just seem that much better. He'd only seen the other mad a few times which, for him being mad most of the time, was interesting, interesting that he could always same and always be so kind and happy. His thoughts however came to a screeching halt when Dustin shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth.