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Chapter Summary: In this chapter...they have to find a way to reverse their little problem (no pun intended)....annnnnnd Shane's observent. enjoi.

"I know I'm a cute kid, but I don't like the sound of that..." Dustin bit his bottom lip and ran his hands through his hair, "...what do we do Cam?"

"Why are you asking me?" The samurai ranger stood at the end of the table, he was thinking about a possible way to reverse the condition.

"You're the smart one dude, plus-"

"We have to take out G-Ah..." Hunter looked at Dustin then at Cam.

"Now that you mention it. Logically that would make sense...if we defeat him Dustin should return to normal"

"Hey guys, how are we supposed to find him?" Dustin got onto the table top and crossed his arms. "It's like ten o'clock"


"I don't like the sound of that Cam."


"You sure this is a good idea Cam, Dustin could get hurt"

"That's why we're here" The four rangers were well hidden behind a group of tall bushes the next day, watching their ex-eighteen year old friend play on a play ground with a close by Hunter. The samurai wasn't sure if this was going to work at all because Dustin wasn't alone; he insisted (rather loudly) that the crimson ranger stay with him.

"Hop on bro" Hunter held the chains on the swing as his six year old friend got on then he began to push him.

"If we're lucky, Lothor's...goon or whatever should show up...we just have to give it a minute." The green clad teen looked at the pair at the swings then around the park.

"I don't think this guys gonna show" Blake crossed his arms and was about to say something else when the giant baby came back.

"There he is! Let's go!"

"Just as I expected! You're all here...no matter...you'll share the same-"

"Dude, cut the chatter" Shane said as the four of them got into their line, "Ready?"


"Ninja storm-"

"Thunder storm-"

"Samurai storm-"

"-ranger form! Ha!" They morphed and the rangers began attacking the sent goon all at once while Hunter ushered Dustin into a red inner tube to hide. He was just about to run off then he felt a small hand enclose his thumb and he stopped.


"What's the matter bro?"

"Stay here"

"But I..." He looked back to the four fighting rangers, they weren't in bad shape and from the grip on his thumb, and Dustin needed him more than the rangers. "Okay" He managed to get into the end of the small tube and watched the fight, if things started going bad, he'd jump right in. He knew he should be in there now, he knew with all of them attacking they could take this guy down easy but he also knew Shane and Cam would think it better if he stayed out of it and protected Dustin.

"The good guys are gonna win...right?" Dustin asked as he leaned across Hunter's legs so he could get a better look of the battle.

"....Yeah...the good guys are gonna win" her smiled down to his friend and nodded, "They're gonna win" They had to win; otherwise Dustin would be stuck like this.



"Oh, Shhh" Dustin covered his smile then hugged Hunter, "I....I gotta tell you something dude..." his voice trailed as he thought about what he was going to say. He wanted to tell Hunter he loved him...well not love but liked him...a lot, because he didn't want to be stuck as a kid and never tell the older ninja how he felt. That would suck. His big brown eye trailed up to the red wall and in small black writing was 'Angela love Markus'. "Hunter....I...." Just as he was mustering the courage to say what he'd wanted to say (for a few days now) he was dragged from the other end of the tube by his leg and a pair of hands grabbed his ankles and wrists.


"Hunter!" The yellow ninja looked at Kapri then up at Marah who was holding his wrists, "Dudes...lemme go!"

"No way kiddo, uncle wants you destroyed" Kapri laughed as they continued off then stopped abruptly when the crimson ranger blocked her path.

"You really think you can stop us?" Marah asked with a delicately raised brow.


"No" Hunter was seriously beginning to question whose side the earth child was on, "He knows! He's gonna totally kick your-" The pink headed evil space woman covered the kids mouth as the brunette went to attack the thunder ranger.

"I never liked kids" she muttered. Dustin was thrashing around in her grasp; he went so far as to bite her hand. That worked. "Stupid brat!!" he dodged a grab and a missed an attack from Marah that was aimed at Hunter.

"Get him Kapri!"

"Oka- Wait...what's he doing?" Marah looked over her shoulder and caught sight of the small child, he was glowing a ###soft orange### "Is he suppose to do that?"

"Dustin!" The crimson thunder ranger held the yellow wind morpher in his hand and threw it over Marah's head to his glowing friend. He caught the morpher and quickly morphed before anyone saw him, he didn't really need to be embarrassed. Once he was morphed he looked at his white gloves then felt over the fabric on his chest.

"Oh yeah baby, I am so back!" he punched his palm and got down into a middle stance. As soon as his right hand gripped the handle of his sword he was joined by four other rangers who got into their own fighting stance and Hunter held his staff behind his back, waiting for them to make a move.

"This was so not suppose to happen" Kapri looked at the rangers around her while Marah chewed on her bottom lip and looked at the yellow wind ranger.

"Yeah, well sorry for ruining your plans" the red ranger took a step forward and the two space women flinched then disappeared. Shane knew they weren't smart but they were smart enough to know when they were out matched. The six of them waited, watching the spot where they were for a few seconds, they didn't want to take the chance of them coming back and attacking while they were off guard.


"I gotta ask man, this whole kid thing...it isn't gonna have side effects, is it?" Shane was asking Cam because even though Tori was the smart one, Cam was just a different smart.

"It shouldn't. No, why?"

"Just asking" From his spot at the front of the shop, where the samurai was looking at a one-two-five, he spotted Dustin and Hunter who were leaning on the counter shoulder to shoulder reading a magazine. Okay, maybe he was reading into it too far, he remembered when he and Dustin had flipped through a magazine like that at one point but it just seemed...different when he looked at them.