The charms of Remus John Lupin


Thea Ellingham

Chapter One

The wild haired one known as James Potter

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Pairings – A lot of unrequited lust for Remus by everyone

Summary – The whole schools gone mad and they all seem to want Remus, even his fellow Marauders have fallen in love with him. What's a Werewolf to do, he'll have to choose when all he wants to do is curl up with a good book. Romance and pranks is always a good combo, as he'll find out.

Its Always the Quiet ones you have to watch out for

It's always been a puzzle in my mind about what Remus Lupin had that made him so damn sexy? Why did people fall over themselves to have a quick, quizzical smile from him directed at them? Why would they listen to every word he said and pray for him to say their name? Why did people resort to violence for the chance to be his partner in a lesson? And why oh why was I exactly the same?

I mean sure he was good looking, any one could see that but he certainly wasn't the best looking boy to walk the school. Throw your mind back and there have been some stunners, Gideon and Fabian Prewett to name but two, not to mention that Sirius currently walked the corridors of Hogwarts looking like a god among men, and yet there was something about Remus, something no one could quite put their finger on.

It could have been his hair, short and straight with the ends curling slightly, the colour a browny-gold colour in summer, a light brown in winter, I've heard several people as I walked by commenting on how much they wanted to run their hands through the thick mop. Perhaps it was his skin, completely fair that was never changed by the sun, a few freckles littered his nose and cheeks but that was all. Blemishes rarely appeared on his face as if they didn't dare. It looks soft as well, the kind of skin you'd want to run the back of your hand over to see if it really was as soft as it looked.

He looked normal really, just a normal boy, average height slightly to the skinny side, killer smile but I suppose it was his eyes that did it, those eyes made everything different. Large and surrounded by dark lashes, the colour was a browny-gold, nothing too major except the closer the full moon came the more golden they became, then you'd see the swirls of electric blue and pure silver indicating the dormant wolf in them. They were incredibly hard to describe but there was always an expression of intelligence and humour in them. The few times he's been angry though they look terrifying. Average bloke, beautiful eyes so what the hell was it?

Sirius would be the obvious choice to fancy and chase, he was Mr Charm, Mr Charisma, women adored him, men wanted to be him and yet it was Remus everyone was after, Sirius included if the look in his eyes is anything to go by.

Perhaps then Remus's looks weren't a factor in it, perhaps it was his voice. Remus was Irish, not the kind of Irish that he lived there for a short time and moved away but more the fact he lives there all the time with an Irish mother and a French father. After he was bitten his parents abandoned the idea of moving back to France and instead stayed in Ireland, purchasing a farm in the middle of no where due to Remus's furry little problem. The accent used to be incredibly thick but he's toned it down now, still its incredibly husky sounding. People complained about it, saying he was impossible to understand, bloody idiots; I could listen to his voice all day.

If his looks and his accent didn't catch people then it must have been his personality. Remus is the nice one of the Marauders, we all have roles to play, Sirius is the cocky charming, I'm the sporty leader, Remus is the nice patient one and Peter is the amusing one. At least everyone views Remus as the nice patient one; it's only if Remus counts you as a friend you see the real Lupin come out.

He's one of the most intelligent people I have met and he puts that intelligence to good work especially when it comes to pranks. Remus Lupin is a Prank King though you would never even suspect it if you met him. His pranks are the ones which gets our name whispered in reverence round the great hall. He's thinking of one now if the half smile on his face is anything to go by.

Hell I have no idea what it is but whatever it is he has it in abundance.

We're sitting in the great hall in our usual positions; I'm next to Sirius who is opposite Remus who is next to Peter. I'm trying to decide whether I want the lone sausage on my plate or whether I'd prefer the last portion of mash potato instead, it can only be one, and I'm too full for both. Decisions like this are difficult to make when both are so good.

"I have a plan" Remus suddenly remarks, his eyes glancing around to see who listening, no one else is though they are too engrossed in their own conversations. I glance up at him from my plate; Peter's twisted round in his chair to listen while Sirius has leaned forward, resting one elbow on the table. Remus has our full attention.

"What plan?" Sirius asks an eager note in his voice. When Remus comes up with a plan you listen, Remus glanced across the table at us and grinned. That was another thing he had, an incredible grin. He rarely used it normally giving a little half smile instead but when he did grin you'd feel an answering one come to your face, it was impossible not to.

I watched as Sirius reacted helplessly to it, his own charming grin coming to his face. As much as I hate to admit it. Sirius and Remus would look damn good together physically. They complimented each other, dark to light. I rolled my eyes, I was becoming a soppy bastard in my old age, thank god I had the thought of Evans to stop me making a fool of myself every time Remus glanced at me

"It's a very good plan" Remus teased turning his gaze away from Sirius and to me. I felt my breath hitch slightly as I grinned at him. I wasn't gay and Evans held my heart but people reacted to Remus the same way even if they had no idea why.

"Tell us then Mr Moony" I replied, lifting my hand up and waving it in his direction for him to continue. Remus nodded his head and spoke, lowering his tone and making goose bumps run up my arms, I rubbed them absently as I listened.

"I was thinking of a way of getting the Slytherins back for there last feeble attempt at a prank and then I began thinking, why stop with them? There are a group who we have never pranked before but if we did…" he voice trailed off and he watched us, waiting to see if he caught on

"The Professors" Peter said, excitement flushing his face as his eyes moved to focus on the Professors table. I could see it before my own eyes; we'd go down as legends. Remus nodded slowly

"Yeah the Professors, can you imagine it?" he asked. I nodded, I was already there with Evans proclaiming her love for me after managing it, shaking my head from my thoughts I spoke

"Come on confess, just how long have you been planning this?" I asked, Remus gave me a half smile and shrugged slightly.

"Since summer when Thierry placed the thought in my head" I shook my head. Remus's eldest brother Thierry was a terrible influence on Remus, I really must remember to shake his hand next time I'm invited out to the farm for a visit. "It be hard work but if you want something to be perfect then you've got to put the effort in" Sirius broke into the conversation

"Why thank you for the pearls of wisdom Professor Lupin" he said with a laugh "Tell us the plan, don't keep us in suspense!" Remus rolled his eyes

"Always impatient Padfoot" he must have taken pity on us though because he launched into his plan "How do you feel about making every single Slytherin sing for 24 hours straight, and I mean every single word, even saying hello, or pass the salt would be melody" I shrugged leaning back slightly, it could be good "Oh and did I mention that they wouldn't be able to hold anything back, any thought in their head would be sang, every deepest darkest desire revealed. Imagine it" I leaned forward. It was perfect, the endless possibly we had were floating through my head, it was heaven, we'd be legends, no one had managed anything like this, not even the Phillips twins, the greatest Prankers Hogwarts had ever seen and our role models.

"Imagine the blackmail material, it would last forever" Peter said breathlessly as he got to our feet, dinner was over so we would now head back to the common room. We were silent on the way there, each lost in our own thought, and it was only when we were sitting by the fire, me next to Remus, Sirius and Peter opposite that the conversation started up again, I started it by throwing my arm around Remus's shoulder and announcing that he was a genius. Remus grinned, a slight blush coming to his face.

"Of course I am, I'm a Lupin" he said with the careless arrogance that his whole family had, he shrugged my arm off and continued "That's of course is just the plans for the Slytherin, we won't do the same for the Professors, it would be too easy" a cheeky look crossed his face.

"What have you planned?" Peter asked, raising an eyebrow, Remus grinned looking like he was having the time of his life; he always liked revealing his plans to us.

"What if it was a plan that not only got the Professors but also Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, all of them in one swoop?"

"That's it Lupin, tell us the plan now before I throttle you!" Sirius burst out, he hated being kept waiting for anything, especially when it came to pranks.

"Thierry found a book and handed it to me, he told me I could do a lot with it and winked so I knew it was something good, something mamma wouldn't approve of. I glanced through it and it was a goldmine for pranks, nothing but potions, bloody difficult potions mind you but bloody brilliant ones. There was one which would turn people's hair an array of colour, never a fixed colour but always changing, impossible to get rid of until 48 hours are gone because there's no known antidote to it. Slughorn might be lucky and find it by certainly not straight away, imagine Mcgonagall with neon green hair? We make the potion and go to the kitchen, Sirius and Peter distract the House elves with demands for food, me and James pour it into the cauldrons of pumpkin juice leaving, all of them including Gryffindor and then we sit back and watch"

"So we'll be affected?" I asked, Remus nodded

"Have to be, or they'll know its us, Thierry always said take the hit so no one will know, people will suspect its us but how can we prove it if its happened to us as well? We could just point out that we'd hardly inflict it on ourselves" there was a brief silence and then Sirius spoke

"Remus mate, you're amazing" I nodded, when Remus came out with Pranks like that who couldn't help but love him.

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