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The charms of Remus John Lupin


Thea Ellingham

Chapter Two

Delving a bit deeper

Disclaimer – None of the recognisable characters belong to me in any fashion

Author Notes – Here's chapter two, I'm not sure how long this will be because I never actually got very far into it before I stopped, I'm pretty determined to finish it this time though so fingers crossed it will be better then before. This chapter is done by Peter. I'm very particular when it comes to Peter, I truly believe that in high school he was fine; it was when he left and was left to fend for himself that things happened. That's why when I write him in MWPP fics he's normal, so just bear it in mind

Pairings – Unrequited lust for Remus

Summary - The whole schools gone mad and they all seem to want Remus, even his fellow Marauders have fallen in love with him. What's a Werewolf to do, he'll have to choose when all he wants to do is curl up with a good book. Romance and pranks is always a good combo, as he'll find out.

How well can you honestly know someone from the outside?

It was going to be bloody amazing, bloody brilliant and all ours. I can't believe Remus has managed to put this plan together not even Kenneth and Benjamin Phillips had ever thought of anything like this and they were the best, now we were going to be the best. It was all I could do not to jump and down or punch the air. The attention, the praise, the awe that would be accompany every voice that mentioned our names, I wanted it more then anything.

Its hard being a marauder, people seem to think it's easy but it's anything but easy, it's absolutely time consuming and exhausting. Constantly trying to keep up with the other three with pranks, intellect and above all remaining witty. I was witty and trustworthy, at least that's how they viewed me and that's why they kept me around so it was a never ending show. If I slipped up once I could find myself on the side lines and I never wanted that.

It didn't help that they were all so stupidly good looking, I could have coped if at least one of them was fairly average but it wasn't to be. It wasn't that I was bad looking, I had the blond hair, the grey-blue eyes, I wasn't very tall but somehow I always appeared taller then I was, probably because of my mother constantly making me stand up straight. James was the King, not just of the Quidditch team but the King of Gryffindor. Tall, slim but muscled from the constant chaser practice he went through. Thick black hair covered his head in messy waves, sharp hazel eyes gleamed behind his glasses and he was always tanned from the sun never burnt.

Then there was Sirius, the only one who could touch him in looks was his younger brother Regulus. Straight, black hair that was always smooth looking regardless of what he did covered his well poised head. Dark grey eyes the colour of storm cloud stared out of a face which would easily have been used by those old masters of paint for their angels. He looked as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth though if you know Sirius even slightly then you know this impression was completely misleading, if you knew him well then the mere idea was laughable.

Then there was Remus, golden head Remus, Golden eyed Remus, Remus the golden boy of Gryffindor. I know it sounds like I'm jealous of the three of them, jealous of their looks, their personalities but I'm not. Sure I'd like just for once to have the same reaction they received. I'd love to walk into the Gryffindor common room and watch as conversations faltered, the participants forgetting what they were saying all down to me. Gazes trained on me as I would make my way across the room to the seats by the fire which was always reserved for the Marauder boys. I would do it casually of course just like James and Sirius because it always has to be casually done.

They are different to each other of course, that goes without saying. James and Sirius are arrogant for different reasons; Sirius is arrogant of his looks, his charm, and his intelligence. Sirius is arrogant because he truly believes himself to be the perfect package. James is arrogant because he is safe in the knowledge that he is adored by his family and classmates. James is the undisputed King of Gryffindor. Sirius is his seconds. If we lived in ancient times James would be the leader and Sirius would be the general.

Remus would be the Prince. He's incredibly intelligent, I'm not sure if people ever would understand just how intelligent he is because he hides his true self beneath an act. He says he has to, he can't afford to bring attention to himself because then people would realise that he disappeared once a month, so the Remus we know, the funny, stupidly intelligent, kind hearted boy is never seen. They just see a quiet boy who they assume is shy which is madness, Remus is many things both good and bad but shy is not one of them.

Of course he's a Werewolf, there's no way of getting around that fact, and it's always there in the background of my mind. I'm not horrified by the fact; in fact I was quite surprised with myself that the fact Remus's body shift into a powerful golden-grey furred wolf with deadly golden-silver eyes doesn't really disturb me that much. Perhaps because of the way my Dad bought me up. Deep down, beneath the rage of the wolf Remus is still there and Remus is my friend regardless of everything.

He does find the wolf harder to control the closer the full moon comes in two aspects, his rage and his sexual drive, the two of them go into overdrive.

I remember once a few months ago we had been walking to a lesson, I think it was Charms or perhaps DADA, everything was normal and fine, we were probably talking about a successful prank or maybe a girl when all of sudden Remus had stiffened next to us, we had stopped and glanced back to see his face pale and set with a rage glinting in his eyes that I had never seen before.

I remember glancing round with a frown wondering what on earth could have happened and then I saw it, Snape had been standing outside our classroom with his hand wrapped around the upper arm of Remus's younger sister Cassandra and it didn't look friendly, her small face wore an expression of pain. That was all it took, Remus who never lost his temper, who never let any negative reaction show and who spent his whole time crushing his personality to allow him to sink into the background, raced passed us as if the hounds of hell were chasing him.

He was so fast; I barely had time to blink before he reached Snape. James and Sirius running after him and calling to him but it was too late, Remus was in a world consisting only of himself, Snape and his rage. I knew instantly at that one second that I was watching the wolf in human form and not Remus. The pack was everything to the wolf and family was everything to Remus, the line between the pack and family would be blurred at this time hence the attack.

Well I say attack, it took on punch from Remus and Snape was on the floor out cold his nose broken. There was no regret on Remus's face no reaction. I had skidded to a halt by him, not even aware that I had started running, to see Remus regarding Snape with the coldest expression I had ever seen and for the first time a shiver of fear that shot down my spine. He had turned to Cassandra then and pulled her into a hug and then Remus was back. I had never forgotten the look in his eyes. I was safe of course, I was a member of the pack and therefore that rage protected me but it made me wary ever to be on the wrong side of Remus.

The second area he lost control of was his love life. Remus was a very loyal boyfriend when he had a girlfriend, his mother had raised him to be a gentleman and he was polite and well mannered, it was when he was single that the problem happened. About 2 weeks of every month, the 2 weeks before the full mood, sex was all Remus could think of. He kept it well hidden from everyone, hiding his head in work and books to try and control himself but it was a constant struggle and one he rarely won, the wolf wanted it and that was that. Once he found a proper mate for himself and the wolf he would be fine it was just until then there was problems.

He seemed especially keen on 4 girls who he treated very well, he never was dishonest with them, they knew it was just a fuck and that perhaps it wouldn't be all the time but they seemed pretty glad about it. The thing is, I've noticed that Remus doesn't seem to be averse to the thought of men either. I've seen a few boys approach him discreetly and Remus has never just sent them on his way, if anything he looks interested at the prospect of it all. I doubt the wolf really cares what he gets as long as he gets something.

Everyone wanted something from Remus, they were desperate for a smile, the thought they might get something else. Well sometimes I worried about the state of people.

I often remain quiet and think to myself, it makes people for some reason think I'm slow which is ridiculous, I'm actually rather smart, its just next to James and Sirius and Remus anyone would look slow. The question I'm wondering now as we sit in the library, James and Sirius arguing over a Quidditch rule, Remus reading a book, is ever a werewolf could actually be considered human?

I would never of course say anything to Remus. I couldn't bear to be the one to cause that flash of pain he occasionally gets in his eyes, before a wall slams across them hiding all emotions, his face becoming a polite mask of indifference. Of course I'd probably also be hexed by James and Sirius who took on the responsibility of being Remus's bodyguard which is stupid considering Remus is one of the best duellers I've seen, he can easily defend himself if need be.

Sometimes they take it far too far, I feel like I need have to pass a test, have my fingerprints taken, have a DNA test and pass several questions about my life history before I can even get close to him to ask him how he is and I'm on e of his best friends, god knows what other people have to go through.

If I was to take a guess I would say that Sirius fancied Remus something chronic while James was merely fond of him, like a big brother, regardless of the fact that Remus was 17 days older. Both of them would do anything to get his attention, smiling like school boys when they get it. It's quite sad really. I probably do the same without realising it though I hope I don't linger around him, allowing myself to touch him every second. Does Remus really not know what he does to people? He must do, Remus over analysis everything, he's always thinking, he must see how people look at him.

I would love it if someone quiet and unassuming got Remus that would be a kick for Sirius who is convinced he'll be the one to get Remus. Why would he be the one to get him, everyone wants him, Remus could have anyone, surely if he wanted Sirius he would have picked him by now, the pair of them would already had been a couple. Why would Remus wait if Sirius was the one? I would.

"Pete are you with us?" I started violently and looked up from my parchment to see James staring at me with a large toothy grin and a familiar glint in his eyes, straight away I was on guard, I've seen that look plenty of times before from James and it was never good news.

"Course I am" I replied, I glanced down at my parchment and raised an eyebrow. So far I had managed to write two paragraphs for an essay which was due on tomorrow, not the best idea in the world even though Herbology is my best subject. Remus had several books in front of him, all of them to do with the great scheme; he had finished his essays the day he got them. Remus never wasted time; every second was used to the fullest advantage.

Sirius and James had books open, they were like me, and leaving essays to the last possible minute, there were too many other things to think about then essays. I doubted they were doing it anymore. Sirius writes it over breakfast and gets top marks and god knows when James finds times to do it. We were on one of the round table near the corner of the room, James and Sirius next to Remus and me opposite him.

I turned back to my essay and began writing again

"Found it, I knew it was here" I jumped as Remus slapped his hand on the page in his book grinning at it. I frowned at the splodge now on my neat work and began hunting through my bag for a wand to change it "Sorry Pete" I glanced up as Remus gave me a sheepish smile, his wand already in his hand.

"Cheers mate" I replied as the splodge disappeared off the page with a few mumbled words "What have you found?" I asked placing my quill on the table and leaning forward, somehow I had the feeling that this would be a lot more interesting then my essay

"The last key part of the plan" Remus announced glancing around at us. James had his usual massive grin on his face, the kind of grin that makes you think that everything will be ok, Sirius looked interested, arms folded as he leaned back in his chair watching every move that Remus made. I was grinning as well, I couldn't help it, and Remus's excitement was contagious.

"You're a god send Remus" James announced, clapping his on the back "What does it say?" Remus glanced at him, his own grin widening across his face.

"That would be telling" Remus replied, he glanced over at me "Pete there's a lot of ingredients I'm not sure where to even look for, have a look will you?" I nodded and pushed my parchment away, leaning across the table I took the book from Remus and glanced at the page, my own eyebrow rising as I read. I gave a slight whistle and looked up, all 3 were watching me.

"You weren't lying when you said that this book held hard potions" I remarked, Remus nodded

"You know them?" he asked, I nodded slowly

"I know them" I replied, I glanced back at the page "I even have one or two of them available at my house. I can send my Mum an owl this evening and get her to send them to me. The rest well…" I hesitated for a moment "We can get them but it won't be easy, Professor Sprout and Professor Slughorn should have them, we might have to pay them a visit with a certain cloak" I remarked looking at James pointedly, James nodded, he knew what that meant

"So I can leave it with you?" Remus asked me, pushing his fringe out his eyes, I nodded, smiling as his fringe fell right back into the same position. I don't know why he bothered, that piece of hair stayed there regardless of what he did.

"You sound like you're heading off somewhere" Sirius remarked, a note of interest in his voice. Remus nodded as he began gathering his belongings together

"I am" he nodded behind him and we all looked up to see a tall pretty girl waiting, Remus glanced behind and waved at her causing a smile to come to her face. James laughed, Sirius rolled his eyes and I just shook my head.

"See you later mate" I remarked as Remus got to his feet

"See you fellas" as I watched him go I couldn't help but smile, only 8 more days of this to go

Author notes – Yay all done, well at least this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it, it was pretty fun to write and chapter three will be up soon. Please review but no flames, if you don't like it you just don't like it, I understand it won't be everyone's cup of tea J

Next chapter – Sirius's Point of view