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After having their dinner, Rima and Akira strolled in the park. The cool night breeze blew around them. As Rima walked past a bench, she stopped to look at it. Suddenly, a feeling of melancholy swooped over her. For her, that particular bench was very special. It was the bench that had witnessed her first kiss with Shiki.

'Senri…' She couldn't get it. She was with Akira but her mind kept thinking about the quiet vampire. Why was she thinking of him?

"Rima," Akira called, his silver hair shone under the moonlight.


"Would you like to go to a place? It's my favorite and I'm sure you'll like it," Akira said, an inviting smile spread across his perfect face.

Rima hesitated but she agreed. "Sure."

The two of them walked side by side. Akira took Rima's hand and squeezed it gently. Rima was startled. She looked at their hands. Suddenly, Shiki's image flooded in her thoughts. Guilt started to consume her feelings, 'Why am I doing this?!'

"Here we are," Akira exclaimed. They stood in front of a small building. The building looked deserted and it was quite far from the nearest main road.

"Come, let's go," he said, pulling her with him. Once inside, Akira flicked on a switch and one part of the building was lit up. Now Rima could see it more clearly. The building was an old gym. There was nothing much inside. The floor was lined with worn exercise mats. The pastel color of the wall was dull, indicating that the gym was abandoned and never been used. A few hanging ropes from the ceiling looked like as if they will break anytime.

"This is the place I always go whenever I feel lonely," Akira said suddenly. He took a few paces forward with his back facing her. "Or whenever I feel depressed."

Rima was frozen at her place. Somehow, the sudden coldness in Akira's voice shook her with fear. She never experienced that kind of feeling before. It felt very horrible, even for a noble vampire like her. She wanted to run away as fear successfully emerged into her body.

But she couldn't move her legs. It was as if someone had put on the strongest glue under her feet. She couldn't generate her power either. Somebody must have blocked it!

"You couldn't move, right? Poor thing," Akira turned and smirked. His handsome boyish face transformed into a wicked lineament.

"Wh-Who are you?" Rima stammered, trying to keep some control within herself.

"Who am I?" Akira grinned, exposing his two sharp fangs which were properly hidden among his teeth. "Isn't that quite obvious?"

Rima's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe her eyes. "You're a vampire?" she asked, confused. "Why I couldn't sense you before."

Akira snickered at her. His slender shoulder shook slightly. "Because I'm not an ordinary vampire like you. My strength is much greater. You could say that I'm quite equivalent to the purebloods. Or maybe a bit higher," he chuckled. "I could hide my existence, even from the vampires of highest rank. However…" he paused suddenly. The amusing look on his face disappeared. "Someone was suspicious of me. For the first time of my long life."

Rima realized whom he was talking about. Shiki. She sighed. She was wrong. He had tried to tell her the truth but she brushed him off. She didn't believe him. And now she had to face the consequences.

"But it doesn't matter now," Akira said, stroking his silver fringe. The nefarious smile returned to his beautiful face. He approached her slowly and she turned away in disgust as he fiddled her golden hair.

"Because I've got you," he whispered into her ear, sending shivers up her spine.

"But I've never heard of any other type--"

"They wanted us to be exiled forever!" Akira roared at her. "Those damn purebloods. They knew we were a threat to them because we only drink vampires' blood. Though we were stronger but we were too few. We couldn't fight back. Even I don't know how many of us are still alive. Perhaps I'm the last one."

Suddenly he pushed her to the wall and using only one hand, he slammed her right wrist above her head. His nails dug into her smooth skin, making her winced slightly.

"You know how much I suffered these few hundred years?" he hissed. "I had to feed on animals' blood. Can you imagine how revolting it is?! If I couldn't stand it, I would kill a human once in a while, with the help of Ishida, of course. They were gross but I had no choice. But now…" His eyes flickered at her. "I could drink your blood. A virgin vampire's blood."

Akira stroked her neck. His bloodlust eyes stared at an almost invisible scar on it. "He drank from you, isn't it?" he muttered. "No wonder he could sense my existence. Smart guy."

"Why… why me?" Rima stuttered, trying to keep him talking.

"You're easy. Once I seeped into your mind, it became easier and fun. I clouded your sight and your mind. That's why you wouldn't believe anyone, even the one who loves you." Akira let out an annoying laugh and sneered at her.

Rima stared at him in horror. Crystal droplets started to form in her cerulean eyes. 'I'm sorry, Senri!'

Akira smirked and licked his lips. He placed his palms on the wall and moved his face closer and closer to her neck. "Now I could fulfill my thirst. The sweet blood… is only mine," he muttered under his breath. Rima closed her eyes and tears flowed down her cheek.

Suddenly, an elastic red string wound around Akira's hand and jerked him away from her, sending him crashing on the opposite wall. Rima opened her eyes slowly and saw…


Rima's knees wobbled and she dropped to her feet. The power that Akira used to strain her was gone. She looked up at Shiki who was kneeling beside her. His worried face softened and was replaced with a relief expression. He embraced her tightly and she broke down in his arms. Her hot tears fell on his coat as he stroked her golden hair, calming her down.

"Ouch. That really hurts, Shiki-kun," Akira said suddenly, making Shiki and Rima to look at him. "Oh, well. Looks like my bird was snatched by another hand. Could you please return it back? I don't want to use violence on my precious bird."

"Stand back, Rima," Shiki murmured. His silver orbs were glinting in anger and determination.

Shiki lifted his index finger and pricked it with his fang. Droplets of blood that trickled from his finger formed a long, fine string that almost looked like a whip.

"So… you want to play that way…" Akira tsked. Suddenly he turned and stared at the corner of the building. "We've got guests."

Out of nowhere, Ichijou and Kaname stepped in.

"Kuran-sama! Ichijou!" Rima said under her breath.

"Well, well, look who's here? Long time no see, Kaname," Akira greeted.

Kaname didn't respond. His dark brown eyes flickered at Shiki and he nodded slightly at the younger vampire. Ichijou moved to Shiki's side, ready to fight.

"Leave him to me, Ichijou," Shiki muttered. Ichijou looked at him confusingly at first, but he smiled and backed away. He helped Rima to stand and walked her to the other side of the gym.

"Go away, Kaname. I'm not interested in you," Akira told him smugly and smirked at Shiki. "I have to get my possession back."

Akira lifted one hand and pointed at a bench. In a second, the bench floated weightlessly in the air and flew towards Shiki with an extreme speed. Seeing that coming, Shiki flapped the red string that was connected to his finger. The sharp edges of the string cut the wooden bench to pieces. His eyes focused on Akira but suddenly the vampire disappeared. Shiki blinked and he soon realized that Akira was dashing towards him. But it was too late. Akira punched him in the face and gave another powerful kick, sending him to the wall.

"Senri!" Rima shouted his name, trying her best to stand upright.

"Rima, don't go!" Ichijou pulled her back. "It's too dangerous."

"But Ichijou, Senri's in pain! I have to help him," Rima said, looking at Shiki. Ichijou shook his head.

"You have to trust him, Rima. Believe in him," the blond vampire said.

They watched at the side as Shiki struggled to stand. He wiped the blood at his mouth with the back of his hand. His eyes were fixed on Akira, who was watching him in a snobbish manner.

"Your blood smells nice, Shiki-kun. You will be my little dessert. I'm surprised you could still stand," he mocked. "I half-expected that you'd be knocked to death."

"Thanks for your nasty little comment, Hayasaka," Shiki shot back. "You won't get away from me."

With that, Shiki whipped his elastic string, aiming at Akira. Akira leaped away in an impossible speed. At the same time, he used his ability to lift a few batons from a rack and pointed them at Shiki. Some of the metal batons hit Shiki's body and arms hard. The red-haired vampire detained the throbbing pain that conquered his body. He panted for air as droplets of sweat trickled from his face.

"I mustn't give up," Shiki mumbled to himself and glanced at Rima. An invisible force seeped through his body and he could feel fire burning inside of him, as if to give him strength and perseverance. 'Rima's blood is flowing inside of me. I shouldn't lose to him. I must protect Rima!'

"Telekinesis is so cool, isn't it, Shiki-kun?" Akira snickered. "Why? You have no energy left? Or maybe you--"

Unexpectedly, Shiki's bright red whip dashed towards Akira. This time, he couldn't dodge away fast enough and the string slashed his arm. He winced and grabbed his left arm.

"This tiny wound can't stop me," he hissed. "Is this the only thing you've got for me? I could heal it in a blink."

However, the wound on his arm didn't get any better. Instead, it started to spread and burn his skin.

"Wha- What happened? How did you- Arghh!!" Akira screamed and dropped on his knees, grasping his arm tightly. His teeth gritted in pain.

"Silver dust," Shiki said calmly, holding a small pouch. "You are too proud. You didn't realize that I covered my whip with silver dust, your one and only enemy."

Akira's emerald eyes stared at the pouch in Shiki's hand. He snarled, revealing his fangs. He stood with a lot of trouble and his eyes flashed fiercely at the four vampires upon him. With another angry grunt, he leaped from his place and vanished into the dark.

Ichijou ran towards Shiki and placed the latter's arm around his neck while his other hand held Shiki's waist, supporting the injured vampire.

"Kaname," Ichijou called as he let Shiki stood by himself slowly. "What are you going to do with him?"

"Just let him go. He won't go far with that kind of injury," Kaname stated matter-of-factly. "He will die in pain slowly if he abandoned his wound. He really deserved that for hurting my nobles," the pureblood added coldly.

Shiki and Rima watched them quietly. Their Vice President turned and smiled brightly at them.

"I think we should go now. The others will get curious and we surely can't tell them what happened here. It's for their safety," he pointed out. "Let's go, Kaname."

"I'll leave Shiki to you, Rima," Ichijou whispered and winked as Shiki thanked the pureblood. Kaname gave them a small smile and in a blink, both of them disappeared, leaving the couple in the cold building.

Suddenly, Shiki pulled Rima and hugged her tightly. He ran his hand through her hair and buried his face on her shoulder. His nose brushed her cold neck gently and his hot breath made her shuddered.

"I thought I'd lose you," Shiki whispered hoarsely. "You made me worried.

Hearing his remark, Rima felt an abrupt grief flooding inside her. She clutched his shirt tightly, trying to stop her tears from falling.

"I'm so sorry, Senri," she said, couldn't control her tears anymore. "I'm so… very sorry."

Shiki pulled away, but still holding on to her small waist. He smiled and wiped the tears that stained her smooth porcelain face with his thumb. He leaned down and pressed his forehead on hers.

"Shhh… Don't cry. It was not your fault, Rima," he whispered. His soothing voice had calmed her. "I will protect you. Nobody is allowed to hurt my girl. Nobody."

Rima touched his face. Her fingers trailed down his jaw line and stopped at the cut just below his swollen lips. Her index finger lightly brushed the wound but he hardly flinched. She paused for a moment. Slowly, she stood on her toes and gently, lightly, she pressed her lips on his…


"Nee, Senri, Ayako called just now," Rima said to Shiki as they walked to class, holding hands.

"She did?" Shiki asked with a Pocky stick on his lips.

"Uh huh. She said that OneStar backed out from the agreement. Seems like Ishida-san and Akira disappeared suddenly," Rima explained, wincing slightly at the mention of Akira's name.

"No wonder. I'm not surprised. I think Ishida is his companion or something," Shiki said, ending the conversation. He didn't want Rima to remember anything about Akira or Ishida. They entered the class and suddenly the whole Night Class turned. They stared in wonder as the couple moved quietly to their usual seats at the back.

Ruka smiled as she looked at her two friends who were gazing at each other intently, totally ignoring the balls of eyes that looked up at them.

"Hey, I thought last night they were like ignoring each other and why tonight they… oh God, what did I do wrong?" Kain said, glancing at them.

"I'm confused! They gave me a headache. You know, Akatsuki, last night I spent about a few sleepless hours trying to make a list which I called, 'Why Shiki & Rima Totally Acting All Cold?' and now they were gazing at each other as if nothing happened!" Aidou shot back, ruffling his blond locks in frustration.

"Ba-ka," Kain mumbled to himself and rolled his eyes.

"You are just jealous, Aidou," Shiki said, without even looking at the 'Idol'.

"Ichijou!" Aidou lunged at the Vice President, who was watching them amusingly. "You sure know what's happening, right?'

"Nope, I don't know anything," Ichijou said, putting on an innocent sparkling puppy-like eyes.

"Tell me, Ichijou, or I'll bite you," Aidou grinned, exposing his fangs.

"Kaname! Akatsuki! HELLLLLPPPPPPP!!"

Oblivious to what was happening, Rima caressed Shiki's smooth cheek and ran her fingers on his almost-healed lips. In return, he placed his hand at the nape of her neck. His fingers played with her soft hair. Rima's eyes never left his silver ones. No words were spoken. The silent stares and smiles were enough at the moment. They could do the other things later. With the gazes that they exchanged, he could translate her true message by looking deep into her twin pools of cerulean orbs: 'I will never ever doubt you, Senri. Never again.'


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