Bad Day

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Today was not Li Syaoran's Day.

He didn't know why he was frustrated though. His wife, Sakura, didn't seem to have any problems at all, and his son, Kimihiro, was happily playing in the backyard with Kero.


Scratch that. He did know what his problem was.

He looked at Kimihiro from his window. Black hair, blue eyes, and newly acquired glasses that seemed to slip away from where it should rest...


"Oomph, Dad? How'd you suddenly get closer to me?"

"...That's it, son, you're getting you're eyes checked.")

It wasn't that he didn't, couldn't accept the boy, oh no. He is, after all, his son...just, not him at a certain point of view. Still though, that wasn't the cause of his troubles, and he knew that. There was a question in the back of his mind and would not go away no matter how hard he tried to get rid of it.

He needed answers.

"Hey, Sakura?" he called.

"Yes, dear?" came her reply as she walked in the room.

"About Kimihiro..."

Sakura's eyebrows furrowed. "What about him?"

"We know about him. Everything. About the exchange between the Dimensionsal Witch and other things related. But..."


He took another look at Kimihiro. Once again he saw his black hair, his blue eyes and his glasses.

"...Are you sure he's not Hiiragizawa's kid instead?"


Syaoran clutched his head and looked at the direction where Sakura stormed off right after hitting him with the nearest thing possible, which was actually a mop. (How it got there he'll never know. Maybe Sakura wanted a replacement for her Star Wand?)

He sighed.

Oh, yes. Today was most definitely not Li Syaoran's day.

A/N: My first fic in TRC. please tell me what you think. This was written BEFORE chapter 167 of xxxHOLiC so it doesn't really match with canon...haha