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Chapter 1: Return of the Jedi

Eric Forman was many things. He was skinny, nerdy, and twitchy, but one thing he never believed he was, was crazy. That is until his return from Africa. Shortly after, he began on a quest that would challenge his faith in nearly everything he believed in. It would shake him to his very core. He would take his task seriously, for it would literally be a matter of life or death.

It had been a rough couple of months for Jackie Burkhart. After the incident in Chicago, she had wanted more than anything to fix things with Steven, only to find that he had driven to Vegas and married a stripper, whom he chose to stay with. How could he not fight for her? To say Jackie was devastated would be a gross understatement. Never had she experienced such pain and heartbreak. At this moment she experienced humiliation as her idiot ex-boyfriend cheered about her refusal of his blue balloon marriage proposal. Now people were jumping off the roof in excitement at the thought of not having to marry her? Could life get any worse?

The answer to that was yes, for standing across the room was the love of her life, with another woman's arm entwined with his. Jackie looked up at Hyde as a tear grazed her cheek. Could he now not see the truth, that it wasn't marriage she wanted, but to be married to him? At first a look of surprise crossed his face, followed by regret, and lastly anger and triumph. The surprise and regret were real. The anger and triumph were put on for Jackie. He insisted on hurting her in anyway possible. Seeing her in this embarrassing situation played right into that.

"Man Kelso, aint it great? You just dodged the deadliest of bullets…marrying Jackie." Even as he said the words, he knew he didn't mean them.

Kelso chuckled "Yeah! Now where can I get me a stripper like yours?"

"You'll never find one like me! I'm one of a kind!" Sam spoke haughtily.

Jackie nodded "That's true. You'll never find a girl quite as trashy."

The blonde's face contorted in anger "Well I guess that's another title I took from you, along with Mrs. Hyde."

"That's funny, cause I know you're used to giving…venereal diseases."

She gasped "You're short!"

Jackie rolled her eyes "You're slutty!"

The two women charged at each other as Hyde stepped in between.

"Alright that's enough. Sam, you better be getting to work." He reasoned.

"Yeah, you don't want to keep your pimp waiting!" Jackie chided.

"Burn!" Kelso shouted with glee.

"Fine, I'm leaving. Bye baby." She spoke with sugary sweetness as she kissed Hyde fiercely, making a show for Jackie. The tiny brunette couldn't help but watch this romantic moment shared between her man and his whore of a bride. It churned her stomach.

Kitty laughed her signature laugh "Well wasn't this just the best darn anniversary party ever." She grimaced at the thought.

"Yeah Eric is gone, which is a plus, but this one" Red gestured to Hyde "Broke up a damn fight. That was going to be the best damn part of the night."

"A fight was the best part of our anniversary?! Well, I was going to do that thing I never do in bed tonight, but that ship has sailed mister!" Kitty screeched.

After everyone had cleared out, The Formans went up to bed and Hyde made his way to the basement, not a moment before the door swung open, revealing a frazzled looking Jackie.

"Jackie, what the hell…"

She shook her finger "No, no. You are going to answer my questions! First, why did you come to Chicago?"

Hyde was taken aback. "Uh I don't…"

"Don't you dare say 'I don't know' Steven!" She shouted menacingly.

He huffed "Watch who you boss around princess. Besides, what the hell difference does it make why I went there?"

Her eyes went wide "It makes a world of difference to me! You wanted to marry me, didn't you? Admit it! How could you stay with her if you loved me enough to marry me!"

"I don't love you!" He shouted back "I was so sick of your crap, and then Sam showed up, and she's great. She's what I want, not you. You should just leave."

As his words sunk in, Jackie found herself drifting away. She wasn't sure where it was going, but her soul was leaving her body, perhaps for eternity.

She nodded sadly through her tears "You're right."

She began to walk away before turning back to the basement and her ex for one last time "I'll never be sorry I loved you, but I am sorry for wasting your time." And with that, she was gone.

"Bye Dollface." He whispered sorrowfully.

Jackie went home to her empty mansion and packed her things. She wasn't sure where she was going, but she knew she had to get away. She wrote two letters and popped them into the mailbox on her way out. She hopped in her car and made her way to the highway. After driving for nearly ten hours straight, she began to feel quite tired, but she couldn't stop. She wouldn't stop. Her eyes felt heavy as she approached a bridge. At that moment she lost the fight with her eyelids. They closed as she drifted into sleep. Not a moment later, her car veered to the right, sending her car crashing hundreds of feet into the waves of water below the bridge. As Jackie's car sunk lower and lower, she felt herself floating away. Away from this sad and empty life.

Two weeks later, Eric Forman arrived in his hometown of Point Place, Wisconsin. He had come home early for one reason, Jackie wanted him to. He never would have thought that anything Jackie Burkhart could have wanted would matter to him in the slightest, but when he received her letter, that all changed. In that moment he realized that the selfish bitch they all thought they knew, no longer existed. Despite everything she had been through, Jackie's entire letter was filled with nothing but worry for none other than the curly haired culprit of her shattering. She had informed Eric of how different Hyde was and how he had chosen to stay with the stripper. Eric knew all this already, but her words just struck something in him. Maybe Africa wasn't the place for him to be doing good. Maybe he needed to start a little closer to home.

As the cab pulled up in front of the only home that he had ever known, Eric paid the driver and got out, grabbing his luggage. He walked up to the sliding glass door before taking a deep breath and walking through it. There he found his parents and the man he considered a brother.

"Hey everyone, I'm back!" He announced.

Kitty dropped the frying pan she held and shrieked in joy "My baby!" She ran over and pulled her son into a fierce hug.

"Son of a bitch. What are you doing here?" Red asked as he frowned.

"I missed you too daddy!" Eric cheered in mock enthusiasm.

"Forman man, why aren't you in Africa?" Hyde asked in confusion.

He finally broke free of his mother's grasp "I just thought I was needed here more."

"What the hell gave you that dumb ass idea?" Red asked irritably.

"Nothing. I just missed being in my home."

"Yeah well I think my foot has missed being in your ass." Red warned.

Eric smiled "My first 'foot in ass' since I came back. It warms my heart."

Red rolled his eyes and returned to his paper.

"You tell Donna you're back?" Hyde asked as he took a sip of coffee.

"Not yet. I was just going to go over…"

"Eric?!" The tall blonde spoke in shock as she entered the kitchen.

"Oh crap. I'm leaving. The last thing I want to see is some gooey reunion." Red rose from the table quickly.

"Ditto." Hyde agreed as they both exited the kitchen.

"What are you doing back?" Donna asked, still thrown by his arrival.

"I just had to come back" He stood up and faced the love of his life. "I could see that things were falling apart here, and I hated that thought. And I missed you Donna, more than you know."

A tear fell from her green eyes "I missed you too, Eric."

They leaned in and just as their lips touched…

"Aw isn't that the sweetest thing ever?!" Kitty enthused.

Eric and Donna chuckled as she pulled him along to the basement. After a half an hour of "bliss" as Eric called it, the couple sat cuddled up together on the couch.

"So really Eric, what made you decide to come back?"

"Actually, I got a letter from Jackie." He informed her.

"Really? What did it say?" She asked curiously.

"Just how weird everything had gotten here, and how Hyde had changed."

"Hyde changed? He seems like the same old Hyde to me."

"No way. The Hyde we know would never stay married to some stripper he didn't even know. It's like he's closed himself off."

Donna nodded "Yeah I guess you're right."

"So Jackie told me she was leaving Point Place, but she didn't say where to. Did she tell you?" Eric asked inquisitively.

"No. She wrote me a letter saying that she was leaving and that's it."

"Huh…weird." He noted thoughtfully.

"So what are you going to do now?" The former redhead asked intently.

"Well, I have to get a job, anything really, just to save up."

"I hear they are hiring at Halverson's." She informed him.

"Maybe I'll apply."

The following day, Eric typed up his résumé, donned his best suit, and headed for Halverson's Department Store. Once arriving at the store he was escorted into none other than Mr. Halverson's office. The man who greeted him gave off a vibe of the great and powerful Oz. He was an older man, with white hair and a mustache like a walrus.

"So Mr. Forman, I would love to welcome you into the Halverson family."

"Really? You're hiring me? Thank you so much!" Eric jumped up and shook his new boss's hand. "What's the job?"

"You my boy, are our newest window dresser!"

Eric froze in confusion "Uh window dresser?"

The older man laughed heartily "Yes. It means you will design our window display every night!"

At that moment the skinny man's nervous laugh could have challenged his mother's "You want me to decorate the window display?"

"Exactly. You'll set up the mannequins in several different ways, modeling our clothes. I could tell that you have just the right creative flair for this job!"

Eric simply smiled and nodded. Well, it was better than the dog food factory, even if it was a job more suited to a woman…or Fez.

"So I'll show you to the back room." Mr. Halverson gestured for Eric to follow, which he did. The man led him to a room filled with various clothing products, boxes and several mannequins. As Eric glanced up at the life sized dolls, one caught his eye. She was covered in a pink floral dress, and something about her was strangely familiar. He shook it off as his boss spoke up.

"So I figure, I'll just leave you here to get a feel of things. After all, artists need their space, right?"

"Uh yeah. Sure thing." Eric replied uncertainly.

"Great! See you later, my boy!" The older fellow clapped him on the back before leaving.

Eric took in his surroundings as he held up a red lacy negligee.

"You'll never get Donna to wear that."

Eric jumped in shock as he turned around to find none other than Jackie Burkhart, sitting amongst the mannequins in a pink floral dress.

"Ja-Ja-Jackie?!" He squeaked.

"Hey Eric."

To be continued…

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