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Chapter 6: Nightmare

It had been mere moments since his friend had uttered the words, but to Hyde it felt like a year. His chest hurt, his stomach knotted, and his ears rang. Everything moved in slow motion. Nothing was real. Kelso could not have spoken what he thought he did. There's just no way. Nothing bad could have happened to his dollface. She couldn't be…

"Oh my God! Kelso, what the hell are you talking about?!" The tall woman rose to her feet in panic.

Michael Kelso sniffled slightly "I got a call from a guy I know in the police department down there, and they found a dark haired girl. They think it's Jackie."

Donna's mind was reeling "Why would they think that?"

"She was wearing a Jacket that had "Princess Jackie" sewn on the it."

Fez gasped "Oh no, my goddess loves that jacket."

Hyde felt like he could vomit right there. He knew that jacket all to well. Jackie had worn it, insisting that she knew she was royalty, but it was time that the rest of the world knew it too. This couldn't be happening. He had to see for himself.

"Take me there, Kelso."

As Hyde stood, Eric began to panic. He knew that if Hyde saw Jackie's body, she would die for real, and he could not let that happen.

Eric jumped up from the couch and blocked Hyde "Hey buddy, you don't have to go. I'll go with Kelso and make sure it's really her."

Hyde scoffed "Like Hell, Forman, I'm going. Now get the hell out of my way."

"Fine, I'm coming too." The skinny man spoke resolutely. He would figure out a way to keep Hyde away from the body if it was the last thing he did, which knowing Hyde's temper, it very well could be.

The drive seemed to pass too fast for Eric's liking. He still had no idea how to keep Hyde from the body. It's not like he was a strong man, and he couldn't very well tell him the truth. That would kill Jackie just as soon as Hyde seeing her body. He didn't seem to have any real options, but he had to think of one. He just had too.

"Look it probably isn't her. I mean, they didn't find any I.D. right? It's just a jacket. I'm sure there are plenty of girls you have jackets like that." Eric tried to reason with his two friends.

"She had it specially made so that 'it would be proof of how one of a kind she was'" Hyde spoke in a deep raspy voice. He didn't want to speak at all, but Forman never seemed to shut up. All Hyde wanted to do was get to that morgue and see for himself if his worst nightmares had come true, if the only woman he ever let inside was gone forever.

Eric sighed, feeling defeated. Damn Jackie, and her ridiculous narcissism.

"I can't believe you guys let this happen!" Kelso spoke angrily.

"We let this happen?" Eric asked in puzzlement.

"Yeah! Jackie took off and never called or anything, and you guys didn't even care."

"Kelso, you haven't asked about Jackie lately either." Eric retorted.

"Yeah well, I have Betsy to worry about. If I'm not a good enough dad, Brooke won't do it with me."

Eric grimaced "What does that have to do with Jackie?"

"Duh Eric, it's complex!"

"Both of you, shut the hell up." Hyde ordered darkly. All he could think about was his beautiful doll lying cold and naked on a slab somewhere. His insides ached furiously. He knew who's fault this was, and the blame should not be placed anywhere but upon his doorstep. It was his numerous mistakes that drove Jackie away in the first place. Maybe if he hadn't been so stupid, she would be alive.

The three old friends arrived at the morgue moments later. This was a place none of them ever wished to step foot, especially when it involved someone they loved. As the Medical Examiner lead them into a cold room filled with tiny doors to refrigerated drawers, Eric's heart began to pound. He had to stop this.

He extended his hands to block Kelso and Hyde "Hold up guys! Maybe I should look by myself. I mean, you both dated her. It'll be too hard to do."

Hyde pushed against his friend. "No way, man. Get out of the way."

Eric pushed Hyde back "No Hyde! I can't let you do this! Look, it can't be her anyway, I got a letter from Jackie."

"Yeah when you were in Africa, we know, but that was a long time ago." Hyde continued to push. The M.E. had now opened a drawer and pulled out a body, her face covered with a blue sheet.

"No I got a letter a couple of days ago! I just didn't tell you." Eric lied as he tried desperately to hold his friend off. Kelso had stopped fighting. He knew that this was Hyde's place, not his.

"You're the worst damn liar I have ever met, Forman. Now fuck off!" He pushed Eric to the floor as he made his way over to the body quickly. The doctor began to pull the sheet down.

"Nooooo!!" Eric shouted from the floor as Hyde's eyes locked on the body.

Hyde felt bile rise into his throat "Oh my God…"

"I can't believe this is happening." The redhead muttered as she paced the Forman Kitchen.

A somber looking Red sat at the table as his wife and future daughter-in-law paced.

"She is such a sweet girl. Sure, she had no knack for baking, but she sure had spirit." Kitty spoke sweetly.

"Yeah and she was loud as hell, but she was the only damn one of them I could stand." Red added.

"No more of the 'was' talk. Jackie is fine! She has to be!" Donna assured.

Kitty sighed "Poor Steven, this will kill him."

"What will kill Hyde?" Sam asked as she entered the kitchen.

"A body washed up in Illinois. They think it's Jackie." Donna responded, barely able to utter the words.

"So?" Sam asked with attitude.

Donna began to fume "So? How can you ask that?! Jackie was…is our friend!"

The blonde shrugged "Whatever."

As she watched Sam leave the room, Donna had never wanted to beat anyone as much as she wanted to pummel Sam. How could she have befriended that whore and deserted Jackie? If Jackie was dead, she would never forgive herself.

Hyde stared down at the lifeless body of a beautiful brunette, as his heart raced a million miles per hour. Eric jumped up and ran over to his friend. Looking down at the body, he breathed a sudden sigh of relief, for it was not Jackie.

"It's not her." Hyde spoke out in a whisper. Never had he been more relieved in his life.

Eric patted his friend's shoulder. He could hear the muffled tears of Kelso behind them. Hyde simply stared at the body, seemingly stunned.

"Hyde, are you alright?" Eric asked his surrogate brother in concern.

"I don't know." Was all he would say.

Before leaving, Eric made a call to his mother to ensure them that it wasn't in fact Jackie's body. On the drive back to Point Place, Hyde spoke only once.

"Forman, do you know where Jackie is?"

Eric hated having to lie to his friend "No, why exactly?" He hoped that Hyde would say something along the lines of "I love her, and I need to get her back." That would surely break the spell, but he had no such luck. Hyde said nothing else, but Eric knew him well enough to know he was deep in thought.

Once back in Point Place, Eric headed to Halverson's to tell Jackie what had happened. He made his way to the back room, when Jackie, in her most exquisite outfit yet, came to life.

"Eric, what are you doing here? I didn't think you'd be back until morning." Jackie asked in confusion.

"Jackie, they found a body, and they thought it was you."

"Oh no! Eric, Steven can't see my body! I'll die!" The words came out frantically.

He placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her "Don't worry. It wasn't you. She had your jacket though."

The tiny girl gasped "Oh god! It was that girl. I had to get gas at the state line, and this homeless girl was just standing outside the gas station shivering. I bought her some food and gave her my jacket. I can't believe she died!"

"Wow. That was unusually charitable of you." Eric observed in surprise.

Jackie frowned "Hey, I'm charitable! Senior year, I ate Jenny Simkins' lunches because she was getting fat. See, I help people!"

His green eyes rolled "Right. You're like Mother Teresa!"

Her nose scrunched up "Except prettier and with much better fashion sense."

He couldn't help the smile that came to his face. After all, he had thought he lost this crazy girl for good. Suddenly, Jackie morphed back into mannequin form. Eric heard someone enter the room, so he turned to see who it was.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Just wanted to see you." Sam strutted over to Eric, batting her eyelashes.

"Look Sam, you have to stop this." He insisted.

"Stop what?" She asked coyly as she pressed her chest against his.

Eric grabbed her arms and pulled her away "Stop the flirting and touching. Nothing is going to happen between us, Sam. You are married to my best friend, and I love someone else. Just back off. I have stuff to do."

As Eric turned his back to her and began to adjust the dress that mannequin Jackie wore, Sam huffed.

"That's it. You love her, don't you? That little midget has you whipped just like Hyde, so you made yourself a creepy life size doll of her to play with."

Eric frowned "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

She shook her head "It's true. Well, I have had enough of that bitch, even in doll form she messes everything up!" Sam punched Eric hard and grabbed the mannequin. "I'm getting rid of this thing!" She shouted as she marched along the back of the store.

Hyde entered the room to find his friend on the floor "Forman, what happened?"

Eric wiped the blood from his nose "Sam's going to destroy the Jackie mannequin. We have to stop her!"

Hyde helped Eric to his feet as they followed after Sam. They caught up with her as she was turning on a large machine.

"What is that thing?" The curly haired man asked his skinny counterpart.

"It's like a wood chipper…Oh my God!"

They both watched as Sam held the Jackie doll over the chipper and slowly dropped her in.

To be continued…

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