This is an idea I've been toying with since I first thought about my CR one-shot. It may have been done before, but I hope my version is unique. Please R&R, constructive criticism welcome.

Also, chapters will get longer as the story progresses, but atm, I want to leave you on as many cliffies as possible, to see if anyone can guess what is wrong with Mitchie.

Summary: After leaving Camp Rock, Mitchie's life changed dramatically, yet not for the better. When she returns to the camp the following year, she is not the only one affected by the past, but all her CR friends and even Brown are concerned for her welfare. What could possibly happen? And will Jason get his birdhouse? Smitchie, Naitlyn and Jella.

Rating: M – for references to disturbing natures, and possible sexual content.

Camp Rock, the one place I can be myself and not be judged like those... stereotypical cliques at school. Okay, so last year I started off on the wrong foot, but I apologized to everyone and rectified the situation before the end of Final Jam, and even won back Shane's friendship. We had tried to stay in contact over the past year, but with his busy touring schedule and my... change in home life, it wasn't as successful as one would have hoped. I remembered back to my almost carefree days of camp last year, when all I had to do was show a smile and turn up to classes, and people would be happy with me. When Caitlyn didn't call everyday to make sure I hadn't done anything drastic; when I had a family... when I had -

"Now Mitchie, just forget everything that has happened, and just concentrate on having fun this summer. Put the last year behind you, and be yourself as much as you can," Mom said, breaking me out of my daydream as we parked the catering van by the entrance to the kitchen. I turned and looked to her, staring her down, both of us knowing true well that the 'old' Mitchie from last year would never make a reappearance. "And remember, if you ever need to talk, you can find me in the kitchen or the old cabin from last year, or you can talk to Brown. He said he'd be there to help you."

"You told Brown about what's been happeneing!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, tears springing in my eyes and people outside the van turning towards us. One of these people looked unmistakably like Caitlyn, and you could tell by the expression on her face that she couldn't recognize me.

"I had to honey, but he doesn't know the details. All he knows is that you need cheering up, and thought another year here would do you some good. Oh, and this year there will be even more surprises unravelling for the campers. Now go get your stuff from the back and find your cabin," Mom continues, wiping my tears from my cheeks and swiping my emo-bangs behind my ear. She kissed my cheek lightly, before running her hand lightly through my hair. " Be strong Mitchie. I love you."

I left the van before I could get any more worked up over this newfound information, smoothing my black mini dress down and making sure my hair fell into its black and blue ringlets perfectly. I could not be bothered checking my make-up; instead grabbing my duffel and satchel from the back of the van and heading to the check in area, where Dee was marking everyones names off and handing out cabin placements.

"Hi Dee," I said as I approached the table, my voice void of all emotion.

"Well hello there. What's your name sugar?" Dee replied, her bubbly personality overflowing at the seams.

"Mitchie Torres," I replied monotonously, grabbing my Camp Rock neck pass and slipping it on, as Dee gazed back at me in shock.

"You have changed so much over the past year Mitchie. Where did this... gothic girl come from?" You could tell she was trying to be sweet and sincere, but I really couldn't take another person asking about my change in personality or clothing.

"Like you even want to know. You're just being kind because you have to teach me at some point, and you have to make conversation with campers. I am never telling anyone why I changed, all that I know is that its for the better. And whatever you do, do not mention the past 300-odd days of hell for me, cause if you do, there will be a price to pay," I spat out venomously, scaring Dee and the surrounding campers into a shock of silence. I smirked at the stunned faces and walked away, to the wall where cabin listings were held.

Just as I found my name next to Peggy, Ella, and Caitlyn's in Cabin Punk, someone grabbed my left wrist harshly, causing me to spin round in anger and meet their face.

"Don't fucking touch me. Especially there," I growled out, facing one very shocked Caitlyn.

"What happened?" Caitlyn started, tears forming in her eyes at my harsh words. "Where did the sweet Mitchie go?"

"You should know. I did confide all my secrets in you... but I guess I could just announce it at Opening Jam so no-one touches me or talks to me," I stated with a chuckle, the whole camp focussed on our conversation. You're supposed to be hiding yourself and wallowing in your misery, not drawing inexcusable amounts of attention to you.

At the realization that all I had been doing since I arrived was wallowing, I took off in the general direction of my cabin, locking myself in the bathroom with my satchel. I took out my bag of immediate toiletries, slipping a razorblade from the bag within, uncovering my left wrist from it's starchy white bandages. Mom had stopped asking months ago about the ever present, ever blood splattered bandages on my wrists, so there was no need to worry about what I was going to do.

Placing the razor against my cool, pale skin, I swiped at it furiously, tears running down my cheeks and mixing with the blood on my arm.

"It's all your fault. You left me behind when you promised you'd be there for me, but that was all a fucking lie. Are you only able to inflict pain on me?" I wailed out, tossing the razor back into my bag after five successive, deep cuts and rewrapping the bandage around them.

"Of course I am honey, why do you think I did those things to you?"

"Stop it!" I screamed, hitting my hand against the sink and sprinting from the bathroom, not looking where I was going through my tear stained eyes and pounding head. I was so oblivious to where I was heading that I hadn't even realized I had crashed into someone's body, until I felt my tears soaking the material of their shirt, and them lightly stroking my tresses.

"Shhh Mitchie, everything will be okay," spoke the voice of my saviour, the only thought holding me together over the past year: Shane Grey.

So does anyone have any initial guesses on what has happened in the past year? And are you liking this... not too dark and disturbing?

xox Emmi