Author Notes: A collection of stories about Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiriyu - enemies and love rivals for Yuuki Cross.

Rating: 'T' rated. Lightly implied m/m or yaoi pairing.

Disclaimer: I can't draw worth a damn so yes, Vampire Knight could only belong to the great Matsuri Hino! :D Oh, and this story is not related to my other KanamexZero fic either.

Summary: Life occasionally throws Kaname and Zero into unexpected situations that call for temporary collaboration between them. And when they agree to overlook enmity… when they put aside their mutual dislike… when they part the veil of prejudice… they can sense an almost tangible sort of understanding and empathy. Something not quite friendship, something not quite attraction but something inbetween.

-- Chapter Start --

This chapter is the prologue and a teaser. The forthcoming chapters will be longer, I promise!


Natural enemies, born to kill
Our hatred sustains, fuels our will
Our prejudices set from birth
They determine our very worth


So we live as predator and prey
Always wary, hoping to betray
Knowing our very survival
Dependent on killing our rival


Only we cannot, for it would hurt
The one gentle soul we both adore
Hence we trade looks, words and barbs of hate
Refusing to just accept our fate


We ignore the hints of true respect
Blind to mutual urges to protect
Not willing to see that whom we hate
Could be a true friend, a true soulmate


-- Chapter End --