Star Trek: Odyssey: Episode: Eve of Twilight

Captain's Log: Stardate: 57433.2. The Alexandria is currently en route to the Mirai Sector to investigate disturbances caused by an unknown source. At this point we do not know anything about these disturbances but they are beginning to affect the entire systems.

"We're approaching the Mirai Sector, sir." Alex Merriell said.

"Slow to impulse." Captain Allensworth ordered.

"Sir, I'm picking up multiple vessels on the other side of the Mirai star." Merriell said.

"What kind of vessels?"

"Unable to tell right now. However, I'm unable to pick up and life signs or power readings."

"Set a course."

"Aye, sir." Kit Moran said from the Helm.

Minutes later, the Sovereign class ship rounded the star's corner to where the readings were originating.

"We're in visual range." Fulks said.

"On screen."

The bulkhead shimmered away to reveal something they never expected; a starship grave hard. Allensworth rose slowly from his chair without taking his eyes off the screen. Sparhawk and Nycz followed suite.

"What in the…?" Sparhawk asked.

"It would appear that not all of dead were retrieved from the Dominion War." Allensworth said as he stepped closer to the screen. "The Virginia, the Atlantic, the Micord, the Athena, the Kearsarge, the Seattle. If I didn't know any better, I'd say we were looking at the long lost thirteenth fleet."

"I read about the thirteenth fleet." Zofchak said from his engineering station along the left side of the bridge. "They were sent out on a secret mission but never heard from again."

"Why is the graveyard still here?" Nycz asked. "Shouldn't have someone come and retrieved the dead after the war?"

"Normally yes, but we never heard from the thirteenth fleet again. It looks like the Dominion suffered heavy losses in this battle as well." Sparhawk said.

"I thought the Cardassians were honorable enough to retrieve their own?" Merriell asked.

"They are but it would appear that this battle had no survivors." Allensworth said.

"No survivors? How could that be?" Nycz asked.

"Well, we may find out while were here. But first we need to find out what is causing the anomaly."

"Sir, sensors say the center of the disturbance is in the center of the graveyard." Merriell said.

Allensworth's lips thinned. "Put the shields up and go to yellow alert."

"Shields up, sir." Fulks said.

"Take us in, nice and slow, Lieutenant."

"Aye, sir." Moran said as she entered the commands into her console.

The Alexandria moved slowly through the graveyard. The bridge crew watched as they passed multiple derelicts.

"Looks like surrender was not an option here." Sparhawk said.

"We're nearing the center, sir." Merriell said.

"Full stop."

"Sir, sensors are detecting a rift off the port bow." Merriell said.

"On screen."

A large, blue-green field shifted in and out of visual range like ripples against a dark pond.

"I'm reading quantum level manipulation of the space time continuum through the field." Merriell said. "Gravimetric forces are getting stronger and starting to pull us in."

"Helm, back us off, full impulse," said Allensworth, reseating himself in the center seat.

"Aye, sir. Full reverse. No effect," Moran. "We're not moving away from it."

"Distance to the event horizon?"

"Nine hundred kilometers. Eight-fifty," Merriell said. "Damn, it's getting stronger. Seven hundred."

"Zofchak, can we go to warp?"

"We need to veer the bow off so we can point the ship away from the rift."

"Helm, hard starboard."

"Sir, the helm is not responding."

"Three hundred kilometers, Captain."

"Red alert. Full power to shields."

"Two hundred. One hundred."

Allensworth called out into the air. "All hands, brace for impact."

The Alexandria and its crew were pulled into the rift.

Captain Trip Tucker stood behind the navigator on the bridge of the Enterprise. The ship was taking a beating from the Xindi. The Intrepid had just lost its port nacelle and was backing off. It was now just the Enterprise and the Neptune class ship. He wasn't sure if they were going to get out of this one. A beeping came from tactical.

"Our forward shields are collapsing." Reed said.

Tucker really didn't want to hear that. Then a beeping came from his left at Hoshi's station.

"Hull breaches on B deck. C deck." Hoshi called not looking away from her station.

Then, another set of beeping filled the havoc filled bridge.

"They're targeting the bridge." Reed said with urgency.

Hoshi looked over to Reed then to Trip with a very concerned look on her face hoping that the readings were wrong. Trip had to think fast to try and avoid the bridge being destroyed.

"Hard to port." Trip ordered.

Once again, another set of beeps sounded.

"Sir, there's another ship coming in." Reed said. "It's…it's…I don't know. It says the ship is called Alexandria."

The bridge crew of the NX-01 watched as the giant Sovereign class Alexandria swooped into the scene.

"Lock phasers on the Xindi ships and fire." Allensworth ordered.

The two ends of the phaser array glowed and moved towards each other and fired once they met. The Insectoid Xindi ship had no chance to survive. After three seconds of being hit with the Type 12 phaser beam the ship exploded. The Reptilian Xindi ship came in and fired across its bow, the Xindi's weapons did little to no damage against the starship's shields.

"Fire photon torpedoes."

The Alexandria fired three photon torpedoes from its aft launcher on its saucer section. Two of the torpedoes struck the ship sending it spiraling out of control.

"The Reptilian Xindi ship is disabled, sir." Fulks said. "The other Xindi ships are moving off."

"Hail the Enterprise, Mr. Merriell."

Merriell pressed a few buttons and to Allensworth's surprise, he saw Trip Tucker instead of Jonathan Archer. He had no idea what was going on why the Enterprise was fighting the Xindi and why Tucker was in charge of the Enterprise. History never recorded a battle in this area. Guess there was time for questions later.

"This is Captain Jermaine Allensworth of the Federation Starship Alexandria. Can we be of assistance?"