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Don't Think you're Safe Cuz it's Not Over

It was late at night when the man known as Brigadier General Victor Katsaris, one of General Septum's closest confidants, and his small entourage of armed men and officers arrived at XAI's underground research facility. Katsaris was a very large man with a naturally powerful build, not an inch of fat on his body whatsoever. He was a balding man with long, dark yet graying hair under a standard military beret and chiseled facial complexion that displayed hardened blue eyes the color of sapphire. His stride was powerful as he walked out of the elevator that was the entrance to the complex and his body was hidden under his military uniform that was decorated with medals, patches, and identifications of rank and superiority.

They would have been here earlier but the General had the distinct impression that Xavien didn't want them there, his transport to the hidden compound incredibly late, even by normal standards.

Standing before him and in his way was none other than Xavien's right hand man Malkov who was dressed in his dark colored mercenary uniform, the man's copyright unexpressive expression painted clear on his face.

The two men stared one another down, neither giving up any ground even though for one it was to make a statement while the other could have cared less. Seeing as how Malkov wasn't going to be the one to instigate anything, Katsaris took it upon himself to do so.

"I'm here to speak to Xavien on behalf of General Septum," Katsaris announced aloud.

Malkov simply nodded and answered, "Mr. Xavien is currently taking care of some business but once he is finished he will meet with you."

Katsaris frowned. "I would much prefer it if I spoke to him now."

"Mr. Xavien's orders were that he was not to be disturbed," Malkov stated, his toneless voice beginning to get to the General. "When he is available, he will speak with you and not until then."

"I'm a General, soldier," Katsaris retorted, glaring at Malkov. "I demand that you step aside and direct me to Xavien, now."

"That may be, sir," Malkov replied, "but I am no longer in the arm services any longer. I am a civilian and work directly for X Associates. This is not the Pentagon, sir. You have no authority whatsoever here."

Growling, Katsaris, tired of this verbal sparing, decided to cut straight to the point and force this man to obey him. He reached for his gun, his entourage copying his actions only to stop as a gun barrel was pressed to his forehead followed by the multiple sounds of other guns being raised at both him and his men.

It looked like Xavien had his own personal army at his beck and call and all of them were right there aiming submachine guns and assault rifles at the small group of outsiders. The gun that was pressed up against his head belonged to none other that Malkov who still remained as impassive as he had been the minute they had met.

"You will go to the quarters that Mr. Xavien has generously provided you and you will wait there until he has finished with his business and not before then," Malkov stated, not even blinking.

Katsaris' eyes darted from side to side and the General found to his dismay that he had no choice but to bow down to these orders. If not, he risked having not only himself but his men being massacred as well right here and right now and Katsaris had no doubt that Xavien's men would do it.

There really wasn't a choice at all, was there?

"Stand down," he ordered his men reluctantly. Focusing his eyes on the man in front of him, he said reluctantly, "Lead us to our quarters then. We'll wait for Xavien to finish his…business."

Malkov only nodded and holstered his firearm. Turning around, he led the defeated General and his men down a large hallway, the rest of Xavien's men watching both Katsaris and his men with their fingers on their triggers.


The room was dim where Xavien sat, his desk the only obstacle between himself and the two weapons that had returned from their mission empty-handed. He sat not with his back against his chair but forward and into his desk, his hands pressed together, fingers intertwined, and propped up on previously stated desk by his elbows. His different colored eyes scrutinized the two weapons, as if looking beneath their skin and seeing not organs but cogs and gears as if the two boys were machines and not living people.

For a long amount of time, he had remained silent and even though he knew both of the weapons across from him could probably tear him apart, he knew they wouldn't. They wouldn't dare. He held all the power here and one snap of his fingers could determine the immediate fates of both of these boys should he wish to do so. But that was not what he was going to do, oh no. That would be a waste and he wasn't one to waste such useful tools no matter how defective they may be.

Taking in a small breath of air, he began, "Could one of you please try and explain to me what happened here?"

Both of the weapons opened their mouths to speak but one look from him caused their words to turn into ash in their mouths.

Continuing, he said, "You were all sent out for one simple seek and capture mission. All you had to do was incapacitate #11085 and #12093 and bring them back here or wait for us to come and pick you up. What could be so difficult doing just that? Now, for the first failure, I could excuse it for atypical reasons but for this latest one, I have to say I am disappointed in both of you. I sent ten of you out and eight have been eliminated and all for nothing since both of your targets managed to escape and elude you. So I ask you, what happened?"

Xavien's words were sharp in his final sentence and it seemed enough to break the spell of silence that had held the two weapons in thrall and the taller one with spiky black hair was the first to speak, pointing blame at the shorter one with black hair and white tips.

"It wasn't my fault!" the weapon claimed. "I fought with and almost got Solo but Jason didn't do anything whatsoever to help! He just stood back and let us get massacred!"

"Mm hmm," Xavien commented and turned towards the other. "Is that what happened #10615?"

"I stood back during the first fight to study them so that when I fought with them, they wouldn't have been able to beat me," Jason answered. "However, Mobias sabotaged our second meeting with them."

Raising both of his eyebrows, Xavien said, "Really?" while turning towards the other.

"That's a flat out lie!" Mobias insisted, glaring at Jason.

Turning back, he asked, "So how did he 'sabotage' you?"

At this, Jason blushed lightly in embarrassment and scuffed his boot against the floor. "He got me drunk."

"I see," Xavien murmured, his eyes drifting to the other then back. "And how did he do that?"

"He gave it to me under false pretenses and I am unable to recall what happened afterwards until just before we were picked up," Jason answered.

"He's lying!" the other protested loudly. "He didn't tell anybody that he couldn't handle any booze! I swear!"

"Silence #12100," Xavien commanded, becoming a bit irritated but keeping his calm. "Explain to me then," he continued to Jason, "how could he have sabotaged you by getting you drunk if he didn't know about your inability to tolerate a trace of alcohol?"

"We took up temporary residency in a bar while our scout was out finding them," Jason answered. "Mobias and the rest of them saw me…get drunk. It was the next morning that Mobias gave me that drink."

"You lie!" Mobias snarled.

"SILENCE!" Xavien unexpectedly roared, shutting Mobias up. Regaining his cool, Xavien lowered his hands onto his desk, his fingers still intertwined with one another as he began to speak again. "I find that #10615 to have more truth in his explanation," he said, ignoring the frown that graced Jason's face when he refused to use his name. "You see, I have been monitoring you since you destroyed that town and #10615's story is more…compatible with what I've seen. His ability to control the air around him was severely…hindered.

"As of right now, since #10615 is the leading 'expert' in #11085 and #12093's capabilities, he shall be spared for one more chance. #12100, however," at this he looked pointedly at said weapon so as not to leave any confusion on whom he was referring to, "you have demonstrated how inadequate you are. But I will give you one last chance to prove that you deserve one more shot."

"What?" Mobias demanded, fearful for his own hide and willing to do anything to save it. Jason, though, had stepped away from the other weapon, trying to make himself as unobtrusive as possible.

Not answering him immediately, Xavien pressed a button on a nearby intercom and said, "#15555, please enter my office immediately. Your presence is required currently."

A full thirty seconds passed before a door beyond Xavien's desk opened, a new figure entering the room, his appearance intimidating Mobias quickly, much to Xavien's hidden satisfaction.

15555 was of average height and of Chinese descent, his hair shiny and black, tied into a traditional Chinese pony tail. His face held all characteristic details of a Chinese individual, his onyx eyes black pools that absorbed all light and returned none. He was dressed in traditional Chinese garb of a long, white, long-sleeved Chinese shirt and baggy white pants that led to black Chinese slippers. 15555's posture was ramrod straight and his gait was orderly and strict, his movements fluid and graceful on a level that no one in the room could ever hope to achieve.

"Welcome, Chang Wufei," Xavien greeted. "I am so glad you could make it."

15555, or Chang Wufei as Xavien addressed him, said nothing in reply, choosing to remain silent instead. Chuckling to himself, Xavien turned back towards Mobias.

"If you want to ensure your continued existence, #12100, you must prove to me that you are able to best Mr. Chang here in combat right here, right now. If you win, you will be allowed to continue with your mission to capture #11085 and #12093. Should you fail, you will be terminated immediately, no exceptions."

Mobias' eyes widened in surprise but then resumed their characteristic arrogance as he turned to face the newly introduced Wufei. Clenching and unclenching his hands, Mobias said, "Alright but you better have some guys around to clean up the ashes."

At this, Wufei snorted, and lifted his nose up at the fire wielder in scorn.

"Snub me, will ya?" Mobias growled but then grinned wickedly. "We'll see who'll be snubbing who after I'm done with you!" he proclaimed, flames igniting from the palm of his hands, ready to be launched as fireballs at any second.

Without warning, Wufei shot a hand out and something thick shot through the air and impacted Mobias' body. The fire wielder remained where he was but his eyes had widened considerably. Jason soon noticed that Mobias was turning a shade of blue yet it looked like Mobias was breathing just fine. However, each time he exhaled, his breath came out in a puff of steam (or was it smoke?), his teeth chattering loudly and Jason could have sworn he saw tiny icicles form on various parts of Mobias' body.

Smirking, Wufei shot his other hand out and something else cut through the air, this time causing some sort of shimmer in the air as it flew straight towards Mobias. The moment whatever it was connected with Mobias, the fire wielder shattered, his body falling into pieces until there was nothing but a pile of hard particles on the floor, the only thing that was left of Mobias.

"Weakling," Wufei spoke for the first time, lowering his arms and crossing them over his chest.

Jason could only stare at the spot where Mobias had once been then up to Wufei, the question of whether or not the other could do the same thing to him filling up his mind.

"Well done," Xavien congratulated, applauding the Chinese youth by clapping his hands. "You really are a credit to your family, Chang."

Wufei just hmpfed and got down to business. "So who is it that you are after and what do I do with them once I find them," he demanded.

Ignoring Wufei's curtness, Xavien replied, "#10615 here will brief you and get you up to date with your mission. Tomorrow morning, you and a new team will be sent out and I expect for you to complete your task with exemplary results."

Rolling his eyes to himself, Wufei replied, "As you wish. You come with me." This last part was said to Jason who awoke from his stupor and stiffened as Wufei's onyx eyes landed on him.

With the Chinese youth leading the way, Jason slowly but surely followed after.

Back in the office, Xavien smirked cruelly, his eyes never leaving the two weapons until the door shut behind them. So even if things hadn't gone exactly as planned, he was getting invaluable data from the fights between 11085 and 12093 against all the other weapons, data he wouldn't have been able to get otherwise.

Still, he needed to get this under wraps before other unwanted attention from unwanted interlopers interfered. Project Maxwell would be completed, no matter what. He was so close to unlocking all that the project had to offer and more and he wasn't about to let it all slip through his fingers, not at this point in the game.

He would allow nothing to get in his way or stop him.

Nothing at all…

To Be Continued…

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The Maxwell Progeny

Author's Note: That's right, you've read correctly. As of now, The Maxwell Project is complete but the story is far from over. Be on the look out for The Maxwell Progeny where we pick back up where this one ends. To tell the total truth, when I took a step back and looked at TMP in its entirety, I saw that it was going to be long, longer than even Both Sides of the Tracks, and I said to myself: "No fucking way." So, I cut it into pieces, but just how many, you'll all find out in time. But you won't find any of that out until next year, 2009. In the meantime, you'll have to satisfy yourselves with The Eternal Encore until I get the Progeny up for y'all. Until next time.