Just a few notes. I'm not sure how fast the updates will come for this story, but they will come! I promise. The chapters may vary in length.

Second, this story is quite different from Sweetest Song, but I hope you like it! It may skip around a bit, and the POV switches between Demyx and Zexion.

Third, just a note that in this story, Twilight is a town on Destiny Islands, which is just like any normal town.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Demyx Takahashi was never a typical person. He was always more cheerful, more confident, and more out-going than anyone around him. He was popular in high school, but still hung out with his not-so-popular friends, namely a pyromaniac and an addicted gambler. When all of the guys were getting their hair cut short, he kept a mohawk-mullet of sorts. When the guys were asking girls to the prom, Demyx wasn't. Not only because he wasn't into girls, but because he didn't want a date to tie him down. He wanted to have fun with everyone.

Even after high school, Demyx kept his non-typical persona. While many students went away to become doctors or teachers, he had other ideas. Demyx wanted to pursue music. So he packed up, moving away from Destiny Islands and to Radiant Gardens, the bustling, star-studded capital of the world. Though it was hard to leave his friends behind, he promised to keep in touch, and he stayed true to his word. It was in Radiant Gardens however, that non-typical Demyx found himself caught up in the typical struggles of every day life. Music wasn't so simple to pursue, and it didn't quite pay the bills. He worked as a waiter, where he met plenty of celebrities, and as a store-clerk on the side. Aside from playing small gigs in coffee shops strumming his sitar, he never found himself advancing. The cost of living in Radiant Gardens was high, and he was barely making it on two jobs.

After three years, at age twenty-one, Demyx finally decided it was time to end it. His music career hadn't gone anywhere, and it was too hard in the busy city. He told Axel, his pyromaniac friend from high school, all of this on the phone one day. It was then that Axel proposed he move back to Twilight Town, back to the Islands, and they could be roommates. Axel had been working with a construction company, Oblivion Construction, for a few months now, and two of the guys had recently quit. If Demyx didn't mind, Axel was sure he could get the musician hired.

So Demyx accepted, and before he knew it, he was back in Twilight Town. The owner of the construction company, and intimidating man named Xemnas, had interviewed him his third day back in town. Despite the complaint that he was "a little too skinny," Xemnas hired him, telling him he would start Monday. And it was so that non-typical Demyx started his new typical life in his typical hometown.

Zexion Nakamura had always been a sensible person. He'd never been one to be overly excited about something, or to act on impulse. He was always precise, clear on what he would do before doing it. Zexion preferred routine, planned days over surprise any day. Not to say he liked monotony, but he liked knowing what would happen before it occurred. There was a time when Zexion liked surprises. That is, until he learned that not all surprises are good.

Zexion was never a popular kid in school. He was what many people referred to as a nobody─ people would go on with or without him being there. He was never one of the tortured souls, but he did get poked fun at because of his love for reading and his short stature. Zexion had always been shorter than the other guys. Even Riku, his younger brother by three years had always been taller than him. Zexion had always been the shy kid, his nose usually buried in a book. An intelligent kid by nature, he always had excellent marks, and when it came time for graduation, he made the sensible choice.

Zexion had always hoped to become successful in life. He chose a nice college, where he could get a good education and an even better career. And then, in the blink of an eye, his whole world came crashing down. Literally.

Just moments after returning from his latest class on a Friday night, he was greeted by two police officers near his dormitory door. After taking him aside, they explained that his parents had been killed in a tragic accident. They were going on a foreign vacation for their wedding anniversary, but the plane malfunctioned, crashing just miles from their destination. "But what about Riku?" had been Zexion's first words. Riku was fine. He was staying at his friend's house until they returned. However, being that they had no other family, Riku's future was in his older brother's hands. Zexion could take over as Riku's legal guardian, or let him go into foster care.

So Zexion had done the sensible thing. He'd dropped out of college and took over as Riku's legal guardian. It had been that way, just the two of them and their cat, for nearly a year now. Zexion was twenty-one, and Riku was seventeen and starting his senior year of high school. They'd moved into a small apartment in a small city called Twilight Town, the last city their parents had lived in. It wasn't where Zexion had grown up, but Riku liked it, and he didn't want to pull his brother away from the few things he had left.

Zexion had been working for Oblivion Construction for six months now. And that was how sensible Zexion kept his sensible life on track, still adjusting to his dream-destroying routine.