We, the Sparky Army, decree 2008 to be the Year of the Spark. We pledge to post a new sparky story or chapter of a sparky story every day from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008. Though the Powers that Be have removed Elizabeth Weir from the regular cast of Stargate Atlantis, we feel that she remains an integral part of the show, and that the relationship between her and John Sheppard is too obvious to be ignored. We hope that you, and anyone might happen to read these works, agree.

And if that isn't official enough for you, we don't know what is. Seriously, guys, we're just trying to have some fun--and show TPTB that Sparky is the way to go. So sit back and enjoy the 366 stories coming your way!

A/N: Only a short fluffy early sparky days story but I hope you like it. :)

Just Coffee

By kuroima

John took the last few steps and passed the morning skeleton crew in the control room to Elizabeth's office. "Morning," he greeted Elizabeth, placed a cup of coffee in front of her next to the file she was reading and seated himself on the corner of her desk.

Elizabeth first looked at the cup and then at John. "Morning," she eyed the cup suspiciously. "What did you blow up?"

"I didn't blow up anything!" he defended himself and pouted.

"You never brought me coffee so…why?" Elizabeth leaned back in her chair looking curiously at him.

"You worked so late yesterday and I thought…you would…appreciate it," he tried to explain his actions but Elizabeth just raised an eyebrow. "It's just…coffee," he said and rubbed his neck.

"Right," she said and smiled. "Thank you," John smiled back.

"So, I'll leave you alone with your work," he stood up and moved to the door.

"John?" Elizabeth's voice stopped him.

"Yeah?" he turned around.

"We still need to discuss the alliance with the Tooraf's. How about we do that over lunch?" she tilted her head a bit to the side and he needed a moment to respond.

"Yeah, sure," he nodded and was about to go. "See you then."

"John?" he turned to her again and she was holding up a file. "I think for that you may should take a look at that before," she couldn't hide a little grin.

"Oh, right," he smiled sheepishly, quickly grabbed the folder and left her office.

Elizabeth leaned back in her chair and took a sip of the coffee while she watched John walking off and smiled slightly.