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The auction house down the edge of the outskirt of one of the most prominent town didn't look like a cesspit. Behind the iron fences, the elegant brick structure sprawled over the landscape with a visible arrogance.

The rooms were large, three stories ceilings boasted magnificent murals of cherubs, seraphs and mythical being. Half a dozen magnificent chandeliers hung from its ceiling casting a muted light over the guests. The overall atmosphere was sort of hush that only money could buy.

Lots and lots of money.

It was the sort of swanky place that should be peddling rare artifacts, priceless painting and magnificent jewels. It is by far the most elegant and the most exclusive place on the continent.

Looking through this façade of glamour, it's nothing more than a flesh market where demons and humans are sold like pieces of meat to the highest bidder.

There was nothing pleasant about the business. It was a sordid activity that attracts every demented slime balls from all over the demon world. They came for all sorts of pathetic reason.

Those who buy demons or humans for machineries or as pets. Those who craved more exotic sex slaves. Those who bought them to be released in their land and be hunted down like wild animals. And those who purchased them to be thrown in illegal fighting pits.

The bidders are all demons and loaded humans with no moral or conscious but money to satisfy their twisted desires.

Sasuke detested all of them; he detested them with every connective fiber of his body. Attired in a short raggedy pants and thorn up clothes that revealed more than it concealed, he shifted restlessly in his cramped cage.

His unruly spiky obsidian locks stuck out through the cage. His lips bleed in severe dehydration, his legs cramped from the lack of movement.

His porcelain features were kept clean to better reveal his mesmerizing crimson orbs and short razor fangs that marked him as something other than human though he not entirely demon either.

In fact he didn't know what he was but claimed as a half blooded vampire.

Being a mongrel he had never met his parents or at least he didn't remember them.

He couldn't remember his past aside his name.

For the first eight years of his life he had lived on the food he scavenged and the money he steals before being captured by the damned slave traders.

Since than there wasn't once in his life that he isn't under the mercy of one master or the other.

Just last month he had been slaved to a pack of werewolf who takes him as their favorite beating boy. At that time he had thought anything was better than being trodden mercilessly to death.

But now being at the auction house and under the mercy of a renowned pedophile Orochimaru, only did he understood sometimes death was the best fate. The grave was really nothing compared to what awaits him behind the titan door.

Sasuke bit his lips in fear when he heard the soft swishing of cloaks and the click clack of designer's boots behind the titan door.

He knew he was going to be put on the stage for auction. He would be humiliated and viewed as a pathetic demon that would easily bend to the perverse desire of his new master.

"Time to go slut!" the door swung open to reveal the demented slime ball who had cramped him in this dog cage as punishment.


"Pity…such a lovely creature having to be in such a filthy pen…wouldn't have happen if you didn't resist me…"Orochimaru teased.

"Fuck you…"

"That can be arranged…"

Orochimaru had tried to get Sasuke in his bed ever since he gained custody to the boy. The only thing that had stopped Orochimaru from forcing him is the knowledge that Sasuke is quite willing to kill himself first before letting such a thing to happen.

Why waste good money over pleasure?

"I'll walk through hell first before I let you fuck me…" Anger rippled over Sasuke's porcelain features.

"Remember…not all masters are as merciful as me to let you live if you defy them…" Orochimaru unlocked the cage; reaching in he hauled Sasuke by his grimy locks.

Shackling his hands and feet, Orochimaru coldly guided him up the stairs and onto the stage.

"Now behave…" Orochimaru chuckled leaving Sasuke as he glides through the shut curtains.

Alone and chained in the dark Sasuke shifted restively. Sasuke hated it; he despised everything about this place, from the top of the roof to the very dept of the dungeon.

Taking in a deep breath to calm his racing heart, he tried to ignore the rumbling of the crowd just beyond the curtains. Without looking at his potential bidders he could bet his life that they are all demented slime balls with not an ounce of mercy.

He could hear Orochimaru's damned voice waffling through the room.

"Demons, humans, fairies, goblins, dead and the undead…now I present to you my most precious possession…An artifact so rare that only four remained in this world…but only this one is within our reach…"

Sasuke steadied his breath, his heart crashing frantically against his chest, his stomach cramped in fear.

Any moment now the curtain would part and those slime balls would have a glimpse of him.

Sasuke felt revolted at himself; disgusted by his very being as he was once again sold like nothing more than a tasty piece of meat, a priceless toy.

"I assure you he will not rip your heart out of your chest though I do not guarantee his beauty will not capture it, a born battle machine…I present to you the royal descendent of one of the most powerful vampires…" With a dramatic motion the curtains fell apart exposing him to a room full of demented demons.

There was uproar from the crowd as Sasuke cringed in disgrace. Deliberately his gazed directed to the ground. He could already sense their undeniable lust; he didn't need to see it in their eyes too.

"This cannot be! Is this a joke?!"

Sasuke wasn't surprise at the reaction.

As far as he knows, vampires of royal blood do not mate with outsiders. There's no way anyone could get a hand on one, let alone one with such prominent features.

"No joke! The Uchiha blood line does indeed run through his very vein" Orochimaru smirked.

"Can you prove it?!" a voice from the crowd asked.

"Prove? Well of course…you there that vampire…come on up!" Orochimaru pointed.

Sasuke felt his lips when dry, adrenaline pumping in his veins. Shiver as cold as icicles surged down his spine. He hissed menacingly at the vampire gliding towards him.

"Behave…" Orochimaru growled.

Before he knew it he was face to face with the vampire. With a swift motion the vampire grabbed onto his shackles yanking him forward. Sasuke stumbled, dropping to his knees the chain slices through his wrist.

Mercilessly the vampire wrenched the back of his messy locks tilting his head up.

Sasuke's eyes watered in pain, biting his lips he resists the urge to scream out. Its midnight orbs bore into Sasuke's crimson ones as he studied his features in astonishment, a hand reached down to force Sasuke's mouth open.

"He has human features…but his eyes left not a sheer of doubt that he is a genuine Uchiha…" he rasped.

"Thank you…"

"…" the vampire left eyeing Sasuke with lust written all over his stunning face.

Once the stage was cleared, Orochimaru turned to the crowd again. "Now the bidding will begin at fifty grand"

"Fifty three thousand!"

"Sixty thousand!"

"Sixty five!"

Sasuke let his gazed drop again; an undeniable blushed formed over his porcelain features. He bit his lips in fear for whoever his new master may be.

He didn't want to watch the bid as they fought over him like a pack of dogs over a juicy bone.

Pressure was building in his chest to the point of exploding, tears threatened to cascade down his features in sorrow.

"Five hundred thousand!" A voice shouted from the back of the room.

There was murmured from the crowd as a sly smirked twitch over Orochimaru's lips.

"Anyone else?!" Orochimaru asked not bothering to keep the thrill of joy in his voice.

This is the highest bid yet for Sasuke.

"Going once…twice….sold!"

Sasuke found his lashes resting on his cheek as he looked away. He didn't want to face his new master; he didn't want that demon to see his face, to touch him.

"Come on up good man!" Orochimaru unlocked Sasuke's shackles and chains.

There was silence from the crowd but Sasuke never bothered looking up.

"Ah of course my lord…it's you…"

There was the clinging of gold, Sasuke exhaled sharply.

He could sense his master flowing towards him with an air of conceit. Cold power pouring through the air he breathes, sending chills rolling down his spine.

Cold slender fingers curled over Sasuke's pale wrist, sending flares of dark power surging through his veins.

"Come…" a dark silky voice said.

A voice so seductive it would make even the straightest man aching. His scent perfumed the air with uttermost lust.

Sasuke followed him quietly off the stage to the back as Ororchimaru sends out his next artifact to be bid.

"Look at me…" the dark voice said.

Sasuke shook his head in defiance. He didn't want to look at his new master; he didn't want to see the lust and cruelty that was sure to be printed all over his face.

A cold slender finger reached below Sasuke's chin, tilting his head up.

Sasuke let out a sharp gasped as he found himself face to face with crimson orbs very much like his own. His heart fluttered in excitement at the sight of the demon that looked like he had recently fallen out of heaven.

There's not a sheer of doubt that he is a vampire; no humans, demons, dead or the undead could look so stunning aside this mythical creature of the night.

A lethal killing machine.

The vampire is clad in a slender high collar trench coat, with a tight elegant top that trace out his well toned torso. His baggy ragged jeans hung loosely off his hips, chains hanging off them here and there.

His mesmerizing crimson orbs accompanied by long lashes radiated danger, beauty, darkness, power and above all dominance.

His porcelain features, perfect in every angle, a balance mixture of feminine mixed masculine as well as erotic.

His rosy lips and stunning features could leave any man hard and aching, stealing your every breath away.

His long obsidian midnight silk locks reach just above his waist as his bangs curtained his delicate features.

It's as though this creature is made for the sole purpose of pleasuring every man and women that happen to cross his path.

Its voice itself could make the straightest man climax on the spot.

A truly magnificent art unlike any that had ever been created or that man dared to imagine. It's no wonder even the most beautiful of goddess would envy such a face.

The epitome of a dark, hot, sexy, mysterious, demigod.

"What's your name?" it asked.

Sasuke almost moaned at the silk laced voice.

Easily sensing Sasuke's flare of desire it smirked; reaching out to caress the tender features.

"I'm Itachi…"


"You are…?"

"I-I'm whoever you want me to be…" Sasuke snapped out of his fantasy world, swipes the tender fingers away.

He has his pride. He may be a slave but not a whore. He didn't like being touch like that, especially not from someone who'd purchase him like nothing more than a piece of trash.

"I mean your name…" Itachi frowned.

"I have…many…I am given different names whenever I switch masters…"

"Tell me…what is the first name you ever had…?"


"Sasuke…you will address me as Itachi sama…"

Sasuke followed Itachi silently as he glides out of the auction house.

Itachi moved with such liquefy poised that it almost seemed his feet never touched the ground. His trench coat swished as a gust of wind funneled through the night.

Every twitched of his limbs and turned of his wrist was almost like a sensual dance. His midnight obsidian locks hung loosely behind him almost seemed to be radiating against the soft moonlight ray.

Everything about him seemed surreal, like a man from a women's wildest fantasy.

"It's rude to stare…" Itachi mused.

"I'm not staring at anything!"

"Of course not…here we are…"

Sasuke look forward to see a metallic black limousine waiting just in front of them.

A ginger haired vampire clad in Dolce and Gabbana coat glides up to greet them. His mesmerizing cold grey swirly orbs studied Sasuke attentively.

His stunning porcelain features with some piercing here and there contorted in disapproval.

Combing his slender fingers over his spiky locks he turned to Itachi in displeasure.

Sasuke almost groaned in frustration.

Is it a requirement for all pure blooded vampires to be drop dead beautiful?

"Itachi sama…what is this? You promise you weren't going to get anything…" the man frowned.

Itachi glides towards him, reaching up he tugged seductively at its collar; roughly unbuttoning the first few buttons to reveal the strong porcelain chest beneath.

The vampire tilted its head to the side giving Itachi a better access to his slender neck.

Sasuke look away, he knew what was to come but he didn't like to watch.

"I change my mind…How's the evening Pein…?"

"No problem…"

Itachi leaned forward, his hands reaching up to caressed the porcelain features and without warning he sunk his lengthened fangs deep into the vampire's neck.

Pein hissed, closing his eyes in contentment; a gesture of trust towards his superior.

Crimson blood, dribbled down his neck, staining his ivory shirt as Itachi continues to ravage the neck.

Metallic smell of blood hangs heavily in the air, making it hard for Sasuke to breathe. Sauske bit his lips, cold sweat cascading down his temple.

He hated blood!

"Ugh…uh…" Pein reached up to tangle his fingers tightly over the obsidian locks, his free hand pressed against the car for support.

His lips half parted in a pant, sweat cascaded down his temple, his chin, his nose. Unmistakable blushed formed over his porcelain features as his expression contorted in uttermost pain and eroticism.

Itachi released him from the bite once he felt contented.


"Button up your shirt…" Itachi hissed, as the wounds began stitching back leaving only tiny beads of blood.

Itachi glides towards the shivering bundle that was Sasuke. Slowly Sasuke looked up, thankful it was over.

"Sasuke…this is Pein…my assistant, my bodyguard, my driver and practically everything…" Itachi introduced, blood trickling from either side of his lips.

"You can address him as Pein san…"

"Pein san…" Sasuke gave a slight nod.

"Itachi sama! Your father would be furious…how much did you pay for this one?!" Pein rasped; adjusting his blood stained shirt.


"I wouldn't be surprise if he yells at you…your spending is way over any logical budget!"

"If he actually took the effort to come and yell at me I will raise your pay by ten folds…"

"You know he didn't do it on purpose…Its ju-"

'Enough!" Itachi viciously seized Pein by the blood stained collar, yanking him forward.


"Do you want me to punish you here?!" Itachi hissed dangerously, glaring maliciously at the older.


"I've heard that crap from you since I was a child! Don't ever speak for him!"


"Good…now drive…"

Sasuke gasped in astonishment at the surreal interior. The car was a magnificent work of art, with ebony satin seats, built in plasma television, and what seemed like a wine cabinet in the dark corner.

Sasuke took the seat across Itachi; training his gazed to the ground he shifted agitatedly. He could feel Itachi smirking at his foolish reaction towards his luxuries car.

Soon the limo was purring smoothly off the curb but still Sasuke avoid looking at the demented creature in front of him.

"Hungry…?" Itachi asked.


Itachi pulled out a crystal glass from his cabinet to pour some blood for himself.

Sasuke bit his lips, bringing a hand to his mouth he resists the urged to vomit onto the satin seats.

"You look really pale…are you sure you are not hungry?" Itachi smirked as he took an appreciative sip on his glass.

Sasuke shook his head, he felt really sick at the sight of the vampire gulping down blood like it was some exclusive Shiraz.

Placing his glass down carefully on the side table, without warning Itachi flowed forward towards Sasuke.

Sasuke's heart fluttered in excitement as Itachi placed his hands on either side of his head.

He could not breathe as pressure builds in his chest, constricting his lungs, his lips went dry, a burning sensation at the pit of his stomach.

"Such a defiant little creature…"

Itachi was so close that Sasuke could see a flare of gold in his mesmerizing crimson orbs.

The long midnight curtain fell, brushing Sasuke's pastel cheek, sending jolts of pleasure coursing through him. Itachi smelt of fresh pine mixed jasmine; an exotic scent but yet so erotic.

"W-what?!" Sasuke's eyes widen, his heart crashed against his chest.

"So innocent…"

"Get away from me!"

"You seemed angered…is there another bidder that you would have preferred?"

"I prefer to see you all rotting in hell!"

"Such gruesome words…" Itachi smirked, his clear crimson searched Sasuke's flushed features.

"I hate you! I hate all of you! I am sick of being toyed with by all of you damned demons, witches, and freaks who has the money to buy me!" Sasuke growled, beyond caring that he was now his slave and utterly under his mercy.

"Watch your tone…"


"I won't hesitate to kill fact I can chain you to the back and drag you behind the wheel this instant…"


"What is your blood type…?"Itachi reached down to caressed the slender neck.


"You fear getting bitten?"


"Interesting…and yet you claimed to be vampire…"

"Well I'm sorry if I don't agree with your way of greeting or show of dominance!" Sasuke snapped with venom dripping from his words.


"I wasn't brought up to be vampire!"

"Than learn..."

A slender finger placed below Sasuke's chin, tilting it to the side.

"Relax…It won't hurt…" Itachi leaned forward.

"Please…" Sasuke's nails clawed the satin seats in terror.

Itachi could feel Sasuke's trembles as his lips lingered on the frantic beats of his melodies pulsed.

This is very interesting…

Smirking, he flicked his tongue out to trace the large vein in a wet path up his throat.

"No please…" Sasuke shuddered; he could feel Itachi's now lengthened razor fangs skimmed lightly over his neck.

Itachi looked up to see Sasuke's expression was one of pure terror.

"I suggest you start getting use to getting bitten..."



"Please…Itachi sama…"

Reluctantly Itachi glides back to his seat.

"You know, its common a misperception for demons and humans alike to assume that all demons with eyes the bleed of blood to be of Uchiha blood line…"

"What are you trying to say?"

"Are you sure you are even vampire…?"

"What makes you think otherwise…?"

"Your fangs are well...short and not as sharp…"

"…" Sasuke clenched his jaws in resentment as he glared maliciously at the damned creature.

It was an insult!

Close to human males stating that the penis of the others are short.

"Correct me if I'm wrong" Itachi challenged


"Have you forgotten how to speak?"

Sasuke shook his head in defeat.

Itachi spoke the truth that even he could not deny. Heck, Sasuke wouldn't even have corrected him if Itachi had claimed that he was something other than vampire. He just wanted to know the truth to his origin.

There was silence, disturbed only by the calm purring of engine.

Sasuke shifted restlessly, cringing into himself in humiliation under the still strong predatory gazed. He felt very naked as Itachi gave him the sensation that he was being x-rayed.

Pulling up his drooping raggedy sleeves, and adjusting his torn up shirt he bit his lips in shame. Itachi wasn't insulting him, he wasn't even giving snide remarks over his pathetic form but Sasuke felt degraded just sitting in the presence of his luxuries.

He had never so much as owned even a penny. Everything he had, from his rags to his under garment, none of them were his. Letting his hands caressed over the soft satin he wished to own not to be owned. If just for a fleeting second he could feel what it was like to possessed, even a piece of fabric he was contented.

"Here…I think you should drink something…I do not need my property dead...I just paid for you..." Itachi's silk voice broke his thoughts.

Looking up Sasuke's eyes widen, color drained from his pastel cheek. His guts writhed and churned, cold sweat cascade down his temple. He could hear the rapid beat of his pulsed and the rushing of blood as adrenaline pumped in his veins at the revolting sight of it in front of his face.


"That's an order! Do not test my patience! You should be grateful, thanking me on your bended knees!"

Sasuke swallowed convulsively, his stomach heaving. The metallic smell of blood was overpowering that he could not breathe, Itachi's voice seemed a distant.

Before any word came out of Sasuke's lips, he couldn't take the smell any longer. His stomach wrenched, convulsed almost violently; doubling over Sasuke threw up over Itachi's coat.

"Sasuke!" Itachi bellowed in shocked and raged.

That was his new coat!


Sasuke took in deep breath through his mouth, tears leaked from the corner of his eyes.


A hand pressed onto his cramped stomach, saliva drooling from the corner as his lips. Sasuke forced his eyes to stay open trying to hold on to his consciousness; his other hand over his temple keeping the grimy bangs away from his sweaty features.

From the corner he could see Itachi's crimson orbs were blazed with disgust, malice, and anger.

He never flinched; never shifted as though daring Sasuke to defend himself. Itachi was so still that he looked more dead than alive but the sinister aura that swirled in the air told him that there was something menacing just beneath the porcelain façade.

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