100 words exactly:) I only really wrote it because I'm bored...X

They were always out when UNIT rang. An answer phone message was inevitable. Jack insisted.

'Jack here,' his American drawl sounding visible and amused.

'Tosh here,' she sounded happy.

'Owen,' he sounded bored. They all knew he was enjoying it really.

'Ianto Jones,'

'Gwen here,' she laughed.

'This is Torchwood, we're probably tracking down another weevil, or I'm…unavailable…'-here Ianto could be heard coughing discreetly-'so leave a message. Bye.'

They knew the same scene was flashing through each of their minds as Jack pressed record.

'This is Torchwood. Leave a message. I'm Jack-'


'Ianto Jones.'

This time nobody was laughing.