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One year, three months, and some odd number of days later...

Feeling as though every step took effort Sam made her way into the commons for a cup of tea since Janet had taken coffee off her menu. Vala was already there and she jumped up to meet her friend. Vala insisted that Sam sit down and that she would fetch the tea. Sam gratefully accepted the offer.

After sitting down Sam rubbed at her heavily distended belly. As she did so the small life inside protested with a violent kick. Sam smiled at the vigorous sign of life. When Vala came back over with tea for them both she put the mugs down and instantly put her hands on Sam's rounded stomach. The baby kicked again causing Vala to make a high pitched noise of delight.

"Oh I just love that!" Vala chirped. "How long until we get to met the little one?"

"I'm due in just over a week."

"I wish I was a mother." Vala said dreamily. "Although the only way that is going to happen is if I slip Daniel some sort of drug."

"Vala, you don't have to drug Daniel."

"You're right, I can just sneak up on his left side, he'll never see me coming. Then I can ju..."

"That's not quite what I meant." Sam chuckled. "The fastest way to Daniel's heart is to just be the caring person I know that you are."

"The fastest way to Daniel's heart is through his rib cage." Vala huffed and made a stabbing motion to emphasis her point.

"Have you ever really told him how you feel?"

"Load of times!"

"I mean in a serious, non flirtatious manner?" Sam clarified.

"Oh...well in that case maybe not."

"Try it."


At that moment Daniel wandered into the commons looking like he needed a cup of coffee. He hunted down and cup before looking around. Catching sight of Sam he smiled and came over to join the girls. Vala pounced on him before he could even sit down.

"Daniel," Vala greeted enthusiastically "I want babies!"

"Of course you do." Daniel sighed.

"See, Sam?" Vala pouted. "He's impossible."

Sam chuckled as Daniel shook his head sadly. The baby kicked again, but this time Sam yelped. The commons suddenly went silent and all eyes turned on Sam as if she was going to have the baby right then and there. Daniel was instantly on high alert.

"Sam? Are you okay?"

"I'm...oof...I'm fine, Daniel."

"Maybe we should go see Janet."

"It's nothing, ju..." Sam stopped suddenly.

"Sam?" Vala and Daniel asked in unison.

"I think that was more than just a kick." Sam announced a little shocked herself.

"I'll get Janet." Daniel jumped up.

"I can still walk, Daniel." Sam smiled. "Even if this is it I've still got a few hours before anything really starts happening."

"Oh this is so exciting!" Vala beamed.

Despite the fact that Sam was more than capable of getting to her feet herself Daniel insisted on helping her up. By the time they made it down to the infirmary Sam was starting to truly believe that she was going into an early labor. Janet noticed the trio come in, treating Sam like she was going to fall to the floor at any minute and rushed over to her.


"Hey, Janet, I know I'm here a little early, but something's going on."

"Due dates are just estimates and I wouldn't be surprised if this baby was restless about getting into the world." Janet smiled. "Come on into one of the isolation rooms and we'll see what's going on."

Sam had insisted that she'd rather have her baby here at the base than at one of the local hospital and Janet assure her that as long as everything proceeded normally that there shouldn't be a problem with that. They all followed Janet into the nearest isolation room where she got out the ultrasound. Janet didn't look at the screen for more than a minute before she looked up at Daniel.

"Daniel, call looks like we're having a baby today."

"Oh this is so exciting!" Vala repeated.

"Everything looks okay?" Sam asked.

"Everything is perfect, the baby is in a perfect head down position. I'm surprised your water hasn't ..."

"Ack!" Sam yipped as her water broke.

"Broken." Janet finished with a smile.

"Jack's on his way, Sam." Daniel announced. "He said he'll be here in twenty minutes."

"Call him back and tell him to take the full forty minutes it takes to drive here at a reasonable speed." Sam said seriously.

"Sam's right, Daniel, no matter what you see in the movies this is going to take hours."

Janet was correct and eight hours later Sam was still deep into labor. Jack had arrived safely and was sitting at her bedside with his hand in hers just as he had promised. Vala had talked Daniel into letting her sit on his lap rather than go get another chair. Teal'c was leaning against the wall, just staying out of the way. Sam took another deep breath and let it out slowly as a strong contraction assaulted her. She squeezed Jack's hand a little harder before relaxing again.

"You know you can scream if you need to." Jack assured her. "We don't mind."

"I don't need to." Sam smiled. "I know a lot of women rank this as the worst pain ever, but I'm going to have rate it somewhere around sixth."

"That's my girl." Jack chuckled.

Two hours later Sam cried out for the first time. Janet was there in seconds. She glanced at the monitors they had set up, did a quick check and then hustled everyone except Jack and two nurses out of the room. Jack had a cold cloth and he rubbed it across Sam's forehead that had beaded with sweat.

"Okay, Sam," Janet said softly "whenever you feel like pushing..."

Sam nodded and dug her nails into Jack's hand as a sustained contraction and instinct told her that it was time to bring their child into the world. She was sure that Jack was saying some sort of words of comfort however the only sound she was listening for was the newborn's cry. After twenty minutes of exhausting work she was rewarded with a shrill squall.

"Samantha, Jack... it's a girl."

Jack made a noise somewhere in between a sob of relief and a cry of joy. The announcement came as a surprise because they had both decided not to be told the sex of the child before hand. Sam laid back panting for breath, tears streaking from the corners of her eyes. She heard Janet ask Jack if he wanted to cut the cord and he agreed to. Jack was suddenly at her side again.

"That was almost too easy." Jack smiled and kissed Sam's brow.

"Yeah, right, next time you do it."

Jack chuckled and kissed her again. After a quick medical check and a warm blanket Janet came up and placed Sam's daughter in her arms. The little life looked more than a little confused about the recent events. Jack reached out and brushed her tiny chubby cheek with his index finger. The new parents stared at their child in wonder as she settled against her mother and fell asleep.

"She's beautiful." Jack whispered. "Just like her mother."

"She needs a name."

"I thought you had already decided."

"Are you okay with it?"


"Welcome to Earth...Serin."