Artie traced my steps up the stairs to my bedroom. His feet made small thumps going up the stairs. I gently forced my way into the room. It was descent compared to how it usually looked. I was kind of glad my mother had forced me to clean it this afternoon. I would have been embarrassed to let Artie see my room with the close across the floor.

"So are we going to play?" I asked dropping to the floor and crossing my legs. "Yeah" Artie sat across from me. We drew five cards to each one of us. He smirked looking through his cards. I just observed each one. My cards were a simple two and four of hearts, three of diamonds, and five and six of spades, which was a straight but not the best hand. we sent each other a gaze from our face. He dropped his cards to the floor we were playing on. In his hands held a queen, jack, 10, king, and ace of spades. He gave a grin as if he could help but win. I smirked back and clutched my shirt. I snatched it off and sat in my black bra.

He stared for a minute and then switched his gaze to the deck and snatched 5 more cards. I followed him and grasped 5 of my own. My hand was luckier this time, it was a jack of diamonds, jack and four of hearts, and jack and 4 of spades. It was a perfect full house. I dropped my cards after I felt him glance at me. He dropped his cards to a 5 of spades, 4 of hearts, 8 of diamonds, 9 of hearts, and King of clubs. "Not so lucky anymore now are we?" I joked. He nudged his arms and then quickly slipped out of his shirt. "Oh! Sexy." I hissed jokingly. He smiled and grabbed 5 new cards. He lost again to me. His shoes had been off since he entered my house. "Pants?" he asked neutral. "Pants!" I grinned widely. He tumbled out of his jeans.

"Woo!" I cheered laughing. "Come on let's play." he demanded researching for cards. I was as lucky this time and lost to Artie's Straight Flush. I stood up and dropped my shorts around my ankles. He watched as I removed my shorts from my ankles. We kept playing until my losing streak continued. I took a breath and unhooked my bra. Then after a few seconds of contemplating I released from my bra. Artie's eyes widened and he just kept a consistent stare. "Are you just going to stare?" I asked placing my knees up to cover my chest. I wasn't sure if he was staring with enjoyment or disgust.

Finally Artie lost a game. He stood up nervously and dropped his boxers down. He sat back down on the floor and held his breath nervously. He lost once more. "What more can I bet? I'm broke and naked" he complained. "Here, I'll bet for you" I sneaked out of my panties. Artie stared again with the same neutral gaze. I leaned forward. "what are you doing?" he asked nervously. "Kissing you" I said tumbling on top of his. My lips pressed against his. He was stiff as a board. It was like making out with a tree. He sneaked out from under neath me. He took a deep breath. "Erica?" he muttered. "Yea" I answered as I sat on the floor...butt naked. "I have to go." he muttered as he gathered back on his clothes. I got in my white robe. He rushed downstairs and I followed him to the front door. He head out the door. As he stood on the front steps he turned to me. "Erica?" he said. "Yeah" My arm was holding my robe shut. "Thanks" he muttered...